New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

The World Religions as Gnostic Teachings

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 10th, 2019

Translated from the German book “Neue Gnosis: Evolutionssprung der Menschheit“, 2001 into English by the author 


Conclusions – Part II

This brief overview (in Conclusions – Part I) shows that no world religion is able to develop a rigorous description of the 7F-creationary realms within the natural limitations of human language and to demonstrate the close interdependence between soul worlds and incarnation life on earth. In view of the imminent Evolutionary Leap of mankind, which will bring about a closer connection of earthly existence to the astral realms, this cognitive ignorance of the world religions will prove to be very disastrous and will decisively determine their downfall.

The epistemological incapacity of the world religions is particularly noticeable in the interpretation of coded messages found in sacred books.

The need of Christians to explain the question of resurrection in a meaningful way is particularly great. As an eschatological religion, Christianity is committed to providing information about the future of the human race and, like the Sadducees, must despair over the question of resurrection. Since Christianity does not seriously consider the repeated incarnations of the soul as preached by Jesus (Matthew 22,30-32), it also cannot explain why and in what way the incarnated personality attains the full awareness of the soul after her ascension, as well as after death, and thus also knowledge of her earlier incarnations which exist simultaneously as independent personalities in the astral realm: “He is not the God of the dead but of the living.” (Matthew, 22,32).

The two essays “Resurrection of the flesh” and “Resurrection body” in the Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche, Herder Verlag, which Ratzinger, today’s Pope, wrote as a young theologian in the 1950s, prove how great the ignorance of Christians on this topic is. His standard work on the eschatology of life and death is a veritable bankruptcy declaration of Christian theology, which I discuss in more depth in my theoretical treatise:

Neoplatonism and Christianity – ebook

The disaster scenarios for the End Time of the world, which both Christianity (synoptic gospels and John’s Revelation) and Islam paint on the wall, the latter following the former, represent further predictions which are deeply disturbing for the faithful and which they are in no way able to reconcile with the return of the “Son of Man” or the Prophet and their salvation.

Here a typical characteristic of the faithful Young Soul population is revealed – namely its inability to self-reflection. If the Church and Islam, which are first and foremost institutions of the Young Soul, were to interpret the doom of the world prophesied in the New Testament and the Koran upon the arrival of the last prophet merely as their own downfall, then they would also have the key to the imminent events.

In view of empty churches and decreasing social influence the upcoming “apocalyptic” events have been announced for a long time. The insurmountable backwardness of strictly Muslim societies is also a sign of the impending demise of this religion, which stands in the way of the evolution of Islamic peoples. In short: Every prophecy in the holy books, however obvious it may be, becomes a mystery as soon as it contains an unwelcome truth for the believers.

Like their religions, the prophets also have both an epistemological and a historical task. They are the intersection of the vertical coordinate of the 7F-creationary realms with the horizontal coordinate of earthly history. For this reason, they did not remain mere gnostic teachers, but at the same time became founders of organized religions, whereby their pupils and successors should be often attributed the greater importance in the establishment of religions.

Around their teachings, religious communities are founded according to the principle of exclusivity, which worship and spread the “holy word“, carry out “holy acts“, and assume the task of training “holy people“. In these religious activities, it is always about experiencing the Holiness of Spirit according to the example of the founder, whereby it is more or less consciously accepted that “many are called, but few are chosen”.

Some founders of world religions have acted on only as incarnated personalities (Mohammed, Confucius, Mani), while others have appeared both as historical persons and as Transliminal Souls (Siddhartha/Buddha, Jesus/Christ). The reasons for this are exclusively of an energetic nature.

As already discussed, the world religions that exist today originated around the same time and were based on older models. Their founders appeared one after the other in a relatively short historical period when the last great wave of incarnation was drawing to a close. At the same time there was a wave of dissemination of new souls.

The founders of religions were supported by many other ancient souls who acted as well-known historical personalities (e.g. Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Plotin etc.) or as unknown persons in the background and made their contribution to Human Gnosis for subsequent generations of souls. Without their gnostic writings, which are not considered sacred even though they have become part of the official religious teachings, and without their direct work as teachers and spiritual leaders, the world religions known to us would not have been able to unfold in the first place and drag the masses of Young Souls into their orbit.

