Virgin Birth – Human Symbolism of the Primordial Feminine Energies of Creation (Video)

Otfried Weise, January 1, 2019

We are about to ascend to the new earth (5D to 7D) anytime soon. With this transfiguration we shall overcome immediately the current separation of feminine and masculine energies manifested as biological gender. The new way of life in the higher realms will be androgynous, not in terms of true hermaphroditism but as a unification of the primordial feminine and secondary masculine energies of creation in the unity field and consciousness of the higher dimensions. The manifestation of the new crystalline light body as a feminine or masculine gestalt will thus only be an expression of aesthetic symbolism which we can choose at our discretion.

That is why this beautiful video created by Otfried is of such importance and actuality. Please observe that most of the photos in this video were made in the last several weeks during our visitations in Traunstein, Bavaria, Lofer and other places near-by in Tirol, Salzburg, Vienna, Austria and Czechia. The great variety of Virgin birth symbolism which all these churches and other remarkable architectonic buildings display shows how deeply embedded the feminine energies are in human tradition as religious and mundane symbols. – George

The symbolism of the primordial virgin birth

Shakti – the feminine Energy of creation

The most powerful energy Dea Maria – Goddess Mary.

This video is part of a triad on primordial energy, virgin birth, partenogenesis, androgyneity and the recently introduced Violet Flame of transformation and is dedicated to AMORA. The two other parts are:

Virgin Birth


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Music: The Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team by Paul Armitage,

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