The Elohim: The Demarcation Line of Ascension Is Here and Now to Cross Over. How Will You Decide?

Carla Thompson, May 6, 2018

How My Dream Led to the Elohim Message

Georgi Stankov

On the day when Carla received this powerful message I woke up with a remarkable dream. I was hiking with Carla in the mountains where there were many other groups of hikers. We walked through forests and openings with meadows and our trail wound around the crest of the mountain hills. At one point I reached a broad demarcation line about ten meters wide with many deep trails as if done by a huge caterpillar. I stopped in front of it and asked the group of hikers ahead of me who were about to cross this demarcation line: “What is this line about here high in these remote mountains?” They laughed and said: ” This is the demarcation line between the current 3D reality and the 5th dimension. When you cross it you will know.”

Then the group crossed the demarcation line and continued walking as if nothing had happened. Obviously they had crossed this demarcation line many times and knew how it functioned. I also crossed the demarcation line and when I reached the other edge of it, all of a sudden I was hit by such a powerful energy that imbued the entire reality on the other side of the demarcation line that I began to jet like Asterix and Obelix after they had drunk the miracles drink. My body was bursting with vital energy and I was no longer subjected to gravitation.

At first I could not control the direction and the velocity of my flight a few centimeters above the ground and drifted to the left but then I began to control easily my direction and speed with my thoughts and caught up with the group of people who had crossed the demarcation line before me and were following the trail on top of the mountain hills. On the other side of the hills there was a beautiful lake with crystal-clear, sparkling blue water, inviting me to dive in. I knew that I had arrived in the 5D.

After that I woke up and was eager to share my dream with Carla as not to forget it. Carla was still more or less asleep and did not really remember what I told her. I got up and left the room. When I came back she told me: “The Elohim are here and want you to tell me about your dream.” “But I told you my dream already.” I responded. ” I don’t remember anything.”, Carla confessed: “The Elohim tell me that it is very important and that I will receive a message today about your dream.” Then I recounted my dream one more time using the word “demarcation line” as this was what I heard in my dream.

As soon as Carla got up she began to receive the message. Simultaneously another member of the PAT had the same morning a very powerful vision. She saw with her third eye a massive vortex consisting of all flames of the rainbow bridge that symbolizes the transition to the 5D. The colours changed from violet, to blue, yellow… until a prevailing pink colour was established, which then turned into a red line. She had the deep knowing that everything was accomplished. Then she saw how the red line turned into a vortex that began to rotate very rapidly outwards from her chest. At the same time her body was struck by a strong compression wave and she felt poignantly in a flash all the limitations of human physical existence that have been the source of so much desperation.

This experience happened before I could tell her about my dream with the demarcation line of ascension and that the Elohim were just giving a message to Carla on the meaning of this dream.  I am reporting here about our energetic experiences in such detail because I want to illustrate at the same time the synchronicity and telepathic communication which are currently determining our lives in the 5D.

Essentially, this message was given for all those light workers who are hesitating with their ultimate decision to ascend and behave more like “fence-straddlers”. The Elohim were very adamant that these people cannot take half-decisions but must make a resolute and bold choice to ascend and subjugate all their life and thought forms to this end. Furthermore, ascension will not happen from outside of oneself as a singular event as some inexperienced newcomers have been propagating in the last months in complete ignorance of the nature of Energy = All-That-Is. I felt compelled to write a few emails to such persons and made them aware of the bigger picture but as usual when these people are confronted with the limitations of their knowledge and thinking, the usual response is silence and stubborn continuation of the failures which they have been persistently doing in the past.

This is another aspect which the Elohim message covers as they are aware of my disappointing experience with the intransigence of most New Agers and self-proclaimed “light workers” and wanted to address this issue. I will not mention the names of the usual suspects, but will reflect upon the fact that most of them are women and carriers of incredibly rampant female energies of unprocessed and unsatisfied guru ego that cannot be harnessed by the clarifying nature of a rational mind as I advocate on this website. This has always been the problem with these people, but it has never been so acute as now on the cusp of our ascension.

Finally let me address one more time the naive esoteric concept of ‘The Event” that has gained broad popularity among most New Agers. While there will, indeed, be a global ID shift at some point in time which will be experienced by all humans – for most of them as a collapse of the old matrix and for a few as a transition into the bliss of the new earth in the 5D – this event can only happen when many more precursor events will have occurred that will prepare the ground for this shift. And currently nobody talks about these events as most light workers have no idea how the ascension process will unfold in such a way as to fulfill the ideal pedagogical purposes of the higher realms to open the recalcitrant minds of the people for the true nature of human existence. This is what the Source defined as “resolution through revelation” in the previous message.

