The “White Rose”* Prophets of the Shadowlands

How to Scrape the Bottom of the 3D Matrix in Order to Ascend

Brad Barber, September 17, 2018

A Great article, and a Great Comeback! Thank you, Brad!

* “White Rose” – read also my comments on this movement against the Nazi in Munich in this energy report of the PAT – George

Dear George,

Thank you for the timing of the love and emotion discussion.  I have so much respect for the zone of greatness.

It’s been a couple of years since I wrote anything intended for your site as we both decided that the discussions had reached all limitations of necessity. But yet still there is this wish to have people such as Paul Craig Roberts and the Saker respond as we know that this level of being is most likely the key to flipping the discussion in the proper direction.  Focus is the key to all of this. And emotion.

I’m here in the heart of the Shadowlands.  Denver, Colorado of the good ol’ US of A.  If you start from the early 90’s, Denver has actually experienced greater price appreciation in real estate than Silicone Valley (for further information on the connotation of this term see “silicone breasts“).  Most know that the secret installations of so many things government exist here and the airport is actually now making jokes about the New World Order and the lizards (a very important article and a must read, N.B. George).

Denver is the center of the New World Order efforts (or their last throes… as you like it). The construction on infrastructure here is unreal when so many cities in the US are struggling so severely.  The beautiful people are moving in way too fast. From Chicago. From California in droves. Most of the ones from further East came for the legal weed as their new business.  We are progress.  The weather.  The mountains.  Skiing.  Camping.  Biking.  Animals.  Getting high and slightly swerving in your car to make the roads move with your brain.  George, as you noted so well in 2016, we even voted for Hillary.

Man you should see Cherry Creek.  It used to be this boutique retail area with amazing artists, but now it’s a giant banking center with a mega mall and people get the great opportunity to pay for parking. The image. The image. And then again, just an image. But we are so great here.  We’re the best ever, maybe.

All of this makes me just love Sophie Scholl more and more.  What beautiful commentary on the Nazis!  What a Goddess!

I’ve written a lot about this on  But even the press was no longer a fit publisher for my work that was mainly on economics but tied heavily to metaphysical and Universal Law discussions.  For the proper reasons, however.  Here in the US, not one thing has changed in that time.  The discussion on Economics grew tiring and unloved by the metaphysical crowd, but there is zero market for metaphysical economic writers in the economic crowd.

Why is economics so important?  Besides the obvious with money, we get what we focus and invest in.  Especially the macroeconomics.  Micro can be affected in so many ways.  Everyone I know tells me they are a good spiritual person, but the economic system they are using is designed to produce pure evil and I can’t make one new friend in this country discussing it. I thank God for the couple of old friends I do have to discuss this and it led to a great friendship with Dr. George “the Mack Daddy” Stankov and Carla.  That’s way more than I need to battle this bullshit.

My articles I used to write were so loaded with info that one sentence was enough to discuss for months with different people.  The bigger problem here is that words no longer work.  My good friend is in technology sales and he has said that a 45 to 90 second video is the max that someone can handle before you lose them. E-mails are completely out. Many studies show that three sentences is about all you get in before losing half of your audience.  So doesn’t that make me writing this article incredibly stupid?

The break on writing the past two years didn’t fill the hole. I wrote five movies with pictures and soundtracks for people to listen to, so that they could picture in their own mind what Universal Law may look like and channel their higher selves in the process.  They were a five movie set to enable ascensionary energetics and short circuit the brutality of the ego chase of the US.  I think the Bible says that channeling is pure evil somewhere (condemned as “tongue speaking” in St. Paul’s epistles, note, George).  Mostly correct, but…. Jesus this place is so mentally screwed.

Overall, the United States people are being viewed mostly improperly by the world.  The United States people are not leaders. They are amazing responders. Even back in World War II the US was passive until Pearl Harbor. That’s when so many amazing people devoted their lives to the cause that was such an epic lie. Most of the baby boomers are still so stuck in the beauty of life in the 50’s, completely unbeknownst to the horrific takeover by complete evil of every cause that was either in existence or created to deal with the aftermath of World War II. Very few want to see that the 50’s was really the only one decade in modern history that a swath of common people anywhere in human history benefited so grandly.  They were paid handsomely.  Then comes the infamous love and light failure which affects my day everyday here so grandly.

Since words don’t work and people have a 52 second maximum attention span, I looked to pictures to move forward.  Seeing the impending lock down of information on the internet that is currently taking place, I decided to produce my art that explained all this on t-shirts, so I could create a quick visual journey to Universal Law.  It’s not so easy but symbols have so much power over society that I better provide and epic display of transcending physics or I better make some t-shirts for the time being. Hence the t-shirts.

