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The Minotaur Labyrinth of Physical Lies

Georgi Stankov, March 16, 2019

The Minotaur Labyrinth of Science in which modern man is trapped as the Maze Runner

The intricate network of infinite lies and deceptions that build the current 3D matrix is virtually inextricable. However, if one follows the Ariadne thread of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law (UL) and departs from the Primary Term of human consciousness, which is also the primary term of any, no matter how expanded, awareness in the multiverse, one can easily expose the basic lies in science from which all other human lies in this reality have evolved.

A thorough analysis of these basic lies from a scientific point of view is indispensable for a number of reasons. First, this topic has never been truly understood by all scientists and most other alternative critical thinkers who are in their vast majority not scientists and thus have no clue that this problem of great import even exists. Human cognizance ends up usually with the superficial interpretation of obvious facts as they are presented in a scattered fashion of deliberate obfuscations to the masses by the fake MSM. In case there are more in-depth explorations as to the epistemological foundation of basic human terms and concepts, this has been reduced to meaningless pseudo-scientific peas counting void of any deep philosophical or transcendental understanding as one can witness in linguistics or in any other scientific discipline.

Interdisciplinary theoretical research is virtually non-existent in this 3rd millennium AD and what was left of it from the previous millennium has ceased to bother the drowsy minds of scientists and theoreticians. The fundamental and very important subject known as “methodology of science” is no longer taught at universities and one cannot find a single specialist who has the faculty to deal with this discipline both from a mathematical, natural scientific and philosophical point of view, while simultaneously including psychology, epistemology and linguistics, not to speak of other more mundane disciplines such as economics and finance. As methodology of science deals with scientific models of human thought from a logical and cognitive point of view, one must consider all sciences at once and in the current time of narrow specialisation such generalists no longer exist.

This website is the only forum worldwide that presents such a unique synthesis of theoretical analyses and disquisitions, including all Science and all Gnosis, and human life and I shall continue on this pathway till our personal ascension and transfiguration happens. After that this kind of discussion will only intensify as the people will, for the first time in their lives, grasp its importance for any true human evolution at the personal and collective level.

For that reason, I will highlight in this article some fundamental scientific, theoretical lies that have been deliberately inserted in the edifice of modern physics in order to reinforce the primordial idea of separation of the human incarnated personality from the soul and Source as the chief mechanism of enslavement and dumbing down humanity by the PTW (Power That Were) from the Orion /Reptilian empire. I have discussed this topic extensively in recent publications which should be re-read one more time in the light of the present disquisition as all my writings are axiomatically linked and present a very rich mosaic of human life.


These disquisitions bear infinite possibilities of unlimited expansion of human awareness within the holistic world view of the new Axiomatics of the UL as it prepares the human mind for its merging with the I AM Presence and the unity field of All-That-Is. That in itself is already unique in the history of human ideas.

All other categorical and taxonomic systems of knowledge which humanity has developed in its short written and massively falsified history are essentially dead-ends. The only exception is ancient Gnosis as presented in Platonism and Neoplatonism, but these systems have no sound scientific background and cannot address the ubiquitous fraud in science and daily thinking with which mankind is confronted in the current End Time as to prevent the planetary ascension. Therefore, one cannot use the old Gnosis in order to resolve the problems and lies of modern science.

That is why I have proceeded in a two-pronged way in my scientific research by first developing a completely new theory of Science of the Universal Law that includes physics, mathematics, all bio-sciences and all social sciences (liberal arts). Parallel to that I have developed the new Gnosis of the Universal Law based on ancient Greek philosophy and Neoplatonism by rendering the missing modern scientific foundation of these otherwise correct transcendental teachings. In this way I have practically eliminated modern esotericism, in its worst and most debased form known as “New Age”, as all these new esoteric teachings that aspire to substitute the old organized religions are as void of any scientific basis as all religions are.

That is why all these aberrations of the human spirit will be eliminated once and for all on this planet when the Universal Law finds a full and global acceptance and comprehension by most humans. Actually these teachings were eliminated a quarter of a century ago when I discovered the UL in 1994. It is very important to stress this fact at this place, so that there are no misunderstandings and no ambiguities anymore.

Now let me concentrate on a topic which nobody has ever explored so far except for myself and even I have not dealt with it from a historical and gnostic perspective, but only strictly theoretically, within the accepted way of argumentation in present-day science as to avoid any criticism from a formalistic point of view and to address the narrow formatted minds of the scientists. While this approach is still the only appropriate way to reform human science from the bottom, it stops short of introducing the transcendental dimension which we shall firmly introduce on this planet with our ascension.

