Imminent ETs Contact With the PAT

Georgi Stankov, April 5, 2019

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The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Our long-standing PAT member Kari from Las Vegas wrote to me yesterday to confirm her personal experience with the heavy and very chaotic energies which the PAT altogether experienced in the last two weeks during the latest massive shift and as has been unanimously shared with me. On this occasion she also sent me a short video which I published and have in the meantime deleted as it contained very dark energy. This video has been taken by a friend of Kari who lives outside Las Vegas and very near to the notorious Area 51. She asked me what I think of that.

Before I share my correspondence with Kari on this topic I want to make you aware of the two pale lights at 7.00 pm at the bottom of the video that shoot all of a sudden towards the two lights in the centre of the picture.

Dear Kari,

I think that these are 4D spaceships which the CIA and other dark agencies have built through reverse engineering from the Zeta reticuli. They are now very active as they know that their end is coming nearer. – George


Georgi! Wow!!! Thank you for this explanation! When they sent the video, I did not feel the same sort of love vibration I always feel from my cloud Lightships! You are always so right! How in the world have you lived this life knowing nearly everything that others do not know? Is it possible, to write an essay on that? I’ve wondered this before because I know how dreadful this place has been just with my own “knowings”, I can not imagine how you ever managed.



Dear Kari,

this is our daily crucifixion – to know what is happening on this planet and not being heard or being able to directly intervene. However, we do a lot at the soul level and this is what matters after all. I am not inclined to write anything about this topic and area 51 as there are so many articles and documentations on it and most of them are not even reliable as one has to guess. For me this is a dark topic I would rather leave behind me as we are now looking forward to introducing new 5D technologies from the cities of light in collaboration with the ETs from the GF that will make these 4D spaceships obsolete.

With love and light




I understand what you are saying. I live about 40 miles away from it (Area 51) and have felt the darkness. This is part of why I think my Light is called for in this area. For C. too…. he is 30 miles away and right up against sacred Indian land. Sometimes, he hears chanting on the wind! But it’s a protective feeling for him. But I think we are both the main Light warriors for this area. I meant more specifically hearing about how your life personally has been, knowing all that you know. But I think we are all too exhausted to write biographies! I don’t want to focus on 4D or any darkness anymore. In fact, lately all I am doing is trying to spread only love and positivity since I feel this is the quickest way to ascend and also to raise others’ vibration. There has definitely been a shift today (April 4th, 4.4. portal). I feel like I’m in a microwave still (being impacted with intense energies), like I’m trying to move through molasses… but yet I see people around me absorbing my love and light easier and needing it really badly…

It must have all been part of me transmuting the darkness again since it also included the traffic ticket and all associated fees that were ridiculous and can not even be normal as I’m not sure how anyone who makes less than me – could ever pay these things for simply going 10 miles over a speed limit and you know the rest of the injustice as I had written to you in detail at the time. I know you must be so weary my friend. I am sending you a big warm hug and I am determined that this is going to be a month of shocking revelations for the masses. Something is gearing up to a greater speed. Even my friend N. feels it in New Jersey. It took him 7 months of being out of work to find a suitable job where the energy was conducive for him. Finally he started on Monday and just told me he cannot believe what high vibes these people have. It feels like a higher dimensional place. So he has begun ascending more as well.

Love, Kari

I have published this email exchange with Kari as an introduction to a bigger topic that will determine the agenda of the PAT in the coming days. We are now about to establish physical contact with the ETs from the light, essentially with the Agarthans and the 5D Arcturians. In the last two-three months the Arcturians have sent almost a dozen of messages through Scranton on this topic preparing us for this first contact with physical ETs, the latest one from today (see below). These contacts are exactly the opposite of the frantic efforts of the ruling cabal and the deep state to save their asses with increased activities of their 4D spaceships in the sky. They are most probably preparing their retreat in the underground cities which they have built with tax money when the final shift will come and they need to hide from the wrath of the masses when the truth will be revealed.

