News From the New 5D Earth: All Scientific Research Institutes and Production Sites of Toxic and Dangerous 3D Products Have Come to a Grinding Halt

Georgi Stankov, June 29, 2019

There is no doubt that we are now fully anchored on the new 5D earth after we ascended to it on June 21st, during the summer solstice portal as also confirmed by the Elohim. Since then a lot has happened, first and foremost the total separation of all negative descending timelines from the positive ascending timelines around June 21st and in particular between June 22- 24.

Then on June 25th I personally experienced a massive ascension leap and felt for the first time very intensely the emotional energies of the 5th dimension. It felt as a kind of a precursor to the infinite bliss that is awaiting us when we fully move to the new 5D earth. We are now still in the transition period where we carefully explore new uncharted territories and learn to deal with the effects of immediate creation, which is at present deliberately delayed in its manifestation along the waning illusory linear time axis, which is one of many dimensions in the higher realms.

Then on June 26th and 27th, there was another massive download of source energies that accelerated one more time the pace of the transition period leading to the final ID shift. I had non-stop cc-waves with a headache the whole day, but my body seemed to cope with these new energies quite well. Since then my aura displays the beautiful pale blue flame of Mother Mary’s Source energies, which is not surprising at all as after all Mother Mary’s  portal is an integral part of the healing centre in Diano Marina.

The term “positive timelines” has infinite dimensions and aspects and I will give you a glimpse as to how this positivity of the new 5D earth concretely manifests in our lives, so that you can also watch carefully for signs and find similar positive events and trends in your lives. These personal experiences are more powerful and convincing than all the channeled messages and energy reports we publish on this website on what is happening behind the veil – because the veil has been dismantled and everything is now in plain sight. In this way you can begin to create consciously and observe the results of your creation.

On June 28th, I went for the first time to the beach and swam in the sea, which is very warm now. Before that we had very bad weather until the heat wave hit us without warning on June 26/27. If you have read the news, on Thursday the hottest temperature ever recorded in France – 45.6 degree Celsius – was measured in Southern France, not far away from where we live. This gives you an idea of the monster heat wave that has hit Europe this week. Therefore, I dared to go to the beach only after I had acclimated a little bit to this sudden heat wave.

On the beach I entered in telepathic contact with the ascended masters from the White Brotherhood, also known as Melchizedek order or energies, which are now closely accompanying me in this final phase leading to ascension. I got some valuable information as to what will happen in the next days, which I would like to share with you. I have been asking for this information for several days in a row after the White Brotherhood urged me to ask for clarification each time I am uncertain and they will give me signs. They told me that, associated with this heat wave which will continue for some time with more or less high temperatures, we have just entered the most crucial and intense period in the whole ascension process that will affect all humans on our ascending positive timelines one way or another.

First they made me aware of the 7/7 portal (July 7th) which is also the beginning of the Mercury retrograde. Before that we have a full solar eclipse on July 2nd in the southern hemisphere that will be only visible from some islands in the Pacific ocean and remote parts of Southern America. Altogether the whole July promises to be very intense and full of maximal transformation and collapses of old 3D structures as I shall elaborate below.

July’s energies will then culminate around the 25th when we enter the Lion’s gate portal which  lasts till August 12th with its absolute peak on August 8 – 8/8 portal. From our past experiences, this time of the year has always marked a peak in energetic activities. If you go back to our past energy reports and read what we have experienced and written about this time of the year you will see how intense July and August have always been. This year though promises to be a unique pinnacle, as it is the year of our ultimate ascension.

In the evening of June 28th, we witnessed the most unusual sunset ever. The sky and the sea merged into a unified canvas of incredible colours that did not resemble 3D earth anymore, so that we could not distinguish where the sea ended at the horizon and where the sky began. The reason for that is that now the world power centre of the threefold flame of the heart chakra of the Source in Diano Marina, which we built in June, has hugely expanded and now dominates the entire landscape. This is what I wrote about our latest creation in my publication “Neoplatonism and Christianity”-Part 4  published on June 23rd:

“The energetic blockade of the 4th heart chakra is the central psycho-mental hurdle that the soul has devised for its incarnations in the cycle of the young soul that coincides with the Pisces Age. Only under these limited energetic conditions can all the karmic entanglements be threaded, which a young soul must experience in this soul age, in order to rub, mature and unfold – in a word, to unfold her ability to love, step by step from the original state of lack of love and compassion. It is the eternal dichotomy of earthly life that I spoke of at the beginning.

