Introduction to Nystatin

Georgi Stankov, July 13, 2018

Today I experienced a great surprise which is not coincidental as I know my soul and how it operates. While searching for some old publications on my part on the Internet I came across an essay on Nystatin which I do not remember to have written. I found a link to a pdf text of this scientific elaboration from an unknown source:

Introduction to Nystatin, by Georgi Stankov

Obviously my HS made me aware of the importance of this publication at this particular time and urged me to publish it one more time on my website, which I am doing now. Unfathomable are God’s pathways and we are well-advised to follow them when we are urged to do that. Especially in the current End Phase of Ascension.

And here is the German translation of this scientific essay which also discusses the positive role of Nystatin in the LBP. Otfried Weise translated it today with breathtaking speed for which I am very thankful:

Einführung in NYSTATIN

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