Short Energy Report – Gaia’s Massive Shift March 24 -31, 2019

Georgi Stankov, April 1, 2019

This is not an April joke – we have just emerged safe from probably the most devastating cleansing, shifting and ascension episode in our long career of light warriors of the first and the last hour. It started about a week ago and I thought I was dying thousand deaths at the same time. I have never felt so depressed and emotionally beaten as this last week. Of course as usually there was a stupid 3D event of very negative and despicable nature coming suddenly from my long forgotten past in Bulgaria which I thought I have left behind long time ago and triggered a powerful alchemical reaction that actually started this shift. Headaches, chills, apnoe, muscle and joint pain, name it, were just the usual companions of a massive torrent of dirty human energetic dross that flowed through my fields and increased the level of my chronic abomination with this humanity and planet to unbearably high levels. I thought I was probably alone in this dark hole until Patrick wrote to me:

“Dear Georgi,

I hope that this day finds you well and rested.  It appears that the roller coaster ride of the IAM Presence descending unto me has manifested its most cathartic symptoms. Last night at the midnight hour, I underwent an excruciating and nauseous interval that here-to-before I have never witnessed even in the remotest, experiential duration. It started with a nausea in my stomach and then a piercing, more like a dagger penetration across my entire cranium only to eventually lodge in the back of my skull. I can only compare it to a drill-like penetration and culminating in a piercing momentary sensations in my toes. Additionally, and for the very fist time, I felt an itchiness and laser-like jabbings across all of my entire vessel. What is this ?

Today, I feel rudderless as if I do not want to do anything except move as little as possible. Why is it that as Logos Gods and light warriors are we still experiencing such an assault on our incarnated carbon vessels ? You would think that the opposite should hold true in that we should be feeling/ sensing our most magnificence transformation into light bodies of a crystalline structure.

Yes, I am ranting but what is this purpose for such continuous pain ? I may have to step back from it all and just become reclusive. One thing is sure… I know for a fact that I could never have initiated my New Your excursion of a month ago at this time today.  It must have been very timely and precise for me individually in the ascension process.

Carla is right. For those undergoing the more harried and extreme metamorphosis of the descent of the IAM presence is certainly not for everyone. Few as you well know could withstand such a physical, and emotional onslaught.

With love and light,


I was so exhausted when I received this letter from Patrick that I had no power to explain to him that this has nothing to do with the descent of his IAP but with a massive interdimensional shift as probably never experienced before that knocked us down so ruthlessly and just confirmed:

“Dear Patrick,

I know as I am in the same boat with the same complaints and symptoms since several days. The energies are off the scale and very heavy to cope with. Also the sun coronal hole has increased now. There are massive shifts and we are the Atlases that carry this planet on our shoulders. It will stay heavy to the very last minute that is why I am so eager to leave this reality – there will be no respite for us as long as we are in a physical vessel.

What else is to be said – hold on, there must be an end at some point.

With love and light


There is another PAT brother from Florida. Martin, who always writes to me when the cleansing reaches an unbearable peak. I love this guy as he is so succinct and “as a matter of fact” amidst the greatest shit that hits this planet and as precise as a clockwork with respect to the severity of the waves. He never complains during smaller episodes. He wrote yesterday:

“Dear Doc,

Like 7 years ago ! (Martin refers to the opening of the 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 stargate when I almost died and Carla had to come to me etherically with the help of AA Michael and the Elohim to save me. Note, George)

Deep nausea and stomach pain back pain. Stiff neck left side. 


“Dear Martin,

I was expecting you to write to me as this is another bout of heavy energy. Take it easy.


Thanks Doc. It is brutal!”

That’s true – it was one of the most brutal experiences in my life and I assume this holds true for all PAT brothers and sisters. Carla and Daniela were also hit very hard these days. I hope Carla will be able to get more information from the Elohim today or tomorrow.

I know now that we have accomplished a massive interdimensional shift of Gaia and have now firmly moved to the lower 5D levels in our daily life after dwelling for a very long time in the upper 4D levels and waiting for humanity to catch up. What is more important is that now the five flames of ascended creation from the wheel of light and life are fully expressed on Gaia and allow immediate creation.

With this new shift our ability to create the reality we would like to experience will augment manifold and I am expecting some tangible miracles to happen very soon. I am also in a constant telepathic contact with the Arcturians, the Agarthans and probably with some other ETs who are announcing the impending physical contact with us, most probably in our healing centre nearby. Therefore I was not at all surprised to read Scranton’s message today where the Arcturians confirm this shift that almost killed us the last 5-7 days. Hallelujah, we made it again:

“The Earth’s Energetic Shift is a Reflection 

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased to announce that there has been a shift in your Earth’s energy field and that you are tapping in to higher frequencies because of it. The Earth is of course shifting with you. She is leading the shift, in fact, and you are all riding on her back as she does. You need to think of your Earth as a collective being, rather than as a planet, and you need to see her as representing the collective consciousness of humanity and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

So when she experiences a shift in her electromagnetic field, it is because she is reflecting back to you the progress that you’ve been making. When you all reach out and up to higher dimensions and other star systems, and you bring that energy in and ground it into yourselves, you shift your collective consciousness. And of course, you make that energy available to planet Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Therefore, it is because you have awakened your interest in other beings that this shift in the Earth’s electromagnetic field has occurred. (This is what personally killed me as I felt with every cell of my organism the devastating force of this electromagnetic transformation, that is not possible to relate in human words, note George). All of these events were planned, to a certain extent, before you incarnated in this lifetime. However, there was always the choice in front of you of fear. You could have feared progress. You could have feared reaching out and up to beings and collectives like ourselves. You could have played it safe and just adopted your parents’ and grandparents’ beliefs. You could have stayed with the old religions that seemed time-tested.

But you chose to go with what felt right to you instead, and now here you are. You are anchoring in these energies. You are making a difference, and everyone in the galaxy is taking notice. We are not the only ones. So the more you connect now with Mother Earth, the easier it will be for you to feel the progression that is taking place, and the more you go within to feel your extra-terrestrial DNA coming online, the more you will get that confirmation.

What you are becoming is your true self. You are becoming your higher self, and your higher self encompasses all of these versions of you from other star systems, lifetimes, and dimensions. This progression will of course continue, as we know that encouraging transmissions like this one help you to know that you are on the right track. Trust your feelings. Trust your desires, and know that you are making such tremendous strides forward that we cannot help but be in the audience, applauding and congratulating you for how far you’ve come.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


“Dear Georgi,

I hope you feel better now, I just read your article. In fact I had an urge to contact you last week as it was really insane since the 24th but I kinda sensed that you’re hit hard too and responding to any emails is the last thing you want to do. I was so pissed and depressed during this whole week that you could see steam running out of my ears and mouth. I don’t even mention physical symptoms as I got so used to it that it does not bother me, only if it’s really nasty. Maybe I do not get so wrecked as my young body can handle it better? Who knows. There were way too many car accidents, people couldn’t get their shit together and everything was descending into chaos. But since yesterday everything has shifted – I sense deep tranquility and penetrating peace, today was so dreamy and I had an impression that we just have to transfigure very soon, hopefully!

Also the developments in the Matrix since the Equinox portal are really something. This gives me hope and joy that the Ascension process is progressing so fast now!

With regards,

J. Flesichman”

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