The Blindness of the Historical Sciences

Otfried Weise, January 9, 2020

Original German version

Prophecies are considered imprecise and risky unless only approximate trends are given and no exact numbers. In contrast, the historically oriented sciences – history, archaeology, anthropology, earth history, etc. – claim to be able to provide relatively accurate data. After all, scientists and laymen alike assume that the past is, at least in principle, irrevocable, so to say “engraved in stone” in the archeological artifacts they dig out, apart from the errors due to incorrect classifications or inadequacies of measurement methods. Is this really the case?

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First of all, let us look at the method of time measurement. It is based on the course of the sun and moon and leads to various calendar systems that seem to be compatible with each other. However, numerous articles and books are published again and again showing that the usual time calculation is anything but exact and that certain periods of history are skipped. This is particularly noticeable in the context of the history of man, which, pressed into a rigid corset, excludes everything that does not fit into the established doctrine. The books ”Forbidden Archeology: The Full Unabridged Edition: The Hidden History of the Human Race” by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson and ”Lexikon der verbotenen Geschichte: Verheimlichte Entdeckungen von A bis Z” by Luc Bürgin are representative in this respect.

If one follows the division of prehistory and early history into Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and numerous subdivisions, then the Egyptian pyramids must have been built with copper and bronze tools (here) …

If one writes into Google search: ”Forbidden archaeology, what is science hiding” you get more than 2 million entries … for ”forbidden archaeology” one gets 4.55 million entries…

The five-volume work: ”History: Fiction of Science?” by Dr. Anatoly T. Fomenko, Dr. Gleb V. Nosovskiy, et al. shows that much of the history taught today is made up or manipulated. The work contains the results of 40 years of meticulous and extensive research (see also “Maps and Coins vs. History“, volume 17 by the same authors).

The renowned historian Heinz Quirin and Hans-Ulrich Niemitz, professor for the history of technology at the University of Leipzig, speak of a large-scale forgery campaign by the church, which in the Middle Ages had all documents destroyed or manipulated. Hundreds of monks were busy in the Vatican and numerous monasteries writing on parchments and invented 300 phantom years with popes and emperors who never lived.

The Munich systems theoretician Heribert Illig has explored the early Middle Ages in detail in his books “Das erfundene Mittelalter” (also known as phantom time hypothesis) and “Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht?” (“Who has turned the clock?”). He critically compares the written evidence with the archaeological and architectural findings of the time. Countless contradictions come to light, which so far could not be resolved, but only covered up (see also here).

In his book: ”Der größte Irrtum der Weltgeschichte” (“The greatest mistake in world history ”) Hans-Erdmann Korth writes:

”Scientific data refute the ancient year count! See for yourself: There is not one event in Greco-Roman Antiquity the traditional date of which could be independently verified. For quite some time now, new evidence has been discovered that the common dates of the ancient world are three centuries too old. Stars, C14, tree rings, ice cores, as well as doublings confirm these doubts about the traditional calendar. How could this happen?”

Of course, we cannot and do not want to go into detail here about the findings mentioned in the quoted books and articles, and of course we cannot claim that the quoted critical books are correct in all points, or even that the official academic science deliberately spreads only falsehood. A discussion of these innumerable results is not even necessary for the purpose of this analysis and would only be a distraction. We have quoted these writings only because they show, by way of example, the shaky foundations on which all historically oriented sciences stand. We could have also proved this with the compelling evidence that there is not even any correct, reliable knowledge about present-day events or the recent past, although these are taking place in front of our eyes. In the following, we shall examine what the actual root cause of the largely deficient human historiography is.

We don’t need to go too far for that and only have to ask the historians, archaeologists and earth scientists a single question:

“What is your definition of TIME?”

However, this question is not explicitly answered – it is tacitly assumed that the time on which the historical sciences are based corresponds to the current standard conception of time as defined by Joe Six-pack. The fact that time is a relative (relativistic) concept and that people’s understanding of time varies according to their consciousness, level of education and cultural background is not taken into account.

‘Time passes everywhere at the same pace, one should actually think. And yet we are mistaken, because time is actually an idea and the mechanical measurement of time is an invention from the 14th century. “Europeans have the clock, we have the time”, says a Kenyan proverb. In the past, people dealt with time differently. It was primarily based on the natural sequence of time, such as day and night, sunrise and sunset. And even today, we still have the most diverse perceptions of time in the world’‘,

writes Friedrich Popp, Managing Director of the Foreigners’ Advisory Council of the City of Nuremberg.