That is why I shall enrich my past discussion in physics with some novel gnostic insights in order to explain why the wrong notion of scarcity in all human minds leads to their full separation from the soul and source; and how the deliberate deprivation of their original creationary potential has been cemented by several fundamental concepts in modern physics that are blatant deceptions and obvious lies. Therefore, it is all the more surprising that nobody has so far discovered this scientific fraud and called it by name.

In my previous article I explained how the false physical dogma that photons have no mass has precluded the exploitation of free photon energy as unlimited source of energetic consumption and has decisively contributed to the current enslavement of humanity, mainly through leading perennial wars to control the scarce fossil resources such as oil and gas on the earth. Although these resources, as already pointed out, are not even fossil, but of anorganic carbon-based origin. This particular fact is though irrelevant for our theoretical discussion here as the only important psychological fact is that these energy resources are considered to be scarce and all nations need to fight for them in a bitter global geopolitical battle in order to survive, mostly from foreign aggression by the Empire of Evil (see Venezuela).

The concept of free photon energy was veiled with utmost brutality by the PTW in order to enslave humanity in the End Time and prevent its ascension as they themselves, being extremely dark entities, cannot ascend and need to go first through a very long and painful incarnation cycle of karma redemption before they can qualify for this divine dispensation in the far distant future. They have to begin, so to say, from the lowest rung of the evolution & ascension ladder in order to enter heaven some day. At the same time these heinous beings are so much enamored in their false god-like complex while being able to manipulate the incarnated human beings from the astral plane that they really believed that they are exceptional as also their political stooges in the Empire of Evil now claim with an increasing level of aggression and a vast spectrum of derangement syndromes, of which Russia and Trump are only tiny scratches on the surface of their deeply seated pathological insanity.

That is why they have introduced such an inextricable network of infinite lies and deceptions that have trapped humanity in a huge Minotaur labyrinth and in the centre of it is present-day science. This is the most insidious part of all human deception as science is considered to assess the truth about Nature (natural sciences) and us as biological beings (bio-sciences) and currently no person, who considers himself to be intelligent ever dares to challenge this claim. For the vast majority of humans nowadays science is not a topic at all and they have such confused and distorted ideas about what science should be and how it should address Nature that their amateurish views are no better than their daily prejudices and judgments over which they constantly stumble and barely manage to arrange their private lives.

How it All Began

The era of massive scientific fraud began when the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment to prove the existence of ether were entirely falsely interpreted at the end of the 19th century. Essentially this interpretation led to the abolition of the ether as the initial term for  photon space-time. Before this experiment all physicists believed, and rightly so, that ether was a form of matter only more ethereal and displays all the features observed in solid matter. For further in-depth discussion of this historical experiment and its consequences for the thorough obfuscation of physics as natural science read this article:

The Concept of Relativity in Electromagnetism

With the discovery of the Universal Law, I have proved beyond any doubt that the original and then rejected idea in physics that ether = photon space-time exists is absolutely true by showing how one can very easily calculate the mass of all elementary particles and molecules and thus the mass of any macroscopic material object from the mass of the elementary action potential of photon space-time.

Read hereMass, Matter and Photons – How to Calculate the Mass of Matter From the Mass of Photon Space-Time

The wrong and deliberate abolition of ether and thus of photon-space time as the source of unlimited energy for humanity was the first major stroke of the PTW from the archontic Orion /Reptilian empire and their human stooges in science in order to derail physics as exact natural science and prevent any research in this direction.

It was followed by a series of further critical blunders that deepened this obfuscation in physics. For instance, the abolition of ether after the wrong interpretation of the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment gave birth shortly thereafter to the special theory of relativity presented first by Einstein in 1905 and later on to the general theory of relativity which remained incomplete to the present day and serves nobody. Also nobody seems to understand it as it is essentially wrong and makes no sense.

The special theory of relativity is actually Einstein’s biggest plagiarism, of which there are many (he even stole some key ideas and results from his first Slavonic wife Mileva Marić, who was an excellent physicist herself, and then abandoned her to marry a well-to-do Jewish woman when he became famous), as this concept was already developed by other physicists before him for electromagnetism. I have discussed this topic in great detail in my volumes on physics and in the new Propaedeutics and will only refer to these books at this place:

The actual theory of relativity is an application of Lorentz transformations of electromagnetism, with which the space-time of all material objects is mathematically assessed, while at the same time photon space-time is regarded as an empty, homogeneous entity. This mathematical presentation of space-time and its abstract quantities, such as mass and momentum, is called “relativistic“. Hence the terms: relativistic energy, relativistic mass and relativistic momentum. These quantities are built within mathematics according to the principle of circular argument by selecting “empty” photon space-time (the speed of light c) as the initial reference frame.

