A Message From the Night Sky

Patrick Amoroso, June 18, 2018


Foreword – A Message From the Day Sky

Georgi Stankov

In confirmation of the amazing report from Patrick about what he has observed astronomically in the night sky, I would like to present also our observations from the day sky at sunset yesterday evening. But before I do that I would like to expand a little bit on what has happened energetically in the last several days as to explain the unusual optical phenomena we observed in the day sky.

Since we helped the dragons reclaim their mother earth on May 17th, we have been participating in the most fierce and final transgalactic war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness that also affects the earth. This war was raging during the time Carla went to Rome for a second time in early June and then peaked on June 8th when we were made aware of the dark entities from Bilderberg who were gathered in Turin to attack the city of light in Northern Italy by employing their usual dark magic rituals. We wiped them out with a huge vortex of source light and with the help of the benevolent dragons and the forces of light of the Galactic Federation, whose mother ship was hovering over our house on that day. This has been reported so far.

Then the cosmic war between light and darkness intensified one more time on June 12th, at the new moon, when ultimately all the dark entities that had been harboured in human fields, auras and bodies and have caused the downfall of humanity since eons of time were removed from this ascending humanity on this uppermost mother planet and also on all lower timelines that are on the pathway of ascension at a later date. Before that the magnetic energies of the new red giant sun had exposed all these dark entities and this was manifested by the aberrant, irrational, crazy and very nasty behaviour of the human carriers of such dark entities in these days. It is remarkable that this behaviour, which we also encountered first hand, has also been confirmed independently by other light workers who were not that much insightful in the past as for instance James Gilliland writes now in his latest report:

“Hang on we are going through what seems to be a multidimensional hit storm. Almost all the healers I know, light workers, even family members have been seeing what can in most cases be seen as total insanity. People acting like they are possessed or under the influence of something dark. We are all getting a crash course in loving detachment. We are also being pressed to shield up and learn how to clear unseen negative influences. Everything is surfacing, the deep state is being exposed, the lame stream media are proving to be professional pathological liars, friends and family are losing it yet we are not clear on the source (?) (Dear James, this is the result of the magnetic energies of the new red giant sun that eliminated all old energies as Astraea et Amora explain. No dark entities will be allowed to enter Eden: start reading our website to learn the truth behind the current events. Note, George). It seems to be coming from multiple sources….”

Then on June 13th, this earth went through another massive shift and many lower timelines were destroyed in a nuclear catastrophe. I experience such terrible episodes in the same manner by getting all of a sudden a very intense cc-wave that causes excruciating headache and fever in my body while my body elemental is in shock and searches in vain for a place to hide. On that day we saw a huge nuclear mushroom above the sea horizon that began to expand and to grow in height and stayed there during the whole day. Unfortunately we forgot to make a picture of it, but after all why deal with such negative events we have witnessed so many times in the past when we severed lower timelines of destruction from the ascending earth. After all, this is the fuel for the ascension of Gaia and humanity.

The next day, on June 14th, the bad rainy weather which is so atypical for this part of Italy was swept away with a cosmic broom and the crystalline glistening sky was smiling at us. We had ascended very high and this continued until today. This massive ID shift was even registered by other light workers who are otherwise not so savvy as to what is actually happening energetically with Gaia and humanity in these days.

On June 16th, we had our regular light session with Julia. Among many valuable pieces of information, the most impressing vision from her was when she was shown the vastness, actually Infinity, of our ascension portal that now encompasses the entire Italy and much of Europe. She continued rotating her arms driven by spirit who showed her and us optically, in the absence of a better expression, the greatness of our portal and Julia had to admit that she had never seen anything so powerful before. She was stunned. She saw 12 ascension portals around the globe arranged in a divine order, but none of them had the vastness of our portal and was connected to Infinity as our Italian stargate of ascension. She also saw the city of light as an already existing quantum structure awaiting to manifest.