Absolute, True, and Mathematical Time, of itself, and from its own nature flows equably without regard to anything external, and by another name is called Duration: Relative, Apparent, and Common Time is some sensible and external (whether accurate or unequable) measure of Duration by the means of motion, which is commonly used instead of True time; such as an Hour, a Day, a Month, a Year… All motions may be accelerated and retarded, but the True, or equably progress, of Absolute time is liable to no change.

I. Newton, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; translated from Latin by A. Motte, London, 1729.

With these words, Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727) described “absolute time”, which he defined as “true and mathematical” contrary to the “relative apparent and common time” humans refer to in daily life. Newton was of the opinion that absolute time was something that could be taken for granted – as an “immutable” quantity of nature – and did not need further explanation.

The reason for this is simple. Newton describes nothing other than the idea of time in classical mechanics that is still innate in all humans, most of whom cannot comprehend the theory of relativity dealing with relativistic time and space. The latter discipline is a correction and further development of Newtonian classical mechanics, precisely because scientists realised that the absolute time of Newton did not exist. Hence, according to the tacit agreement of all conventional social scientists and in particular of all historians, who neglect the theory of relativity, there is only one time that runs evenly everywhere in the universe and by default in the history of mankind. This is already a grievous theoretical and cognitive mistake of historical sciences that should be addressed at this place from the position of accepted physics.

According to Newton, absolute time has three characteristics:

– it is universal, which means there is only one time, which is the same everywhere;

– it is regular in the sense that it does not change, i.e. it does not accelerate or retard;

– it exists independently of all other things associated with humans and thus pertains to divine Nature.

For further reading I recommend the thorough discussion of Newton’s ideas on time and space by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov in Volume II (section 8. SPACE-TIME CONCEPT OF PHYSICS, chapter  8.1 CLASSICAL MECHANICS, page 333). Essentially Stankov proves that Newton refers in his definition of absolute time and space (as one cannot define time without introducing space simultaneously in a circular manner) to the empty, free of energy Euclidean space in classical mechanics where all observations of gravitational interactions are described. It is the abstract reference surrogate of „absolute time” and “absolute space“ to which all other physical motions are compared by the method of geometry according to the principle of circular argument.

It is the primary inertial reference frame of all reference frames, in which the false Newton’s law of inertia (1st law) holds true. This law stays, however, in an apparent contradiction to Newton’s second and third law, and the law of gravitation describing gravitational force as the origin of acceleration. While the first law of inertia based on absolute time is a mathematical fiction, the other laws of classical mechanics assess true physical reality where gravitation as energy exists.

Thus, Newton’s classical definition of absolute time, which is also uncritically adopted by all historians, builds a fundamental paradox between the first law of inertia and the other laws of gravitation in classical mechanics. This cardinal blunder of Newton has been eloquently summarized by the famous physicist Born:

“Here we have clearly a case in which the ideas of unanalysed consciousness are applied without reflection to the objective world.

In “Einstein’s Theory of Relativity“, Dover Publ., New York, 1965, p. 57-58.

Born’s conclusion is undoubtedly valid for all historians, archeologists and social science researches who uncritically and, for the most part, unconsciously adopt Newton’s absolute time and space as an unquestionable fact, although this is not even true in physics as we have shown above.

This hypothetical time of Newton is currently also called linear time. Historians could have implicitly referred to Isaac Newton in their theoretical disquisitions and we don’t know if they ever did, as none of them display any true knowledge of physics. Nor do we know whether historians have even thought about what time (and space) truly is, although this phenomenon is at the heart of their science, but it is an undeniable fact that there is no theoretical discussion about this topic in all their books and articles in scientific journals.

This objection stems explicitly from the fact that not even physicists can give an accurate answer to the question what space and time is as they do not even know what energy is, although their entire science is ultimately about describing interactions and exchange of energies. First and foremost, they have failed to realize that they can only assess and measure energy as space-time by artificially separating it into space and time, and that time is, therefore, merely a sensory perception of energy, as this has been conclusively proven by Stankov in his new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law. Scientists obviously have a general habit of not caring at all about the theoretical – philosophical and epistemological – foundations of their sciences.

This omission also affects mathematics, which has been in its ”foundation crisis” for almost a century, which could only be ended by the discovery of Stankov’s Universal Law.

