Energy Report – May 2018

Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, May 17, 2018

May has truly been a month of light work of cosmic proportions as we have not experienced before. And we are used to all kinds of multidimensional, transgalactic experiences as this website documents. It all began with the arrival of the new red giant sun of the new Golden Galaxy, where Gaia is now firmly anchored, on April 13, only 10 days after we arrived in Italy. This country is the beginning and the end – the Alpha and Omega – of all incarnation experiments on earth. It is here where the first Elohim souls acquired a physical body to experience the joys and limitations of an artificial world of matter which they had created in their creative exuberance, and it is from here that these same souls will bring back their creation to the Source. And these souls are we and the PAT.

The new red giant introduced the new energetic condition of magnetism and completely eliminated the previous forms of electricity that interacted with magnetism. Electricity is a highly polarised, lower vibrating, dense form of magnetism within matter due to the ubiquitous existence of positive and negative polarised particles, such as electrons and protons. This polarisation extends to all molecules and macro-structures of matter, such as grid structures in metals, crystals, and so on. The entire quantum structure of matter, down to the hypothetical quarks, display charge as a form of polarisation. The only particles that do not have charge are the photons and that is why I speak in the new theory of the Universal Law of photon space time contrary to matter which is always electrically polarised.

I was the first scientist to have shown that, apart from that, photons are of the same nature as matter – they have mass (energy relationship) and constantly interact with matter while exchanging mass (energy). In present-day failed physics photons are considered massless particles and this prevented physicists from understanding and explaining gravitation. I was the first scientist in the modern history of mankind to have explained gravitation and integrated it with the other three fundamental forces which the current standard model has failed to achieve.

But this is just one aspect regarding the similarities and differences of polarised electricity and unpolarized magnetism as distinct energetic levels of All-That-Is. I was also the first scientist to prove that organic cells, and in particular human cells, are operating as spherical electric capacitors that build a huge gradient across the cell membrane that is the vital, driving force of the entire metabolism in the cell. Essentially the human body is of electric origin and that is why the current biological approach as biochemistry cannot explain anything – for instance, how the human body consisting of trillions of cells is regulated in such a perfect manner, obviously by the soul, also defined as “Nature” in science in defiance of the existence of the soul.

Modern bio-sciences are not in the position to even explain the regulation of a single cell and they have no clue how DNA truly operates at the supramolecular level. This last term was introduced by myself for the first time in the new General Theory of Biological Regulation which I developed in the 90’s. The reason for that was that I discovered that while all bio-matter and biological moieties are of electric origin as described by the dipole model, another new concept which I introduced for the first time in science in this particular form to explain the function of all biochemical substances, including all drugs, in the cell, there is also an unknown magnetic level of organic matter that actually drives the regulation of all biological bodies and cells. This magnetic level is based on long-range solitons that are built at the supramolecular level, especially in the long chemical chains of the DNA strands, which constitutes the actual software program for the regulation of the body and the cells. Solitons are extended non-polarised magnetic fields, both at the quantum and the macro-level, that operate on the principle of superconductivity. Figuratively speaking, as to make it easier for all non-scientists to understand what I am saying, superconductivity eliminates all energetic blockages that hinder the free flow of energy.

All-That-Is is incessant free flow of energy between all levels and systems from the Source and back to the Source as the Whole is a closed entity of energy exchange and no energy gets lost (first law of thermodynamics). Humans are energetic systems that operate both as electric and electromagnetic systems. The electric level is where the density of the incarnated human personality increases by constantly lowering the vibrations of its body and fields. This is the only principal mechanism that leads to her separation from the soul and the Source. Electricity is polarised energy that can easily build energetic thresholds and prevent the free flow of energy. When such energetic blockages are built within the mental and emotional body, this leads to a plethora of phenomena that are currently described with anthropocentric terms that obscure their simple energetic origin.

