The Violet Flame Portal of Unity Field Consciousness, December 12 – 21, 2019

With Messages From the Universal Council of Twelve, the Arcturians and the Agarthans

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and Amora, December 24, 2019

Violet rays coming from the Central Sun through our sun, which is a magnetic sun (red giant), Lofer, Austria, December 13, 2019

I have been hesitant to publish an energy report this month due to the extreme dynamics of the ascension process that not only fully wiped us, but also put us in a constant flux of changing realities so that we had barely time to properly assess and evaluate what was happening. In addition, we have been on the road practically since December 5th and were busy all day long. On that day we traveled from Austria to Germany, Bavaria to conduct a spiritual course on the current ascension events with German participants near the town of Traunstein, not far away from Lofer (30 km direct line), where the interdimensional portal with the healing centre already exists. We have been building this portal for many years and I have regularly reported on it in the past.

This meeting with enlightened Germans in Bavaria paved the way for the anchoring of the violet flame from the Source. The process began on December 8th. We had brought all the codes and vibrations from Waldviertel, Lower Austria, where I currently dwell and which is the central interdimensional portal for the entire continent of Europe. It is founded upon a huge granite plate which is a unique geological formation as the few boulders on the surface indicate. They are part of the biggest monolith granite plate in  Europe underneath and have only emerged on the surface after the soil has been washed away.

Granite boulders in Blockheide, Gmünd, Waldviertel, Austria

Granite boulders in Blockheide, Gmünd, Waldviertel, Austria

Beneath the granite plate, there is a huge crystalline pyramid which extends into the ethereal fields and connects with the Agarthan network, also known as Inner Earth. Since I have arrived in Austria end of October we have been activating this massive portal that connects Europe throughout all dimensions and civilisations with the multiverse and is fully embedded in the crystalline grid of Gaia. This place has the highest natural radiation measured in Austria and to me it felt from the very beginning as the most powerful ascension platform I have ever entered.

One should bear in mind that I had just arrived from Italy where the city of light, enriched by the many new temples and ethereal structures that had been built by the Trinity (Amora, Sophia and myself), represented the place with the highest vibrations on this planet. I did not expect to find Waldviertel, which means “forest quarter/area”, to be energetically even more powerful than Italy. Of course, I had extended the 5D dimensional platform from Italy to Austria and Central Europe over the Alps with my arrival in Vienna, but was very positively surprised to find out what huge light work our friends had already accomplished here.

We then quickly formed a new Trinity and created the third world chakra centre (Fountain of Freedom), first in Dobra Voda, Czechia. It began to expand rapidly to include most of the neighbouring countries to Austria, such as Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and even further southeast to Slovenia, Croatia and Transylvania (Siebenbürgen) in Romania, the abode of St. Germain. We were informed by him when I was still in Italy that I must build this third Fountain of Freedom when I arrive in Waldviertel. Indeed, we accomplished this on November 5th when we visited  the near-by Kuhberg (cow mountain), near Dobra Voda over the Czechian border (former Iron curtain) and created a huge vortex that was crowned by a beautiful rainbow:

Kuhberg near Dobra Voda in Czechia, where we built a new world heart chakra (Fountain of Freedom) on November 5th, 2019 as in Italy and Vancouver, North America in the summer of 2019

Rainbow in Dobra Voda, November 5th, 2019 announcing the creation of the Fountain of Freedom in Czechia, Austria and Central Europe

The new world heart chakra of the threefold flame (blue, yellow-gold and pink), which my readers know from Italy, the Italian Riviera and Vancouver, North America on the Pacific Coast immediately began to manifest in Austria as these photos from November 11, 2019  (11/11 portal) show:

Sunrise in Waldviertel, November 11, 2019

Sunset in Waldviertel, November 11, 2019

The local Austrians have never seen such colours before as Waldviertel is usually rather cloudy and foggy at this time of the year. Now I brought the city of light from Italy to Austria, first in Lower Austria and in the following days throughout the whole country and in the neighboring Czechia and Southern Germany. The old city of light, New Raetia, which I have been building in Bavaria around Munich consciously since 2005 merged with our creation of the new third Fountain of Freedom (world heart chakra) for Central Europe and both began to expand rapidly. We also anchored numerous wheels of light and life in the numerous fish ponds north of the Czechian border with Austria, which is actually located just a few meters behind the house where we live.

