Transformational Dialectics of Humanity to Multidimensional Transgalactic Species

Georgi Stankov, January 28, 2019

After the opening of the full moon, full eclipse portal on January 21st, humanity has visibly reached an unprecedented peak of insanity and confusion. I have never experienced such a chaotic situation in my whole life. When the Iron Curtain fell, we had a similar confusion of human minds in Eastern Europe and during my frequent visits there I experienced the political and psychological situation as very suffocating. But one still had the illusion of the “rational” West as a paradigm to follow. Thirty years later the roles have been reversed and the Russia-hysteria in the West has mired the minds of all the people to such an extent that even the best alternative thinkers and experts can no longer see the forest from the many trees.

There is not a single thinker worldwide currently who is able to cut through the jungle of conflicting events and facts and be able to see the overarching picture that is determined by the inner logic of the ascension process as it dialectically evolves in the space-time, except for the few PAT members and myself.

Why? Let me explain it to you as simple as possible, all the more as I have written extensively on this topic. The entire political, economic and financial situation in the current End Time is driven by the long-term insidious plan of the former powers (the powers that were, PTW) from the Orion-Reptilian empire to prevent, with the help of their human stooges, clones, shape-shifters and the like, the ascension of Gaia and humanity with all possible means. And this included in the first place the establishment of the NWO and the total impoverishment and enslavement of humanity.

The reason for that was that the ascension is the ultimate liberation of all incarnated human personalities from the shackles of eons of time hidden and very insidious suppression of the creative human potential that has led to the utmost separation from the source and the soul and the descent of this civilisation into greatest density – into hell. The dark ones knew that and they were ruthless in the introduction of all kinds of measures and means to decimate humanity in a global genocide by instigating endless wars, developing drugs and medical system that only increases mortality and morbidity, the introduction of narcotics, pollution, chemtrails, HAARP, etc.. – name it.

Nevertheless, the dark cabal failed in this plan the moment the PAT appeared on the scene in the summer of 2011 and opened the stargate 11.11.11 that laid the foundation for the successful planetary and human ascension. The further opening of the stargate 12.12.12 till 12.21.12 sealed our success. Before and after that the PAT did a gargantuan cleansing work to eliminate the thickest layers of darkness and density from the earth and mankind. This website is a seamless chronicle of our effort and unique in the world literature.

Nobody, I repeat, nobody can truly understand what has happened on the earth in the last three-four decades since the harmonic convergence in the summer of 1987,  unless he has studied carefully all the steps and successes we have achieved in raising the vibrations of Gaia and humanity in this time as they have been carefully and consequently recorded on this website before 2011 (in my books and articles) and after that in our energy reports. I wished more people could truly grasp the scope of our light work all these years on behalf of humanity and why there would have been no ascension without us and the entire human history would have taken a different course. We know that as we have bliocated numerous times on lower timelines where the NWO was a dreadful reality. If we experience here the most advantageous ascension scenario, this is entirely the achievement of the PAT.

Since the PTW and their human stooges, the ruling cabal, realized at the end of 2012 that they had irrevocably lost the war with the light and that they could not prevent the planetary ascension on these ascending timelines, we observe a rapid, in historical dimensions regarded, dissolution of the old matrix. Initially, this futile effort appeared on the political stage as if the cabal had been very successful in establishing the NWO, but the seeds of failure were already laid by us with the constant increase of the light quotient on this planet.

The escalation of the wars in the Middle East  and the Islamic world instigated and carried out by the Empire of evil and its NATO vassals destroyed many once flourishing countries or bombed others into the stone age. Parallel to that the financial crisis that was firmly established in 2008 with the collapse of the entire Wall Street investment banking and the subsequent never-ending bailouts of the failed banks in the West by socializing the losses among the people and privatizing the profits into the hands of a few insanely rich banksters and CEOs virtually eliminated the middle class in the West and impoverished the entire population.

Brexit in GB and the yellow vests revolt in France are the natural consequence of this prolonged impoverishment of the masses by the ruling cabal with the ultimate aim of establishing the NWO. Few of the political stooges of the PTW from the Orion-Reptilian empire in the West knew that they had lost the war against the light, against us, and continued stubbornly with their orders, come what may, until their final perdition (e.g., the 3M, Merkel, May, Macron) is now unfolding in front of our eyes.

However, only after Trump won the elections in the USA in 2016 it became obvious to everybody that the so called internationalists, globalists, neoconservatives, indoctrinated neoliberals preaching a new form of socialism after this system had already fully failed in Eastern Europe and history had said its final word on its impracticability had lost their war on humanity. At the same time the national movements of the so called populists began to gain momentum. And here we are confronted with a historical contradiction – a conundrum – of gargantuan proportions which nobody from the alternative press is capable of discerning after the fake MSM have completely lost any credibility and are only optically surviving upon the inertia of their amputated journalists’ brains.

