Countdown to Ascension

Patrick Amoroso, February 26, 2020


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Patrick’s essay compellingly summarizes everything an enlightened person needs to know and profess in the current end phase on the verge of ascension. It is a truism that we create our reality by constantly creating new timelines and changing timelines during the ascension process. Humans create the realities – and I am speaking here deliberately in the plural as very soon we will create and experience multiple realities at the same time –  they want to experience consciously or unconsciously. The few light warriors do this in a deliberate and conscious manner and the masses unconsciously by following the pathway of these spiritual leaders. This statement, of course, applies only to the ego-mind level. At the soul level, there is always a unanimity between all souls who participate in a particular timeline.

Currently, it is so that most souls have decided to choose timelines where a spiritual leader appears and unleashes a rapid mass awakening through a new paradigm of thinking so that humanity can swiftly reach the necessary threshold and ascend collectively to the 5th dimension. These are the highest vibrating timelines in the current conglomerate of ascending 4D worlds of Gaia and the ones that will enjoy the most favorable outcome, i.e. will experience the least of heinous crimes and atrocities of the losing cabal. Gaia, herself, has ascended as a conscious entity already at the stargates 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 with the help of the PAT.

In this sense, it is fair to say that such thinkers and leaders of global magnitude create their own timelines and take humanity with it. This is the human perspective.

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I have created and supported this scenario now for more than a quarter of a century without wavering. I have done this against all odds, darkness, personal attacks and atrocities humanity has experienced during that time. And this is true for the entire PAT of predominantly indigo warriors but also some very courageous crystalline children of whom I am particularly proud.

Around 1997, when I published volume I on the Universal Law in physics and mathematics, humanity reached the bottom of its collective darkness. This led to the millennium hysteria and culminated at 9/11. At that time, to talk about the ascension and the glorious future of mankind was not only considered madness, but it was also really madness. I know what I am talking about as in the late 90s I was veritably the lonely caller in the desert, as well as the lonely wolf that had to be chased to death… by the dark forces.

Today, we are already in a completely new reality and its chief architects are the members of the PAT, together with all crystalline children and awakened humans, ins0far they were not mired by the love and light illusion of the new age. And even the latter have made their modest contribution to this ascension process.

At times, after I opened this website, it felt as if we were the few Spartan warriors fighting against the innumerous Persian army at the Thermopylae knowing that we were condemned to death but still had to hold the enemy at bay as to save humanity. And some of us did not make it. The real wonder is though that many of us did survive this onslaught. Those who left us are on the new earth, New Lemuria, watching with love and compassion our final efforts to unite with them. I will not mention their names here but they are engraved with golden letters in the chronicle of the PAT captured on this website.

We are now at a crossroad and humanity is in a state of total dichotomy. On the one hand, the obnoxious atrocities of the dark ones culminate – the coronavirus scare-mongering is the recent example – on the other, we observe a visible dissociation of all potential candidates for awakening from this crumbling reality based on fear-mongering. The people are rediscovering their inner strength and courage, guided by their souls more actively than ever, and are beginning to change energetically “under their skin” more profoundly than they have ever done in their numerous incarnations in eons of time.

This transformation was made possible by such light warriors, who have the ability to assimilate the inhuman energies from the source, dilute them by lowering their frequencies like electric transformers and then disseminate them as codes to the rest of humanity so that the people can also begin with their transformation and ascension. This is what I would define as the highest form of practical, unconditional love for humanity – as an expression of all-inclusiveness, which does indeed go with self-sacrifice, as the energies that a seasoned light warrior has to process are the biggest challenge an incarnated human being can ever experience, in this case voluntarily. That is why the martyr syndrome is so expressed in all warriors and that is why I warn constantly to be aware of this danger and mitigate this tendency of self-sacrifice as it serves nobody.

The psychology of the light warrior is the least understood on this planet as there are only a few of us. And it is the most condemned form of personality structure for a variety of reasons. But first and foremost because it presents a mirror to the rest of humanity for what they are not but must eventually achieve if they want to move forward and ascend. And this scares them to death and they put the blame on us.