Chlum, fish ponds in Czechian Bohemia

The wheels of light and life bring the unity consciousness field and they have to be installed parallel and in close connection with the Fountain of Freedom in order for us to be successful with the ascension of Gaia and establishing the New Lemuria on the surface of this planet:

ReadWheels of Light and Life: The KEY to Access the Unity Consciousness Field

We, and by this I mean many members of the PAT, most notably Otfried and Wendy, have been building the wheels of light and life on many places on the globe since the spring of 2019.

The Wheel of Light and Life

Magnificent Wheel of Light and Life

They have now merged with each other and have built a tight network, first and foremost in Europe, as these photos taken by a friend of us in Valencia, Spain in early November 2019 confirm. Observe that all five flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life are present in these photos.

ReadMessage From The Crystalline Beings of Light: The Five Flames of Ascended Creation – The Wheel of Light and Life!

While still in Liguria, Italy, I cleansed in September and October the entire Southern France and Northern Spain in order to open the rose laylines in these regions and connect the two famous pilgrimage destinations in Lourdes, France and Fatima, Portugal with the city of light in Italy. This massive cleansing caused me an acute and later chronic broncho-pneumonitis for more than 2 months – the most severe episode of many during 2 decades of being the chief cleanser on duty for Gaia and humanity.

As you can see, our light work follows a consistent path and inner logic which I have always endeavored to capture in my energy reports as to give you a congruent picture of what is truly happening on earth in this last phase of the planetary ascension. This is in contrast to the usual New Age gimmicks you find on the Internet that are an affront to human intelligence.

Since I arrived in Waldviertel, I have been on a constant energetic roller coaster and have never experienced such high, intense and pure ascension vibrations before. The intensity exceeded by far and large that in Italy, except for a few special days when we did extraordinary light work, much of which I have kept confidential due to its great sensitivity and the need for protection from less benevolent forces. Besides, my light work in Italy was associated with massive cleansing that ruined my health as I have mentioned in previous reports.

The Activation of the Yellow Ray of Illumination on September 5th, 2019

The Opening of the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras of Humanity in July, August and September, 2019

In Waldviertel, the physical symptoms of the LBP and the cleansing of human dross was rather moderate to my standards, though still very debilitating due to the inhuman power of the source energies that are flowing through my body and fields.

I am giving you here this chronological perspective as to properly grasp what has happened in December and is still going on as you will not find any reliable information on the current dramatic energetic events from any other sources on the Internet. Deplorably, all the New Agers have currently resorted to an extremely uncritical indulging into their spiritual figments and weird interpretations of what might be happening energetically with Gaia and humanity in the process of planetary ascension, thus only following their ego-driven mania to be constantly present as publishers on the esoteric scene and not be left behind, which is actually their basic fear that is currently preventing them from ascending. And again, the women as channelers and self-proclaimed gurus are the worst in this respect. They should finally reconnect to their feminine energies which are now flooding the earth exuberantly and stop with their masculine exhibitionism that holds them in the old matrix.


When Amora arrived in Austria end of November, the intensity of the waves peaked one more time significantly and we went through the most extreme and debilitating transformation of our bodies into crystalline light bodies we have ever experienced so far. This was necessary to prepare us for the opening of the violet flame portal, which began on December 8th, while we were still near Traunstein, Bavaria and thus 4 days before the actual portal 12/12.

Then we went to Lofer on December 9th, and stayed there for a week, doing incredible light work. We expected this to happen as Lofer is a magical place where we have experienced so many miracles. It was here that I discovered the Universal Law already in the 90s and then created together with Amora Gaia-5 in December 2013 when we fully ascended and were in constant contact with the mothership of the GF; read this chronicle that captures the dramatic events from that time:

The Birth of the New Logos-Gods of Gaia and Humanity

Before her arrival in Austria, Amora was not sure what she would do and was asking her spiritual guides for an advise.  She was in Canada since the end of June, where she completed the second city of light New Lemuria, while I was still building on the city of light New Raetia in Italy and later on here in Central Europa and connecting it to Italy. As we shall see below, the name New Raetia only refers to the historical Roman province that stretched in Central Europe north of the Alps. It is part of the new 5D earth which will be essentially New Lemuria as Atlantis is not yet included in the new earth because there is still a lot of karma to be resolved by the human souls in the upper 4D worlds before they can ascend and take this heritage with them to the new earth. I have written about the role of Lemuria and Atlantis on the New Earth in the past and why it is appropriate to identify the new earth with New Lemuria as Lemuria is already part of the Agarthan network, while Atlantis is not yet fully integrated. This aspect will become evident from the discussion below.