Emotional blockages are described as fears and mental blockages – as disparate, illogical, compartmentalised thinking. This is what we now observe on earth in the overwhelming majority of human beings, including the few half-awakened representatives of the light worker community. This is the only mechanism of separation of the incarnated human personalities from the Source and how they were dumbed down by the powers that were from the Orion/Reptilian empire in the past. The mass introduction of all kinds of electric gadgets in the last several decades had this same aim in order to prevent the ascension which is achieved through significant increase of the vibrations of all bodies of the human species – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – as I have described it for the LBP.

It is cogent that while the devolution of the human mind and psyche was electrically driven by the dark forces, the ascension of the people could only be achieved by eliminating the electric level from the energetic structure of the new earth and introducing a new quantum structure of matter based entirely on unpolarised magnetism. This finally happened when the new red giant of magnetism arrived on April 13th and that is why I describe it as the game changer in the ascension process. This was only possible after the PAT had done the most extraordinary cleansing light work that has ever been accomplished in this multiverse as recorded real time in a seamless chronicle on this website.

From this we can conclude, at the popular level, that while the old 3D matrix was essentially driven by electric forces as most modern technologies show, this electric level always interacted with the level of magnetism from the Source as U-sets that contain each other and All-That-Is as an element (first axiom of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law). This is the reason why in the late 19th century physicists stopped talking of electricity and magnetism as separate forms of energy and introduced the concept of electromagnetism. For a very long time scientists could only measure electricity before magnetism was discovered and codified in Maxwell’s famous four equations of electromagnetism. However, until I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 neither electricity nor magnetism, respectively electromagnetism, were properly understood and this holds also true for superconductivity, that is why we still do not have any superconductors which is a disgrace for the entire scientific research.

This will be a huge theme in the near future, as many new technologies will be based on these new magnetic qualities of superconductivity. But of course it affects the human energetic structure in the first place and therefore will be the foundation of immediate creation through human thoughts. Julia saw me in our latest session on May 9th that I will hold lectures on such novel applications of the Universal Law for the entire humanity from the new spiritual 5D centre in Italy, which presupposes that we shall use new, more advanced means of communications, probably based on telepathy and new organic computers as Nostradamus had also predicted with respect to the ‘Great Genius”. Julia knew nothing about this prediction and that is why it is an excellent validation of what is about to come.

I am dealing in this report particularly with the role of electricity in the promotion of human fears and how current magnetic energies coming from the new red giant sun affect the emotional bodies of the humans, I have been pondering on this issue constantly in the last few days and have asked my HS for more clarity. On May 15th we listened one more time to the recording of Julia’s latest light session from May 8th when she went to the Source and was fully channelled, while Carla and I were holding the portal open.

The reason why I was urged to listen to this session one more time was that I felt that it might contain important information that would help me answer what we have been doing currently. Julia’s channelling essentially evolved around what we did in the last 5 days beginning May 10th but starting with at the beginning of the month of May. Indeed I was not disappointed as after I listened to Julia’s channelling I got a greater clarity as to what is currently happening on the energetic front and how it is related to the electrical nature of human basic fears. I want to share these insights with you below. I will put this topic in the chronological perspective for a better understanding.

On May 3rd, three days after Carla returned from Rome where she did a massive cleansing of the Vatican and the Colosseum she received the message

 The Reclamation of Ancient Civilisations Leads to the Final Resolution Through Revelation

where we learnt that we had in fact saved and retrieved to the Source all lost fragments of all souls that have incarnated on earth in many ancient and past civilisations. While returning to the Source, their true nature as immortal souls was revealed to them and they embraced the bliss of the Tao. In my foreword to this message I defined the term “resolution through revelation” for this earth as follows:

”  full acknowledgment of the true nature of humans as immortal multidimensional creator beings. The only way how this truth can reach the closed human ego-minds is when a human being with a documented earthly biography ascends and appears in front of humanity in its full glory and power as cosmic creator being. Of course this entity will have to offer something tangible to the world that will trigger a paradigm shift in their world view.”