When a human being is not ready to process his own fears within his fields, he always projects them to other courageous, spiritually and energetically more advanced individuals as this is the only way how he/she can get rid of the fears. Or so these persons believe. Until they realize that unprocessed projections of fears onto others are precisely that – unprocessed fears which they have to deal with on their own and that one shouldn’t blame his energetic savior for things one is not ready to strive and achieve.

This is, of course, only a momentarily observation – in the end, all humans evolve by going through their fears like a firewall and emerging fully renewed and healed on the other side like the phoenix from the ashes.

Having said all that, now enjoy the highly inspiring and affirmative disquisition of Patrick.


Now Is Not the Time to Despair, Patrick Amoroso

As we stand aghast at the news emanating from the media today with its overriding message of FEAR being presented 24/7 non-stop, one is faced with a cacophony of sentiments, emotions and disbeliefs inducing a most troubling sentiment for we intuitively know that something is not quite right with the human condition in the 21st Century.

What to do? Some find the answers in aligning with what they perceive to be representing their interests in the politics of the day despite the broken promises which continuously bombard their senses and undermine their better judgment. Others find solace in the religion of their birth and perceive that whatever promises are made according to another’s interpretations erroneously justifies the conclusion that we must be in the “End of Days”. To be sure, that prescribed mindset is not just reserved for those identifying themselves as Christians. The followers of Judaism and Islam are awaiting their own futuristic remedy in the likes of a returning and promised Prophet or Mahdi. And finally, there are those who consider themselves immune from the affairs of the world and believe themselves to be good people who worked hard, raised a family with guidance and morals and who don’t kick the dog.

So, in the interest of what is perhaps the conundrum of the 21st century concerning the plight of humanity today, let us all settle our minds and give credence to what is staring the human condition in the face if we have the courage to set aside preconceived understandings and belief systems which were handed to us by institutions serving the elite’s political, financial and socially-engineered paradigms. In essence, these institutions of social control or what I refer to as the ” Triad of Deceit ” comprise the political, economic and religious governance which act in concert to undermine our intuitive wonder within and do not allow our inner truth and soul-connectedness with the higher realms to manifest and come forth in all its grand splendor and inspiration.

What if your latent power within to understand all things, create with spontaneity and aspire to your grandest satisfaction awaits you in all its benevolent mystery? The world in which we live is a result of our choices, in truth a consequence and manifestation of our conditioned consciousness. At times, we feel that we are small and unable to effect change and resign ourselves to the surrendering call, of, “Well, that’s just the way it is.”

Truth is, you are very powerful but that power has been denied throughout the ages by forces and institutions which coerce our power for their own control and consolidation of that very same inner strength. This is the story of the human condition. The very antagonisms that we see playing out across nations and the world’s stage are in fact a result of giving away our power. This contrived subterfuge of deceit has played its sordid plot against ourselves, the planet and all of creation for millennia.

Imagine for a moment if everything that you have been conditioned to learn and think of as trusting, truthful and worthy of your unquestionable acceptance concerning the entrenched social institutions of this world paradigm which currently consolidate their hold on the human consciousness were in fact, a masquerade. How would you react? Would it be one of a gnashing of teeth, a visceral blow to your ego, or PERHAPS, one of intense disbelief and consequent emotional angst that such a cloud of sustaining treachery could never be considered worthy of even a smidgen of your inquiry and concern, less you falter to the state of a descending mental catharsis?

Now is the time for each of us to regain our individual power. The ‘powers that were’ fear this awareness arising from the mass of humanity more than all the instruments of death that they have unleashed upon the human family through wars, societal fragmentation across divisions of race, class and religion, pharmaceutically-induced drugged populations and death-dealing vaccines, toxic food preservatives and the GMO interference with the natural and genetic biodiversity of food sources. Add to this an entertainment-indulgent, immoral and vacuous media which deadens our moral constitution within and from an existential perspective; the planet-destroying pollution of our life-sustaining biosphere.

The atrocities that we observe occurring across nations today, including our own, on a continuous basis reveal the extent to which the elites and their authoritarian and anti-humanistic cabal will go in their pursuit to mislead, distort and ultimately sway the public to their end game scenario. It knows no national boundaries, takes no prisoners and will stop at nothing to achieve their nefarious purposes. Despite two world wars in the previous century which resulted in the deaths of perhaps some 100 million people, mankind seems to not have enough of the enormity of this mega-carnage as the weapons at their disposal today could if unleashed, exceed that number in the first few hours of an all-out nuclear exchange. FEAR is the great catalyst here.