When I analysed the so called FitzGerald length contraction and Lorentz time dilution the way they are expressed mathematically within the theory of relativity,  I immediately recognized that they are actually another tautological mathematical presentation (iteration) of the Kolmogoroff’s probability set (0,1) in the theory of probability. I have though proved in the theory of the UL that this set is equivalent to the continuum set in mathematics. Hence we have a series of tautological presentations of the continuum set = Primary Term of the new Axiomatics of the UL disguised under distinct physical disciplines. This is how confusion arises in science and expands to fully mire the minds of all physicists and scientists.

And it gets ever worse. It was not enough for the PTW that with the abolition of photon space-time as real level of All-That-Is the exploitation of this form of ubiquitous energy was prevented for a very long time. From now on space-time (the space-time humans can perceive and assess is photon space-time) was considered to be entirely empty space where gravitation is propagated with the speed of light as “action at a distance”, also defined as “long-range correlation”.

It can’t get more idiotic than that, one would think. Wait and see. In order to keep up pace with these major first blunders, subsequent scientists had to introduce new blunders in order to explain, rather excuse, their previous blunders. They decided to introduce the totally ridiculous and unverified dogma that photons have no mass (?). This happened to be easy as the very definition of mass was a complete disaster and the greatest blunder of science, together with the wrong definition of electric charge.

Truly, I have tried to find any explanation in the literature how one had argued on behalf of this idiotic dogmatic conclusion and when this had happened exactly and have found none. Because there is none. The dogma that photons should have no mass is a complete and utter fraud. But this fully arbitrary decision has led to the total inability of scientists to integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model as I argue in my open letter to scientists – a fact that even physicists must admit (Wikipedia):

“The Standard Model of particle physics is the theory describing three of the four known  fundamental forces (the electromagneticweak, and strong interactions, and not including the gravitational force) in the universe, as well as classifying all known elementary particles.”

Then, when it was shown recently that neutrinos which are considered for the same obscure reason to have no mass as photons might actually have a mass, this almost derailed the world view of the entire scientific community and even that of the Reptilian Nobel Prize committee, which is not known to be very sensitive, as I have discussed in this article:

 How to Calculate the Mass of Neutrinos?

I hope this gives you an idea how one blatantly false concept, or rather a lie, leads to another false idea or blunder and so on and on until you have the Minotaur labyrinth of science, where the Minotaur represents the Reptilian shape-shifters or the archons from the astral plane, the abominable dark entities, which we have fought for many years and defeated finally in 2016 as to secure the planetary ascension:

Image result for minotaur labyrinth, pictures

The Greek mythology holds the key to explanation of everything we experience nowadays – on this planet and throughout the dimensions as light warriors of the first and the last hour and incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia and humanity.

But the archons and dark aliens from the Orion / Reptilian empire could never be sure that all these lies and deliberate obfuscation in physics will be effective enough to prevent humans from realizing the infinite energetic potential of free photon energy. They had the example with Tesla as a dreadful challenge to their heinous plan to enslave humanity and prevent its ascension in the current End Time by making it energetically vulnerable and dependent entirely on scarce fossil energy.

Tesla, guided by his I AM Presence, not only invented the first alternating electric current power aggregates as dynamos and electric motors and thus ushered the modern technological era of mankind at the turn of the 20th century by enabling broad electrification. He also showed that one can gain energy directly from photon space-time with his famous tower experiment. The PTW summoned quickly their human hangmen, the reptilians J.P. Morgan, J.D.Rockefeller and H.Ford who prevented Tesla from bestowing humanity with this unlimited free source of energy, and thus accelerating the ascension process, by financially ruining him and stealing all his patents. This is a well-known and very sad, and dark chapter of human history.

The PTW realized that they needed some more powerful scientific dogmas to offset the search for free photon energy by subsequent free spirited scientists and researchers whom they feared most as I can testify. After all, these sick dark ones knew that one only needs to depart from the law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics, to easily come to the idea to develop free photon energy as perpetuum mobile. For that reason they looked hastily for any possibility to offset this law, which was first formulated in a modern form by the German physician (medical doctor as the author) Julius Robert von Mayer in 1842. This man was immediately punished for this pivotal discovery  by the PTW – he was declared insane by his peers, including the much acclaimed Helmholtz, and then tortured for many years in a kind of a medieval asylum as was usual at that time (19th century) in dark Germany. 

For that reason the PTW needed to introduce a second law of thermodynamics that practically offset the law of conservation of energy which describes exactly and ubiquitously the closed character of All-That-Is = Energy and the availability of infinite Source energy to be used by humankind or any sentient being in the multiverse.