Ascension can only be achieved with a crystal-clear mind, and only a crystal-clear mind can make a firm decision to ascend. This involves in the first place a true understanding of the nature of Energy =All-That-Is which can only be learned from the new theory of the Universal Law. That is why it is such a shame that the light workers community has turned its back to this revolutionary theory from the Source and have prevented the unfolding of their LBP and ascension as this was easily achieved by the small group of light warriors of the first and last hour belonging to the PAT and reading this website.

But the good news is that the demarcation line of ascension is here and we can cross it Now – in every moment in the Now with a deliberate resolution in our thoughts and desires – and that this process is completely independent of what other people think or do. This includes the entire political and economic scene on this planet. Forget all about it as it does not matter anymore. We are now creating our new world and the masses are creating the destruction of their illusion – the existing 3D matrix in which they have been trapped for eons of time. Only after that they will begin to think about ascension as a new viable alternative in their lives.

Finally, I would like to address another very important aspect in the Elohim message that might evade your attention unless I make you aware of it. Creation is only achieved by the mind and carried upon the wings of congruent positive feelings. In this sense mind and heart must work synchronistically hand in hand. But the mind can only create when it is aligned with the Divine Mind. If you remember, we have been talking about the Divine Mind for a long time and Carla has published a few messages on her website last year about the introduction of the Divine Mind – Godhead – into this reality which you should carefully re-read, e.g:

The Integration of The Divine Mind – August 6, 2017

Now that we have crossed the demarcation line of ascension, we have fully aligned with the Divine Mind of Creation and can begin manifesting everything that is of the highest order of the light and serves not only us, but also the entire humanity. The introduction of the Universal Law is such an idea which I cherish since the mid 90’s and if it did not occur earlier, it was because I was not aligned with the Divine Mind at that time as the energetic conditions on this planet for that kind of immediate creation were still non-existent.

Now we have established a full and open connection to the Divine Mind and that is why it is so important to control our thoughts and allow only congruent, axiomatic thoughts and ideas to enter our minds, that are free of fear – axiomatic thinking is free of fear as it comes directly from the Source – and are carried by genuine love and compassion for all humans in full knowledge of their deficiencies and also very dark sides.

One cannot avoid the darkness if one truly loves humanity and this is the most common mistake which most light workers make. At the same time one must be sovereign and able to rise above any human darkness in order to create the brightest and highest vision that always comes as an inspiration from our souls. Our souls are perfect creators as the Elohim confirm below one more time, only the human agnostic minds question their wisdom and leading role.

In a state of perfect alignment of the human mind with the Divine Mind through the soul, creation occurs instantaneously due to the superconductivity of the new energetic conditions which were established with the arrival of the new Red Giant sun that operates only within the spectrum of magnetism.

One can use the following metaphor to describe the function of the human mind as the new creator of realities which until now was entirely the prerogative of the soul. Imagine the human mind as a computer terminal that is allowed to perform only very limited functions. At the same time this terminal is connected to a huge server where experts-programmers use this information to create new software programs interactively and to improve the performance of the entire network. Now all of a sudden the users of the terminal computers are given the password to have a free access to the server, so that every user of a terminal has the same possibilities to create new software packages which until now were reserved to the few master experts that were in control of the central server.

In order to achieve the expertise of the master programmers, the users of the terminals must be coached by these experts until they acquire the same mastery. The good news is that we all are at the same time master programmers of the main server and users of the terminals. As soon as we realize this fact, our pristine, unlimited knowledge will be made available to us and there will be no difference between the creations of the main server and that of the computer terminals.

From the point of view of linear time, this acquisition of hidden abilities cannot happen over night, but needs a period of adaptation when our individual creations are “sanctioned” by our souls, so that they stay in full harmony with the overall creation of All-That-Is. After all we do not want to create new imbalances that have destroyed so many past incarnation civilisations on this planet. This is the reason why, even when we now create immediately, many of our creations will not manifest immediately, but will come at the precise point in linear time as long as this old 3D matrix exists. When it collapses and the first cities of light begin to manifest, creation will be much easier and almost instantaneous in the new 5D cities, while the masses will be occupied with the destruction of their 3D reality before they can qualify for partial participation in the new 5D earth.