(For this same reason, my dual soul Amora, alias Carla, and myself opened as Elohim the heart chakra of the second and third wave of ascension candidates on earth in 2014, respectively 2015, after I had opened the heart chakra of the first wave of ascension candidates, essentially the members of the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT, on November 22, 2011 as the captain of the PAT, as reported real time on this website. In 2016 and later on we began with the opening of the heart chakra of the broad population of incarnated souls on earth, which unfolded in many steps and energetic transformations as also described on this website.

The latest most crucial energetic event happened in the second week of June 2019 when we, Sophia, alias Daniela, Amora and myself installed the power centre of the threefold flame of the heart chakra of the Source in Diano Marina, where the new healing centre has been built and ready to manifest anytime soon.

This new power centre consists of three rings: of the blue flame of divine God’s will upon which Sophia is, the yellow flame of illumination and the divine mind upon which I am, and the pink flame of love, which Amora carries. We did this as a Trinity and this new power heart centre, which is now many miles wide in diameter, is constantly expanding in order to encompass very soon the whole of Italy and Central Europe, over which the new city of light New Raetia spreads. This new energetic structure will open the heart chakra of all humans who are now on the verge of awakening and have made their decision at the soul level to ascend with us. It is another game changer in the entire ascension process of humanity, of which we have created quite a few in the past, e.g. the five flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life, which we installed a few months earlier. I mention these latest energetic events of paramount importance at this place in order to illustrate the absolute truthfulness and correctness of this philosophical study which I wrote 12 years ago without any knowledge of what will happen energetically in the coming years. Nonetheless, it is of an astounding inner consistency and veracity, which only true gnostic texts carry.”

And this is what I wrote to Amora who is back to Vancouver in order to bring the codes of ascension to the city of light New Lemuria there, so that the two cities can ascend at the same time as North America is such a dark continent that without this centre of light the people there will have no chance to make it. Besides, our common merkabah and Elohim energies have to be evenly distributed on the globe in order to guarantee a harmonious planetary ascension. Personal preferences are not part of the plans of the HR and they have no hesitation to separate us over and over again on behalf of humanity as we are mere servants of the Whole:

This evening after sunset the sky merged with the sea and built a homogeneous canvas of incredible fairy colours. The threefold flame can be clearly seen and the rings are very high and huge. The sea water is also pink. Sophia (Daniela) made some pics and will send them to you and me. I hope they have captured this fantastic view which is no longer from this earth, I wonder how many people see this natural wonder and wonder what is happening. “

And here are the pictures which Sophia made:

Please observe that the horizon of the Mediterranean sea ligns up with the roof of the tall building in the centre of the pictures. Above the sea you can clearly see the three concentric rings of the threefold flames of the world heart centre  towering high into the sky. When we first build this power centre that is now opening the hearts of all humans who we have taken with us on these ascending positive timelines, we were told that they will be high 1.5 to 2.5 miles. Now they are higher than 10 miles and extend in diameter 50 to 200 miles according to my estimate.

Sophia extended this world heart power centre to Florence in the east during the summer solstice and then we extended it to Nice and Southern France when we accompanied Amora to her flight back to Canada. After that the heat wave came and if you look at the map of the hottest places in Europe you will find them in this part of Italy and Southern France.  As these rings of the threefold flame expand very rapidly, they have most probably already encompassed the entire Central Europe, where the city of light New Raetia exists in the higher dimensions.

The widest and lowest ring is the blue flame which contains concentrically the yellow and pink rings that are much higher as you can also see on this picture. We got this technical information in early June before we started building this world heart power centre of the threefold flame, which, as I said, is another game changer in the ascension process after we anchored the five flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life in February in Diano Marina and then distributed these wheels with the help of PAT members all over the world.

I hope that this presentation gives you an idea of the deliberate and consequent nature of all our creations that enabled our ascension to 5D on June 21st and are now preparing our final shift and the manifestation of the healing centres and cities of light in Italy and Vancouver; we are building the latter since many years and have regularly reported on this website in the last 4-5 years. There are no mistakes and no coincidences in our light work and we are not guessing what is happening energetically on this planet as most other lightworkers, but know exactly within the natural limitations of our human minds. In many cases we are able to prove it with pictures and other facts that are accessible to all humans.

On June 29th, we received further proofs how malleable now our new 5D reality has become and how we can actively shape it with our thoughts, only if we proceed consciously and in a deliberate and concentrated fashion.