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These theoretical topics concerning a valid definition of time are now open for a debate. Given the vagueness of current scientific terminology and the tradition of imposing rigid doctrines in science in the 20th century, it is uncertain whether they can ever be answered unambiguously by conventional scientists, unless they begin to study and implement the new theory of the Universal Law.

Currently, most of the studies explicitly dedicated to the history of time do not even address these problems: Instead of a systematic analysis of time, many works that have “time” in their title and often adopt a longer diachronic perspective offer a bewildering smorgasbord of observations on theories of time, measurements of time, changes in daily and work routines, as well as artistic or literary works on time, as Rüdiger Graf writes in his astute and very enlightening essay entitled: ”Time and the conception of time in contemporary history”.

Perhaps it would be appropriate for historians to begin with Bergson’s famous concept of la durée as a subjective experienced time of human consciousness, from which they would then also better understand the concept of freedom as the physical, energetic overcoming of linear time as this will very soon be experienced by many humans in the process of ascension.

After this lengthy, but necessary, fundamental introduction, we pose once again the initial question about the cause of the incredible inconsistencies and deficiencies in historiography, pre- and early history, archaeology and earth history, especially in relation to the experiences and evolution of mankind that disqualify them as categorical systems of true knowledge. For example, there is very serious and well-documented evidence that man and dinosaurs populated the earth at the same time and that the Darwinian hypothesis of the evolution of man is completely wrong (here):

”….In retrospect, to maintain that the human physical wonder consisting of a cellular accumulation of 100 trillion cells and metabolizing at quantum levels with the speed of light and only to arise from a primordial organic ooze affected by Darwinian-proposed natural selection forces over millions of years imparts a pretentious gullibility to the extreme. The religious-based converse of that argument that humanity was created some 7,000 years ago is also an exercise in absurdity as documented in the geomorphological record”.

Patrick Amoroso, The Epiphany of Dr. Carl Sagan – A Gnostic Remembrance

We will show in the following that the main cause for all the historical errors in science lies in the wrong conception of time. Let us adopt the holistic perspective: Everything that exists – also called All-THAT-Is – consists of energy. There is only energy and everything else – including linear time – is an illusion of our limited perception within the 3D world we live in. Humans perceive this energy as space-time.

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According to Stankov’s Universal Law, All-THAT-Is is a closed system that consists only of energy. This system is composed of different energies, which interact with each other, i.e. they are open. These are U-subsets of All-THAT-Is and contain themselves as an element. All parts are U-sets of the Whole. There is nothing else. In other words, there is the unity of All-THAT-Is and the variety of different energies that interact harmoniously within it, which are perceived as parts (U-sets)- systems and levels – thereof.

For the definition of space-time as energy/frequency read: “Realitas infinita part II’

One of these U-subsets is the energy system in which we live in – the earth – and of which we are a part. This system represents a special case, an experiment so to speak, whose expansion and cause will not be discussed at this place (read here and here).

The living beings in it – including us – are held captive in this system and the exchange with other systems is very limited. About the topics ”Concept Time and Quarantine on Planet Earth” read here.

We live here on earth to have certain experiences and expand our consciousness beyond its initial limitation. The conditions and the learning processes are at times very stressful and frightening because we have forgotten who we are and that this is only a temporary experiment (see the video “Understanding the Book of Life”).

The crucial point is that we have to go through many incarnations within a kind of bubble around the planet Earth or Gaia until we redeem ourselves because the experiment has been successful and we have attained higher consciousness. However, these incarnations do not take place one after the other in linear time but simultaneously, they are in constant interaction with each other and represent different frequency bandwidths/ timelines/worlds of experience of the incarnation experiment ”Earth”. Our incarnations are multidimensional and simultaneous.

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Realitas infinita – Infinite Reality – Part II

Realitas infinita, tertia pars – Boundless Reality, part III

These many frequency bandwidths (ranges) have subjectively a beginning and an end. We humans create them by choosing from the infinite possibilities (= different, alternative frequency ranges as parallel realities or probability worlds with a specific information) the one alternative we want to experience. The soul decides whether the choice of the incarnated personality, defined as free will, fits into her overall plan and she is the one who allows or prevents the choice.