This organic development as described by the Elohim for the first time with such clarity presupposes the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law that will trigger the long-discussed paradigm shift in the collective human awareness, which ideally could have happened 20 years ago if the ego-minds of the people, and especially of the scientists, were not so impenetrably closed. Now this will occur individually and the biggest motivation that will drive the expansion of human consciousness will be the acknowledgement that only persons who resonate with the new theory of the Universal Law and accept its major premises will be able to cross the demarcation line of ascension. Ascension will happen initially one person at a time, after my ascension and introduction of the Universal Law has triggered the paradigm shift of the collective consciousness.

It will still be a slow individual process as linear time is irrelevant because human evolution is what this word implies:  it is a slow and gradual evolution and not an uncontrolled jump into the Unknown, as another dream of mine today revealed to me. Only after the critical mass of collective understanding of the new theory of the Universal Law is reached, there will be a global ID Shift that will allow many more individuals to participate in the life of the new 5D cities of light.

Ascension will begin with one or a few avatars (as this message recently says: “Beloved masters, first of all, we wish to clarify WHAT ASCENSION IS NOT. At your present state of evolution, ascension of the physical body along with your Soul-Self will only be possible for a few very advanced avatars that have opened the path for humanity’s ascension into the next level of higher consciousness.“), before the small group of first ascension candidates can follow, then the second… and third wave…, as already Dolores Cannon knew.

These ascension waves were triggered and enabled by us and the PAT by opening the heart chakra of the second wavers in the autumn of 2014 and of the third wavers in the next two years as reported in real time on this website. This was done in preparation for the current end time of ascension when the demarcation line can be crossed over by any enlightened individual who has completed his LBP and has made the firm decision to ascend. This includes the negation of the human ego-mind and the adoption of expanded awareness of an ascended master who has embraced already as a human being all the tenets of the new theory of ascension of the Universal Law as it was made available to humanity by the Source through myself more than 2 decades ago.

How perfect the coordination from the higher realms has been is demonstrated by the fact that the Elohim gave Carla this message one day before my name’s day on May 6th – St. George – which is a national holiday in Bulgaria, so that it can be published exactly on my name’s day in order to achieve the maximal energetic effect. A month ago, shortly after our arrival in Italy, I had a pivotal dream that I would experience a massive expansion around my name’s day and that it would have to do with the catholic Ascension Day on May 10th.

I was not disappointed. The last three days were of exquisite downloads of Source energies that would have fully knocked us down, especially our third chakra that suffers mostly under these downloads and reacts with a severe gastric crisis, unless we had not fasted during that time as Carla was told to do when she went to the Source on May 2nd to heal and recharge after her strenuous trip to Rome. And then came the news that we had crossed the demarcation line of ascension on May 5th and that many first wavers can follow our example now.

Our communication with the Source is now fully open and there is no space for any mistakes whatsoever. That is why all light workers can now fully profit from our experience as wayshowers and the information we are periodically publishing on this website. You cannot find such high-quality information anywhere else with respect to clarity, precision, sincerity, truthfulness and intellectual brilliance… Indeed, one must love oneself without reservation in order to love other humans as most of them still hardly deserve it. But a true master always knows the final result of his creation in advance and that is why we love humanity so much, as we know to what they will evolve – to true angels as we already are…

And now enjoy this wonderful message of the Elohim that says it all.


This is a very powerful message that came today from the Elohim with such verve and conviction, and as always is bursting with such a profound love for all of us!

Yesterday we experienced another profound shift in frequency and we also received reports confirming the lift from Canada, France and Hawaii. There is no doubt that others have also experienced something unusual yesterday (May 4th), something that was likely marked by a physical sign such as here in Northern Italy we had the most beautiful double rainbow about 2 hours before a magnificent sunset:

There have been new reports of unusual coloured crystalline rays and I have personally seen them.  These are auspicious times!

Sunset over Northern Italy

Sending every one of you Love,



The Elohim Message, May 5, 2018

“Welcome! We are the Elohim from the heart of the Source of Creation! And we welcome You through to the other side of the Demarcation Line!

The energy behind your expanding Universe has replicated beyond the awareness of your current physical mind. By “replication” we mean the expansion of the Living Universe through a process of extraordinary speed and infinite possibility.

