Ahnahmar From Agartha: Your Italian Portal to Shambala, Agartha and New Raetia is Ready

A Message and a Q&A Session on Our Impending Ascension and Quantum Shift

Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, October 30, 2018



This summer we connected to the Arcturians one more time and got some personal messages, which I have not published so far as I was waiting for the ascension process to reach its final stage. We have now reached this critical threshold as reported yesterday. Why am I talking here about the Arcturians when I announced the Agarthans in the title? Because the two ascended civilisations are very closely connected and we have incarnations in both of them. While the Arcturians are supervising the final ascension phase from the 9th dimension, the Agarthans are helping us manifest the cities of light, New Raetia in Italy and New Lemuria in Vancouver, about which we have reported so much in the last three years. Essentially, we are now merging the Surface Earth with the Inner Earth of the Agartha Network which is an ascended civilisation from the 5th (Telosians, New Lemurians) to the 7th dimension (Hyperboreans). We have had contact with both civilisations in the past and have published a few messages from them on this website.

This summer we received, among others, personal messages from the Arcturians that elucidated in more detail the private aspects of our impending ascension.  On August 6th, 2018 they channelled a personal message for me through Daniela as we began with our close cooperation with the Arcturians and the Andromedans in this final ascension phase. On that particular day I was hit by a very heavy wave and was somewhat down, so that I needed the Arcturian consolation:

“Dear brother, we know that this situation is trying you a lot, we want to reassure you that everything is constantly followed by us and the higher realms. Do not worry about anything, everything is already prepared and established, this your personal situation is not just a three-dimensional situation, it is much more.

Every step you take we are always with you, within you and close to you, we are working so that everything goes on to achieve the best result.


What you and Carla personally do for yourselves will SWEEP all over the Universe and like a cascade will reverberate into the new world of 5D. Imagine and see everything already resolved, see Carla near you on the side where she usually stands (to my right side) and envision you two together here and wherever you go.

A big party awaits you in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), your hometown, whose city of light is now very extensive throughout the Bulgarian territory and beyond (probably the entire Balkans). (Daniela: I see many people around you, there are also the  Arcturians and there is a big party.)

It is all divinely guided and resolved.

At the same time the Arcturians send us regularly information through Daniel Scranton who is a very clear messenger and channels everyday. Most of the messages he receives and publishes on his website address topics and developments which we have discussed a few days earlier or even the same day. Thus we know beyond any doubt that there is a close and constant information flow between this source and our personal higher dimensional sources.

Fast forward two months later, on October 8th, Daniel published this important announcement of the Arcturians (E.T.s Meeting with Spiritual Leaders):

“We have been the biggest supporters of sending a group of extra-terrestrial beings to meet with the spiritual leaders that you have on your world, and we know that this is going to happen at some point to further the full open contact agenda. We recognize the significance of certain individuals, who we will not name, in terms of their ability to share their experiences with all of you and to help those who are still on the fence about the whole extra-terrestrial thing.

We immediately attuned to this message and got a confirmation from the Arcturians that we will be these spiritual leaders, with which the ETs will first establish contact for many obvious reasons that have been extensively discussed on this website.

Then on October 13th, the Arcturians specified again through Daniel that the first contact with ETs will be with the Agarthans from the Inner Earth who are our brothers and sisters from our previous incarnations in Lemuria, which still exist and thrive in the simultaneity of All-That-Is. This is very important to observe. Here is the full message of the Arcturians through Daniel (The Beings Under the Surface):

“We have extended ourselves out to the beings that are very interested in connecting with all of you, and these beings are living underneath the surface of your planet. They are a bit more advanced than those of you on the surface, and they have a lot to share.

We have connected with them because we have our own perspective on how best to begin the integration process with them. We know that your introduction to them will be the beginning of a unified planet Earth, one without borders, and certainly one that is ready for full, open extra-terrestrial contact.

First, you need to make this connection. Many of you are aware of the beings that we are speaking about, and you have reached out to them. They are aware of those of you who are reaching out, and they are doing their best to respond in a way that you can understand. They are highly perceptive and intuitive, and they have their own form of spirituality, which they will also be able to share with all of you on the surface.

Now, we are referring to all of the beings underneath the surface as ‘they,’ but really there are several different groups, and these groups need to be united as well. By connecting with all of you on the surface, they will take a step forward towards their unification, and you will all follow their lead. We are very excited to see all of this play out and to see how much you will advance just from connecting to them and being activated by their high vibrations.

They will also be able to share the Earth’s true history with you, and you will all be able to sense their sincerity and the veracity of what they are sharing. We are confident that they are going to heed our advice and make this connection on a physical level in a way that serves all parties involved. We are very fond of them, as they are of us, and we are of you. This creates a bond that will help to unify all of the beings on the surface and underneath the surface of planet Earth.”

