My Light Work in Florence

Sophia, July 10, 2019

Translated from Italian into English by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov


On June 27, Georgi Alexandrov Stankov published the article “Our Bright Future” in which he gave an update on the events that took place around the summer solstice and their impact on the lives of every human being.

In this regard, I would like to add an update of my work in the last few months concerning central Italy and in particular Florence and its surrounding territory.

This is the third time in a few months that I traveled to Florence and had the opportunity to visit my son and his fiancée and spent with them a few days; but every time my adventure in this beautiful city has manifested as a “mission” to disseminate the codes of Ascension received from the Source and to raise the frequencies of this part of Italy and the population in tune with these events and changes.

The first time was in October last year on the occasion of my son’s birthday and while on the one hand we rejoiced in celebrating my son, on the other hand, it was a tiring job of cleaning up the entire territory and releasing important light codes that anchored themselves in the city and transformed it forever.

It was interesting to walk around Florence without a precise plan, but simply being guided by my guides and by the sensations that led me to where a work of light would take place. So I knew that the visit of the city would start from the Boboli Gardens, and, while I was there, I called for help for the entire Garden. The soil was dry, the plants and flowers were suffering a lot, the Garden as a whole did not seem to be in good health and the few animals present, such as squirrels and birds, were disturbed by the multitude of people present.

It was the right place to start releasing the Ascension codes, so that the tide of the people would bring them, each one in his own country, and establish alchemical turnstiles both in this Garden and in other parts of the city, that would absorb and transform the energy of all the people who pass through Florence every year, and there are so many; about 12 million people in a year, especially during spring and autumn because of the mild temperatures.

How can such a place sustain the energy of this multitude of people, compulsive consumers, like locusts falling upon everything they encounter on their way?

In this way my adventure of cleansing, reclamation and liberation of the city began on behalf of the great artists of the city who had rendered prestige and fame to Florence and who at that time were lovingly present in my energy field.

Liberation from the “art consumers” who wandered around the city, museums and academies with a camera, with the only intention of taking as many photos as possible, to be shown on their return back home to the poor relatives who had not been able to join in this journey of compulsive consumption, but without actually honouring or understanding the extent of what they were seeing, that is, photographing, rolling over and stomping with their backpacks on their shoulders like ravenous zombies from one part of the city to another.

Entrance to Boboli Gardens

At first it was shocking and amazing to dive into the midst of this tide of people, but, with the forces of light all activated around me, I knew that nothing bad would happen to me and then, having 10 days available, I could dilute my exposure to the energy of the masses and enjoy the rest of the time with my family.

The most striking and important days from energetic point of view were the portal 10/10/2018 (numerological 11) and the day after 11/10/2018 (also 11) . Meanwhile the weather conditions had improved since my arrival and over Florence there was a clear blue sky without chemtrails and the temperature was very pleasant, I would say a sweet October.

These were intense days, it seemed to me walking in an open-air asylum, but despite this my walk was easy and, following the flow that was shown to me, everything proceeded beautifully. On 10/10, I was inspired to enter two places that then turned out to be very interesting: the Church of OrSanMichele (the name literally means St. Michael in Orto).


Statue of Saint George in Orsanmichele by Donatello

This church is beautiful and especially the fresco of the Madonna and Child on the Throne is worth a visit and a live view.

The church is one of the most original in Florence and is located in front of the Palazzo dell’Arte della Lana and a short distance from Palazzo Vecchio and Santa Maria in Fiore, in this church are kept the works of artists who actually initiated the Renaissance.

While I was in the church admiring frescoes and sculptures, I understood what the great artists in my field of energy wanted to tell me: “help us, please, to restore the splendour of these works, so that they can touch the hearts of the people who admire them”. It has been truly moving and exciting at the same time to be in the presence of such beauty.

The second place that attracted my attention was Palazzo Vecchio, the residence of the Medici family.

Firenze Palazzo della Signoria, better known as the Palazzo Vecchio.jpg

Excellent idea, in fact under the Palace there were excavations ongoing that brought to light a very impressive Roman Theatre. Florence being “Florentia”, a city built during the Roman Empire, under the oldest buildings in the city center, under the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Uffizi and others, there is the ancient Roman city that was used later as a foundation for the construction of modern buildings, which now form the current Florence.

