Energetic Qualities of the Current End Phase of Ascension

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 24, 2020


No one who knows at the spiritual level what is currently happening on this planet would deny the fact that the old matrix is falling apart and we are heading towards extremely turbulent times. The corona-virus epidemics is just one sign. When the whole railway transport between Italy and Austria is halted because of false suspicion that two coughing passengers might be infected by the virus, then the ultimate collapse must be very near. It is no longer only China in the epicentre of this instigated fear-mongering psyop. It has now encompassed the entire world.

The new moon portal yesterday was the most powerful and transforming event I have experienced since we introduced the new spiritual paradigm in Rome in November 2018. It brought about a total emotional catharsis, non-stop downloads of source energy for 48 hours and a visible transformation of the human race that will become more pronounced in the coming days.

Essentially, what we observe now is a massive surge of rampant uncontrolled aggression coming from the collective and in particular from the politicians. This is triggered by the total collapse of all their conspiracy narratives with which the now losing, the desperate cabal was able to control and mire the masses in the past as the people are now being showered by the source energies of truth and discern immediately every lie and deception.

This is so because we opened their 4th to 7th heart chakras of truth, honesty, spirituality and mediality in the summer of 2019 by serving as conduits for these source energies and transmitting these codes in a diluted form to the broad population until our bodies almost got burned. The creation of the two fountains of freedom (world heart chakras) in Liguria, Italy and Vancouver, Canada in the summer of 2019 (read here, here and here) and a third fountain of freedom in Central Europe (Austria, Czechia, and Southern Germany) in the fall contributed vastly to this opening of the heart and upper three chakras in the broad human population, the results of which we now see.

This exceptional light work that is beyond anything that was initially planned for this planet during the current phase of ascension was acknowledged by St. Germain personally a few days ago:

“Beloved ~ I AM (St Germain) the God of Freedom ~ it is true! This fact is seen by all who wish to see and embrace the Fountain of Freedom that I assisted you three (Amora, Sophia and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov) to install in Italy (in 2019).  I AM overjoyed by your Creation of this powerful Life force energy that I call the Fountain of Freedom!  I thank each and all of you for this sacred work, and bow before you!

There is more to come yet, and I ask that you each maintain the highest frequencies possible in order to achieve a narrowed gap of separation (from the higher dimensions) bringing you closer to the principle of Unity. “

And here is my comment to this message which I sent to the triad:

“When St. Germain speaks of freedom, I understand in the first place the freedom from matter and the shackles of the physical body. In this sense, if he is the God of Freedom, he is the one who will accompany us to the ascension and transfiguration of our biological bodies into crystalline light bodies. This is also the freedom to create directly. 

When he says that more will come, it is interesting that he came exactly when the new moon portal began, for me 2 days ago on February 20th. It is a most powerful portal with massive downloads of source energy, with a cc-wave and headache for me the whole time, but also with a profound emotional catharsis. I have been cleansing human dross and, first and foremost, human aggression now all the time and it is very unpleasant and very intense. One can also observe this same aggression at the political stage, but what is new is that this aggression is very superficial and immediately dissipates without having any serious consequences. “

Currently, all this manifested aggression quickly dissipates in the void of emotional dross and what remains is a deep hangover over the state-of-the-art of the world and its leading evil nation – the USA, the United States of Atrocities, as I dubbed this country years ago during the dark and criminal reign of Obama.

The democratic party is now breaking apart and even the billions of dollars of the oligarchs cannot fix it – they only pay a huge toll ($500 million) only to be humiliated as Bloomberg experienced during the latest debate. Quite on the contrary, it has become a stigma in this socialist club to be rich. This notwithstanding the fact that “Burnie”, a die-hard socialist, or rather communist, is leading the polls due to promises of a gargantuan spree of tax debt money to make allegedly everybody happy and wealthy. Thus Burnie, in cahoots with Trump, is burning the once “sweet home” of America more effectively than any imagined Russia conspiracy. Money is thus the hidden trump in all political discussions of the democrats, just as Trump is their nightmare seeing that they have no chance to win the next election against him. As if there will be any?

We come on earth to tell stories, create dramas, allow to be drawn into them and burn like moths attracted by the light in a deep dark night. Hollywood is the ultimate paradigm thereof and its current bleak outlook only tells us that the rules of the current storytelling have profoundly changed. Nobody knows that better than Trump, until his narrative also ends in the dustbin of history …. pretty soon.

We, from the PAT, overlook the drama several acts in advance and that is why we are immune against any untoward surprises and against all “stings and arrows of outrageous fortune”. We are simply bored and worn out by the monotony of the eternal “more of the same” human BS.

All-inclusiveness may be a catchword for those who have just entered the pathway of enlightenment after they have indulged in emotional separation for most of their lives. But for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour, this reality has long lost any attraction, just as we are lost for any positive words to describe it. And why should we? We are here to destroy this matrix to the fullest extent, where not only all human habits, ideas and perpetuating obnoxious behaviour patterns will be abolished forever, but also all esoteric ideas beginning with the faulty concept of unconditional love and human definition of all-inclusiveness.

Plotin, the founder of Neoplatonism, had beautifully explained in his Enneads why the higher realms know no moral and no ethics, and also no virtues. These are petty human concepts that have no validity in the 5th and higher dimensions and must be left behind – the sooner the better – as they only lead to unnecessary intellectual rigidity and lower the human frequencies. Open-minded spontaneity is the virtue of the ascended master, just as All-That-Is is an open flow of energies. It knows no “shoulds” and “oughts” – they only lead to energetic blockages for those who profess them because human thinking as Spirit is the most powerful and transforming energy of all. But it can also create the biggest blockages in humans.