Every time we make a decision, we activate/ occupy other frequency bandwidths of different probability alternatives. We can consciously decide which scenarios we want to experience, provided we know and use this inner ability to create our reality. The process is unconscious for most people, but is always controlled by the soul. When one of these scenarios has fulfilled its purpose, it dissolves or rather goes into the background. Hence there is always a temporal component in the perceived experience, the true nature of which will remain unknown to us as long as the human mind is attached to the brain, whose neurons function very slowly and can only experience linear time as a sequence of events and not in their true simultaneity.

Imagine a giant cluster of frequency bandwidths that intertwine and pulsate together. Many different alternative behaviours and destinies are tried out for each person at the same time and influence each other simultaneously, but are perceived by the incarnated personality as a chronology of events.

In this way we experience the past as history.

How can historians construct from this multidimensional conglomerate a single linear timeline that is binding for all the people on the planet?

This is a totally impossible task. This linear time does not exist at all.

That is why every attempt – no matter how subjectively pure the intention may be – is a priori doomed to failure. Not only every human being, but also every culture and every geographical area is constantly ”on the move” to infinite different frequency ranges which evade the attentions of the historian and are not presented in his history of mankind. Hereby the intrinsic limitations of human language – oral and written – as a communication means among humans and between generations (as books and other written artifacts) play a decisive role in the distortion of what really occurs.

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When the long-awaited ”revelations” about the true history of mankind in the sense of apocalypse will be announced any time soon, there will be no new generally binding historical narrative. Based on the Akashic chronic – where everything is energetically recorded – questions can only be answered intuitively on an individual level. For example, someone might ask whether his frequencies overlap with a certain other person in the past or whether he/she has learned certain techniques in another world of experience which can then be transferred to other frequencies/lives. Tesla, for example, made his inventions known to us intuitively – his soul has acquired them on other higher evolved frequency realities and has passed them onto the frequency bandwidth of the earth at the beginning of the 20th century as to foster industrialisation of mankind. One could also find out, for example, how much reptiloid blood he carries and under which conditions he was cloned by the Anunnaki – probably by Enki and Ishtar (read here).

In the broadest sense, humans will very soon take notice of their many simultaneous incarnations on other planets/solar systems or galaxies, such as Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda (Galaxy), etc. That is why this treatise is of such great actuality and importance. If you want to understand the gnostic background, you should read the three articles ”Realitas infinita” quoted above as we do not want to repeat ourselves here.

Historians create their (in)accuracy problems by themselves because they start from the illusory idea of time. They impose their one-sided idea of linear time over the whole system of human history that does not fit at all – it is the “Procrustean bed” to the real size of human existence. That is why predictions and forecasts are usually uncertain or even wrong, even when they come from higher dimensions of consciousness / frequencies, because the illusory idea of linear time is not taken into account. Most channeled messages carry this deficiency. Often it is also the case that the predictions do, indeed, come true, just not in the respective frequency range in which the observer is currently located. For instance, a predicted Third World War or a magnetic pole reversal by some gloom-and-doom experts has already taken place on lower timelines, while the people who have moved/ ascended to higher vibrating worlds of experience with a better outcome were spared this negative experience.

If the prophets also move to such higher frequency bandwidths, then they experience the failure of their forecast as is the case with all competent financial experts who have correctly predicted the ultimate financial crash each year since the last bank crisis in 2008, but were lucky to evade it. Would  they be able to understand the multidimensionality of all existence, they would know that with their precise analysis of the financial crisis they have avoided its negative experience for themselves and the parallel humanity they have taken with them on such new higher timelines (read also here). This is what we observe increasingly in the last decade since the veil to the higher dimensions has been constantly thinning after the ascension of Gaia to 5D at the stargate 11.11.11 (November 11, 2011) and then the ascension of a portion of humanity at the stargate 12.12.12 to 12.21.12 (December 12 – 21, 2012).

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The fact that intentional lies and deceptions are all too often inserted into the official published history of mankind is very well known and is mentioned here only in passing. The victors always write – understand falsify – history, this is a well-known fact. If you enter ”fake history” in Google, you get 909 million entries … This shows very clearly that the blindness of the historical sciences really exists and is ubiquitously acknowledged. It is not an “exotic topic” of this article.

By the way, many so-called historical personalities, revered as founders of world religions, are in fact mythical figures: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, etc. However, since religions attach great importance to their historical roots, these personalities usually appear in their historiography as actual physical incarnations, however, capable of performing miracles which normal mortals cannot and are thus in awe (see the books of Acharya S. alias D. M. Murdock).