Then on May 4th, after my pivotal dream crossing the demarcation line of ascension, Carla received a very powerful message imbued with many codes of ascension from the Source that confirmed essentially our crossing of the demarcation line of ascension and that the final phase has commenced:

The Elohim: The Demarcation Line of Ascension Is Here and Now to Cross Over. How Will You Decide?

Now this is important information which Julia gave us in her previous session in April shortly before Carla traveled to Rome (26 – 30 April): we would experience in the next two months ascension waves in a 5-Day-Cycle. Since then we are assessing this pattern carefully, but we can only determine this fact retrospectively after we have made our energetic experiences. From this point of view, during the last five days in April we cleansed all timelines of the Roman empire as this was revealed to us long time ago. Carla did her work in Rome and we backed her from here in Northern Italy.

But the cleansing did not stop with the Roman empire which is a template of the modern western world. It expanded and involved all ancient and past incarnation experiments in Europe, Eurasia, obviously including China, and the Middle East, surely including the Sumerian and other civilisations which were created by the Anunnaki in the Middle East and from where the current monetary enslavement of humanity began. Of course many more unknown civilisations were cleansed and their souls, trapped between the dimensions, returned to the Source. Essentially, around May 4th we had resurrected all soul fragments that have ever incarnated on the earth and had severed their connection to the Source. This is the proverbial Resurrection of the souls in the End Time, in the course of which their true nature as immortal beings was revealed, also the reason for their incarnation and entrapment on the earth, and the final reconciliation could take place.

From an energetic point of view, all these lost souls were trapped for eons of time in the astral plane (4D) that is still very much influenced by polarised electricity and creates the illusion of separation. When they returned to the Source, they entered the unity field of magnetism of the higher realms where no polarisation exists. One can describe transcendental gnostic phenomena with esoteric terms, as this is usual in the entire New Age scene, or one can resort to more strict and correct scientific terminology based on the new physical and mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law. This is what I have been advocating in the last quarter of a century since I discovered the Universal Law with very little success due to the still prevailing electric nature of thinking and feeling of most humans.

After we finished with this Tantalus work, we crossed the demarcation line of ascension on May 4th. And now it gets very exciting as I only now grasped the full scope of our light work in the last 10 days. Between May 5th and May 10th we began to send light codes and magnetic energies to all human beings that were either possessed by demons or other dark entities and whose emotional and mental bodies were profoundly influenced by these low vibrating electric energies. One must bear in mind that as a rule 3 to 12 such dark entities from the astral plane accommodate in the energetic fields of every newly incarnated soul fragment on the earth that comes from the Source and has a direct contact to its energies. These dark entities have severed their connection to the source and are the most unconscious and underdeveloped, derailed souls in the entire multiverse. Light warriors like us, who have very expanded energetic fields, are highly vibrating within the magnetic spectrum, and also have an open portal to the Source, can attract and harbour hundreds, if not thousands, of such dark entities. Our fields are like a magnet that immediately attracts these hungry for light non-sentient dark beings.

I know what I am talking about as I know the energies of these dark entities which I have cleansed on numerous timelines in the last 20 years and we have attracted at times all the dark entities from a whole timeline to which we had bilocated in order to cleanse it. The most spectacular cleansing episode happened in the summer of 2016 when Carla went to the town house and attracted all dark entities and archons from the astral plane in a huge vortex which she created to the Source. She was hit so hard by this tsunami of darkness that when she came home I was afraid that she might not survive this attack. She interpreted this as a personal dark attack because the neighbour had smoked hashish at that time and had attracted those dark ones. But the scope was much bigger as it transpired very soon. I did immediately my cleansing procedure from the Source and we saw with our third eye how these billions of entities were sucked by the huge vortex we created and thrown into the void for their further procession in the Tao. These archon souls could not be saved through repeated incarnation and diligent processing of karma, but their soul essence had to be dissolved and reconstituted again. We have discussed this issue in the past.