Do not think for a moment that the fate of humankind rests in their blood-stained hands. What we are observing across the world theater are the vestiges of a desperate and last attempt to unleash a barrage of chaos in order to frighten and manipulate the masses to their nefarious purpose of establishing a New World Order, predicated upon a feudalistic mode of social and economic slavery. Game Over, Checkmate Our Advantage. For they know, that once the masquerade comes down, The Game is Over.

In the ensuing weeks and months of this most momentous year, you might begin to feel that your world is coming apart as the institutions of enslavement; be they political, financial, or societal-religious start to unravel in quick succession. These entities have served a sinister agenda in that they have alienated your inner and divinely-inspired soul essence from the energetic and sublime source of the universe. Call it god, or whatever you choose to define the ultimate transcendence or divinely inspired force of energetic creation. It is within each of us and it is NOW flooding the earth with light and transparency.

There is no need to describe the onslaught of geophysical, meteorological and cosmic forces that are now being brought to bear across the entire planet as a wise, prudent and discerning person knows this intuitively, regardless of the daily affirmations confirmed in the newscasts on a continuous basis every night.

War posturing and preparations between the great nations are now in full armament mode and the daily news confirms some rather bizarre and deadly actions by people on a continuous basis. We live in a time of great transition when the ancestral, spiritual and peaceful yearnings of humanity are elevating the awareness of an ever-increasing portion of the earth’s inhabitants. The events of the future are likely to encompass increasing levels of conflict as society is manipulated to serve the dying breath of an Age of Perdition where alienation between peoples, nations, cultures, religions and economically deprived classes are heightened in order to serve the interests of a devious and psychopathic cadre composed of an ill-serving cabal of misanthropes.

Welcome the transition and DO NOT LET FEAR rule your understanding. Our destiny is set. We are returning home to the realm of an ascending and divinely-inspired consciousness as an intergalactic species and the culmination of the spiritual transformation of the AGE. Trust the soul-based intuition which is perhaps the most difficult and fleeting mode of transformative awareness that one must realize and integrate within their consciousness in order to align with their higher self and soul.

If one is able to reconsider what they have been led to believe by another’s interpretation; be that institutional dogma, generationally-derived traditions or agenda-driven and prescribed revelations which claim to be the inspired word, THEN one shoulders the responsibility of becoming their own spiritual mentor, an inner traveler to the knowledge inherently contained within and when found knows intuitively that it is here where the divinity resides. It is exclusive of gender and only defined by the thoughts of the heart.

The immediate future will be a test of humanity’s inner resolve, AND your SOUL will begin to speak softly to you at first but if you choose not to hear, it will raise its decibel level to a bugler’s call. World events are likely to approach a crisis point bordering on end-of-world scenarios. Expect a worldwide economic crash and nation-state-staged false-flag terror events to continue unabated. Existential fears are likely to be raised to the highest levels in our lifetime which may approach a nuclear showdown between the major powers.

Divinely-inspired cosmic hosts and energetic sources are currently aligned in a dynamic tempo causing the ascendancy of earth across elevated dimensions in the final phase of merging to a newer realm of peace, well-being, blissful health and prosperity for the human condition. It will not be your country, your bank account, social standing, religion or anything outside of your inner self, (SOUL) that will be able to withstand the realities and last breath of a dying age. Do not let FEAR rule your choice of action. Embrace the WARRIOR within.

Spiritually advanced Soul and Light Warriors from across the ages are uniting at this very moment in one final task of gathering cosmic and source energies to ascend the planet Gaia into a new Golden Galaxy of harmony, creativity, and universal oneness. Ultimately, this long-awaited realization will return our home planet earth to a brotherhood and sisterhood of unification both at the individual soul level and extending to the unlimited reaches of a world community of divinely-inspired togetherness in addition to merging as a member of an intergalactic federation of enlightened beings.

It is happening, NOW! The Soul Warrior within all of us has awakened. WE are the ones that we have been waiting for ! Trust the inner voice within.

Trust your soul-centered intuition. Be the Warrior'(ess) Truth > Defend > Protect > LOVE.

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