Grace and Gratitude

Otfried Weise, August 30, 2019

German version of this article

The initiator for this article is a dialogue on Facebook on healing through the integration of all space-time-perception-worlds of a human being (read here)

Neil Devaney wrote: all fragments need to feel loved ~ integrated

Otfried Weise answered: this is it … Light and Love and Strength from Otfried

Carla Thompson (Amora) answered: Reintegration with grace.

Neil Devaney wrote: it sure is Otfried, I did not realize this soul fragment integration was what was happening when I began focusing on the inner work of removing energy blockages through wound healing and release and shadow aspect integration. I thought it had only to do with this incarnation; this inner work allows the opening of the heart chakra and balancing of the other chakras within the unified heart consciousness/ perception. it is also involved with ego taming and establishing non duality or unity consciousness. i love your messages that are shared through Carla and Georgi’s website… I hope to meet you one day soon my friend.

Otfried Weise answered: Dear Neil, we are meeting right here now, you feel it … Love from Otfried

In an e-mail Otfried (Devanando) asked: Dear Carla, re. your comment on Facebook: Reintegration with grace …   Could you please tell me, what exactly you mean by grace here. This word can be translated into German with several different meanings … Greetings from my heart: Devanando

Carla (Amora)answered: Dear Devanando, Reintegration into perfect union through the conscious awareness, invitation and acceptance of the presence of divine grace – the gift from the Creator – Mother~Father~Son – Christ Consciousness ~ God ~ Source ~ Universe. Grace is the reflection pause held within one’s being – where all is allowed to arise in peace and love and presence. It is our true nature in the ascended realms…”

Otfried answers: Dear Amora, Thank you for your explanation which sounds very good. When I think of grace in this context,  gratitude  immediately comes to my mind …  being grateful for all the experiences one could make on this planet.

This discussion released in me an extended understanding of some terms. Of course, the so-called ”Christian” dogma so much burdened by ”grace” is in the foreground, further terms show up and are addressed in the following.

The two terms ”grace” and ”gratitude” both derive from the Latin word ”gratia”.

Gratia means among other things:

Grace, goodwill, kindness

Friendship, love

Popularity, influence, reputation

mutual benevolence, good understanding

Favor, courtesy

Graciousness, mercy, gratitude, thankfulness

Gracious favors

Here we have used Grace and Gratitude in the sense of love and thankfulness, since the words mercy or graciousness do not fit: it is not a matter of a benevolent or merciful proof of forbearance, in which the giver stands high above the receiver. The souls as well as the whole manifold creation share a mutual benevolence with each other, are always in good agreement. Here graceful kindness prevails.

God’s grace/mercy is at the centre of ”Christian” religions, the so-called redemption from our sins is brought about by a divine act of grace, the death of Jesus on the cross. We as sinners and culprits receive something from God’s merciful hand, which is basically not due to us, at least we have not earned it, on the contrary. Here lures, so to speak, a special offer for a pardon. Grace before justice. Isn’t that unfair, arbitrariness? At the same time there is still eternal damnation. To whom then does the act of grace befall, who burns in hell? You never know. The trained conscience will get you down. What applies to you? How long do you have to balance your karma until you reach the green branch?

Stop! We turn in a circle. The solution is quite simple: as long as we are in 3D, polarity prevails – there are always endless possibilities. We’re currently trying them out in many space-time worlds of perception. We are allowed to recognize, experience and understand as much as we want. Do we now find ourselves in one of these possible space-time-worlds in which polarity is replaced by unity consciousness? Naturally

Remember: Amora wrote: Grace (love) is our true nature in the ascended realms … Grace (love) is the gift of the Creator – Mother~Father~Son – Christ Consciousness ~ God ~ Source ~ Universe. Grace (love) is the pause for reflection (the conscious pausing for reflection) that is held within one’s own being – where everything may arise in peace and love and presence.