Amora had an inner knowing for a long time that she must visit South America one more time after she laid the foundations of the third city of light Terra Nueva two years ago around the New Year of 2018 in the Andes of Ecuador (read here). She was wondering how she could arrange at best this trip with respect to her scheduled flight to Austria to visit me. It was precisely at this point in time that the Universal Council of Twelve that oversees the ascension of Gaia, the new Golden Galaxy and this universe came to her and gave her this important message that also highlighted our future work in Lofer.

Message from the Council of Twelve – October 30, 2019, Amora

Prepare for travel now. Through this travel your Ascended Mastery will shine a bright light!

[I am shown Edmonton (Amora then visited Edmonton and stayed there for 10 days in November), Whistler, Vienna/Austria and area, Ecuador, in South America;  After these places I am shown Northern Italy-France-Portugal (Fatima, with Sophia)].

The means shall be provided. The Lightwork in each of these areas will connect to other portals of ascended/enhanced awareness. Every time movement of your physical body is required/arises, know without a doubt that the sole purpose is one of frequency enhancement and stabilization.  

Also know that no matter where you are called to go, you shall always be divinely protected.  

Your return to the town of Lofer [Austria] is especially important, as this place is a multi-dimensional access point to many higher frequencies.  There shall be a connection from this place, to the etheric crystalline pyramid [where Georgi is now at – where the underground Granite Mountain is located, see above].  

After this connection and stabilization of frequency takes place, a great gift can be conferred. [What kind of gift?, I ask] It shall be a gift of Union, of Re-Union and the promise of enlightenment. [What is meant by enlightenment?] The enlightenment of which we speak shall be experienced as a passage into Unity, a “lateral ascension” of sorts where the unity field expands in an “outward” fashion, and this is why travel through the 3rd Dimensional reality is necessary.  The result is the expansion and anchoring of the unity field across Europe, North America, and South America. 

There are those light bearers who have not yet understood their roles in spreading the higher frequencies, and who do so [travel] for their “work”.  Everyone has a function, an energetic responsibility in the co-creation of the World and all expressions beyond it that are not visible.  

We honour you now for this upcoming service to the Light. All Councils and Brotherhoods of Light honour your commitment, and the commitment of your Brethren in Europe.  

Thank you for your Love and unfailing dedication to the Light. We are the Universal Council of Twelve and we look forward to meeting you again soon.”

Please observe the announcement of the Universal Council of Twelve that we shall establish in Lofer a “Re-union, an expansion and anchoring of the unity field across Europe, North America, and South America” which will be a “lateral ascension“. Here you have already the key to what is happening now and will continue into the New Year of 2020. This message of the Universal Council of Twelve, which is extremely high vibrating, reads as a programme of the planetary ascension. As I shall report below, much of it has already been accomplished and some more will come by the end of this year and the beginning of next year. Therefore, stay attuned and try to connect the dots, which may not be easy unless you are fully immersed in these processes and know what I am talking about.

As I said, we arrived in Lofer on December 9th and on the same day Amora received a message from the Arcturians, who were already hovering over Lofer in their spaceship and were waiting for our arrival. They did not waste any time as we had a huge program to accomplish and immediately contacted us. Below, I include Amora’s comments and the message of the Arcturians:

Message from the Arcturians – The Violet Flame Portal in Lofer – December 21, 2019

“On Monday, December 9th, when I had some time alone here in Lofer, the Arcturians came forward to clear and align my communication channels for better connection to the energetic signature of their collective.  During the night I saw their ship above the beautiful Lofer mountains and they signalled their presence to me with a bright light, and through a telepathic message. Their alignment and attunement was palpable and very healing for me.  Since I had seen pale Violet Ray the evening before, I decided to ask specifically about the Violet Ray. Here is their response:

This moment in time represents a shift, a shift in consciousness through the application of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is the energy that draws consciousness upwards in frequency and this time may even be called “The Violet Flame Portal”.  