Each society consists of a different composition of souls who are on different frequency bandwidths with different levels of consciousness. In the history of Europe, for example, we witness a society in which the worlds of experience were dominated most of the time by baby-, child- and, above all, young souls who were in the majority. That is why these souls could shape the society according to their bellicose needs as an expression of their utmost separation from the soul and the source and impose their views, usually ruthlessly, on the few mature (ripe) and old souls. In the current End Time the number of ripe and old souls has increased in Europe as this continent is about to ascend very soon, while their percentage is still very low in most parts of the world. That is why there is a great willingness for fight and war as we witness these days in the Middle East, which is overwhelmingly populated by bellicose child and young souls.

Human history reports from the point of view of the ruling class of the young souls.  From the point of view of the mature souls a much different narrative would result and again a completely different one from the point of view of the old souls as this essay transpires. This can be very well observed today when one compares the fake MSM news dominated by child and young souls with the more contemplative and ethically tainted narratives of the political events by alternative critical writers, who are mostly ripe souls and a few of them old souls. These are like two worlds that never meet and this indicates the ongoing separation of the soul population in those who will ascend and those who will continue with their incarnation cycle on lower 3D timelines.

As the age of souls changes in different historical epochs, the general view of history also changes constantly, as the world view of the predominant soul age in a particular epoch fully asserts itself. After all, the past is only experienced and thus created from the Now point, because all incarnations exist simultaneously. This conclusion already turns the conventional view of human history upside down. Watch also the following videos:

Soul lives part 1

Soul lives part 2

Soul lives part 3

Soul lives part 4

It is understandable that the official historiography reflects the views and the attitude towards life of the ruling class (mostly young souls), because they have the power and therefore the decisive influence in the society. For this reason history books are full of wars, conflicts and struggles. Hollywood with its movie plots mainly depicting senseless violence and immorality is a paradigmatic case in this respect. Cultural and true religious history only plays a subordinate role. The philosophical ideas that initiated decisive epochs, such as Neoplatonism (classical Gnosis, Plotin as the successor of Plato and Aristotle) for the emergence of the Renaissance (in the Neoplatonic Academy in Florence) play almost no role in current conventional historiography, just as they do not exist as movie themes. It is mainly reported about power (abuse) through the use of violence, money (robbery, looting, exploitation) and sex (promiscuity, abuse, oppression, sexual aberrations) and how many people were murdered by the evil enemies or vice verse by our glorified hero (While the Iranian general Suleimani, who was cold-bloodedly assassinated by Trump and the Americans is considered a hero and a martyr by all Shiites, he is regarded as an evil terrorist by most Americans. Respectively, while Trump is glorified for his heinous deed by his supporters in the USA, he is considered the satan (Shaitan) by most Muslims. These are two irreconcilable narratives of the present and it is anyone’s guess which one will be adopted as the official history doctrine.)

With the title ”the Great” mainly warlike men are rewarded; or have you ever heard of Mozart the Great, Leonardo Da Vinci the Great, Rubens the Great or Plato the Great? Even if this title is given to women, e.g. Catherine the Great, they are almost always ruthless rulers. How about Hypatia the Great? Even such villains as Barack Hussein Obama receive a Nobel Peace Prize, notwithstanding the fact that he fought seven wars every day of his presidency and boasted how good he is at killing people (read also Obama’s Final Drone Strike Data).

Historians follow strictly predetermined political, religious and ideological rules that are agreed upon by the scientific community. For different epochs/cultural circles, various ”methodologically permissible” evaluation categories are defined in the sense of the last paragraph. This means that there is no neutral, open-end research in science at all. From the outset, certain representations are frowned upon and are excluded – unless the researcher in question is a private scholar who finances himself/herself and who also has no problems, if he/she is unjustifiably rejected or attacked because he/she thinks in a politically incorrect, that is, free spirit way.

One of these ”forbidden” historical topics and representations is the direct influence of extraterrestrials on the events on this planet. Although there is an almost infinite literature on this topic and the population has been prepared for future disclosures for decades through films, novels and published sightings, these are not mentioned in the official historiography so far (here).

Google’s search for “extraterrestrial aliens on earth” returns 8.9 million hits. A very well researched material about the ET influence on Earth can be found here.