Let this melt on your tongues. This love is not mercy, has nothing to do with undeserved pardon, an so called act of grace. We ourselves are this high level grace = love – in all fullness – unconditionally. This love/grace is not something that we receive in spite of our ”transgressions”, we are it ourselves, it is our essence. Love is the God in us, we are this God/Spirit, who becomes Self-conscious through us.

Through all our experiences in the many incarnations of the numerous space-time worlds of perception, may they be joyful or sorrowful, permitted or forbidden, bold or in despair, we have implemented our plan as souls. Nothing happens by mistake, by malice, at most out of fear, everything counts, nothing is in vain. We have only been persuaded to be guilty – we can, may forgive ourselves – ourselves and all ”others”. Nothing may/can be excluded. This forgiveness performs a miracle – although there is nothing to forgive.

Integration takes place when we make ourselves aware that always ”only” that happens what is possible in the nature of All-THAT-Is – and that is OK. – nothing else is needed. All-THAT-Is is an incredibly grandiose exchange of energy, and there is no good or bad energy per sé. Energy is always energy. We give it these polar properties ”thanks” to our conditioning in 3D.

Traumas, wounds, misfortunes have brought us forward and thus served the whole. Why should we first be punished and then possibly pardoned? This idea of justice is a 3D illusion malaise. The judicial system is an instrument to exercise power by intimidation, a control instance for slaves. We have written about it elsewhere.

Justice is a phantom. It doesn’t even exist in 3D. Or can you imagine a just or unjust exchange of energy as the basis for the world of cosmic diversity? If we are all ONE and immortal, who will be unjust, when and against whom? The desire for justice is based on the fear of being separated and missing out. Both are illusions, Maya. Maya is this illusion, the fallacy of lower thinking, imagination, delusion, whereby we do not recognize any facts but only our own erroneous interpretations, which only appear to be true because the majority of mankind has agreed to take them for granted.

A groundbreaking feeling of deep gratitude melts the desire for justice. In essence, the grace of which Amora writes is nothing else than love. In integration we are filled with love, gratitude and forbearance towards ourselves; we accept ourselves as we are – in all our aspects, bestow ourselves with an unconditional act of grace, forgive ourselves out of love. We are Kailash, master of the heart.

Gratitude is the most beautiful and powerful prayer. It is the devotion to the great exchange of energy between ourselves, the souls. Gratitude is Leela, the divine play(fullness). Gratitude supports integration and grows out of it. Shadow work means jumping over the shadow that persecutes us and cries out for justice that never comes. We can get bogged down in it and suffer. NOW we jump over the shadow, leaving behind the right for ”justice” we claimed to have.

If you have a choice between justice and forgiveness/love, what do you take?

If you have to choose between what you claim to be entitled to and bliss (Devanand), what do you choose?

Another 3D illusion you’re being fooled with is the term truth. Play with the idea that there is no truth or rather infinitely many truths – nothing as well as everything is true – nilinfinit. Jesus (alias Apollonius) did not claim in the New Testament: ”I tell you the truth”, but said ”I am the truth”, just as I am forgiveness, love, energy. And of course unconditionally. Conditions only exist in 3D. There everything is business – you give me, I may give you. YOU are truth, you are Nothing and Everything, a Jeevan-Mukta, as Meher Baba puts it.

If everything is connected with everything and the infinite number of space-time-experience worlds of all souls intercept and influence each other in the here and now, then the cause-effect concept has to abdicate and the so-called karma ”law” disappears. Then there is neither truth nor justice. Rather wisdom – that is the insight that we live in 3D in a giant illusion, which is now coming to an end. Let’s get used to the fact that on 5D many things and circumstances are gone that have burdened and imprisoned us on 3D. We won’t miss it.

Especially the Deceptive Three fall under the table: sin, guilt, atonement. And that is why Catholic grace, truth and justice no longer exist – they are all attached to the ferocious concept of oppression and control. What a grand mockery is the sentence of the religions: ”The truth will set you free”. The Catholic so-called truth is the guarantor for enslavement! Such lies melt away and die NOW.

After eons we are free – filled with grace and gratitude. Our new earth is naturally whole and holy. Be grateful to yourself.

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