Then on June 17th we visited the neighbouring place, which is a mundane resort 5 km away to the east from where we live. We were told the previous day that our healing and spiritual 5D-centre will be located above this place in the beautiful valley behind the resort that is spreading on the gentle hills covered with olive groves and up into the steep mountains to the north. Carla was told by the Elohim that this is “sacred land”. Indeed, the vibrations on that day were so high and rarefied that we already felt the bliss of the 5th dimension, while sitting on the sand beach, swimming in the warm water, and being caressed by the gentle breeze of this ancient sea.

Back home we were hit by the most sublime ascension wave we have ever experienced so far and had to lie down and have a long nap. During this nap I was paralysed and could only feel how my body began to levitate. In her light session Julia had made a forecast that soon we shall begin to levitate and I remembered her words while lying motionless in bed and witnessing how my body dissolved into a powerful energetic field and began to hover in the air. Carla had a similar sensation.

In the evening we sat on the balcony and witnessed a very unusual demarcation line parallel to the physical horizon line of the sea. At that moment the Elohim told Carla that this is the end of our world and beyond this line lies the descending 3D earth. We have ascended so high on a personal 5D-platform that we now live in a huge bubble that seems to encompass the old earth as we know it, while we are actually fully immersed into the 5D and higher dimensions. Here is a picture which Carla made with her iPhone of this demarcation line of our reality bubble to the south over the physical horizon of the Mediterranean sea, but unfortunately the quality is not as good as to capture the ephemeral physicality of this inter-dimensional border. Please observe the head of a big dragon in the sky – the dragons are now constantly around us and they accompany us in our ascension adventure with great love and reverence after we helped them reclaim their mother earth.

And here is a second, somewhat better, photo of the interdimensional demarcation line between our ascended 5D- and higher dimensional platform and the old 3D world running parallel to the sea horizon which Daniela took with her camera:

Then we went to the other balcony and watched the sun set. The red giant sun was burning like the eye of Shiva above the hilltop and was sending crystalline light to the earth. Daniela made two pictures with her camera which I include below. Please observe the big orbs of magenta light, which is the foundation of any creation and was first introduced on the earth by us end of last year as reported on this website. These orbs build a perfect crucifix and emanate the power of our Creation that is now taking place in this part of Italy. In the second picture the big magenta orb encompasses a whole house which can be seen within this translucent bubble. Witness also the head of a second huge dragon, which can be seen on the two pictures:

Carla is getting a message at this moment that will highlight the energetic experiences we made in the last several days. They compliment perfectly those which Patrick made during his astronomical observations that are equally amazing and a great read.


A Message from the Night Sky

Patrick Amoroso

Well, as the daytime turns to night, I experienced a most startling, yet welcoming introduction these past few evenings. Recently, in order to assuage the relentless onslaught of the LBP energies now emanating in an ever-increasing intensity, I have altered my daytime routine to spend more time outside the interior of the home and position my work routine on the outside porch which is adjacent to the kitchen on the third story of my residence. It is directly above the backyard flower garden with an exposure facing N-NW and immediately to my right overhung by the foliage and canopy of a magnificent Silver Maple tree that I estimate is perhaps 250-300 years old.  This locale provides a more naturally attuned atmosphere where one’s reading, contemplation and private time are more aligned with a calming breeze, the chirping of birds and the peaceful instance of a bucolic and natural setting vis-a-vis the stale and business-like surroundings of my private study. Across from the flower garden and situated directly below this 30 foot elevated porch is a new elementary school which I often choose to utilize the rooftop as a foreground when calibrating my Celestron ‘ 15 x 70 ‘ and higher astronomical binoculars. This area of the sky is adjacent to Boston’s Logan International Airport and is a descending conduit for European Trans-Atlantic flight arrivals from Italy, Ireland and Germany.  Prior to my beginning a viewing session, the evening of June 15th was intermittently interrupted with a parade of passenger 747’s coming in for a landing over the rooftops of Revere, Winthrop and East Boston. The air traffic controllers stagger the arriving flights in unison along the same flight path at about 3 minute intervals.

