For Whom the Bell Tolls

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 15, 2020

We have just returned from the Czech Republic, where we took a walk in the nature around the fish ponds to disseminate the latest codes and talked a lot about the coming change. In the last 3 days there was a monster wave, a massive shift. I had 72 hours non-stop headache, actually a sharp stabbing pain sometimes in the right, sometimes in the left eye socket day and night and was numb. At times my head felt like it had been blown away. I even lost my balance one night when I got up to go to the washroom, because the vortex around my head was so huge that I almost fainted and fell over.

Three days ago when I was talking to Amora on Skype, AM Hilarion came to us immediately, which was very unusual and I knew immediately that he came for a very important reason. We were discussing the new video series on the UL. There are at least 6-8 videos planned, the second one will be ready soon. Hilarion then solemnly said: “All human science is a big lie. I want the truth to be established on earth”. Then we talked about the immense energies we have to endure and that our bodies are not created for that and Hilarion agreed. I knew at that moment that the time point of my transfiguration into crystalline light body and ascension was very near. When we talked about the people as patients, in such a way that they ask for advice from us and then reject it and follow the idiotic fear-mongering instructions of their doctors and that it is impossible to heal and help such people under today’s circumstances, Hilarion said: “The time will come soon when these people will become enlightened and then they will begin to appreciate your therapy suggestions.”

As I have previously mentioned, it is very likely that Hilarion is an incarnation of mine and even though he is a healer as a carrier of the green flame, he is above all a patron of science and clear thinking. I was initiated by him in a very mystical way in Crete in 1994, where he has his domicile. I immediately connected his appearance with a new phase of the ascension and that he came to warn and support me. Amora also saw that he gave us a lot of healing energy to prepare us for this huge wave, because it really knocked me out and I am still a physical wreck, but I am recovering quickly. The vibrations are extremely intense and penetrating, especially at night, and the sound in my ears is deafening. I knew that I had entered the last very intense ascension phase.

Add to this the fact that about 10 days ago Mother Mary came to us when I was talking to Amora on Skype. She also waited for us to be on so she could give me a message immediately. She told me that I have a mystical heart and that I should concentrate fully on it because it is very important for my upcoming task. I should have faith and that she was sending me her grace to make the transition easily. I also connected this appearance of MM with an announcement of coming events and my transformation. I feel that I am also being very carefully observed by many beings from the HR as to how I come to terms with the new energies. They prepare me carefully for this and give me the knowing that there is a lot at stake as to how I perform.

Today when we walked around the fish ponds in the Czech Republic we were on New Lemuria, the light was incredibly strong and crystalline and I have to look at the pictures we took to see more. Then the Lemurians came to me and told me that New Lemuria was indeed lowered here on earth and we are right in the middle of it. Also the sun was very strong for the season and the spring is almost here, which is very unusual because the climate is quite rough and cold in this area.

On the way back home I thought about the Arcturians and suddenly I knew that they had an important message for me. Et voilà!

A Spiritual Leader to Unite Humanity ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the many timelines that you have created since the beginning of this calendar year, and we have been noticing a common theme in those timelines. Humanity appears to want to create the experience of a leaderThis leader would not be seen as a savior by all of you, but rather, as a spiritual teacher who also demonstrates spiritual gifts and abilities that wake people up and get them listening to the message that this leader will bring.

Now is a time when someone can easily gain millions of followers on the Internet, even without ever appearing in a movie or television showTherefore, the possibility of a human living among you, rising up to a level of fame and notoriety that would parallel that of your biggest movie stars and pop stars is very high. There is an asking that the human collective consciousness has done, and that asking is for a person to be one who will unite the opposite ends of the spectrum, in terms of what you all believe in.

We are talking about someone who can bring together the new age community, all religions, and atheistsWe are talking about someone who can even gain the respect of the scientific community. Now, of course, people will project their own beliefs onto this individual, making them out to be someone they are not, but ultimately that won’t even matter because the message being delivered will be so strong and so powerful. If being on one of these timelines is appealing to you, then we recommend that you harmonize with this story that we are telling and that you are subconsciously co-creating.

We can see this potential as one that will result in the awakening of so many on your planet that the changes will start to occur that you have all been anticipating, and from what we can see this is an individual that has no notoriety on the global scale at this time. So you don’t need to start guessing about who he is or who he will be, but you do want to start feeling for what this person who unites the human collective consciousness might feel like to you. You do want to start imagining that reality and how you would feel in it (This is a done deal for the PAT, Note: George).

You, as a collective, are ready for some very big changes, and you are the ones co-creating these timelines. We are just the ones reporting the facts as we see them, and they are pretty exciting facts to be witnessing, from our perspective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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