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How We Create the New World

Otfried Weise, January 27, 2020

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The end of evolution is near says evolutionary biologist Matthias Glaubrecht in his new book. However, Darwin’s evolutionary hypothesis is an illusion. What does not exist, cannot pass away either. But the blindness of Glaubrecht and his colleagues will soon pass.

The end of biodiversity is near says evolutionary biologist Matthias Glaubrecht. Man and his way of life are to blame for that. He should know it better … Has he forgotten the dinosaurs?

Life on earth is a constant process of becoming and passing away. Every epochal change massively alters what we are used to. Is he trying to scare the people? Who’s paying him to do that?

The end of dumbing down by politics and bought-in scientists. There is also no man-made climate change. It’s typical human hubris to believe he can do this. The sun’s radiation is the only primary factor that controls climate and weather. And the Central Sun, the source that works through our sun, is an immensely intelligent being.

CO2 taxes can never influence the climate. It is a stupidity that is based on the stupidity of men. All these measures are never about our future or security, but always only about exploitation, abuse of power and imprisonment.

The end of distraction through work and pointless discussions. Most professions will disappear because they only exploit and distract from our inner divinity. These professionals live at the expense of the rest of the working population. They do not create any values, nor do they make life pleasant or peaceful: military, police, bureaucracy, control organs, jurisdiction, banking, politics, journalists, many branches of science and the production of junk products, pharmaceuticals and medicine, and large parts of the tertiary sector only dull the people and restrict them.

Let us visualize and create a new world without these exploiters and parasites. This alone is a total revolution. Man will only work maximal a few hours per week and still live a happy life in abundance.

The end of sexual exploitation: Patriarchy, matriarchy, feminism, gender bla bla bla… Child abuse, trafficking, extortion, plastic surgery, sex changes. All this will disappear without substitution.

The end of the sexes: Sexual intercourse for procreation of children becomes superfluous on the fifth dimension. Extasy in the union of people will be a much stronger substitute. Children will be visualized and mentally created – according to the plans of the souls involved. The bodies will no longer be the result of cloning. Man will become androgynous again. However, the female or male form will remain in the new light body for aesthetic reasons. The old family model and the singles hype will expire. We are all a unity.

The end of religions: All religions will disappear – this kind of exercise of power is also coming to an end. No one was ever damned – no one needs to be saved. Everyone is responsible for the development of his own divine potential. There is no God to be worshiped and glorified. Guilt, sin and atonement have abdicated, as has the acquired conscience. Man is Soul – he himself is God in becoming.

The end of the illusion of scarcity: The acquired feeling of lack and scarcity keeps the persons constantly busy and favors its exploitation through labor. Fighting for survival is fear of survival. But we are immortal.

Energy is not scarce at all, for there is nothing but energy, as the Universal Law irrefutably confirms. The appropriate technology for the extraction of free energy has only been withheld from human beings so that Project „Prison-Earth“ does not come to an early end, because one’s own personalized, individual energy supply sets mankind free.

To save, means to be on the back burner, to be weak and corruptible. The universe is abundance.

The end of the money-based economy: The debt money system was the main means of exploitation and slavery. It is superfluous and will disappear along with the banks and insurance companies. It will be initially replaced by a simple accounting system – the ASTRAL – which will be democratically emitted by all the people and will be available to everybody. There will be no interest or profit, because money has no value in itself. People will soon understand this.

On the fifth dimension, the astral currency will also disappear. Everything will be created immediately, so there will be no more exchange of goods.

The end of discord: Those in power have always sown discord and glorified struggle and war: “It is sweet and honorable to die for one’s country”; ”divide and conquer”. This method has kept the old system alive for so long.

The end of the abuse of power: No one has any interest in oppressing and dominating others anymore. One recognizes that every human being is a self-sufficient creator and honors him as oneself. Without fear people can finally be loving to each other. States, governments and the dictatorship of the rich will disappear. These people can, if they want, stay on lower frequency ranges and go on playing the game of Karma.