Indeed, in the late 30s of the 20th century they finally managed to commit this capital crime by introducing the law of entropy with the help of their Zionist stooge von Neumann who presented the modern mathematical version of entropy – the so called ‘von Neumann entropy“. This dark entity, considered to be a brilliant mathematician, also decisively contributed to the development of the first atomic bomb in the Manhattan project. One capital crime never comes alone.

The law of entropy practically rejects the law of conservation of energy as it postulates the heat death of the universe as an eschatological end of the world. This is an entirely archontic idea, believe me, as only derailed dark entities fully separated from the Source can develop such an insidious idea. Forget science for a moment and concentrate on the malignancy of these dark entities and their human marionettes in science and what monstrous ideas they have developed to dumb down humanity.

Essentially, what the second law of thermodynamics of entropy claims is that there is a constant irreversible dissipation of thermodynamic energy in the entire universe, as one observes in all adiabatic thermodynamic processes. By the way, even the “Big Bang” hypothesis of the adiabatically expanding hot universe goes back to the false notion of entropy and was developed around the same time.

Read also:

III: Why Modern Cosmology Is a Fake Science

For instance, when a metallic rod is heated at the one end the heat flows through the rod to the other cold end and it gets warmer until thermal equilibrium is reached. However, most of the heat energy is radiated in the air, in the atmosphere, or in the surroundings, such as adjacent material objects, and gets lost for practical purposes. For that reason all electric devices and also the entire electric grid have a low coefficient of efficacy as most of the electric energy is wasted as radiated heat.

The same holds true for human metabolism where about 60% of the energy gained from the food is given up to the surroundings as heat and cannot be used for the cell metabolism as I show in Volume III, Part I, chapter 1.2, where I calculate the energetic balance of the human cells and the body and prove the validity of the UL for organic matter and the human organism. This calculation is based on the Universal equation as an application of the law of conservation of energy for the human metabolism as a particular energy exchange in All-That-Is.

By the way, the use of free photon energy will automatically resolve the problem of the dissipation of thermodynamic energy as it brings with it another basic energetic condition of the higher realms – superconductivity. Superconductivity is the dialectical aspect of free photon energy.

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Superconductivity of Mind Leads to Superconductivity of Matter and Photon Space-Time

Please observe that all the aforementioned examples of dissipation of thermodynamic energy (heat) are only one-sided perception of energy exchange and do not consider what happens with the thermodynamic energy that is released to the surroundings and only seems to be unavailable for further use by humans. The dissipation of thermodynamic energy as postulated in the law of entropy is probably the biggest fraud in human science as it was introduced deliberately in order to prevent the development of new advanced technologies based on free photon energy after Tesla succeeded to achieve precisely that in the early 20th century.

I have debunked the second law of entropy in the new theory of the UL and eradicated it from science for ever.

Read: Volume II, chapter 5,6. Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics (ND) p. 208

I have shown that this law builds an antinomy – a fundamental paradox – with the law of conservation of energy and is the most unscientific fraudulent idea ever introduced in science. It is no coincidence that it has been reported that von Neumann had advised all his students after WW2 to write a doctor thesis on entropy as nobody understood what it meant and they would have an easy job graduating, which they surely did as they had their evil master, von Neumann as a protector. This is how the zionist dark entities operate on a human level in order to dumb down humanity in the most obnoxious manner.

And now comes the final highlight of this discussion. It is quite easy to prove that the law of entropy contradicts the law of conservation of energy, which is directly derived from the primary axiom of the new Axiomatics of the UL and why it should be eradicated from science as the greatest blunder.

But it is not that easy to prove scientifically that every thermodynamic gradient that we observe in matter until it dissipates creates an equal in magnitude thermodynamic gradient at the level of photon space-time (electromagnetic spectrum). If such a law can be mathematically derived, then this is the ultimate proof that free photon energy is very easily available to mankind and can be immediately used to create infinite abundance on this planet. This new law will be a derivation or a special application of the Universal Law for photon space-time and it can be very easily experimentally proven as it will contain physical quantities and fundamental constants whose values are known in physics and can be experimentally measured.

In this way one can easily measure every thermodynamic gradient in photon space-time that is built when an equivalent thermodynamic gradient dissipates in physical matter and creates the illusion of entropy or heat death of the universe. It is cogent that what one can measure in science, can also be very easily reproduced and harnessed for further practical use by humans.

However, no scientist has ever tried that before as all scientists believe in the idiotic concept of entropy and have no clue that thermodynamic gradients also exist in photon space-time.