After the current discussion on disappointment in some people, I can only respond to the need by stating that hole not being met is the image being portrayed.  The prophets do exist that we look for, but they lie in the images of ascension.  The true display will be a visual affirmation of what we know to be true.  All of science proves higher dimensionality, then this hellhole is the only possible path of movement away from, as I can’t even come up with a word for how low this has stooped. Words won’t work as they already exist. In perfection.

Language of the linear variety of any country blows. They all suck and barely anything gets conveyed properly. Even just saying “with love and light” creates such interesting anger at the audacity that you would say it like all those crazy pompous new age freaks.  See, where are you going to find an article like this. That is why I have zero new friends after I met George (Brad, I hope you don’t put the blame on me), but I keep pushing to lay this world to waste and show the beauty that is there.

Spirituality doesn’t want this reality and reality doesn’t want true spirituality. I want to hand people books on the Universal Law more often but they contain so many prefaces of ascension taking place by 2012 that I lose people in the first page. I have to explain how it all truly works with no existence of time and creation and these are people who, all they want to know, is the new running back of the Broncos.  I even helped the discussions on the Astral Currency and fully believe in everything said in regards to the article, but I have to tell Paul Craig Roberts I can conjure up gold.

I have sent discussions to all the greatest thinkers I can find in the US. Nothing! Crickets!  But I am the only person I know in the United States that can logically combine the full machinations of the economic system with Universal Law and the reasons for why things are the way they are and have experienced a full soul descent.  The soul orgasm experience was fascinating.  Poutine with George was up there. Love your wife.

So I spent this whole year creating to be the prophets I so badly needed to communicate around here. During any conversation that is appropriate, I can just post a picture that ties to the whole shebang.

The core of the project began with “Kobayashi Marooned”.  This is taken from an old Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk was presented with a simulation that couldn’t be won.  What did he do? He broke into the simulation and rewired it so that it could be won. This is everyone’s situation here and they can’t speak it. The eyes of the Dollar Bill see it all of course.

Many people are beginning to discuss the simulation and have caught many people’s attention from the political process.  Mike Cernovich, the GOP alt right dude, speaks of it all the time along with Scott Adams who has the attention of so many Conservatives.  Even Kanye West has mentioned it on Twitter. But how do they answer this? By pushing dragon energy and Gorilla Mindset on how to create your reality.  Let’s blow this ego bigger people!  Nice work!  Closer, at least….

Many people respond well to this at art shows I did and buy the t-shirt but I have to be present with what it means. Many people who are Trek fans buy this just because it’s Star Trek related.  The great part of this is so many people ask me what the name means and all they have to do is type “Kobayashi M” into Google and it explains it.  People won’t even do that these days.

The sways on right left economics between supposed capitalism and socialism is mind numbing. The number of people turning to Socialism concepts now is staggering as is expected, but we all know how many people will die heading that direction. The MAGA maggots are enough to puke and that is where the dragon energy Gorillas end up. The best I could come up with to picture this was with She Guevara.

The only revolution economically that will work is one with the Earth included as well as your true infinite multidimensional nature as a creator being.  It begins with Infinite.  I always get to discuss Universal Law with this image, though.  I love the Earth in the face, but many women buy it just because it says “She”.  I had one younger Native American woman buy the shirt and she said she thought my project was the greatest thing on this Earth.  She was nearly crying.  I never heard from her again even though I gave here all my available contacts and social media.  Zero follow through from tears and epic appreciation.  I feel bad for musicians these days with these type of reactions.

You can tell what the Ponzi scheme has in store for you in the US by what’s filling the huge empty spaces in retail. In 2005 and 2006 all the dollar stores went crazy with leasing and buildout. I negotiated many leases with them. Biggest assholes ever. Family Dollar had the audacity to want me to pay them to be in a building we owned because they knew we needed a tenant. I told ’em to take a hike. They were probably right. These stores, being built out, preceded the poverty levels skyrocketing in the US along with the worst inequality of all time.  Much of the inequality is produced in the real estate market with the highest percentage of income going to rent in the US of all-time. Home Depot helped this fraud develop, so I had a little fun with my next band that educates the world on inequality and its true design to thrive here.

Home of the Poor bitches!!!!  I love wearing this shirt to raise hell here.  “But it’s such a lovely place”  I was part of a negotiated  lease with Home Depot too. Anyone’s better than the guys at Dollar Tree.  Or the City of Lakewood.

America has lost its soul. Now it’s trying to save its body.”  – George Carlin

Many huge grocery stores have gone out of business with the centralization of the poison, of wait, I mean the food industry.  There are huge space available everywhere.  Guess what they are getting filled with?  Nothing worse than discount gyms.  Huge discount fitness centers and the number of people in them is staggering.  Are you getting the hint there my pretties?  You best get your poor ass in shape or the Commie regime might just conveniently make you disappear. Think of sweating out on a stairclimber all day while being in Caracas and waiting at the ATM for 175 million pesos to buy a cup of coffee.