A further problem is that historians do not know what criteria should be used to classify the evidence of other frequency ranges in excavations over time in order to obtain a conclusive picture. Layers lying on top of each other are, with well justifiable exceptions, always classified as chronologically consecutive – i.e. originating from different historical times (accordingly the deepest layers are the oldest), because the linear time concept demands this kind of logic. But if the very foundation regarding time is not correct, the logic that builds on it is of no use at all. If the concept of simultaneous worlds of experience/frequency ranges is well understood, then other interpretations of deposits appear possible or even necessary. Admittedly, however, these still elude human understanding at present. Even if there is no solution yet, it is still necessary to address this problem in the first place.

We understand that the historical sciences have not yet made any effort to expose their concept of time as illusory. Stankov’s Universal Law now makes it possible for the first time in human history as we know it to introduce a new, well-founded concept of time and throw the old ideas overboard. Above all the historical sciences will take an enormous upswing because after ascension it will be possible for many people to read the Akashic Chronic or visit other frequency bandwidths (timelines, new worlds) by themselves and immediately find an answer to all open historical questions that cannot be clarified by laborious excavations, deciphering and interpreting old, often falsified writings and the evaluation of coins, objects of art, buildings and other material artifacts.

An increasingly larger partion of humanity is currently on frequency bandwidths that allow an exit from the 3D matrix of the aforementioned bubble, because the consciousness in these frequency ranges is sufficiently high and the incoming cosmic energies allow the long awaited ascension and enlightenment. Human evolution goes from 3D to higher 4D or 5D earths (read here).

People jump, so to speak, on their highest – always existing – frequency range and realize their true potential as free multidimensional souls / energies.

In other words, the bubble is bursting, the old 3D matrix is dissolving, the associated low frequency bandwidths as well, the experiment ”Prison Planet Earth” is coming to an end, or is continued with a smaller number of souls/people/personalities on lower levels of consciousness who want it that way.

In this context it is our special concern to point out the following: As in the parable of the sower in the New Testament (Matthew, 13,1-13,9), people with the most divergent states of consciousness grow together in the earthly bubble. There are always overlaps/ interceptions with different frequency ranges. Or to put it otherwise: in this polarized world good and evil, rich and poor, peaceful and militant, clever and stupid meet together, so that the resulting friction makes it possible to gain knowledge. This means that even the ”pitch-black, bitterly evil representatives of the reptilian cabal” only play the role that was intended for them in order to help awaken the slumbering masses.

In the Indian Bhagavad Gita there is a wise saying: ”The wise do not lament the living or the dead. The wise man knows that it is only He who dwells in everything”. This would say that everything we encounter is part of the great experiment “Earth”, and that all the actors can go on ”in the end”. The wise remains an untouched observer in every moment. Meher Baba says: ”There is no evil, only different degrees of good”, which all boils down to the same thing: You can learn from everything. There is no absolute evil. Basically, there is no evil or good – there is only energy in an infinite multitude of frequency ranges. All evaluations come from illusory human thinking in 3D.

Finally, a personal remark. The blindness of the historical sciences has been well known to me for over forty years. I was ”then” professor at the University of Giessen, Germany on a very well-endowed and permanent position as geographer/geomorphologist with emphasis on the Near East and India as well as on fluviatile, aeolian and glacial land formation in arid and semiarid regions. My concern then, as now, was the same: I wanted to find out ”what holds the world together at its core” and especially how planet Earth has developed in the foreseeable past. It became clear to me that this goal could never be achieved with the means and approaches of historical-scientific research within the academic community. Therefore, I quit my job and turned to other sources of truth-finding, which today lead me to the fulfillment of my scientific life goals.

After completion of the manuscript I was made aware of the Mandela Effect, which is officially designated as “false memory” by the guardians of the linear time dogma (see also here).

The Mandela effect bears its name because when the death of Nelson Mandela was announced in 2013 a very large number of people remembered the death of Nelson Mandela in South Africa’s prison in the 1980s, 90s or even later. Accordingly, there was a great astonishment at his ”second” death.

The orthodox explanation for this process is of course memory impairment. However, in the light of the aforementioned and the three essays ”Realitas infinita” quoted above, it is a memory overlapping from other frequency ranges in many individuals, who are now awakening to their multidimensionality. In these lower frequencies timelines Mandela died in prison and never made it to a prime minister of South Africa as on this highest timeline / frequency bandwidth, which was the best possible outcome for him and his country deeply divided by racism. In this context, one also speaks of “bleeding”. Such multidimensional memories are not unusual, actually it happens more often than people believe or admit. In the discussion about the Mandela effect on numerous internet pages the influence of parallel worlds is actually considered.

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