First Night     

The viewing session begins. One unavoidable perception was immediately apparent when I scanned the night sky as the red giant sun dipped below the western horizon. Sometimes, this interval of the day is referred to as twilight, a time shortly after sunset when the sky takes on a colored hue that is truly unique. For some 5 years now, I can conclude that the sky is currently of a crystalline manifestation with a clarity unknown in past times. In order to keep my astronomical bearings, two distinct celestial objects were properly ascertained and remained in my vision. Venus, rising in a westerly-southwesterly portion of the night sky, and known to be the brightest planet which surpasses many stars in radiance appeared perhaps in a 25-30 degree elevated arc from the horizon. Furthermore and as a visual reference, this radiant planet was positioned just to the lower right of the crescent moon. Additionally, as we are only 3 nights into the new moon for the month of June where the night sky is not washed out with moonlight, I noticed immediately that as compared to previous years, this radiant planet was shining with an intensity that far outweighed the visual effect from my personal observations of some 12 years duration. And no doubt in my mind, this magnanimous intensity affecting our entire solar system is due to the arrival of the New Red Giant Sun. Another factor to be considered is the overwhelming saturation of the immediate area with commercial lighting emanating from the Boston metropolis which acts to dissipate the light observation from stars in the night sky. When observing from my porch, I always take this into consideration. The other reference object for the night was the North Star Polaris, stationary in its setting and appearing slightly above the top of the canopy of the  aforementioned Silver Maple Tree slightly to my right.

Perhaps beginning at approximately 9:30 PM, I began to notice distinct flying objects which were now appearing on a lower arc from Venus and to the northwesterly direction. Additionally, and from my visual perspective, they were positioned in the same flight corridor of the arriving European flights, but in essence that means the non-essential as so was Venus some one hundred and sixty two million miles distant. After a short while extending to half an hour, these planes were no longer descending along this same path of arrival into the Boston airport. Evidently, the time-interval set aside for arrival of these flight had terminated. Then a most startling observation began to become manifest. I immediately noticed with my naked eye that an array of multi-colored light airborne structures began appearing in white, with intermittently red flashing lights and a most beautiful blue turquoise hue on the tail . They would rise vertically, sometimes hover stationary without moving at all and then proceed to maneuver in a northwesterly to northerly direction. Occasionally, they might stop completely, hover in place only to return on an exact course reversal to my great surprise. All the time that this experience was happening, I entered such a sublime awareness and state of mind that I could only laugh and continue to laugh in a measure of consummate appreciation for this grand display now manifesting in front of me. The crescendo for the night’s observation was reached at 10:45 PM when all of a sudden eight structures arose in unison from what appeared to be a total nighttime vacuum of space and began the dance of motion, to be subsequently followed by motionless instances , and terminating in hovering and transiting routines. One object took the lead across the sky in a horizontal northerly course only to disappear behind the rapidly accumulating cloud cover. I stood up to better aim my binoculars to see if I might further be able to observe this structure since it was moving quite quickly as compared to other visuals throughout the observational session AND THEN IT HAPPENED. The flashing white, red and turquoise structure suddenly was eclipsed behind a cloud that had moved in from the north and THEN…. all of a sudden a huge flash of white light appeared through the cloud and the complete transparency of the visual that I now observed  reminded me of a Star Wars movie.

Not to be outdone and in a eureka moment perhaps 45 minutes later, a multitude of  eight flying objects appeared at once in unison. Some were rising, others were hovering stationary and once again , not one but two began their horizontal transit in a northerly direction. The visual effects were staggering in that certainly these unidentified objects were obviously in communication with each other and  appeared to be  positioned from my perspective at a great distance in the background of the arrival path of passenger traffic which as previously mentioned had terminated.  The entire portion of this visual encompassed  some 15 minutes and then they were gone. I stood there as if in a trance, clapped my hands silently in appreciation and continued to laugh.