In Palazzo Vecchio, while I was in the Sala dei Gigli, where there is the famous statue of Judith and Holofernes made by Donatello, I had an incredible experience.


I was in the room admiring the frescoes on the walls and the wonderful ceiling with blocks in gold and blue, and in particular the statue in question, when I felt a wave that ran through my legs and made me shake and almost slide away.

I looked around and everyone was very calm, while I was reminded of this strange thought: “Has Florence ever had such a devastating earthquake that has razed it to the ground completely?”. Of course in Florence there have been devastating earthquakes since ancient times, Italy is a peninsula that is almost entirely seismic, but the wave I had felt was really powerful enough to make me feel nauseated and caused a headache. That jolt seemed just typical of an earthquake and when I talked to Amora and Georgi about it by e-mail, Amora confirmed that just when I was in that room, it was highly likely that Florence was completely destroyed on another parallel timeline, while Florence, where I was, rose in frequency free from the old energies of destruction.

It was very symbolic that at that moment I was right in front of the statue of Judith and Holofernes. Read the story, it is very interesting: Judith beheading Holofernes, a symbol of lust and pride, stands in defense of Virtue and for that reason the Florentines have chosen Judith as a symbol of Freedom of the Florentine Republic.

The day 11/10/2018 (11) was the day of the Uffizi Gallery, OMG! There are thousands of works by such famous artists that they make you have goosebumps. It was wonderful to be enchanted by works or art, such as Botticelli’s Primavera


or Leonardo’s Annunciation.

Annunciation (Leonardo) (cropped).jpg

I felt the presence of all these artists who were there to reclaim their city and to raise the “Beauty” and the inspired Art above the tide of unconscious people. These paintings have always been inspirational and the artists wanted their art to be free from any commercial bond or constraint. It’s incredible, in this city you pay for everything and this distortion lowers the frequency even of works of art of such great poetic scope.

The next day, my visit to Florence seemed almost to end with a visit to the Galleria dell’Accademia to see Michelangelo’s David

and to the Museo del Duomo to see Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Bandini Pietà (The Deposition), which is so beautiful that it moved me beyond understanding, while I was observing carefully the expressions of pain on the faces sculpted by the artist at an advanced age.

While I was on my way back, I passed in front of the Galilei Museum, and I was guided to enter, it is a very interesting museum where, besides Galilei, other inventors have left wonderful inventions, there is even a personal scale and a wooden fan shaped like a large hair dryer.

Museo Galileo palazzo.jpg

And I leave this description with this quotation (original) by Galileo Galilei (1623) that really seems to me to be his philosophical testament (read also here and here):

“Philosophy is written in this great book that it is constantly open before our eyes, I say, the Universe, but it can’t be understood if you don’t learn to understand the language first, and know the characters, or what they say.

It is written in mathematical language, and the characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, “without which it is impossible to comprehend a human word.”

Galileo Galilei

After returning to Imperia, I wrote in my diary “if this was a holiday, it is better to go to work”, of course, this was just a playful comment for myself. Being in a city like Florence, as in any other city of art or modern, it is always very tiresome for us, the light workers; the great thing is that, despite the tiredness and sometimes the strangeness of being in the midst of all these people, the light codes have been released and the people who are ready, will take these codes with them and upon returning home will release them in their native countries or where they usually live.

It was also a satisfaction to see that the sky was clean and without chemtrails and that the sun was bright, magnetic and with a gentle energy and that a pink mist like the one we usually see in Imperia was spreading on the hills of Florence.

The Pink Ray of Unconditional Love surrounded the city and spread throughout the area, the Blue Ray carried out its action of protection and delivered the Will of God to the region. The Magenta Ray raised and blessed this city with such intensity that sometimes it took away all my strength and all my will, my head began to spin, my body was weak and many times I had to face waves of intense nausea.

While the Magenta Ray that I had brought with me in my energy field was performing the task of healing the Body-Mind-Spirit (BSM) system of every person, I myself was healing every part of myself and I felt supported and guided to continue this adventure.