The determining factor for the expansion of consciousness in this physical plane is the presence, acceptance and integration of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is the major distinguishing factor of the Fifth dimensional expression. Daily use of this Flame will support all to rise in ascension consciousness!” 

This is a plain and clear-cut message that all my readers should internalize in a very deep manner and begin to use the violet flame as to ascend.

We knew about the arrival of the violet flame already on December 8th, when we were healing a patient in Bavaria and were made aware that we must flood her with the violet flame. Both Amora and myself saw how the whole reality was inundated with this extremely intense violet flame that imbued everything. Where there was a new creation, it was pale violet and where massive transmutation was necessary, it became deep violet. We were surprised that the Arcturians gave Amora this message on Dec 9th, but titled it the “Violet Flame Portal – December 21st“. Upon further enquiry we learned that the violet flame portal encompasses the two calendar portals 12/12/12 (2019 = 12) and 12/21/12 and will continue till the end of the year.

This portal is, therefore, still ongoing while I am writing this energy report and has now entered in its next most crucial phase, which will last till New Year and will include another energy tsunami during the last week after Christmas. This explains the actuality and importance of this energy report for all the members of the PAT, so that you know where you stand now.

Otfried has just published a theoretical article on our infinite reality, which consists only of individual frequency ranges / bandwidths that intercept with each other and create the consensual reality on this planet and in any other incarnation experiment in the multiverse:

Realitas infinita, tertia pars – Boundless Reality, part III

I recommend everybody to study this theoretical disquisition very carefully as to understand what is happening now with us and humanity. Otherwise you will never grasp the inner logic of the Ascension process because all channeled messages you read about it are based on the limited linear perception of the mediums who do not bother to deal with the nature of space-time and its illusory perception by limited human senses from a gnostic and epistemological point of view:

Read alsoIllusion: We Don’t Perceive the World as It Is

In his latest article, Otfried also discusses at length the arrival of the violet flame and what its actual function for the ascension process is. There are also some very beautiful pictures that illustrate the downloads of violet rays from the Central Sun through our sun in Lofer and also here in Waldviertel. I will not repeat this information here one more time and advise you to re-read his article very carefully several times in the light of this energy report as it gives you the key to a proper understanding what is happening now and will occur on a grand scale in the new year.

Here, I would like to introduce one more time the role of the violet flame as it was revealed to us by the Agarthans on December 12, 2019 in Lofer during this auspicious star portal 12/12/12.

The cities of light, we have already build and still enrich with new details, are aspects of New Lemuria, which from now is the official name of the new 5D earth. These cities of light extend from the 5th to the 7th dimension but will be accessible to all humans, still dwelling in the upper 4D worlds, only through the 5D centres of light, which we have built in Liguria, Italy, here in Austria, Czechia and Bavaria (former New Raetia) and in Vancouver, Canada and along the Pacific Coast to Mt. Baker in the USA, Washington state (New Lemuria). The third city of light will be built by Amora when she arrives in Ecuador in the Andes on December 28th, 2019 and will stay there for 2 weeks into January 2020.

These cities of light are the focal points of a huge triangle, encompassing three continents, within which the unity consciousness field can be anchored and expanded upon the earth. The energetic foundation for this is the violet flame of the Source. With it all current 4D worlds, which harbour the souls who have decided to ascend in this lifetime, are now fully incorporated into the frequency bandwidth of the unity consciousness field of the 5th dimension. This is significant and this happens for the first time in the history of Gaia and its human population. It represents the final stage in the planetary ascension process of Gaia.

Everything you witness now in the outward world is imbued by this unity consciousness field carried by the violet flame. Within this unity field, the old 3D matrix is merely an empty holographic image that has no influence on the evolution of the new ascending reality anymore. This would say that from now on we are energetically fully decoupled from the 3D matrix and from all its social structures, individual entanglements and personal relationships and can create our desired reality completely independently of what is happening on the ground – in the political, economic and financial areas.