Thus the world religions, even if they each refer to a single founder, are always complex collective phenomena in which several generations of incarnated souls have participated over a longer period of time. This aspect is particularly important, not least because it is grossly underestimated by many theologians and historians.

In the time before the great religions, the understanding of the incarnation cycle of souls in human form and of the close interrelations between earthly existence and the 7F-realms of creation was common knowledge. The local advanced civilizations that existed before the historical period known to us (e.g. ancient Egypt, Proto-Bulgarian sensory civilizations that became the prototype of the Olympic Gods in Greek mythology, ancient cultures in Central America, etc.) did not need this type of organized religious Gnosticism to shape their community life.

Many people at that time had unhindered personal access to their soul and to the astral worlds. They needed no external writings as spiritual supports and no organized religious communities with prescribed rituals to experience the Transcendental. Some very Old Souls like myself, who have incarnated for the last time in the current epoch, still carry the memories of those cultures in which they lived at the beginning of their incarnation cycle.

At the beginning of the new era, the earth was predominantly populated by baby and child souls. As stated above, these souls have no direct access to the Transcendental. They were thus led by a few Old Souls. The founders of today’s world religions were all Old Souls of the last great wave of dissemination, who at the end of their incarnation cycle wanted to make a groundbreaking contribution to the further evolution of the newly distributed souls. However, it was clear to them that their message of the leading role of the astral worlds could only be expressed in a form that took into account the limited medial perception of Child and Young Souls.

While the existence of the 7F-creationary realms was an incontrovertible fact for the old souls of that time, which they could experience directly in the state of ecstasy and bequeathed to humanity in word and writing within the limitations of human language (e.g. Plotin), the following generations of souls had to put up with the inherited religious books and rituals in the hope to catch a glimpse of the transcendental experience of the religious founders. The direct intimate experience of the Divine, which was once possible for the Old Souls (see the mode of action of the chakras in Chapter IX), was replaced by a life in religious communities, which were decisively shaped by the fear structure of the Child and Young Souls and still are to a great extent.

This circumstance explains why the Divine was lived according to the word, but not really experienced. Instead, the familiar fear-laden religious ideas of the “Numinous” like hell and devil arose. Such ideas have provoked corresponding religious acts: Devil exorcism, witch burning at the stake and Inquisition were the order of the day for a long time. False gnostic ideas have shaped earthly existence to this very day. It is fair to say that they are the source of all the evils of this world.

The same, but with the opposite sign, applies to my new Scientific Gnosis: it will be the spiritual source of an unprecedented, immeasurable prosperity. These aspects of the new humanity are generally described in the holy scriptures as the “Golden Age”. However, this New Age can only come when the old beliefs systems are put aside without restriction. This is the main task of the Light Body Process (LBP) at the individual level and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind at the collective level. Everything is interconnected.


At present, the evil and the devil are being misused for political purposes. Some countries, for example, are called “the axis of evil” by the US, which is a classic Young Soul nation and politically “demonizes” their leaders, only to justify the bellicose needs of this nation that represent an outbreak of its collective fear on the eve of the Evolutionary Leap.

It is a prerogative of the Young Soul age always to find a justification for committed misdeeds, in which one then firmly believes. The exclusiveness of one’s own conception of God or civil law, which is also a product of the fear structure of the Young Soul population, is allied with a pronounced disregard for human life. These beliefs systems materialize in countless cruel wars and acts of violence against dissenters, e.g. Christians against Jews, Christians against Muslims and vice versa, Orthodox against heretics, Jews against Muslims, Muslims against atheists, Christian democracies against militant Islamic states, etc., which offer plenty of material for karmic entanglements, as one can experience daily at news time.