For many years we have observed the attempts of the PTW and their human stooges, the cabal to establish the NWO, the last remnants of which are now gathered in Davos to lick their wounds and stimie the inevitable. At the beginning these efforts seemed to be quite promising and humanity doomed to perennial enslavement, much to the resignation of all prominent alt-thinkers. But after the West lost the war in Syria and especially after the deep state lost against Trump who became a president against all odds, we have a massive surge of populist movements worldwide that want to reverse the globalist trend.

This trend is headed by Russia who is arduously fighting for its independence and sovereignty and wants to establish a multipolar world by adhering to international law. This is contrary to what the USA and her vassals do with their endless interventions in other countries thereby creating havoc and mayhem in the “name of nation building”; which only shows that they have learned perfectly well the new Orwellian speak.

Hungary, Poland, the people of GB, France, Italy and other countries in Europe followed Russia’s example, even at a time when the Russia hysteria reached a climax and no meaningful discussion is possible anymore, and thus they have fully reversed the globalist tide. The EU elections in May this year will seal the victory of the nationalists over the globalists, just as Trump won with his” MAGA” slogan over the Clintonian Mafia of neoliberal globalists.

And precisely in this current situation of extreme duality and separation, all thinkers and intellectuals worldwide are tempted to choose sides and participate with devotion in this madness of perennial human conflict. I can present a long list of famous alternative writers from the West and the East to prove this conclusion and I am sure that you know most of them and what kind of ideas they profess, so that I will refrain from doing that as it does not add anything to my discussion. Essentially we now have all the “good guys” on the side of the national populists who oppose open borders and the NWO that has only caused havoc and poverty worldwide. But not because the idea of unification of humanity is wrong, but because the NWO was never meant to unite all humans as free and sovereign beings, but to enslave them and further separate them.

The NWO was successfully established in Eastern Europe and Asia as a communist dictatorship and it led to the Iron curtain and the biggest separation of humanity ever, where the civil rights of the citizens were abolished and their basic right of free travel did not exist. Nowadays all thinkers and experts seem to forget this ample fact from the recent past, especially when they argue against the free border policy of such globalists as Soros and the like. This ideological battle has created two antagonistic camps who fight like dogs for the few bones in the bowl and succumb to such a profound blindness that they have no clue what is going to happen this year.

Ascension is the quickest and most daring form of human evolution of incarnated souls in the 3D matrix and it follows the impeccable logic of dialectics, which is the philosophical interpretation of the Universal Law in its function as the principle of elasticity. The current strife between globalists and national populists prevents both groups, practically the entire humanity, to see what is already in the making and has been created by us for many years.

One cannot prevent the NWO by increasing the role of the national state as the latter is the classical form of political separation of mankind which the Orion-Reptilian order has created on this planet. I have always rejected the national state as the primary source of all evil – wars, civil wars, natural and other catastrophes etc. – and have pointed out that a true multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation, towards which humanity is now growing, can only be achieved when the national state and all borders are abolished. By the way, the two terms – multidimensional and transgalactic – were first introduced by myself and I am delighted to see that now more and more people use them.

Of course one can unite humanity only on the basis of spiritual principles that acknowledge the true nature of all humans – that they all are sovereign creator beings and operate on multiple levels, realities and dimensions at the same time and not only on this planet. In this case the unification of humanity in the energetic field of unity consciousness and within the new spiritual paradigm will only lead to the expansion of individual liberties and freedom and not to their suppression as was the intention of the ruling dark cabal with their NWO.

The mixing of these two diametrically opposite connotations is currently the source of all human confusion. The reason for that is that the people are no longer able to understand and apply logically the dialectics of human ascension as a constantly evolving entity of opposing ends that build the unity of human life as a new reality (third entity, divine trinity).

In other words, neither the globalists, nor the national populists are capable of leading humanity to the new 5D earth. As these two camps encompass almost the whole human population, and surely the entire political elite, it is cogent why none of these people will belong to the new leaders of humanity. This can only be the PAT with our clear ideas how life will be in the 5D after the shift and our ascension. For this reason I have been writing extensively about our light projects – the creation of the three major cities of light in Italy and Central Europe (New Raetia), in Vancouver, Canada (New Lemuria), in South America, Ecuador and Peru (Terra Nova), (read here).

And now please observe very carefully. These three cities of light will be open portals to the multiverse and to numerous advanced humanoid, and later on, other civilisations, such as the dragons. Alone this fact will make the existence of national states and nations obsolete as all the people will recognize their multidimensional nature and will strive to ascend too and be able to live in these cities of light and enjoy the advantages of a higher dimensional life. In the first place, they will enjoy the healing possibilities there which will help all humans advance rapidly in their LBP and also ascend.

