Urgent Energy Report – February 8, 2019

Georgi Stankov, February 8, 2019


In the last 24 hours Gaia and humanity were hit by a massive energetic blast from the Central Sun which I personally experienced as the obligatory cc-wave with an excruciating headache right,  in the eye socket, stomach pain, joint pain all over, and muscle rigidity. Carla was at the hairdresser at that time and almost fainted on the chair. There was also massive cleansing of all despicable human traits and dark energetic patterns and the political scene in the last two days displays a vast panopticum of all the dark sides humanity has harboured for eons of time and only now can no longer hide behind duplicity and treachery.

As I also experienced a pronounced state of fever, although my body is now fully crystalline and can no longer have elevated temperature, I knew that we have another massive coronal hole and checked at spaceweather.com. The sun looks like a sieve and the coronal hole encompasses practically the entire disc portal of the new red giant sun:

Please, do not be dissuaded by the announcement that the sun flares will reach earth tomorrow. The energies of the Central Sun are not limited to the speed of light but traverse space immediately.

I wrote a few days ago that we are now in the most intense phase of the ascension process – from February 1st to February 19th – when there is a 9D portal open that is very conducive for your personal ascension, raising your frequencies to 5D and higher and completing your crystalline light body. Essentially I opened this portal with my successful ascension to 9D on January 12 through my expanded protuberance field.

As is the case when such massive energetic events happen, they are announced in great synchronicity by a few sources that I have checked and found to be credible and clear. First Jennifer Farley published on Feb 6th that there is a monster wave / shift coming:

“Your Earth is standing on the starting line of yet another huge energy shift.  There have been so many recently that it may feel as if nothing big is about to begin but, oh, there is! (Smiling) In preparation for the next upgrade, it is important that you create a quiet space in which to retreat when you feel things are becoming ‘too much’.  Whether it is in your home or among friends, the solace it will offer will be of great assistance.”

Creators Writings

This announcement was confirmed yesterday one more time by the same source which announced the beginning of the wave that will cause a massive shift. It coincided exactly with the onset of my cc-wave yesterday morning:

“Those that awakened early felt the very beginning of the incoming shift.  This is one of the joys of a higher vibrational energy! (Smiling) As you move through the next few days, take care and treat yourself lovingly, much information will be needing integration.”  

Creators Writings

The need for rest and drinking a lot of water is stressed. And today the Arcturians announce through Scranton what I already knew yesterday: “There has been a spike in the amount of (electro)magnetic energy that the sun has been giving off, and that spike has an effect on your energy fields.”

The new red giant sun we have since last year is a very powerful portal through which the Central Sun or the Source is sending energies to Gaia and humanity. As I am the first one to receive and distribute these energies as the nexus to the Source, I am getting these waves and shifts first, but then I am hit so hard that I have no power and no desire to write an energy report and publish it. My headache lasted till this morning and is vanished now. It is amazing how our organisms can recover so quickly from this energy onslaught.

Altogether the current energetic picture seems to confirm everything we have been expecting for this month so far. Therefore stay attuned as there is much more to come:

“You are in a golden age right now, and it is a very important time for all of you there on Earth. So please do not underestimate how easily the tides can turn for all of you as individuals and as a collective. We expect to see a tremendous leap forward in the evolution of your consciousness in the coming weeks.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

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