Every day my physical body was put to the test by the intensity of the waves of Ascension and cleansing that passed through my energy fields, but every day it became increasingly clear that I would not give up the world for anything and that I was truly honored to be there to help the transformation and healing of this beautiful country and these people from all over the world.

I think that Florence, with this lightwork, has been raised to a very high frequency and with the claim of pure art by the ancient artists of Florence, this city is ready to be an artistic, literary and scientific pole for all intents and purposes and to be part of the New Earth of 5D.

(If you read the article “The Magenta Ray of Healing at the Stargate 10.10.11 (2018)”, you will realize how important this Stargate has been and what a great change it has brought in for each person attuned to it – the healing of the entire MBS-system and the introduction of the Magenta Consciousness into our Awareness, so that we can enter the Unity field.)

The second time I was in Florence, was last Christmas, a trip dedicated to the family and to bring to Florence and its surroundings the New Spiritual Paradigm of Unity Consciousness as installed by Amora and Georgi in Rome on November 12, 2018.

As you can read in the above mentioned article, it was important that this New Paradigm was installed in Rome as the center of the ancient Roman Empire and Christian Catholic spiritual center and then to be spread everywhere, first throughout Italy and after that in the rest of the world.

There is also a very close connection between Rome and Florence, because, as already mentioned, Florence was a city created by the Romans and later this connection has remained over the centuries, not only at the political and economic level, but also at the social and artistic level. In fact, when you admire many Florentine works in the museums you can see that, especially during the long reign of the Medici (who also gave four popes),  many jewels and works of art were original Roman artifacts or were objects copied by master goldsmiths and Florentine craftsmen from Roman originals.

Hence, there is a continuous line of connection at all levels between Rome and Florence that makes the two cities the two most important poles of the new spirituality and the new art and science that will be both founded in the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law.

Back to the days when I was in Florence during the Christmas holidays, it was the best time to install the New Spiritual Paradigm as, with the holidays, the hearts and souls of many people were ready to receive and accept the realignment to the Consciousness of Unity regardless of their beliefs and spiritual system. This paradigm goes beyond any religious-spiritual conception and connects every soul to the Source from which no one has really been disconnected.

Although, when you anchor these energies, the physical bodies are crushed under the weight of enormous cleansing of the collective, and you know how much this can hurt bones, muscles, head, etc., etc.., the atmosphere overall was much better than the first time when I was in Florence. It was much more enjoyable to walk through the center, to admire the decorations in the squares and streets and observe the people who seemed very quiet and relaxed. Thousands of tourists were always present, but it really seemed that they were enjoying the “Beauty” rather than running from one part of the city to the next one like madmen. Much higher frequencies than the first time!

And now we have the summer solstice, June 21st! I would have never thought of going to Florence at this time of the year, even though I felt that somehow I had to go to extend to Florence everything Georgi Alexandrov Stankov talks about in the article “News from the New 5D Earth ” and the occasion came from my son’s fiancée who invited me to her graduation.

When things happen this way, they are always supervised by the Higher Realms and they take place with a flow that is incredible. The only thing to do is to surrender to the desires of Heaven and follow all the directions that turn into blessings.

For the record, it was very nice to be present at Rachel’s degree exam and I must say that it was very exciting and she performed very well in her speech. Very interesting and very funny was the sequel with refreshments for friends and family.

I knew, I was there to anchor many Wheels of Life and Light at different points in the city and to activate the Threefold Flame of the Heart Chakra from the Source, which together with Amora and Georgi we had already installed in Diano Marina in May, and extend that new power heart center from Diano Marina to Florence.

I had already started the work of anchoring the Wheels of Life and Light along the entire route from Imperia to Florence, intending and declaring out loud that in every town and city encountered along the way, a beautiful wheel would appear in the centre of the town or territory, which, rotating counterclockwise, would deeply clean up the territory and free Gaia from any dark and harmful energy.

This work continued while I was in Florence, in fact after only two days of invocations and prayers, the sky became clear and crystalline, the air rarefied and clean, despite the city traffic, and the atmosphere in general was serene and magical.