The end of linear time: The concept of linear time has already been debunked as a misinterpretation by our senses and corresponding conditioning during the upbringing of children. The sequence of past, present and future has served its time as fiction. Everything happens simultaneously. Time is a subjective sensation. Every living being has its own perception of time as an expression of the different levels of consciousness.

The end of the 3D matrix in the 3D bubble of the prison planet Earth. The extensive isolation (quarantine) of humans and the Earth has already been lifted. The aliens from the constellation Orion, who cloned us and tortured us as prison directors, are already gone. Their henchmen – like the cabal – let the old system run further until it sinks into chaos.

Most of us already live in higher worlds of experience, where these scenarios no longer affect us. The New Humanity becomes sovereign and a full member of the Galactic Federation.

The end of history: Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel, Alexandre Kojève and Francis Fukuyama have predicted an end of history, in the sense of a final synthesis in which there are no more world political contradictions. That would then be the New World Dictatorship of the cabal. However, as just explained, this will not happen.

There will be an end of history in the usual sense, above all an end of the illusory historiography with the non-existent, imaginary linear time as a framework. On fifth dimensional levels we will create something completely new in the unity field, which is indeed free of contradictions and violent upheavals. History is replaced by multidimensional experience – simultaneous perception of many worlds in expanded consciousness.

The realization of the NOW: All this happens in the eternal now. In the illusory perception on 3D, the energy of All-THAT-Is was interpreted as space-time. In other words, time was basically the fourth dimension of space. Now Space-Time, like everything else in our world, shows itself as a phenomenon of energy with infinite frequency ranges or worlds of experience. We are currently finishing off the old ones on 3D, and create new ones on higher 4th and fifth dimensional levels.

The realization of simultaneity: All frequency bandwidths/experience worlds/’timelines’ happen simultaneously. They thus represent a giant cluster of frequency ranges that are intertwined and pulsate together. Many different alternative behaviours per person are tried out synchronously and influence each other simultaneously. Not only every human being, but also every culture and every geographical area exists on many different frequency ranges and is constantly evolving.

The realization of multidimensionality: The new man has a light body on the fifth dimension and can influence his appearance by himself. He can either adopt a pseudo-physical body (Mayavirupa) when visiting 3D/4D planes or live in his freely designable light body on fifth dimension and higher. He has constant access to levels on sixth dimension and higher through communication. He is immortal – not only as a soul but also in his visible expression.

The realization of unity consciousness: Discord and duality/polarity dissolve. The harmony of unity consciousness is the natural expression of the soul. Nobody is interested in quarreling, fighting, war and violence anymore. Togetherness replaces being against each other, solidarity drives away competitive thinking.

The realization of love wisdom: Love-wisdom fully asserts itself in all activities.  People love their fellow-men, because they know that they love themselves. The way one treats others, he treats himself. There are basically no ”others”.

The realization of freedom: With the end of the illusion of linear time, freedom flourishes. When one knows, that one is Soul and immortal, the fear of being separated disappears – only then is he or she free, because only then does one take full responsibility for his own actions.

Freedom through education: Man becomes free when his illusions die away and he intuitively receives true knowledge from the soul worlds. He is then no longer corruptible or seducible. Senseless lengthy discussions, trying to convince others or proselytizing no longer take place.

Freedom through travel: The new man is free to move in the cosmos wherever he wants. He does not need spaceships, star gates or spacesuits to do so. His worlds of experience vibrate with large parts of the cosmos. He is aware of them and can additionally visit other lower frequency ranges. Already today many people have incarnations on other planetary systems respective galaxies.

Freedom through art and literature: The fifth dimensional human being expresses himself, his feelings, his thoughts, his love and wisdom creatively through all kinds of performing arts and literature – for his own pleasure and for the enthusiasm of his fellow creators. Multidimensional existence on the fifth dimension and higher is true creation.

Freedom through research: The fifth dimensional human being is able and free to explore everything that interests him without restriction and to teach the results. He is not hindered by financial means, lack of equipment or regulations that preclude an open-end approach. Research is then another word for exploratory creation for the benefit of all beings. In the old matrix this was prevented because certain findings would have led to the premature end of the Earth experiment.