As I explained in my previous article, strictly speaking, one shouldn’t be allowed to use any words, unless he/she has heard of the Primary Term of human awareness and has learned to implement the new Axiomatics of the UL, based on it, in every aspect of human thinking and life. In our latest videos on free photon energy, we discuss the total confusion which arises when unanalyzed verbal terms are used in human science – physics. Why should this be different with respect to obsolete esoteric recommendations from questionable intellectual positions?

What does all-inclusiveness actually mean? Should one refrain from exposing the dark aspects of the human condition because this is arbitrarily judged to be the opposite of all-inclusiveness by such linguistic purists who have not analyzed their thinking to the bitter energetic end? Or are we here on this planet precisely for the purpose of exposing all lies and deceptions no matter what erratic emotional reactions they might evoke in other people who are still struggling with their rampant fears in the current End Time of profound energetic change. This is the reason why I recommend the PAT to be immune to such irrational emotional and pseudo-intellectual objections as they are only a nuisance and a distraction.

Where should the proverbial line be drawn in the sand?

What is the only valid criterion of truthful assessment of a critic as constructive and thus coming from the higher vantage point of view of all-inclusiveness beyond the current dying 3D matrix and not another nail in the coffin of human separation? This is a principle question to which I would like to give a succinct answer below.

There is no such thing as a deprecating critic if it is axiomatically founded. It is even more preposterous to accuse the founder of this axiomatics of being in breach with the latter without presenting any feasible facts. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew, 11:15).

Every critic, if it is done from the position of inner and superior knowledge to what is currently considered established and accepted on this prison planet, is a step to all-inclusiveness and not the opposite. The critic of such a critic is, however, a step back in the old way of separation – it is an expression of prejudices and unreflected judgment. This is the repetition of the same old story under the banner of lofty self-made spiritual principles that have no value in the higher dimensions, where a few of us already dwell. Those who experience only 5% of the incoming energies cannot judge the few who embody the rest 95% of the source energies as they run the danger to get lost in the dark matter of their esoteric universe as cosmologists got lost after they rejected the existence of photon space-time (see  video 3).

Why? Because we have incarnated on this planet not to accept this human condition but to destroy it. Otherwise, there will be no ascension and no redemption of humanity. Here I speak in the first place of the PAT and its higher-dimensional ethic, morality and divine purpose and I honestly do not care much about other peoples’ ethics and morality as I have come long time ago to the conclusion that there are no such things on this planet, outside the decision to come and help ascend this debased humanity and toxic planet at the expense of personal sacrifice.

This is the heroic myth of the PAT to which I fully subscribe and live accordingly. The PAT knows what I am talking about after being in close communication with you now for almost 10 years and the opinion of the others who are lucky not to perform this inhuman light work does not matter.  If it would matter, there would have never been any ascension. However, ascension is happening NOW and it is our Creation, for which we are immensely proud, and rightfully so.

À la guerre comme à la guerre“, the French say (in war like war). You can’t win a battle with an infantry, you also need a cavalry. What is the point of demanding that every rider should be degraded to an infantryman so that all humans are equal. They have never been – with respect to soul age and with respect to where they come from the higher dimensions. They are only equal in terms of being immortal and creators of their reality. But as Orwell says in “Animal Farm”: “Some are more equal than others”. And I advise everyone not to forget this basic truth, otherwise we end up in endless, futile discussions.

Ascension is not harmony and it is not love as humans define it now. It is the most violent process ever witnessed in this multiverse until it reaches its goal. And the carriers of these violent energies, the PAT, cannot avoid but also embody this energy quality that scares so much the faint hearts and minds of those who were spared this exhausting, unthankful and all-consuming mission. If these individuals are barely touched by the violence of such energies, then they should not shrug in revulsion at their sight and label them according to their preconceived prejudices as “aggressive” and “reprehensible” the moment they hear the word “light warrior”.

They should rather appreciate the privilege of not having to participate in this epic battle between light and darkness. It is frankly disingenuous to occupy a seemingly lofty, righteous, pseudo-ethical position and decry the light warriors as aggressive and even violent. This is the usual human psychology of projections that makes this earth a real mess.

This is what I have to say to such people: If you are spared the energetic ordeal which the PAT has taken on its shoulders on behalf of humanity – yes precisely in order to save their souls, even though these light warriors know better than anybody else that no soul can be truly saved, but the more so all humans, especially when their souls are powerless to reach their incarnated personalities  – then thank God that you are not in this unfavourable energetic condition and show tolerance and even a modicum of thankfulness that other people are doing the heavy-duty cleansing. Acknowledge the sacrifice of the light warriors of the first and the last hour and do not “grind them through your cocoa machine” (“Durch den Kakao ziehen”, a German saying of deliberately painting another person as bad, aggressive or evil only to appease one’s own righteousness).

Of course, all souls are equal sparks of God, but in this multiverse, there are huge hierarchies and some souls are more equal than others. That is to say, they are nearer to God and thus have chosen a more challenging destiny on behalf of humanity than others in their current physical vessel. This should be honoured and not be an object of condemnation or rejection based on questionable human values that will soon cease to exist.

And if these selected human beings claim at some point proximity to God, they only do it for a pedagogic purpose – to demonstrate to the rest of humanity what is possible for everyone to achieve even when they have to do it in a provocative manner as to awaken these dead people. They are too intelligent to aggrandize themselves in this profane manner as some prejudiced people may claim. Instead of raising themselves to the same energetic levels, these people urge the light warrior to drop his lightsabre and sink into the comfortable energetic mediocracy of their short human lives on this planet that makes them feel good and comfortable. What they don’t understand is that here, in the current End Time, it is all about being an example – being a role model – and that everyone is now writing the script of his own life story. We are the future storytellers, the new Homers of new Illiads and Odysseys.

Accept this role model and do not throw the baby with the bathtub water.


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