For example, I have made an estimate of the armed conflicts on the territory of my homeland, Bulgaria, in the last two thousand years on the basis of historical sources. Since this area belonged almost uninterruptedly to the Roman Empire and Byzantium, or was the first Slavic state to be involved in permanent wars with Byzantium until the Balkans were conquered by the Turks, the historiography for this part of the Old World, especially the Byzantine one, is largely complete and much more detailed than for other parts of Europe. The wars of the Ottoman Empire, in which the Bulgarians were significantly involved as Janissaries and brought the whole of Europe into distress, have been adequately documented.

I have estimated a number of about 500-800 major armed conflicts, each involving several thousand soldiers and civilians as victims. This means that every few years a war, a large military conflict or violent invasion has taken place on the territory of Bulgaria, where the number of all victims since the foundation of the Christian doctrine in this part of the European continent exceeds several times the population there at any given historical moment. One can easily calculate that about every second incarnation on the territory of Bulgaria was violently ended in the Christian era and provided plenty of material for karmic entanglements.

This relationship should also apply to the rest of Europe: Just think of the Thirty Years’ War, when Europe was almost depopulated, so you can get a clear idea of the extent of human cruelty in history. On this subject I recommend the classical works of Johan HuizingaThe Autumn of the Middle Ages“, Jacob BurckhardtThe Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy” or VoltaireCandide“, in which the bloodthirstiness of these epochs is expressed very vividly.

I, personally, cannot find anything sublime in the history of the human race with the best will in the world, especially not in current political events. For this reason, I consider the concept of Christian love to be a myth and the greatest collective lie in living memory. People desperately need a new idea of love so that the killing finally stops.

The Asian religions, with their largely pacifist character, stand out pleasantly in this respect. This is certainly due to the fact that Asia is predominantly populated by Baby and Child Souls, who do not yet need to participate in karmic entanglements of this kind; on the other hand, they participate in larger numbers in natural disasters, which offer them the opportunity to leave life early.

Most people today, including many non-believers, regard the world religions as an untouchable spiritual heritage of humanity that should be treated with reverence and piety, even though it is becoming increasingly obvious that this heritage is the main source of war and misery. Since one is still not able to develop a scientifically binding Gnosis, one seeks refuge in the arbitrariness of religious statements. The renunciation of critical thinking becomes a virtue.

Although tolerance towards other religions has recently been invoked in the secular Western world from the position of a misunderstood “political correctness”, it is rarely put into practice, as evidenced by the many security laws and measures passed in Western countries after September 11, 2001, which considerably restrict the personal freedom of citizens, especially Muslims.

Since the existence of the Divine could neither be proved nor refuted until the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of a stringent scientific Gnosis, modern man is inclined to tolerate thoughtlessly and without criticism all the secondary contradictory beliefs systems resulting from the religious interpretation of the Numinous – and consequently to underestimate their effect.

In the early days of world religions, the attitude to the subject was much more passionate because the people at that time correctly assessed the significance of Human Gnosis for everyday thinking and life. With the secularization of society, the importance of a binding Gnosis is no longer perceived from the position of a primitive, short-sighted, consumptive capitalist economic rationality. However, as current events in the Middle East show, this is a fundamental misjudgment that stems from the inherent laziness of human thought.

Humans are not accustomed to radically separating themselves from the collective garbage of thought of the past and entering new paths of thinking, even if this inheritance obviously stands in the way of their spiritual and social evolution. The reason for this encrustation in people’s thinking, their tendency to stick to old, outdated beliefs and voluntarily bow to the pressure of conformity in society, is the much quoted fear structure as a formative energetic characteristic of being human.

Even if the current war between Israel and the Palestinians is treated politically from the point of view of national sovereignty, it is clearly the clash of two religions with opposing gnostic views, which is only superficially carried out on the national state level.

The conflict escalated increasingly after the assassination of Rabin by the ultra-right wing Jews because of his Oslo peace initiative. After that they gained in importance in Israel and could decisively determine the current violent policy of the Sharon government. On the other hand, the militant Islamists in Palestine gained the upper hand. For this reason, the world community is not in a position to end the conflict in the Middle East by political means, although almost all world powers speak in favour of peace.