In the morning, I woke up at 5.30 am as it was so hot and because there was absolutely no wind, I could not breathe. I went out on the balcony and everything was still. I asked for Shiva to bring finally wind and make our life bearable. Then I went to the bathroom and had a shower. I must have stayed there 10 min. When I came out, there was already a strong wind from the east direction and it continued unabated the whole day, even increased in force.

Sophia and myself wanted to go to the market and to Lidl store to make some groceries. Then Sophia observed: “Today there is wind and the sky begins to get cloudy, so that the people will not go to the beach as usually, but will visit the market and it will be only hustle and bustle and we will not be able to find a parking lot. Imperia is a very narrow city, as most old cities in Italy, especially as it is built on hills and there is very little parking lot in the centre and the streets are also very narrow and always jammed. After 10 minutes Sophia came back again and said: “I declared that we move onto a timeline where the city will be calm and we will find a parking lot and it will be very easy to visit the market on this Saturday.”

We drove away and immediately found a parking lot near the market place that was very calm, although there were quite a few people there, but everything was in the flow. We made our groceries – fruits and vegetables – there and when we came back to the car, we realized that we have spent only 15 minutes. We somehow diluted linear time as to accomplish our chores in record time. Then we drove to Lidl and there was no car line on the small parking lot as one would expect on Saturday. We waited only a few minutes to find a parking lot and then we did our purchases very quickly as the store was almost empty. Back home it took us roughly an hour for the whole trip, which was really remarkable. The city was also very calm and the streets – empty, which is also unusual on Saturday, especially in the summer time. This showed us that we can indeed change the reality now according to our desires, as it has become very malleable and that we can use from now on this tactic to resolve all your daily issues and other more elevated goals by envisioning them, declaring consciously what we want to achieve and experience and then let the HR arrange it for ourselves.

On June 29th, I was finalizing my first article on the English translation of Part 1 of my German book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy” which I will publish in the next few days. In this text that I wrote in 2004, I discuss the deficient theoretical models in present-day physics and in particular the wrong explanations of the Higgs field (boson) and its alleged role in the “symmetry breaking”. Then in 2011 and 2012 the scientists in CERN lied about this particle to the public, which they claimed to have detected in an expensive experiment, while in fact they were creating a black hole to prevent the planetary ascension. I am quoting key passages from this impending publication, which are astoundingly actual, as to grasp better the theoretical background of our ensuing discussion with Sophia:

“At present, physics, according to the conventional view in the standard model, uses the murky concept of “energy-rich vacuum”, also known as Higgs field, from which the elementary particles allegedly emerge “spontaneously” out of nothing, so to speak, according to certain symmetry rules, in order to introduce the creationary activity of the 7F-realms – the constant creation of matter and 3D space-time – reasonably plausibly into the present physical picture. According to this model, the physical world consists of two classes of particles – leptons and quarks – which are in constant energetic interaction with the help of the field quanta, the photon and the W- and Z-bosons (Higgs-bosons), as well as the gluons, occurring in eight forms.

The existence of superordinate energy realms, beyond Planck’s constant, which could be causal for the creation of the observed matter, is not even considered, although the standard model must assume a violation of the above-mentioned symmetry rules of particle formation, which in reality are mathematical-geometric rules of anthropocentric origin. Particles, such as the Higgs boson, which is held responsible for the spontaneous symmetry breaking, cannot be measured according to the standard model because they have unimaginably high energies; such energies cannot currently be generated in particle accelerators.

(This book was written many years before the physicists lied to the public that they had detected the Higgs boson in CERN.  In fact, they conducted experiments there, which were aimed at creating an artificial black hole in order to prevent the planetary and human ascension and thus caused the destruction of the physical earth in autumn of 2017 as reported by myself on this website. As the ascension of Gaia and humanity is a divine decree of the Source, a new Gaia was immediately created to substitute the old pulverized physical planet. Since we, myself and my dual soul Amora, are the chief cleansers of energy dross, our bodies and fields were devastated for many days by this massive blast and we barely survived this physical onslaught. For this reason we received a personal message from the Elohim who confirmed the destruction of the physical earth by the criminal physicists in CERN, who are fully controlled by the dark cabal, as we needed badly an explanation for our debilitated physical state at that time. However, the Elohim forbid us to publish this information at that time as not to frighten the small light workers community, so that I could only mention it at a later date in a more or less veiled form. Since the destruction of the physical earth, the replica of CERN no longer functions on the current new earth, but this is kept secret from the public as this research centre cost more than $ 100 billion to the taxpayers. This information gives the reader a glimpse into the absolute theoretical correctness of all my writings that has been subsequently confirmed in a perfect manner by our energetic experiences as Elohim souls and creators of new 5D Gaia and numerous new worlds and galaxies, as this universe is also ascending with Gaia, the latter being the linchpin of this ascension process.)