After this experience we got a message from the Elohim that we wrapped up the entire astral plane of the earth and since then we have not had any major attacks from dark entities as this was regularly the case before that, for me since 2000. Why am I telling you so detailed about these past events and experiences? So that you better understand the historical perspective what happened in the last 10 days as it is huge.

After we crossed the demarcation line and were firmly embedded in 5D and higher dimensions, we could begin with the final reclamation of all soul fragments that are incarnated in human bodies. Please observe that this was the last batch of souls that had to be saved from darkness after we reclaimed and saved all lost souls from past incarnations experiments in the previous 10 days – April 26th – May 5th. The cleansing of these incarnated soul fragments from their dark archonic and other attachments began on May 5th and culminated on May 10th. On that day we experienced the most powerful alchemical reaction in which I have ever participated.

One PAT member with whom we live together made an invocation in the morning to the Source and the red giant of magnetism to establish a perfect harmony on earth as we talked the previous day about this function of the new sun. We were not aware of this invocation which triggered this monster alchemical reaction, but I immediately felt the most intense purging energies that affected to such an extent my CNS that I was trembling with my whole body and felt extremely uneasy and impatient all of a sudden. I could not recognize myself, and knew that we are in the midst of a massive cleansing as I remembered such previous episodes. Then I knew that this very powerful magnetic wave was cleansing my basic fear of impatience. However, as I knew that I have actually cleansed this basic fear from my fields long time ago, it was obvious to me that this is all part of a global cleansing operation of basic human fears of unprecedented scope.

As fears are highly polarised electric patterns, they also effectively sever the connection of the incarnated personality to the Source which is of magnetic nature. This trend is augmented and deliberately promoted by all dark entities that harbour in human fields and feed on their energies as thus they dumb down the humans and make them an easy pray to these parasites. Needless to say that such individuals are energetically completely severed from their souls, they are agnostic and do not believe in the existence of the soul. This makes them feel weak and deprived from their creationary potential, and this is what is now being overcome with the latest magnetic waves, as Astraea and Amorea told us in another pivotal message:

The New Magnetic Reality as a Basis for Gnostic Knowledge Integration

This message makes much more sense in the light of our latest experience as presented below than when we first received it.

Fears are polarised emotional energies that affect the behaviour of the incarnated personality decisively and also modulate the mental field and the integrity of the human mind. Fears make human thinking chaotic, disparate, fragmented, illogical. This kind of deficient thinking can be observed very well when people are possessed all of a sudden by demons. I am now talking from personal experience as I know quite a few such people. Therefore dark entities, living in symbiosis with humans and scavenging on their energies, create a perfect mimicry and shape the personality and the behaviour of the incarnated personality in such an all-encompassing manner that this is not perceived at all by such individuals and carriers of dark entities. Their dark habits, thoughts and features are subsequently acted out at the societal level and in personal life and not only contaminate the environment, but essentially create the present-day very toxic humanity which we are now about to overcome.

Exactly these dark entities were removed in a most powerful purging action from the Source between the 5th and the 15th of May with a peak on May 10th when we performed the most powerful alchemical reaction so far, and I have participated in numerous such reactions in the past.

Then between May 11th and 14th all dark entities began to be released from the fields of all incarnated humans and if you have followed the news, it led to a peak in human nastiness at the political and military level in this period. But also major breakthroughs began as the revolt of the EU countries who for the first time realized that they are hapless stooges of a bad master, the USA, and must revolt against him if they want to survive. The nasty nature of the ruling cabal was exposed so clearly as never before as these dark ones can now no longer hide their darkness and have to express it in the outer world after their dark entities left their fields. This is how cleansing happens and leads to resolution through revelation.

While listening to Julia’s message from May 8th I realized that we were already informed about this purging and revelation before we fully experienced it on May 10th and then the dark fallout in the following 4 days. This is the actual confirmation of how truthful and precise this message from Julia was. The purging of all dark entities-scavengers from the human bodies and fields was only possible now that we have the new magnetic sun and receive the new magnetic energies that loosen the energetic contact of these entities to the human fields as these are entirely of electric nature. This loosening happened between May 5th – 9th and peaked in the alchemical reaction on May 10th.