It is indeed incomprehensible why the world powers are unable to end a limited arms conflict between two small peoples that has been going on for decades, when they were able to end the Cold War peacefully only recently. There can be no lack of common will, bearing in mind that this conflict is increasingly becoming an economic and political disaster in the face of rising oil prices, increasing radicalization of Islamic peoples towards world terrorism and global recession.

The current conflict in the Middle East is actually part of the Jesus drama that began under the direction of the astral realms 2000 years ago and is now in its final act. As a mirror image of the spiritual development of mankind, this stage play shows two things:

1) Even after such a long time, the Christian teaching of charity and grace that began in this geographical part of the world has not been able to prevail: Religious conflicts, i.e. opposing gnostic views, are still carried out today by force and not in philosophical discussions;

2) The squeezing of gnostic questions into the bed of Procrustes of the national state does not resolve the problems, but only aggravates them. Both religion and national state are mental constructions of the Young Soul mentality according to the principle of separation and have no place in a new world community of love which will be introduced with the Evolutionary leap in human consciousness.

For this reason, we are witnessing an escalation of violence in the Middle East before this conflict is processed and resolved by the world community in a new evolved, spiritual way. The resolution of this conflict will serve as a model for future conflicts until humanity learns to see itself as One and finds its way to final peace.

The incarnation process is a painful experience on the way to cognition:

Faith must be replaced by knowledge.

Only when Israelis and Palestinians realize that they wanted their fate as incarnated souls so and not otherwise, and that in reality there are no perpetrators and victims; only when they begin to know that they can choose the nationality of the opponent in another life and that the opponents of today are their soul siblings for all eternity, only then will they also recognize the absurdity of this war. Then the politicians too will no longer be needed to end the war they have instigated. The peoples will find their inner and outer peace by themselves.

Even today, many people, including many scientists, tend to regard the traditional religious writings as “holy” and “genuine”, although most of them have been proven to have been forged and rewritten in many ways. Two aspects are thoroughly ignored hereby:

First, the prophets who received such texts in trance, though Old Souls, yet children of their time, were intellectually seldom in a position to understand the texts and internalize their content. The information was first passed on in expanded consciousness, then the experience was recounted as best it could in  awakened consciousness and only later on written down, whereby the original content was considerably distorted by the fear structure of the channeled prophet and the later reporters.

This phenomenon can be observed most clearly when Mohammad receives the Quran Surahs and writes them down, not least because this process is documented by several sources. However, most of the holy scriptures originate from oral traditions of third persons. They contain gross distortions of the transmitted gnostic findings. If we were to use the same procedure in science today, the results would be described without restriction as counterfeits. Of course, this does not change the fact that many renowned researchers are continuously making “scientific interpretations” of the holy scriptures.

None of the early Christian Gnostics, for example, was able to approximate Plotin’s capacity for intellectual, unspoiled self-reflection during an ecstatic out-of-body experience of the Transcendental, the Divine, as expressed in his works:

“Many times it (the ecstasy) has happened: Lifted out of the body into myself; becoming external to all other things and self-encentred; beholding a marvelous beauty; then, more than ever, assured of community with the loftiest order; enacting the noblest life, acquiring identity with the divine; stationing within It by having attained that activity; poised above whatsoever in the Intellectual is less than the Supreme: yet, there comes the moment of descent from intellection to reasoning, and after that sojourn in the divine, I ask myself how it happens that I can now be descending, and how did the Soul ever enter into my body, the Soul which even within the body, is the high thing it has shown itself to be?“ (footnote 1).

Read alsoNeoplatonism and Christianity – ebook

Due to the low level of education of early Christians, comparable reports on ecstatic experiences in Christian Gnosis, such as the Revelations of John, are very strongly influenced by the fear structure of the person concerned and thus of poor gnostic value. I, for my part, can fully confirm Plotin’s poetic description of ecstasy. Since my physical knowledge of this process is much more sophisticated and extensive than that of Plotin, I would accentuate my experience of ecstasy differently.