I am in telepathic contact with the Arcturians all the time and in the last several days I have led an intensive conversation with them how important it is that we finally establish physical contact in the new upper 4D/lower 5D abode nearby which we are building now for a long time and the manifestation of which was announced to happen soon after Carla has arrived in Italy, which she did at Equinox. This is what the Elohim Astraea et Amora told us on November 20, 2018 with regard to our new abode in the healing centre of light:

“This move that is in creation now is a lower 5D move (upper 4D)  where there is an interface with aspects of what you identify as the Higher Realms.  A new home shall be created where there is a closer connection to the Beings [Agarthans] and realities [Agarthan Network] which you closely admire and desire to visit and live.  The move is a necessary element in both your personal ascension processes and for the overall ascension process of humanity within the new paradigm.  Trust that all is well.  All is in hand.  All is in perfect order. “

Recently we received a private message from the Arcturians that addressed again this issue and confirmed what we already knew from our Elohim HS:

” We are the Arcturians and we are here to support and encourage you on your path to the greatest realization in this, your lifetime.  Bring forth your full courage and know that every step you take, and soon to take, will all move you forward on your Divine Paths.  

The next step means the completion of a new abode for yourselves, an abode where there shall be a healing centre intersect.  This is not a direct leap into a/the healing centre but an intersect with a centre that exists at a higher frequency.  This shall be manifested very soon – stay open and notice the messages:  There will be specific alignments.”

Message from the Arcturians on March 27th, 2019, titled “Next Steps”.

My personal impression is that now the contact with the ETs from the GF are being intensified after the latest massive shift. After all Gaia, and humanity, is becoming an integral part of the infinite community of evolved galactic civilisations and is rapidly heading to its new multidimensional existence. Personal physical contacts are the linchpin of this planetary evolution. There is no doubt that the first contacts with benevolent ETs will happen with us – the PAT – and the best place will be the new healing centre in San Bartolomeo/Diano Marina which is also an Infinity portal and connects Gaia and humanity to all other dimensions and mutiple realities as this was confirmed by the crystalline beings of light with regard to the anchoring of the wheel of light and life of the five flames of ascended creation on February 15th:

“A Grand Portal is now open!  This is a multi-dimensional portal that carries a special purpose to distribute sacred crystalline energies coming from the embedded Infinity portal that is in perfect alignment with the Source.  Within this energy of the Infinite lies each of the crystalline ray energies that form the foundation of the New Earth, an expanded version of a Fifth Dimensional reality.   

The centre of the portal as seen by you as a doorway, is created from Source energy and is the white Christ Consciousness light coupled with the Ascension light.  This radiant light represents the purity of creation itself and it honours unification into wholeness, the full embrace of the Ascended I AM Presence;  All of these achievements are held within the energy of devotion and profound gratitude…

Around this centre doorway of crystalline white light is an entry point for each of the (five) new sacred rays as they are refractions of the purified white light; their attributes pervade all energetic systems of every expression of form and thus are the guiding energies behind all of Creation and Manifestation in the ascended realms….

These Five Rays form a sacred foundation of the New World arising from the land of Europe

The intensity of this experience for all three of you speaks to the magnitude and the beauty of this magnificent portal.  More steps shall be given and each one of you needs to have faith in the unfolding of this beautiful creation.  This is not the end of the passage, for the doorway has just opened!  There is much to follow and it shall follow on the wings of Angels into a magnificent reality of infinite beauty, founded in peace, loving kindness, grace, harmony, forgiveness, protection, understanding, acceptance, and divine alchemy!

This beautiful portal has manifested from the intention of your multi-dimensional selves as it forms the energetic foundation for the healing centre as well as from where the new field of bio-science based on the Universal Law shall prevail.  “

Therefore I was not at all surprised to read the Arcturian message of today which again addresses this issue and confirms indirectly, but in a very timely fashion, that the first contacts with ETs will happen with us, the PAT, as the ascended spearhead of humanity and that no revelations will come from any governments and deep state authorities for obvious reasons which I have already discussed eight years ago, hence nothing new on this planet:

Read hereOpen Letter to Light Workers – July 8, 2011

As I said, the best place for this first contact with ETs to occur will be the new healing centre nearby and we are eager to see how the next alignments will unfold so that this new abode can manifest. It will provide the optimal energetic environment – 5D platform – for physical contact with the Agarthans and the 5D Arcturians and will serve as a discussion forum how to proceed with further revelations, the introduction of the UL from the position of higher dimensional healing of humans, the introduction of new technologies based on free photon energy and superconductivity, and also the introduction of the new Astral currency.

This is a huge program and a stupendous mission and when it begins we will need every helpful hand from the PAT to accomplish this task.

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