These presentations fitted very well into the ascension scenario upon which I was elaborating at that time, in particular with regard to how the revelations about the true history of humanity will be made available to the masses and will not go under as this is happening in the present-day medial chaos, where a lot of revelations are made and immediately forgotten by the people as they have a memory span of a goldfish, to quote Alex Jones.  I was contemplating at that time that humanity needs a new advanced form of interactive means of communication that connects directly to the Akasha Chronic and display at personal wish holographic images and true information about any phase and aspect of the history of mankind, which will be completely independent of the current MSM and the Internet and cannot be censored as this is the case now with all social media.

When I read this message I knew that this is a positive feedback from the Arcturians about my thoughts as to how to awaken and enlighten humanity effectively without relying on the old matrix and its inefficient digital means of communication. This has always bothered me. The Arcturians then confirmed that the Agarthans will help us a lot in organizing the upcoming revelations by providing humanity with their highly advanced means of communication. This new technology will also promote the quick propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law.

The same day the Agarthans came to us and established again contact after they have been silent since the summer of 2014 when they had ascended to much higher levels of the 5th dimension and Telos under Mt. Shasta ceased to exist. There were some fraudulent channellers that continued to invent messages in the name of Adama, but the truth is that the Telosians, as part of Agartha, vanished from the ether for four years until they first established telepathic contact with Carla in August this year.

As you see, a lot is happening at the energetic front behind the veil and if I have refrained from reporting that much regularly as in the past, it is because most of it is private information and we are obliged to preserve the element of surprise which is a key psychological aspect in the current ascension scenario. But as the events are now unfolding with breathtaking velocity, I am sharing here some confidential information with you in order to boost your morale.

As the Agarthans tell us in their latest message, we are now ascending and transforming our physical bodies by flooding them with high frequency photonic energies in our cells that are activated by positive thoughts and feelings and thus create the crystalline light body. These ascension energies are incompatible with any ideas, features and dark feelings of separation which are obsolete human fears. This should be an esoteric truism for all of you.

Since October 13th, the Agarthans are all the time around us and take us regularly to Shambala to upgrade our crystalline light bodies and to provide us with new codes of ascension which we then disseminate in the human population. The last upgrade about which we reported in our previous message was particularly intense and was associated with a global frequency shift of Gaia. Since yesterday we are moving very rapidly through timelines and we notice this by seeing clearly how the air gets dense and opaque on the streets and is filled with infinite particles that are oscillating with very high frequency, so that all physical forms, such as houses and traffic vehicles, also undulate and are beginning to lose their physical density and solidity. At the same time the air seems to have a reduced amount of oxygen as our breathing becomes very heavy and difficult as if we are climbing a very high mountain peak (This is most probably due to the fact that we had temporarily descended to much lower timelimes with a poor quality of the air as this has happened to us in the past. As I write below in the Addendum, we had a massive MPR on all lower timelines combined together yesterday and the whole night which can be considered the final major cleansing of Gaia before her impending quantum shift.)

This observation is given as a side note, just to illustrate all the unusual phenomena we now experience daily and herald the upcoming quantum shift, which Ahnahmar from Agartha then announced in a comprehensive message and a Q&A session to Carla on October, the 15th. Initially we were hesitant to publish this message as we were awaiting how the events will unfold in the subsequent time. But since yesterday we know that we have definitely entered the final ascension phase and from now on anything is possible and can happen anytime, because linear time is an illusion as we discussed at length one more time with the PAT a few days ago.

And here is the message from Ahnahmar from the Inner Earth Agartha, which Carla received on the beach when the weather was still warm and pleasant (Now we have heavy rain three days in a row which is very unusual for this part of Italy.):

Greetings Beings of Ascended Light! We are so happy to connect with you today. We are the Agarthans and it is Ahnahmar who is speaking with you now.  

In answer to your thought, yes, Telos has ascended. This is indeed correct. It is also true that we informed you of our arrival at the mountain (in August), but we actually did not “ascend” there – it is simply you who ascended to a higher reality that held the form of Mount B. in your human experience, as this was an expectation of yours coming from the human self.

We are overjoyed to meet with you today. It is our fervent desire to reach out to you now to bring forth new connections and new information. You have been strategically placed in the country called Italy because it creates an alignment that is necessary for the integration with our City of Light to your highest frequencies.

Your City of Light, you call New Raetia, is within the parameters of alignment with our inner City of Light we call Shambala. You have made great progress since our first meeting, in 2013, and this has created much clarity and deep healing for you.  We are so happy that you undertook this inner self-exploration for it is true that many, many people cannot create this situation, nor follow through with it for themselves.  But you have done it!  And it shall serve you!

It is our joy to see that your work has brought you closer to the City of Light, Shambala.  Try to attune yourself to this energetic field on a regular basis – every day is best – as there will unfold a beautiful connection to this reality. Each time you attune, either during sleep time or meditation time, you shall be met by us and specific energetic codes shall be given to you for their integration and re-cycling into those you will meet in your immediate reality. The energetic codes will create a stabilization for the ascending reality. It is your reality that is ascending, as we are not able to descend any further. Upon reaching the correct frequency level, there shall be a quantum shift. The quantum shift creates energetic openings and alignments that result in the reality’s alignment.  