Image result for ufo white red blue

Second Night

Now to be sure, this revelation of my observation is deserving of some skepticism. After all, how can this be ? As an astronomer of over twelve years standing, I have observed a plethora of night-time visualizations; be they airplanes, blimps, weather balloons up to and including 30 second flybys of the ISS, the International Space Station. None of these airborne structures even remotely appeared to mimic the manifestation of what I  had observed, so I settled in for another evening of observation. However, this time I would intensify my focusing on the actual structural aspects of these objects and see if I could determine a common delineation of these UFO’s as observed from the previous night sightings. I spent a portion of the afternoon in calibrating my binoculars to maximum advantage and awaited for evening to once again test my credulity and serve as a catalyst for more raucous laughter which is quite soothing in the final phases of the LBP …Trust me on that…

At approximately the same exact time of the previous evening, ( 9:45 PM, EST)  these same objects once again appeared although they were now reduced in number. The flight maneuvers were of the same nature and continued for approximately an equivalent duration of one hour and fifteen minutes. During this session, I could also observe aircraft in the distance with a detected fuselage, wings and other identifying characteristics that absolutely defined these visuals as aircraft. As previously mentioned, it was my intention to discern whether I might be able to clearly identify any distinguishing feature or characteristic of these unidentified objects. I was able to observe one on its northern trajectory for a two minute duration. After completing my visual, I concluded that my intuition revealed it to be airfoil with an appearance of a triangular dimension and quite thin although the latest comment is my best estimate and in accordance to what my HS has revealed to me.

The below pic is an artist’s conception and greatly magnified.

In conclusion, and on a few occasions in my role as an astronomer over the last twelve years, I have observed certain anomalies in the night sky and have reported these manifestations. Some, I have kept secret in order to not draw any undue criticism or ridicule from close associates and esteemed friends. It is not to be a repeat in this case. The above-referenced summary clearly outlined in its entirety is a truthful analysis of what I both observed and have wrestled with since two nights ago. I did give some consideration to taking  pictures with my smart phone but decided it would be futile since the porch enclosure from where I was observing is protected with a plastic-wire mesh in order to prevent any squirrels clearly lodged in the towering Silver Maple tree from leaping onto the window-like sill to play catch me if you can with my cat. Additionally, I have taken pics with my smart phone in the past only to realize that the mesh is all you see really. These objects were quite a distance away and  not easily discernible for a certainty. Binoculars and telescopes do not capture this type of  wire-mesh barrier when focusing. So, I have attached pics from internet sources which show a marked similarity and resemblance of what I observed over a course of 48 hours.

Finally, whatever I was privileged to observe these past two nights was in my estimation not of this world. A highly developed consciousness was apparent, coupled with a measure of playfulness and a communicating spirit. The motions that I observed defy the 3-D understandings of inertia and linear motion. It has come to my awareness that these objects were able to manipulate space-time. Let me explain. Their patterns of motion were as if they were standing still and by either compressing or expanding the space-time continuum, a consequent motion was perceived in the 3D paradigm.  The detected motion in our 3-D world appeared to be apparent as moving from A to B. However, these objects were occasionally observed to also stop completely and within a fraction of a second ascend in an upward manner and conversely descend in a downward velocity. Also, at times , it appeared as if they were drifting, but it was really the space-continuum that appeared to be altered. This is what my HS assures me in some manner. If that is the case, this is technology far in advance of what humans have developed and in my view is a glimpse of what Dr. Georgi Stankov’s New Universal Law will initiate as 5-D technologies as humanity emerges into an intergalactic federation of an awakened consciousness.

I almost forgot to mention. As I concluded my first-night observational session, and began to put away my equipment, I glanced at this same portion of the night sky and raised my head slightly upward. A white dragon appeared in the cloud formations. It was immense with extended claws, horned head and outstretched wings with a long serpentine tail, very similar to the dragon in the video below… AND then it was gone.


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