Welcome to the New World After the Full Moon Eclipse Portal of Ascension – January 21, 2019

Georgi Stankov, January 20, 2019


I, myself, attended this concert in 1991 and remember it with great fondness.

Sergiu Celibidache, a Romanian born conductor, composer and musical theorist, is regarded as one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century. From 1979 till his death in 1996 he was musical general director of the Munich philharmonic.

He frequently refused to release his performances on commercial recordings during his lifetime, claiming that a listener could not obtain a “transcendental experience” outside the concert hall. Many of the recordings of his performances were released posthumously. Nonetheless, he earned international acclaim for celebrated interpretations of the classical music repertoire and was known for a spirited performance style informed by his study and experiences in Zen Buddhism.

Listen to this beautiful music of Dvořák and attune to the coming tsunami of change that is flooding earth since 12 hours and lifting it to the 5D. This is the most decisive and auspicious time in our long personal ascension cycle.

Dvořák Symphony No 9 “New World” Celibidache, Münchner Philharmoniker, 1991

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