There is still some time required to meet the energetic requirements needed for a quantum shift and we know you are patient and capable of taking care of the finer details.  We will connect again with you.  Thank you for your dedication to this great project into the Light.”

October 15th 5:00 pm, at the apartment

Q and A Session

Q: “Who are you and what is your position in Agartha?

A: I am Ahnahmar and I am on the Council of Elders for Agartha.

Q: Will the quantum shift be a global event?

A: The quantum shift is a global event, it takes place/ originates from “Italy”, as this is the highest vibration (location) on the planet now in this moment.  North America is falling in frequency due to extreme judgment for which there is no recovery. This means there are extremely low vibrations/ vibratory actions taking place there.

It is the case that Italy and some other European nations (I see Croatia, Austria, southern Germany, and others) carry the energy of “Live and let live” – this forms the basis of their expanded consciousness and which is so important to the mission of the integration of the New Lemurian mission.

The quantum shift is global and will affect pockets of societies.  The highest frequency societies shift first and yes, of course, there are individuals who shall shift, but there will also be whole societies that shall emerge victorious into the Light.

The Cities of Light shall manifest before those (people) of the highest frequency, who have done their successful inner work and who can hold a constant, steady frequency that will support their shift fully. 

This shift will be characterized by experiences that will run the gamut from knowing nothing to knowing everything. This means the experience will not be fully available to all in the present moment, and it may be the case where some shall not notice anything, where some shall notice some minor changes and those perhaps on a more subconscious level, and some still will live and experience the full change.  

The Cities of Light therefore will not manifest before all of humanity; the humans involved in the quantum shift shall move to the City of Light Shambala.

We are Agarthans, the Hyperboreans are at a higher frequency than we. They oversee the beauty of the Ascension but do not direct it or take part in the reveal/connection to the ascending humanity – their frequency is higher than ours and therefore they will not drop in frequency to meet humanity either.  The Hyperboreans have a supporting role to the Agarthans – they are an indirectly supporting group.

Q: What is the connection to the Arcturians?

A: The connection is to the Great White Brotherhood and the Galactic Federation and where there are overlapping roles, constructs and regulations/laws for peaceful expansion into the light.

This is a unity field of consciousness within which we all interact. Now that you have entered the Unity Field (I am shown the Magenta Ray at this point), you are automatically a member of our Councils that are taking part in this great unification with the Source of Creation and with all Beings of Light.

Once again, thank you for your loving diligence and dedication to the Light.”  

Thank you dear Ahnahmar, with love, Carla”

Finally, we had a significant frequency shift during the last two days that was triggered by massive downloads of Source energies and visitations of ourselves to the capital of Agartha, Shambala in order to upgrade our crystalline light bodies and bring new codes of ascension to this earth, as reported yesterday

As it has been a tradition for more than a year, the Arcturians were quick to confirm this massive shift in Daniel’s latest message (An Energy Surge):

“We are exploring the possibility for humanity to experience a wonderful energy surge from the Earth’s core. The Earth is a being, just as much as she is a planet, and just as we look for opportunities to give you what it is that we feel you need, so does your Earth. She is also always looking for ways to help, and right now there’s a great deal of consideration going on within Earth’s consciousness.

We can of course communicate with her, and we have been. We have been making our suggestions, and she has been taking them into consideration. And so, at this time, there is a lot of discussion about an energy surge. Now, this energy surge would be something that not everyone would feel, but it would impact every single person on the planet and every single being living in the oceans and underneath the surface of the planet. It would of course affect the plants and animals as well….”

Please, observe that the presentation of this energy surge by the Arcturians is, in fact, the quantum shift which Ahnahmar announced to us a few days earlier and which I have been explaining for many years from the position of the new physical theory of the Universal Law. Essentially, it will be a phase transition from one aggregated energetic state into a completely new energetic one. Here I am using the same words which the Agarthans used in a message they gave to me in 1997 when they first announced my future ascension and my role in demonstrating this kind of transfiguration to humanity in order to convince the people that they are immortal multidimensional beings and that their biological beingness as human species is just a tiny fraction of their infinite energetic structure as unlimited creator beings.


In the evening of October 29th and all the night into October 30th, there was a massive magnetic pole reversal on all remaining lower timelines that were merged together and destroyed. We experienced it in the 3D as a violent tempest with heavy rain and wind gusts of up to 80 – 100 km where we live and also in most parts of Italy that caused extensive floodings and numerous victims. This is the ultimate cleansing that will prepare Gaia and humanity for the final quantum shift. We did a powerful invocation and stabilized Gaia’s fields, so that the worst impact was avoided. In the coming days we will know more about this extreme energetic event of gargantuan proportions.

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