Being ”Human” Is Everything – Video

Otfried Weise, February 4, 2020

Original German version and here

The title of this highly imaginative video is ambiguous. It urges us on the one hand to recognize the true nature of our existence as multidimensional beings who are one with the multiverse as Cosmos and Nature the way we observe them in the current 3D holographic model. At the same time it also urges us to let go of our habitual human beingness that precludes this pantheistic perception in an all-encompassing manner. It is a plea to expand our awareness as to prepare for our imminent ascension and energetic transfiguration. This can only happen when we overcome mentally and above all emotionally our existential separation as weak biological beings trapped in a physical human body in a very deep mystical manner and anticipate our ever-lasting identification with All-That-Is in all its plurality of expressions.

This would say that we are all these expressions at the same time. This new identification must become an integral part, actually the foundation, of our new expanded multidimensional awareness as this is the only way how to eliminate all wars, strife and discord on this planet in order to become an evolved, peaceful and harmonious transgalactic civilisation. This whole process of transformation will begin this year and, from what I get, the big changes may very well initiate in the coming few weeks and months on the highest ascending timelines.

Enjoy also the music of the PAT-symphony composed by our friend Paul Armitage.


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