At the same time we have fully transfigured our physical vessels and have actually arrived in New Lemuria. Here I speak only of Amora and myself as there is no possibility for me to know where all other light workers stand, not even our friends with whom we work very closely. This is what Amora and I feel since several days and this has also been confirmed by the Agarthans. I am sure that many of you have also accomplished this transfiguration or are halfway through and I recommend you to go inside and find out the answer in close dialogue with your soul.

And here comes the most difficult part to comprehend. Now that we have fully transfigured our physical vessels and have energetically arrived in New Lemuria, we have also begun, with the completion of the last major portal 21/12/12, to raise the frequencies of the entire humanity and heave that version of humanity which we want to experience in our new ascended timelines which we are now creating for ourselves with our thoughts, desires, visions and, above all, feelings.

I have written on many occasions that we create the humanity we want to experience and will heave it with us to New Lemuria. This is how ascension happens. This is an extremely difficult concept to grasp as it runs counter to all former and current collective and individual beliefs of humanity. But this is the only truth and this is what makes the current planetary ascension so unique and exciting as we also transcend the reality of our thoughts and become an entirely new sentient species. You can also read the latest messages of the Arcturians channeled by Daniel Scranton, where this topic is touched upon in a more popular manner.

And now read the message from the Agarthans, which Amora received in Lofer on December 12, 2019:

Message From the Agarthans – December 12, 2019, Lofer 

Dear beloved ones,

It is with great joy that I am sharing this Announcement with each of you on this auspicious day.  

It all began yesterday in the early hours of the morning, when I was shown the beautiful pale violet City of Light above us. It appeared “incomplete” in that one side was very cloud-like whereas the other side was solid and beautifully shining in appearance. Following this vision I decided to tell Georgi about it, at which point I was told we must go together to the Healing Temple in Agartha, and consciously carry this Violet City of Light “down” into Agartha with us. Agartha is so very near here in Lofer! 

Even though we had gone to the Jade-Green Healing Temple, there were soft pink lounge chairs there and everything was also imbued in a soft violet light. Such beauty! and upon awakening I was filled with the most beautiful loving violet energy that surrounded me in a peaceful cocoon. I decided to connect with the Agarthans later on that morning and here is the message I received:

“We are the Agarthans and we connect directly with you now because it is time for humanity to awaken to the truth of our existence! We had invited you to come in meditation to our Healing Temple with the Violet City of Light as it was important that you know how powerful you are as Creators. The Violet City of Light is the out-expression of Agartha. We say “out-expression” because your concept of Agartha is one of an “inward” civilization, inward from the surface of your Earth. This City of Light!

We also confirm the Violet Fire is the foundation of all outward Fifth Dimensional expressions, and to embrace it is to ascend and therefore in order to ascend or expand one’s consciousness one may certainly use the Violet Fire to enhance one’s onward evolution.

We also make note of your feeling that Agartha feels very close to you here in this place called Lofer and this is because this village has many portals that provide access into our world.  There are also other places upon the surface of your Earth which provide access to our world through multidimensional access points. We welcome you here now!”

In the coming days I expect the full expansion of the unity consciousness field of the violet flame. The ascension process will reach a peak when Amora arrives in Ecuador in the Andes on December 28th and will begin immediately with the creation of the third city of light which, as the Elohim told us, is indispensable for a harmonious ascension of the whole planet. In this we are the chief architects, and by this I mean the entire PAT as conscious or unconscious co-creators. Within this unity field, the current 3D matrix will begin swiftly to dissolve, taking with it those souls who will not ascend in this lifetime. However, this reality will not have any impact at all on the ascension dynamics of the cities of light and the ascending portion of humanity that will gravitate towards these new centres of light and will leave quickly behind its old 3D way of life and thinking. This process has already begun and will fully manifest in 2020.

Therefore, begin to create your most sublime version of ascended reality in complete and utter neglect of all the toxicity and duality that is now spreading in this dissolving 3D reality as in this way you not only accelerate your ascension process by jumping to much higher frequency ranges (timelines), but you also more effectively transform humanity by raising its frequencies away from this waning toxic reality. We are now paving the pathways of ascension for the entire humanity.

So much for the time being.

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