The expansion has begun and is otherwise known as the “Event” in some circles, given this name as a label for a linear time-based event when in fact the event is not a single event, it is not a definitive event with a beginning and end all in the “space” of “one moment in time”.  This is the human minds way of processing experience that is beyond the parameters of a third dimensional reality based in form and where energy is not really seen, heard nor experienced by the masses.

The awakened ones are those who are aware of their truth and their role within the Cosmos – the ones who DO know the truth of multi-dimensional existence and DO KNOW their own truth as Co-creators with the Source of All-That-Is.

Indeed, You are all co-creators with the Source of Creation!

You are co-creating in each and every moment.  This Creation shows the power of your ability to divinely interface with the Source of All-That-Is and is reflected within both your Heart and your Mind.

Your creation has always been perfect, given your Souls needs – there has never been any error.

However You are now presented with a different reality before you – One beyond the line of DemarcationIt is Here. Now.  As a Divine Being there is only one ultimate choice to make now – it is important to reflect carefully before You make your choice.

Reflection means to be at rest – to be Alone – in the presence of one’s own Self, with nothing to DO and nowhere to GO.

It is the moment where Time Stands Still.

It is the moment where all Thought is Dropped.

Think of it as though you are holding your body and your mind in suspension or in a suspended animation.

Hold the Moment and from this moment of Peace turn to face your “Life” as a kind of Life Review.

Who are you spending your time with? Is there great love between those with whom you spend your time? 

What are you doing in your life, as a career or work path? Does this choice make you happy in the wee hours of the morning? 

Are you truly happy with where you are at in your overall life experience in this moment?

Is your life a great tapestry of beauty now?

This is the time of choice….  This is the time of Great Choice!  This is the demarcation point! The point where You either align with Your Soul now, or You do not;

As a dualistic expression there is always a YES or NO, there are no half measures;  Over many incarnations You have often chosen the road of half measures but this is no longer the best choice to make; The demarcation line brings forward the necessity to do it differently from previous incarnations, to bring forward the decision to bring forth the highest and best of YOU to this reality before You!  

Ultimately it is either a choice made FOR your Soul or for your limited illusory third-dimensional self and reality before you.

Many of you are on the fence wondering ‘what is it that I need to do?’  You need to choose, Now.

The demarcation point is the Shift.  The Ultimate Shift for humanity to embrace an ascended way of living as a collective.

The Shift means to DO, and SAY, and BE the highest version of Self as one can be.

The highest vibrational equivalent shows up in every action you take, every thought you have, every kindness you can bring to the life you have created in this moment, and all for the highest and best for the fellow Souls around you.

Take the brave step of stepping away from the “You” that you believe your Self to be!  

You are so much more than this!

As You step over the Line of Demarcation into the unknown of expanded living, no longer holding your breath, no longer fearing what others will say about You or think about You – because All this does not matter!  All that matters is YOU and how You will help your fellow Souls.

The Level of Divine Support then flows naturally from your decision!

As you decide to expand your abilities to live the Full life that you were meant to live, The Creation shall honour You in every single way, and if You open your mind, You will recognize the support of infinite love that comes your way.

Drop the idea that others are affecting your life.  It is You that is affecting your life creation!

Your life creation beyond the demarcation line awaits your sincerest approach and decision to embrace life in totality!

The highest Cosmic frequencies have arrived upon your Earth reality NOW –  They Are Here, NOW!

Embrace them with every thought, every word and every action from the fulcrum of your infinite Sacred Heart!  

The Divine Mind is also at an open frequency now and this affords You the ability to make the mental switch to choose differently than in the “past”.  It is simply a matter of Letting Go of all preconceived thought action, because “thought action” comes from a reality of form, where the physical body contributes to expression within that reality.  The reality beyond the demarcation line is a reality based on reflection, reflection being the stuff of a “magnetic based reality”, where buried within the speed of magnetism is the superconductive property that affords access to the Divine Mind, based upon Purity, Unconditional Love, Loving Kindness, Balance in All Ways and in All Things… It is the access to the Balanced Reality. There is no other way to Be within the expanded reality that is blossoming before you.

The Creation Loves You!

The Creation has brought to You the power of this moment – the deepest reflection moment You will possibly ever have had in your current life .



What do You see?….

All of Source of All-That-Is is here to be your Co-Creator, with You.

You are ONE with Source, NOW…

Live it!”

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