Second, the esoteric Gnosis received by such religious founders was deliberately written in the terminology of the time, so that it could be understood and accepted by the people. It had to remain imprecise and naïve in order to take into account the intellectual development of the people of that time. When Jesus spoke of All-THAT-Is in the sense of the “Father in Heaven”, then his conception of the astral worlds was grasped in the terms of the patriarchal world at that time.

Today, our conceptualization, not least through the natural sciences, is incomparably more advanced and differentiated, but not our capacity for logical thinking, which in turn leads to Babylonian conceptual confusion. Logical thinking is a mental process that must be trained; it presupposes a fearless psyche, for fear distorts perception and the ability to think. Modern man is therefore still very far away from logical thinking. In many respects, we have to note a clear and painful decline compared to Socrates at the present moment. For this reason, mankind is still not in a position to develop a binding Gnosis and overcome the tense separation of world religions.


Transcendental perception in the incarnated state has many different facets. It can manifest as ecstasy, vivid mediality, inspiration, dreams, astral travel, channeling, automatic writing, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, bilocation, etc.

The most intense energetic experience of the energy of the 7F-creationary realms, the Divine, that an incarnated soul can ever experience, is ecstasy. In this process, the energy of body and psyche is temporarily unbounded and lifted to the level of the astral realms while the mind is switched off. This experience is reserved only for Old Souls at the end of their incarnation cycle. After such an experience, the incarnated personality usually leaves the earth, for its cycle of experience is thus completed.

The existence of the soul in the disembodied state, after completion of the incarnation cycle, corresponds to the state of eternal ecstasy. This aspect is most aptly grasped by Buddhists. Since such souls naturally cannot directly tell their incarnated soul mates about their experiences in the disembodied state, the latter have to put up with less intensive modalities of experience of the Divine.

Many transcendental phenomena that man can experience are of a superficial nature and only change the personality in exceptional cases. My dealings with medial people show me that such transcendental phenomena, such as channeling, automatic writing and visual mediality (presentation of holographic images from the astral realm) have virtually no lasting effect on the personality and often strain the ego excessively. The reasons are complex and cannot be discussed here.

Thus, only the inner impulses, intuitions and inspirations remain. In combination with fateful experiences, they have the greatest psychological effect during an incarnation. These experiences are also at the heart of conventional religious life, insofar as their psychological impact is not suppressed by religious practices.

An important possibility of immediate transcendental experience, accessible to everyone, should also be mentioned: orgasm during sex. Energetically, the right orgasm triggers a state in the body that is very similar to a short-term ecstasy.

Some religions have recognized the transcendental meaning of orgasm and cultivated it accordingly (e.g. Tantra), others, like the Christian Church (Paul), have regarded sexual experience as a competition to their conception of the divine experience and have systematically suppressed sexual intercourse for reasons of power politics.

This circumstance explains why a sexual revolution had to take place in the second half of the 20th century before the Evolutionary Leap in the 21st century can really unfold: Only sexually and spiritually enlightened persons can actively participate in this process.

Currently, sex is perceived more as consumption than as a means of spiritual experience. The reason for this is that the phenomenon of “sex” is understood by the leading Young Souls, who are inaccessible to spiritual experiences, only as a voluptuous physical performance. Such people are considered “enlightened” and “sexually free”.

For most people, sex remains a screen on which they can project all sorts of fears, taboos and lust for power at their heart’s discretion. This collective view prevents the few Mature and Old Souls from experiencing and enjoying sex as a true spiritual experience.

This attitude will also soon change in the course of the Evolutionary Leap. Of course, sexual orgasm plays a subordinate role in people who are in the advanced stage of the Light Body Process. In this phase they must learn to absorb the tremendous high frequency energies of the 7F-creationary realms into the physical body – a process that leads to total physical exhaustion over a prolonged period of time.

During the LBP, one experiences repeated long lasting waves of astral energy, the intensity of which far exceeds that of a sexual orgasm and is of a higher quality. Therefore one has neither desire nor strength during this time to make additional sexual experiences. Since very few people are in the advanced stage of the LBP, they also do not find the appropriate partner, with the appropriate energy vibration, with whom they would exchange their high frequency energy at the level of sexual experience.