Along with the terrible coffee, Starbucks is synonymous with the elitist Pilates people who take the fitness thing way too far.  I don’t mind muscly women but you don’t have to be that aggressive all the time, do you?  The healthcare system is an obvious wreck but the main point of it all is keeping the sheep sedated. The number of ways this is being done is horrifying, so I simplified it by using the multiple metaphored “Pill Lattes” shirt.


This one has been complimented so many times.  The main point of it though was turning the Starbucks mermaid into Nurse Ratchet.  The planetary nurse applying the medicine through whatever means necessary.  Anything to not let me select the easier visual option of ascension and apply it.

Speaking of planetary nets, “Ascenshunned” hits the proper nerve and has been the favorite of many.  I did a yellow and a black and white version.  Not sure which is my favorite.

The horrific part is I actually negotiated some of the leases to put towers on a few centers we owned a while back.  They seem like such easy money in the bank to owners of property.  The new 5-G ones are a horror story though and make Israeli policing policies look nice. Welcome to the net of pain, my friends.

This always gets back to focus. The image here is so distorted that it’s near impossible to get anyone to focus.  And ascension may as well be the name of the DeLorean that Michael J. Fox used in “Back to the Future”.  It is obvious that all efforts to ignore the impending issues will not be met with success.  I discussed many times the effort to seek the infinite grail in the finite hellhole and how each attempt to gain comfort would lead to failure.  I’m watching it happen every moment around here.  For this ailment, we have “The Holy Fail”.

This is a lot of people’s favorite.  The image being painted is not the one you need to be swayed by.  The issue is not how you measure your bank account, but the actual measurement of the status of your cellular structure.  You can’t fake that number, but you sure as hell can print some cash.

The next biggest failing image is that of insane monetary policy.  The might Fed is about to fail.  There is a global currency crisis underway, but a few too many in the South American countries that are flailing are parking their money in US Dollars.  The US Dollar is, after all the bullshit and lies we’ve listened to the past few years, back to a precarious failure spot.

This is from Gary Savage who has been the single best person at calling the world’s economic direction the last few years.  The official signal after the high of 103 is that the dollar has begun its terminal death – apoptosis. We all know that it’s coming, but that’s what it takes to get focus around here.  If I want a change of physics, something of focus has to take place.  I know what I’ve been told it’s going to be, but then again there is the reality I’ve had to deal with.  We can discuss monetary mayhem all day again, but that’s why our band “The Bit Funk All Stars” exists.  They are the prophets who handle that department.

Notice the bitcoin has electrical hair and we all know that’s the best way to shut that off.  Nothing competes with Astral Currency in theory, but theory has been very painful.  I listened to a discussion by Nassim Taleb regarding Greek vs. Roman and theory v. practice.  He came to the conclusion to go Roman because it’s best to get results with your actions like doing powerlifts each day to build core strength.  That’s a great discussion because great theory has been so painful for a long time, but if going Roman produces pure evil, as it does today, then that is a terrible decision. Nassim is considered one of the greats out there. Another on bites the dust.

The entire Eastern Hemisphere has loaded up on gold and is prepared for the last Hurrah of the US. Turkey is rightly blaming the financial terrorism of the US and gold is saving their butts. Right now, with all of this madness, there has never been a more negative outlook on precious metals in recorded history in the Western banking system.  There has never been less volatility on the 10 year US Treasury than at any time in history.  Holy crap that is astounding.

But Dr. Stankov’s articles on love and emotions explain exactly why.  And again his timing is so perfect. The monetary system has been rigged to shut off people’s ability to feel the emotions they should be experiencing. The algorithms are programmed to go opposite what should enflame true emotional response. All the fire alarms have been shut off.  The system has had all metaphors of love removed and the hatred towards gold is only a hatred towards the truth, peace, and ascension. The fear of those in power everywhere is that they may have to feel what it truly means to be alive.

Speaking of, it’s nice to see Bloomberg admit the truth:

I theorized years ago in several articles that the dark I see at work in everyone, everywhere would try to monetize and own ascension. Just last week, for only the second time, the banks are long in the gold and silver market. The first was right after the new “economics of terrorism” were being installed, after it was obvious long before 1999 that a new path would be taken.  The banks currently own ascension (in their minds of any physical effort and way to do so) and any move forward out of here is an admission of failure of their intentionally ill-fated policies.

There again is that focus.

This is why all the investment has gone into technology in an attempt to save their ass. We all know this, but can they handle the best band in the universe, “Space Fraudyssey”?

Just turn the technology off, right Dave?  I’ll give a free shirt to whoever figures out what 25.80 means.

It’s really a shame it has had to come to pictures with all of the wonderful books that are available. But then again, what would we expect.

With Love and Light,


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