Open Letter to All Scientists on This Planet – Accept the Universal Law or Vanish

– International Edition –

Dr. Georgi Stankov, September 25, 2018

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This letter announcing the existence of the new integrated physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law was sent personally to 10,000 physicists worldwide in the month of June 2017. It is crucial to document this fact at this place as we must assume that the physicists will reject this revolutionary discovery in science and human knowledge and will resort to their usual deliberate silence driven by their unprocessed basic fears of survival that condition them to social cowards with a very limited intellectual ability and lack of any moral responsibility and ethical principles.

Modern science claims to have a monopoly on the truth about nature and has become a modern religion of utter agnosticism based on the worshiping of empty empiricism and the development of numerous meaningless and contradictory hypotheses that cannot explain the magic of life. The reason for this cognitive ignorance of all scientists and their new religion of empirical dogmas is that they reject the true nature of energy = space-time = All-That-Is = the Primary Term of human consciousness, from which the Universal Law and its entire theory is derived:

All-That-Is is conscious, continuous energy, it is unlimited, omniscient, creative awareness and we human beings are a particular and very insignificant system of it.

In essence, modern empirical science eliminated God from human thinking while scientists became the new caste of rogue pastors who preach total ignorance and the negation of the soul and the only relevant fact in life – that humans are unlimited creator beings of this and any other reality in the multiverse.

For that reason when the new theory of the Universal Law will be introduced on this planet in the course of this year “from the position of immortality”, as announced on this website many years ago, it will lead to the total demolition of the “hypertrophied scientific ego” of all self-proclaimed scientific preachers of false knowledge, so that the entire structure of their fake science that negates God’s proof will be also abolished once and for all. It will not be allowed that the scientists will come up as usual with their cowardly excuses, that they did not know about the discovery of the Universal Law more than 20 years ago. They will be ruthlessly exposed for their effort to bury, with all conceivable means, its propagation and revealed as false prophets of a dogmatic “godless” system of fake empirical knowledge that only leads to total ignorance and suppression of the human spirit and hinders the evolution of humanity.

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Open Letter

Dear Sir,

Modern physics is, to use a popular modern term, essentially “fake science” and so is mathematics since 1931 when the famous Austrian mathematician Kurt Goedel showed beyond any doubt with his famous incompleteness theorem (in Über formal unentscheidbare Sätze der “Principia Mathematica” und verwandter Systemethat mathematics cannot prove its own validity as a hermeneutic discipline of abstract human thinking with its own means. Since then mathematics, and together with it all exact natural sciences that use mathematics as a tool to describe nature in terms of natural laws and mathematical models, exist in the famous Foundation Crisis of Mathematics and Science (Grundlagenkrise der Mathematik).

I hope you as a theoretician are well aware of this fact and consider it in your research. I say that because most scientists have swept this unpleasant truth with a huge broom under the carpet of total forgetfulness and live as innocent sinners in their self-afflicted illusion, called “physics” and “human science”.

Present-day physics is in big troubles as the standard model cannot explain most of the phenomena observed. It is unable to integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces and there is no theory of gravitation at all. This deficiency is well-known.

I made a survey on the main focus of research activities of ca. 1000 representative physicists worldwide as they presented themselves on their personal websites and found out that more than 60% of all physicists have dedicated their theoretical activities on improving or substituting the standard model which is still considered, out of inertia and lack of viable alternative solutions, to be the pinnacle of modern physics, incorporating classical quantum mechanics, QED and QCD with the theory of relativity, but not classical mechanics.

This is the most convincing proof that the standard model is “fake science” and that it must be substituted as it does not explain anything. It is very encouraging that the majority of physicists and scientists (theoreticians and mathematicians) understand and accept this stark and shocking fact.

When the Nobel Prize Committee awarded in 2015

Takaaki Kajita
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
University of Tokyo, Kashiwa, Japan


Arthur B. McDonald
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Collaboration
Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

for their experimental work showing that neutrinos might have a mass, it had to admit in the press release that:

The discovery led to the far-reaching conclusion that neutrinos, which for a long time were considered massless (?), must have some mass, however small.