Further reason for their ignorance is that they firmly believe in the absolutely fake scientific dogma that photons have no mass and that photon space-time is empty. For this same reason they cannot integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model. With that the vicious circle of total scientific derangement syndrome closes. Not yet…, it is much more convoluted.

Please observe that we, humans, can only observe, perceive and assess physical matter and photon space-time and that our physical world view is built entirely on the energy exchange between these two energetic levels of All-That-Is. Even our physical bodies are the result of this energy exchange as I prove in volume III on the General Theory of Biological Regulation. This is a basic conclusion of the new theory of the UL.

Unfortunately, scientists do not know what energy is as the great physicist Richard Feynman frankly admits in his Lectures on Physics, although physics is a science of energy interactions. Furthermore, they do not even have the faintest idea that with their limited senses and linearly operating mind humans can perceive energy only as space-time.

This is the most profound illusion which is, however, created this time by our souls and not by the evil PTW in order to have the illusion of the current 3D incarnation experiment. Otherwise this experiment cannot be set in place if human awareness is as expanded as in 5D and higher dimensions. Therefore, this expanded awareness is attached to the carbon-based physical brain and operates as limited human ego-mind due to the very slow propagation of neuronal signals in the synaptic junctions.

What scientists should have easily discovered, but have utterly failed to understand, is that space-time has only two dimensions (constituents) –  space and time – as the term says it, and not six or seven fundamental dimensions as they claim with respect to the SI system.

Read: Why Space-Time = Energy Has Only Two Dimensions (Constituents) – Space and Time (Part 1); Essay: Systems of Measurements and Units in Physics

In addition, they should have known – that is why they developed the theory of relativity – that the space-time they describe is not empty as they believe but full of energy. The reason for this fundamental cognitive blunder is that they did not revise the empty Euclidean space of classical mechanics where all macroscopic gravitational interactions are observed and only added to it a fourth dimension of time in the still empty Minkovski space in the theory of relativity as Otfried writes in his latest article “Realitas infinita – Unlimited reality”.

Therefore, scientists can only observe any energy interaction if they artificially, apriori eliminate energy exchange as movement by arresting absolute time f (frequency) in their heads. In this way they transform space-time, whose two dimensions are canonically conjugated and in a constant state of expansion and contraction so that they change their magnitudes all the time, into static empty space where they can comfortably make their experimental measurements with the SI system. This is the greatest illusion of all and it is a product of the agnostic minds of the scientists that has to be resolved from within – through spiritual evolution of awareness. It is not a matter of futile experimental empiric research as it is done nowadays with zero practical effect.

And to top it all, this illusion of static empty space in science has been cemented by the use of closed rational numbers in mathematics and from there in physics and other exact natural sciences. This leads to a deterministic approach in science. In reality, energy = space-time can only be described by open transcendental numbers. However, humanity has not yet been able to develop mathematics based on open transcendental numbers that allows for infinite solutions, which is the true nature of All-That-Is.

But the biggest gnostic blunder of all is that scientists do not understand that energy =space-time = external physical world = Primary Term of human consciousness is not inanimate physical matter, but conscious energy. Therefore, there can be no separation between human consciousness and the external physical world as conscious energy is All-That-Is. And finally, scientists need to understand that this 3D reality is the creation of our souls just as we human beings are creations of our souls and the Source.

Brethren, this is really a dystopian world of infinite illusions and deceptions and modern man is the proverbial maze runner trying desperately to put the pieces together to find out the ultimate truth and thus the way out of this nightmare. This is what this article is all about.

Let us now turn back to physics one more time and eliminate the final dark vestiges of this fake Orion science. After much trial and error, I could derive a new law in 1996 that proves the existence of free photon energy everywhere and called it:

  Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics 

Read: Volume II, Chapter 5,7, page 217

I will refrain from deriving this law mathematically in this article as this is not necessary and because this article is dedicated to non-scientists to whom I want to convey the systematic effort of the PTW to falsify physics and science with the only sinister objective in mind:

To prevent humanity from grasping the truth that they have unlimited access to Source energy, and by default to free photon energy, and that they themselves are sparks of God and thus very powerful creator beings who can harness and use these energies the moment they open their minds to this idea – to the idea that they are immortal souls, powerful multidimensional creator beings, who have only incarnated in a physical human body as to experience the opposite of this condition. That is to say, to experience the illusory separation from the Source and the alleged loss of creative power as an incarnated human personality in order to learn to appreciate the true nature of who we truly are – immortal powerful creator beings who have created this illusion for ourselves as to prove to ourselves that we are capable of overcoming it and ascend. Now!

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