For this reason, one can imagine the shock of the physicists as soon as they witness that the organic body of a human being is quite capable of coping with this phase transition in toto, so that the human being, as transliminal, multidimensional personality, can dwell both in the h-space-time and in the 7F-creationary realms (astral realms). It is cogent why the forthcoming parousia, often mentioned in this book and in the Gnosis, will shake the foundations of contemporary physics, before physicists begin to study the new theory of the Universal Law, even though it has already undermined the worldview of traditional physics and requires no further miraculous evidence.”

After I wrote my actualized comment to this article, I shared this information with Sophia and then returned to my computer to continue with the editing. A few minutes later Sophia came to my room and told me that she had received an important message from AA Sophia, with whom she is now in a close telepathic contact, after Daniela selecting this name as her new spiritual name under the guidance of her I AM Presence.

AA Sophia told Sophia that currently all research institutes, laboratories and producing sites worldwide do not function and are incapable of producing any products that can harm humans. This includes all pharmaceutical, chemical and physical laboratories, and other production sites that produce drugs, vaccines, other toxic chemical and other products, etc. Even if they produce something, it is harmless as all toxic properties of such products are neutralized by the new 5D energies.

When Sophia told me this information I got immediately goose-bumps as a strong proof to be true. This is a significant and extremely important information, which actually confirms what I have always known for the final stage of the End Time. It is another proof that we have now firmly ascended to the new 5D earth and that anything that we observe in this waning 3D matrix is void of value and effect and just a dissipating dream of the current collective human hallucination.

The only institutes that still function, according to AA Sophia, are those where young scientists as crystalline children work on new advanced 4D and 5D technologies, which will dominate soon the new world, where humanity will ascend after the imminent final ID shift. This will also include the manifestation of the cities and healing centres of light.

We had already received a similar information almost a month ago. Fortunately I made immediately a transcript of this message from the Arcturians which I entered in my diary. Here is the entry which I publish here without any revision as to have a better understanding of what huge light work we have been doing in the last several months:

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Conversation with the Arcturians in the morning on the terrace (in Diano Marina, DM) after breakfast about the introduction of new technologies, which is happening now.

Today we have sunny weather and warm sun for the first time this month. We had breakfast on the terrace and then Amora was channelled by the Arcturians. We had a private conversation with the Arcturians and Amora received a lot of visuals from the spaceship and quite a few oral messages.

First, she saw huge rectangular pillars of light within our bodies and fields and also in the air above DM, which we anchored four days ago on May 26th. I saw them too. These rectangular pillars are full of new codes for the new 5D technologies which we now disseminate. Then she saw that the healing centre, rather its interception with this reality, is halfway ready, the foundation and the first and second layer are built and now the vertical structures are being installed.

Then I asked about the new technologies, the codes of which are being downloaded at present and the Arcturians said that these will include innovations that will benefit the society and will not include bilocation as humanity is not ready yet, this will be probably reserved for the first ascension wave of human beings.

Amora saw two huge pyramids, one on top of the other facing each other with their peaks, so that the upper pyramid was upside down. They were rotating in opposite directions, counter-clockwise and were a powerful source of free energy that can be harnessed for all human needs – transport, heating, light, electrification, etc.

Then Amora was given a very interesting specific information. These new technologies will be silent as they will not use rotating metal parts. At the time we got this message somebody was using a very loud leave blower in the neighbourhood and the noise was deafening. Then he stopped for a while for Amora to get the message. Obviously the new machines, cars, boats, flying anti-gravity machines, etc. will be based on this free magnetic energy and will use crystals and other innovative materials.

Amora got in this context that the current precious, rare metals which are mainly produced in China will no longer be needed. Currently we observe a trade war between USA and China, where the Americans have sanctioned Huawei and all the new Chinese digital technologies and have banished them from their market. In response the Chinese want to stop the export of rare metals to the USA which are indispensable for the production of wafers and all kinds of chips for the electronic industry. This will crash the entire market of digital devices and humanity will be forced to turn to our new technologies. In this case the two big economies will contribute with their current trade war to their demise in a way they cannot envision now, but the trend is already obvious today.

In this context, Amora saw that the USA is full of chaos and she saw only black tornadoes over this territory. There is so much hatred and disunity among the Americans, that they will not profit from the new technologies and will have to go under first. She saw Canada as an empty land, most of it, and the several big urban areas and regions, such as Toronto and Vancouver equally contaminated as the USA, also because of their proximity to the USA. Especially the Vancouver area is contaminated by dirty Chinese money being laundered there that foster wide corruption.