For particle physics this was a historic discovery. Its Standard Model of the innermost workings of matter had been incredibly successful, having resisted all experimental challenges for more than twenty years. However, as it requires neutrinos to be massless, the new observations had clearly showed that the Standard Model cannot be the complete theory of the fundamental constituents of the universe.” (for more information read here)

Let me summarize some of the greatest blunders that have been made in physics so far and expose it as “fake science” only because physicists have not realized that their discipline is simply applied mathematics to the physical world and have not employed it appropriately to established axiomatic, formalistic standards. Therefore, before one can reform physics, one should apply rigidly and methodologically the principle of mathematical formalism as first introduced by Hilbert and led, through the famous Grundlagenstreit (Foundation dispute) between the two world wars in Europe, to Goedel’s irrefutable proof of the invalidity of mathematics and the acknowledgement of the Foundation Crisis of mathematics that simmered since the beginning of the 20th century after B. Russell presented his famous paradoxes (antinomies):

1) Neither photons, nor neutrinos are massless particles. Physicists have failed to understand epistemologically their own definition of mass, which is based on mathematics and is in fact  “energy relationship“. All particles and systems of nature have energy and thus mass (for further information read here).

2) This eliminates the ridiculous concept of “dark matter” that accounts for 95% of the total mass in the universe according to the current standard model in cosmology which is another epitome of “fake science” as the recent dispute on the inflation hypothesis not being a real science has truly revealed (read here). The 95% missing matter is the mass of the photon space-time which is now considered to be “massless”. I have shown how one can calculate the mass of photons very easily and from there calculate the mass of matter beginning with the chemical elements (read here  and see Table 1).

In this way one can easily integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces and explain for the first time the mechanism of gravitation by unifying classical mechanics with electromagnetism and quantum mechanics while eliminating the esoteric search for the hypothetical graviton, which is another epic blunder of physics (read here)

3) Charge does not exist. When the current definition of charge is written in the correct mathematical manner, which physicists have failed to do for almost four centuries (actually since Antiquity) since electricity is known, it can be easily shown that charge is a synonym, a pleonasm for “geometric area” and the SI unit 1 coulomb is equivalent to 1 square meter. Unforgivable flaw!

Read hereThe Greatest Blunder of Science: „Electric Charge“ is a Synonym for „Geometric Area

And I can go on and on and list at least 20 further epic blunders of modern physics that make it a “fake science”. At the same time present-day physics can be very easily revised and turned from fake science into true science when one first resolves the foundation crisis of mathematics as I have already done in 1995 with the development of

The New Integrated Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law

With this theoretical foundation I was able to prove that all current distinct physical laws that make up for the confusing stuff of physical textbooks nowadays are derivations and partial applications of one Universal Law of Nature as this was postulated by Einstein (world field equation, Weltformel), H. Weyl (unified field theory), and many other prominent physicists between the two world wars.

Read here: The Universal Law of Nature

Herewith, I strongly recommend you to revise your knowledge on physics which is as false as this science is fake and start with the new introduction into the Theory of Science of the Universal Law which I have just published as an ebook:

An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law – ebook

After you have grasped the basic tenets of the new theory, you can proceed with my scientific books and articles on the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law that reduces physics to applied mathematics:

Let me assure you, with my best intentions, that you have only two options:

1) Outright rejection of my proposal based on prejudices and inappropriate high-esteem which are but a manifestation of personal fears that lead to ignorance or

2) Show discernment, open mind and intellectual curiosity and make a leap in your understanding of Nature.

I have dealt with the first response on the part of conventional scientists for more than 20 years since I published my first book on the Universal Law in 1997 and I am not impressed at all by this kind of stubborn attitude that only afflicts the person that expresses it.

Besides I know beyond any doubt that this year is the year of the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law on a global scale and thus I am making you a great favour to inform you in advance.

Then with the breakthrough of the new theory of the Universal Law nothing will remain the same in science and your allegedly secure position in your scientific institution will be just as ephemeral as the secure election of Hillary Clinton with “more than 95% certainty” as was claimed by the fake MSM. Then believe me, there is no difference between the fake MSM, which with their obvious lies are currently in a free fall, and present-day fake physics and science which will also cease to exist in their present form within the blink of an eye in the course of this year. Exactly like the fake MSM narrative has collapsed within a few weeks before and after the election of Trump, notwithstanding the fact that it has controlled the opinion of the masses for decades, if not centuries. The parallels are striking and that should convince you that your current scientific position is untenable.

It is your choice to accept this unconditional offer of infinite cognitive value or reject it and stay blind for the rest of your life and I hope you make the right choice. In this case I am on your side to help you make this giant leap in human awareness and leave the current condition of cognitive blindness.

Finally I would like to make you aware of my proposal (official announcement) to the international scientific community from July 2014 that is still valid.

With best regards

Dr. Georgi Stankov

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