The topic “sex” during the LBP is multi-layered and can only be dealt with marginally here. The experiences in this phase should be very individual, as with sex in general. Nevertheless, some important aspects should not go unmentioned.

The intensity of the orgasm in people who are fully in the LBP usually decreases. The orgiastic wave, which is normally mediated by the lower three chakras and rises to the upper three chakras to allow an excitatory opening of all chakras for a very short period of time, is now “overdriven” by the upper three chakras, which mediate the higher frequency astral energy of the light body process. In this case, the orgasm of the lower three chakras cannot rise properly (Therefore to claim that activating Kundalini is the only way to begin with the LBP is the greatest blunder of the ignorant New Age movement. This false idea was deliberately introduced by the dark ones to derail the LBP and the ascension of humanity. Deviant sexual rituals are only used by the dark cabal that feeds on such energies as they have severed their connection to the soul and the Source and actually cannot experience a real orgasm that is associated with the excitatory opening of all seven chakras because their heart chakra and the three upper chakras are fully closed; read: Update on The Energies of the LBP and chapter VI of this book.).

As a compensation, the human being in the LBP develops a high-frequency unified chakra, which also contains powerful sexual energy components. Such persons radiate such an outstanding energy from the whole body and above all from the palms of their hands, which is received and felt very intensively by the partner and enables him to achieve an unprecedented sexual enhancement and spiritual delimitation. The beneficiary is therefore in any case the partner of a person who is in the LBP. The latter is the giver in sex, which is the rule with loving Old Souls anyway. So much for sex in the LBP!


I have dedicated my conclusions to the world religions to show why they, as well as the many esoteric teachings, will be soon replaced by the new Scientific Gnosis of the Universal Law, as this was already announced in the sacred books when they were written as coded prophecies under the influence of the astral worlds. Everything that arises and unfolds must eventually perish, for it blocks the space for the unfolding of other things. This was the teaching of Anaximander, a contemporary of Buddha and Confucius, which is still absolutely valid today.

The encrustations that the world religions have brought with them over the last two thousand years stand in the way of building an evolved society according to spiritual principles. They cannot be eliminated by mere reforms within religions. The religions themselves must be abandoned: “Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit” (Matthew 21,43).

This is the historical dimension of the present Gnosis: It is the spiritual cornerstone of the new humanity of love, of grace, in knowing its astral origin, and of logic, in understanding the Universal Law, the Logos. As the historical continuity should be maintained, it must have certain external similarities with the preceding religions.

The discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the General Theory of Science heralded the end of empirical science and economics in the 19th and 20th centuries. This extroverted form of a pseudo-rational Gnosis was merely a temporary expression of the expansion of the Young Souls in the external material world that was planned in the astral realms by the souls, which met their need in this young soul age to manipulate both matter and humans.

This Young Soul mentality, and its world of experience, is over now. The imminent disillusionment, which will first and foremost shatter the current expectations in empirical science, will trigger the transformation of billions of Young Souls on the planet into the cycle of the Mature Soul. They have been waiting a long time for this event, even if they cannot remember it.

This process is significantly supported by the collapse of the traditional capitalist economy which is based on separation, competition, power and greed. Even though the transformed Young Souls will then appear as Mature Souls, they will still be denied access to the astral realms. In the course of the Evolutionary Leap they will only change their world view (Weltanschauung).

However, this conversion will enable them to develop new unknown spiritual forms of collective life, which they will further promote and refine in their ”future” incarnations. This soul population must adhere to the written word of the Universal Law, since it will be denied direct access to the full multidimensional awareness of the astral worlds for a while.

Admittedly, the new theory will not be regarded as sacrosanct, as was done in the past with various holy scriptures, but as objectively true and intrinsically capable of further development, albeit only within the given Axiomatics. Just as the holy scriptures establish the known world religions, the new Scientific Theory of Universal Law and the new Human Gnosis, derived from it, will establish the new world view. It will be a mixture of spiritual science and comprehensive love.