The destiny of China is uncertain, but not very rosy, and will depend entirely on how quickly the Chinese will embrace the new spiritual principles we advocate and will be ready for a true change. Here is where I see the huge role of Wendy and Mark in convincing the Chinese elite to embrace our ideas. It is a Herculean mission, but eventually the coming economic hardships will force the Chinese elite to change their minds.

When I asked the Arcturians, where these new technologies will come from – from this healing centre in DM or from elsewhere, Amora saw Central Europe and in particular, Bavaria and Munich, which has always been part of my vision for the new city of light New Raetia that I am building consciously since 2007 and surely much earlier unconsciously.

She also saw a big research centre northeast of Rome where major discoveries and new technologies will be made and introduced when the new spiritual paradigm is established in Italy. She was told that also some ETs are active there and there are many very creative and intelligent young researchers there. I immediately knew that Amora was talking about Grand Sasso research institute near Aquila, Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, which is the largest underground institute in the world and actually nobody knows what they are doing there. However, the latest huge earthquake that destroyed the city of Aquila nearby was considered to have been caused by underground experiments in this research centre. Grand Sasso is the highest mountain of the Apennines and entirely crystalline.

This was a startling information as Amora knew nothing about this underground research centre, while I discussed it with Sophia (Daniela) shortly before Amora came to Italy and then read more about this mysterious research facility. However, I forgot to tell Amora about this centre as it was not a topic. Now the Arcturians came up with this pivotal information as they knew I will immediately appreciate it and connect the dots.

After that I asked about our personal mission and our linkage to the introduction of these new technologies. The Arcturians said that our focus will be on healing humanity and the introduction of the new scientific principles of medicine and bio-science, which is what we know consistently since many years, myself personally since 1998, when I got a channeled message from the White Brotherhood to develop the new biophysics after I had finished with the tetralogy of science. I had no clue at that time what they were talking about. Shortly thereafter, I realized that they were talking about ascension and the LBP and I started writing my books on New Gnosis.  Hence, there is a clear red thread in all our energetic endeavors in the last two decades.

The Arcturians said that the new theory of the UL will furnish the theoretical foundation for all these new technologies and inventions, but that I will not be personally involved in their development as this will be the work of the new generation of crystalline children, probably in close collaboration with the Agarthans and other ETs. At that moment the leave blower came again with his terrible noise and we had to finish the discussion and enter the apartment and close the door. I was disappointed as I had more questions for the Arcturians, but Amora told me that they were finished with their information, which was indeed quite detailed and very precise.”

Now I want each one of you to envision all the consequences that arise from the fact that all production facilities of toxic and harmful 3D products are practically incapacitated worldwide and even if they pro forma produce some stuff, it does not have the qualities and effects as specified. I only need to point to the technical calamities of Boeing that have led to the grounding of Boeing 737 and as it seems also to the grounding of the dreamliner 787. I have known for a long time that all nuclear weapons are disabled, so that neither the USA nor any other country can start a nuclear war which is the nightmare of all agnostic alternative, fear-based thinkers, such as the Saker and Paul Craig Roberts to name a few.

It is particularly comforting to know that all vaccines are now ineffective, so that they can no longer harm young children, which has been mine and Amora’s concern since long time. I can also hope that all chemotherapy and radiation treatments have also been rendered ineffective, as we have PAT members who are confronted with this issue and we hope that they make the right choice and show that they are sovereign masters.

Altogether, all scientists and experts are clueless now and, in case they are open enough to observe the new 5D phenomena of the new earth, they have no proper explanation and resort to such ludicrous interpretations, as is the case with all meteorologists with regard to the current heat wave in Europe, for which they have absolutely no explanation. It is only a matter of a few days or weeks when this cluelessness of the experts in confrontation with the new 5D reality becomes obvious and the masses begin to scratch their “mash heads” and realize that they have been duped for so long time. This initial confusion will drive them very quickly to us to get the proper answers and a further guidance as to where humanity, Gaia and every individual is heading to and what they can do to be healed, fully awakened and eventually begin with the LBP, if they want to ascend in the distant future. This will be the new motivation of the new humanity that will transform this civilisation within the blink of an eye.

I think that we are really moving very rapidly now towards a very bright future and the best part of it is that we are the chief architects of this future. We are no longer dependent on anybody else, as long we are aligned with our I AM Presence, our souls and oversouls, and with All-That-Is.

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