A Practice Run for the Shift

Georgi Stankov, January 17, 2019


This article was written first as an email to Daniela and Carla with whom I exchange my observations and ideas on the impending ascension shift on a daily basis.

I expected this message today after I asked the Arcturians for a confirmation of the beginning of the big changes yesterday.


The first sentence is the key to a proper understanding what is going to happen:

“We are looking into the possibility for a major set of changes that could be occurring over the next several months of your time. This possibility will include the release of a tremendous amount of information, …. “

In order for all these changes to occur quickly in the next several months – January -April (? ) – they must begin in this month. Please, observe that notwithstanding all the tremendous light work that the PAT and other human and excarnated light beings have accomplished in the past, no real, tangible changes have happened so far except for the beginning of the decomposition of the old order in the USA (the empire of evil), EU and NATO after we installed the new spiritual paradigm in Rome on November 12th, 2018. But humanity still lives in the old paradigm due to the prevailing agnostic world view of the majority of the people. This will, according to the Arcturians, change in the next several months – radically and drastically.

How? As I wrote previously, there is already sufficient information on the dark cabal, their ETs masters and their plans for the NWO on the internet, as well as how humanity has been enslaved throughout history up to the present day, but this has not achieved any major shift in the collective perception. Humanity needs much more – it needs more convincing information as facts and it needs a new form of advanced means of communication that connect directly and intelligently to the Akasha chronics and is independent of the, controlled by the cabal, digital means of communication, such as Internet and TV.

This, in its turn, necessitates an expanded awareness of the users of such information, which some sources, including ours, say will come with the lunar eclipse portal on January 21st. And of course our ascension as the main source of information and the manifestation of the cities of light which are already a synthesis of past civilisations, such as Lemuria and Atlantis, must also take place as they all exist in the Now. Learning about the hidden past in order for humanity to awaken, is actually learning about the multidimensionality of the new 5D earth, to where humanity is destined to ascend. It is a remembrance of who we truly are – multidimensional beings existing simultaneously in numerous realities.

Please, do not forget that ascension to 5D is first and foremost overcoming the illusion of linear time and the entrance into the multidimensional simultaneity of All-That-Is. This is still not fully comprehended by most light workers who are still subjugated to their limited, unprocessed human world view and thus unable to envision life in the new 5D earth. By neglecting their intelligence and overestimating their still closed hearts, they are unable to carry out this abstract mental endeavor that propels human imagination beyond the current, energetically very limited concepts of human existence that shape this dense holographic reality, which is now in a state of rapid dissolution.

This message is very important not by what it is saying explicitly, but by what in implies tacitly, so that what it announces can occur in the next several months. There is a set of necessary energetic and factual conditions that must be fulfilled before a true awakening of the masses can happen. And this is precisely what the Arcturians announce.

I know how this situation feels as I was often in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe when communism and its ideology collapsed after the Fall of the Iron Curtain and how confused, aggressive-depressive and helpless most people were at that time. The West has no experience with such conditions of the collective mind in a deep existential and spiritual crisis and they are just now beginning to adjust to the impending crash of the old order if one follows closely the media these days. But this is psychological “peanuts” compared to the shock the masses in the West will experience very soon.

I am still somewhat irritated by the fact that the Arcturians are talking about the awakening of the masses with respect to their rigged past and who has ruled on this planet for eons of time  – precisely, why human life has always been an enslavement and estrangement from our true nature as sovereign creator beings – which is surely a key component of any true awakening. But this kind of revelations still does not create the foundation for a new holistic Weltanschauung that will overcome these past negative conditions of human separation and hidden enslavement and paves the way towards a bright future.

Learning about all the lies in the past is not a solid foundation for a true progress of humanity. I have seen it in Eastern Europe, as the bitter truth about their forged past only paralyses the people and they are unable to create anything new and positive. This can be seen even now with most new agers who are unable to envision a bright new reality because they are so depressed by their knowledge that humans have been pawns of dark sinister forces all the time during their long incarnation cycle on this toxic planet.

Therefore, I firmly believe that such revelations about past atrocities and lies that will make the people feel guilty, mad, insignificant – in other words, like shit – must be supported by a new, bright and promising perspective. And the Universal Law (UL) and its new theory is the only existing new revolutionary alternative of true human thinking that will help the people overcome the impending crisis and look confident into the future. Dealing with negative issues does not empower the people to create what they desire as any creation must be carried by positive, optimistic feelings.

The introduction of the new theory of the UL will not only render this intellectual foundation that will be a huge leap in awareness for the entire human species, but it will also bring about new technologies that can only be implemented after humanity has shown that it understands the all-inclusive, holistic character of the new theory of the UL (e.g., that there are no real enemies in this artificial illusory incarnation drama but only distorted dark individuals that need healing and our help; read also “Defeating Others is not a Part of the Shift“).

Humans must show that they have grown up mentally and emotionally sufficiently as not to misuse these new technologies as this has happened in the past in Lemuria and Atlantis and has led to their destruction. By the way, the Arcturians also talked about this topic a few days ago and said that they are sending codes that will prevent this negative trend from the past when people awaken for their true reality this year.

No Repeats of Lemuria & Atlantis 

Lemuria, Atlantis, E.T.s & New Timelines 

I am expanding on this topic now as thus I am co-creating the ascension scenario that is about to unfold very soon in a conscious and logical manner and I hope that all revelations, which will have initially a negative impact on humanity as also the Arcturians anticipate in this message, will begin with the good news of the UL, which is the greatest creation of the human mind in this incarnation cycle of 26 000 years. Just as I was the first human being to transcend this reality and move through layers and dimensions of dense and higher realities and ascend to 9D on January 12th, 2019 as I experienced it during daytime and in a lucid dream state and as the Elohim confirmed twice to Carla thereafter. These are not separate events, but are closely linked to the upcoming tsunami of revelations that will sweep over humanity; these dramatic events will have to be moulded by the positive aspects of the new theory of the UL in order to ensure a smooth transition of humanity to the new 5D earth.

By the way, I experienced a similar situation in Bulgaria in 1997 when I presented the UL in Sofia at a time when the economic and social crisis after the collapse of the communist order had reached its peak in my country and this distressing condition prepared the people to accept willingly the new theory as a viable and welcome alternative. I was hindered in this noble effort later on by the dark ones who were first surprised by and unprepared for my incentive but then quickly summoned their stooges in the Bulgarian Academy of Science and blocked the promulgation of the new theory of the UL at all levels in my native country.

But at the beginning all the scientists and other people I talked to were very positively surprised by the discovery of the UL as presented in my popular book which was a bestseller at that time in Bulgaria and their response was very genuine and affirmative. In a certain way, I have already had my dress rehearsal for what is going to happen very soon on a global scale and I feel within my energetic fields that this time of true revelations at all levels – science, religion and past history – is now approaching fast. There cannot be any one-sided revelations only restricted to the negative past of humankind – this very depressing knowledge must be counter-balanced by the new theory of the UL that opens a bright future for all the people who want to awaken and embrace this advanced world view and thus eventually ascend in the foreseeable future.

And with this positive note I end my elaboration…

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and in particular my personal comments below this message which highlight the connection between the huge plasma portal on August 21st, 2017, when the transition of earth and humanity to 5D earth was initiated, and the upcoming partial lunar eclipse portal on January 21st, which, according to the Andromedans, completes this final ascension cycle of 1.5 years and introduces the new expanded, multidimensional awareness on the earth, which will be our manifested ascension.

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