Thus the discoverer of the Universal Law will be at the same time the founder of the new humanity of love and logic. For the same reason he will appear, as Buddha and Christ once did, as a Transliminal Soul and act on for a while on earth, because the skeptical, empirically tainted humanity needs concrete proofs and demonstrations for what every incarnated soul can achieve in principle. You can’t just leave it at the theory of Universal Law.

We see here the same pattern as that of the founders of two world religions – Jesus of Christianity and Siddharta of Buddhism.

The essential difference to these two historical personalities lies in the fact that the future multidimensional personality wrote the basic works of the new scientific Gnosis during his lifetime. Supported by inspirations from the causal worlds, the discoverer of the Universal Law could fully comprehend and theoretically substantiate the implications of this discovery in all natural sciences and humanities as well as in religion and human Gnosis. For this reason he needed a long-standing, all-embracing spiritual and scientific education and practical experience in modern science. Both could only be achieved auto-didactically in many areas.

Only after he had solved his earthly tasks, could he receive, comprehend, internalize, and express in a written form the new insights coming from the causal worlds, actually from the Source, the human nexus to which he is. The most intense phase of inspiration began at the end of 1992 and lasted uninterruptedly until his ultimate transfiguration and ascension. In this time everything happened that had to happen in secret, so that a new epoch with a new name could be baptized (2 Thess; Rev).

As a precondition, he had to undergo a decisive personality transformation at the age of 21, which he subjectively experienced as a crisis of meaning, but which in reality was an inspirational breath of his soul. This drastic experience – a soul catharsis – created the psychological, mental and volitional conditions he needed for his difficult task ahead.

Read hereGnosis as a Personal Experience, page 80.

Here one can perceive certain parallels to the biographies of the two historical personalities, Siddhartha and Jesus. Were the lives of the two founders of religions largely hidden in the dark (or rather invented), posterity will learn more about the psychological hurdles that the new Transliminal Soul had to overcome as a historical incarnation. This new transparency will contribute less to an understanding of the new theory of the Universal Law; rather it will help the people better cope with the psychological and mental effects of the Evolutionary Leap in everyday life and face the onslaught of the LBP with more confidence and trust.

Instead of the previous glorification of the founder of a religion, there will be an objectification in the assessment of the light work of the new founder. The many ascended personalities who will follow his example will contribute to this objectification.

All world religions do not deserve their name because they divide the world instead of uniting it. They operate according to the principle of exclusion and separation, although the exclusion criteria are set in a differently narrow way.

The new Scientific Gnosis of the Universal Law unites the world because it abolishes the principle of separation. It inevitably eliminates the existing religions that are responsible for the current confusion in the world.

It should be said here clearly and unambiguously: The new Gnosis does not fight religions, but rather integrates their gnostic elements, insofar as they are U-subsets of the Primary Term of human awareness and can be integrated axiomatically into the new system, as I have done for the relevant knowledge of esoteric Gnosis in this writing. At the same time, it eliminates all religious ideas that are N-sets and exclude All-THAT-Is as an element.

In practice, organized religions will simply be dropped by humans because they will have to recognize that any form of organized religiosity is an obstacle to spiritual evolution. At the same time, new forms of collective spirituality will emerge to meet the growing needs of Mature and Old Souls.

The ascension of the new Transliminal Soul will accelerate the LBP in other Old Souls at the end of their incarnation cycle, so that further ascensions will soon follow. Some multidimensional personalities will return to earth again and again to help build new social and economic structures, others will unite with their soul families and transition to the causal worlds, from where they will steer the ascension of this planet to higher dimensions, which is an infinite process.

The coming Evolutionary Leap is not the end of history, neither for the earth nor for the souls that populate it. It is only a turning point in earthly history, an intermediate pinnacle on the long and tedious wandering of the souls in the 3D space-time of this planet, which grants them a new wonderful view into the blissful future of the human race, which is already present in the astral realms. But this will be the subject of further treatises.


1. Enneade, IV, 8.1, in the English translation by McKenna. The German translation by Richard Harder is wrong and misleading at this point.

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