Freedom through communication: The New Man is able, willing and empowered to communicate through such means of communication as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, reading the Akashic Records and visiting frequency ranges of other dimensions. Devices are no longer necessary on the fifth dimension and higher.

The certainty of the soul: Man now knows that he is Soul and therefore part of All-THAT-Is. Nothing can ever happen to him that he does not want and that would be to his disadvantage, because he works for the good of the whole.

The certainty of intuition and the ability to distinguish: Intuition – the language of soul – is his everlasting secure source of wisdom as well as knowledge. As a soul, a person can intuitively and safely decide in every situation what is exactly right for him and the whole, and is willing and able to implement this.

The certainty of uniqueness: The fifth dimensional human being knows his unique constitution, his individual tasks and his special position in the overall framework. He knows that everyone contributes best to the well-being of the collective by realizing his or her unique potential. The polarity  “altruism – egoism”  disappears. The soul is love. Love is a synthesis of inner and outer harmony.

The certainty of unity: Despite the certainty in his uniqueness, the fifth dimensional human being always feels a deep connection with all other people and beings, with plants, animals and the entire environment, in the certainty that there is basically only ONE energy.

The Law of simplicity: All-THAT-Is is perfection in simplicity. It is energy, which is described completely and comprehensively by the Universal Law. The Universal Law is a rule of three – E=EA f  –  the simplest possible equation. All complicated formulas in traditional physics can be derived from the Universal Law. Therefore there is only ONE natural law.

Every form of complexity is an expression of the separation from the soul and All-THAT-Is. Complexity is artificial and arises from limited perception. True knowledge is always simple, harmonious and of exquisite beauty. True science is always simple and easy to understand. Multiplicity is based on the principle of simplicity.

The certainty of visualizing and creative power: The fifth dimensional human being knows that his greatest strength lies in the visualization of what he wants to create and in the ability to actually manifest this, and to do it immediately. This is not about the so-called ”cosmic ordering”, a deeply materialistic mis-guidance of cuddly esotericism.

Visualization begins as a mental process  in the logically thinking as well as intuitive mind and is then put into action by the astral energy of feeling and will power. It is not about playing around without obligation or just casually mentioning what is desired. This process requires full presence, unconditional intention and conscious concentration. If you want to visualize and create something, you have to be fully supporting it emotionally. It should be a real concern to you. There should also be a certain necessity for it. It is not about accumulating luxury items and riches, because we are immortal.

Certain magical rituals are used for visualization and creation: For example, the wheel of life, the pillars of light, the fountain of freedom, invocations or personalized paths for specific projects, such as a city of light, a healing-, education- or meditation center, an energy portal, the purification or energizing of a place or region. This is light work, which we have been doing for many years.

The word magic comes from the Persian language and means ”to accomplish something”. This happens when we do the right thing at the precise moment, in the best possible place, with the fitting people – or alone – in the necessary way – according to our own intuition and always for the benefit of the whole.

The Aquarian Age is predestined for this kind of work. Rituals and group work are greatly enhanced by the new energies. We should not restrict ourselves just because we believe we are asking the impossible. Visualization is first and foremost about the grand design – we don’t need to pay special attention to details.

The creation always takes place in the present – we imagine the project as already realized and ask ourselves how it feels like – the feeling experienced in this process strengthens the creative power. True creation always increases the perception of love.

Visualizing and creating our new world  is our most noble, joyful and important task. We had always a lot of influence on how our lives are shaped by our inner attitude, our dreams and visions and our practical life. The old saying: ”As you call into the forest, so it echoes out” is still true.

The certainty of the NOW: We know: there is nothing but energy and it is always flowing NOW. The fifth dimensional being knows when to do something and when to back off. This being realizes its potential in love, wisdom and joy. The fifth dimensional being expands its consciousness and becomes ”God” himself.

Life and action is conscious creative BEING.


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