It remained to activate a magnificent Heart in the city center with the rings of the power center of the threefold flames to protect the Heart, for which I had the vision of having to be in an elevated position with respect to the city. I did not know that the opportunity to do so would arise on its own, as if by magic on the very day of the summer solstice.

A nice woman with a very open heart and mind, whom I met in those days in Florence, had told me about the phenomenon that was about to occur in the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte on June 21, at 2:00 pm and I was immediately certain that it was important to attend this event.

San Miniato al Monte Fassade Florenz-10.jpg

So, on the morning of the 21st of June I went to the church around 11:00 am to visit the church, do a deep meditation for the summer solstice and then wait for the event. The wonder is that San Miniato al Monte is a church in Romanesque style, located high on a hill, a lookout from which you can see the whole city at a glance, what better place to invoke the Sacred Heart and the rings of protection?

I have never seen a church more beautiful than this one, I was amazed by the perfection of the style, the serenity of the environment and the sacredness of the place. It is a basilica that deserves to be seen personally: to sit inside and be able to remain in meditation for almost an hour was very easy, a truly sacred and profound moment.

In fact, while I was waiting on a bench for the beginning of the event, I was moved to tears and felt a heat invading my whole body and then a wave of love began to flow from my heart in every direction to things and people entering the church to witness the phenomenon of the summer solstice.

The event particularly involves the Sun, which around 2:00 pm (1:00 pm solar time) enters through 4 small windows (single lancet windows) at the right top, looking at the altar, and forms a path of light on the floor that goes from the apse to the central door, passing over a marble zodiac inlaid on the floor. The sunlight on the zodiac illuminates exactly the sign of Cancer on this day of the summer solstice and is repeated for about 6 days, thus including June 24th, which is the feast of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of Florence and also of Imperia.

Even during the event, I felt another wave go through my body, this time it was a wave of cleansing, because I felt a lot of anger, sadness and fear from the collective that eventually turned into love, peace and serenity. Of course, I had not stopped for a minute to invoke the help of the Archangels who accompanied me on this journey and the strength and serenity of the Ascended Masters who, with their presence, allowed the healing and liberation of every person from any mental distortion and any belief of separation that they brought into their fields, minds and hearts.

The Romanesque churches and basilicas built during the year 1,000 are rich in symbols and signs, many of which are derived directly from Ancient Egypt, and the particularity is that these symbols and phenomena are in plain sight, but nevertheless have remained hidden for almost a thousand years. Only in recent years has the astronomical function of the marble zodiac placed on the floor of many Tuscan churches been rediscovered.

The light that enters from the single lancet windows and illuminates, depending on the season, apses, frescoes, floors or statues is an invitation for all human beings to follow the path of light, to turn their gaze to God, to the Creator, to follow the naturalness of the seasons and to approach Creation with a heart and soul purified by the Light.

In many cases, the small windows or single-lancet windows, through which the Light would enter, have been obscured in the years following the year 1,000 in order to impede the manifestation of the light phenomenon with the subtle purpose of preventing human souls from following the path of the Light and thus remaining in darkness and confusion.

For the same purpose, many zodiac or other plastic elements, which had a symbolic meaning for the people to return to the light, were moved from their correct location and positioned in other directions. For instance, if a zodiac was located to the east, it was moved to the north and vice versa, of course, all this was always supervised by the Church which confused its faithfuls with dubious explanations of a religious or theological order.

These Romanesque churches, there are 380 of them just in Tuscany alone, are called “The Doors of Heaven”, and, in fact, right on the threshold of the “holy door” of San Miniato al Monte you can read, carved on marble, the phrase Haec Est Porta Coeli – This is the door of Heaven! A phrase of blessing for the city that stands at the foot of the hill and for anyone who enters through that door into the church.

And it is from the churchyard of this basilica, looking over at the city, that I invoked the Sacred Heart, surrounded by the magnificent Blue, Yellow and Pink rings, which protect it and extend throughout the whole territory, making the place sacred and allowing the beat of this heart to connect with the beat of all those who are ready.

Listen to the Beat of your Heart and your Breath, a Beat and a Breath, a Beat and a Breath, and you are connected to your Heart, to the Heart of the Creator, to the Heart of the Universe.

With Love and Light

I am Sophia

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