The three cities of light are already connected to each other through a system of planetary portals for bilocation which will be used initially only by us as ascended masters, but very soon will be also made available to the broad public of enlightened humans. In this case all borders and border controls will be eliminated with one fell-swoop, and first and foremost, the monopoly of the state to control human movement on this planet. This will be a very powerful demonstration for the immeasurable liberation of humanity from the shackles of space and time, additionally aggravated by state bureaucracy.

This new system of planetary portals, about which I have reported in the past, will be sufficient to make the national state obsolete and to unite humanity in a very natural manner within a very short period of time. And this all will happen very peacefully and harmoniously.

But this is just the beginning. As soon as humanity unites on this planet, it will qualify to establish contact with other more advanced civilisations, such as the Agarthans and those from the GF. In fact the Agarthans and some ascended masters such as St. Germain will already help us run the cities of light and the numerous healing centres which will manifest very soon all over the globe. The next step will be visiting other civilisations, but this could only happen after the incarnated human personality has completed the LBP and has ascended at least to 5D by transfiguring from a carbon-based body into crystalline light body.

And last but not least, let us not forget that with the manifestation of the cities of light the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law will be introduced on a global scale and will bring about the necessary holistic approach. This new way of thinking will easily overcome all separation and all division and will unite humanity with an astounding speed in order to be ready to participate in multidimensional life in close communication with other advanced civilisations. The understanding of the UL will be the final graduation of humanity to become a full member of the transgalactic community of evolved civilisations.

This whole discussion may sound very simple and self-evident to you, who know what is happening behind the veil and regularly read our energy reports. But consider that the vast majority of human beings have no idea what is awaiting them around the corner in the course of this year and all our plans and projects which we now prepare in order to unite humanity will seem to them like science fiction, or rather figments of our minds. Which is merely the reaction of limited agnostic ego-minds to transcendental information as we all know very well.

But this circumstance shows you what a huge shock, and later on exaltation, humanity will experience very soon when the cities of light emerge and the people realize that they can travel through bilocation wherever they want on this planet and even throughout the multiverse by easily overcoming gravitation, space and time. This will trigger such a profound revolution in the collective human consciousness as never experienced before. And of course we shall be the wayshowers and custodians of humanity in this time of radical change.

I have mentioned on many occasions that we are in close contact with the Arcturians, directly and also through Daniel Scranton, who has the advantage (or disadvantage, depending on from which angle one sees it) that he does not care and does not know about our light work and plans and therefore I have refrained from informing him. In this way he is a blank slate as a medium and thus can deliver messages to us without interfering in their content based on his knowledge and personal ideas. Everybody fulfills his own role and mission in this collective undertaking known as planetary and human ascension.

Anyway, I discussed yesterday one more time the role which the cities of light will play in the unification of humanity in a very effective and loving manner as they will embody everything what the people envision in their lives in order to be happy and fully safe on otherwise a very hostile and dangerous planet. The manifestation of the cities of light and their healing centres will trigger such a deep revolution in the collective mind that all current ideologies and political doctrines will be eradicated and abandoned within the blink of an eye, without any strife and without any effort on our part to convince the masses. This should be obvious to all of my readers. And that is why I was very pleased to read the message of the Arcturians today that suggests exactly the same scenario of ascension on which we have been working so diligently for many years, however without discussing the actual political background with respect to the cognitive limitations of the medium:


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun exploring the different possibilities you have in front of you for a huge change in the way that you look at borders and nationality. We are of the opinion that unity is more important for humanity than separating people by their countries of birth.

Therefore, we are in favor of a unification of all of the countries of the world. We would like to see the human race become one people of one world, and we are very interested to see how you will all choose to come to this conclusion on your own. As most of you who are receiving this transmission know, the idea of separation between you and any other human is an illusion. There is no real separation. You are all connected and we are all connected in this universe.

We are all the same one Being masquerading as different versions of Source. So how are you going to realize this on a physical level and be able to put something into place that allows people to move around freely, without passports, without a need for security everywhere that you go, making sure you are who you say you are and where you are supposed to be?

We don’t know at this point how this is going to come about (The Arcturians know very well as we are in a constant contact with them and discuss the cities of light, but they pretend so as not to interfere in our human decisions, note George.). We just know that there are different probabilities that are popping up now because of how difficult it has become over the years to get from one country to another, whether as a visitor or as an immigrant.

All we can say is that change is coming, and it will be change for the better. And we know that there will be some things that you have to work out in order to get to this place (Work on the individual LBP in order to ascend to the cities of life and make use of bilocation, note George), but this is excellent practice for you all in becoming part of a galactic community.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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