Then between May 11th and 14th we experienced a series of very dark attacks that caused  a heavy sudden coughing to all of us, which is a sure sign that dark entities have entered your field. It also led to muscle pains and rigidity. As we are very experienced with such dark energies, I immediately responded and did my cleansing and purging procedure which is very powerful and yields immediate results – stopping the coughing and eliminating the muscle pain. However, I had to perform up to 5 or more such cleansing procedures each day in order to protect us from these very dark energies that hit us like a huge black tsunami. We also had constant cc-waves with downloads from the Source and excruciating headaches all these days as this is how these dark entities are purged.

May 15th was the first truly calm day and I could contemplate on what had happened in the last 15 days and realize the magnitude of our light work. Julia talked the other day to Carla and told her that she sees us having ascended so high that she can no longer sense us in this reality. As the abolition of dark energies is the fuel of our ascension, given the massive purging of all dark entities in human fields in the last ten days, we must have made another significant leap.

In the evening of May 15th there was another massive download of source energies that continued throughout the whole next day. We went to the beach and sat on a bench and realized that we have begun to disseminate new codes from the Source to humanity as our bodies began to ache again severely and we could barely move. Carla received a visual message about what we were doing at that moment and wrote it down. I have enclosed her message in full below as this is her perspective of the current energetic events. Essentially we have begun with the re-institution of the sacred heart in humanity by installing the threefold flame – yellow flame of illumination (me), pink flame of love (Carla) and blue flame of divine god’s will (Daniela). When we have rekindled the threefold-flame of the sacred heart with the help of the magnetic waves coming from the new red giant sun, we will begin disseminating the magenta flame of creation which we first introduced on February 8th in Vancouver; the human bearer of this flame here is Denise as the fourth member of the PAT. Our light work encompasses the entire population of Italy and most of Central Europe as these incarnated souls are the ones who will directly participate in the new city of light New Raetia.  Other light warriors throughout the globe are doing similar light work in their countries and regions but to a lesser extent as not all humans will receive the threefold flame and open their sacred heart that connects them to the Source. These individuals will not ascend in this lifetime.

Today, May 17th, we will go to Savona to extend our light work physically. I expect that this light work of gargantuan proportions will very soon manifest at the societal level in numerous beneficial ways after human nastiness has also peaked in the last few days in order to be released for ever. After all, all humans are now free of dark influences and open to the new magnetic waves from the red giant sun that will foster their gnostic knowledge, including the understanding and acceptance of the Universal Law, the ability to experience more joy and establish heart-felt connections as the old pecuniary and materialistic relationships no longer satisfy the people. This is how the new earth is now being established on this planet and we are in the middle of it.

I hope that I have presented a coherent picture of what had happened in the first half of this month beyond what I have published so far. In particular I wanted to explain how the old basic fears have now been fully eliminated with the new magnetic energies from the red giant that are flowing through our fields as avatars. In this way we create the new humans for the new earth who will be gnostic, conscious beings and will be for the first time able to grasp the new theory of the Universal Law. We have almost reached this threshold after the recent massive purging but as usual no time frame can be given.

The fact that all dark influences were eliminated from the human fields, except the old dark habits which the people must now overcome very quickly as they do not bring them any joy, but only distress, has prepared the ground for my arrival as an ascended master. While in the past such an event would have triggered huge fears in most humans that would have been further promoted by the dark entities-scavengers in their fields, now this event will only promote their desire for more joy and bliss, more loving. heart-felt connections and that is why I see this point in time very close, even closer by writing about it now.

Carla’s Energy Report – May 10th -15th

Today, May 16th, I have received visuals of what happened over the past few days, May 10th to the 15th approximately:

There was a complete cleansing of the dark entities that were lodged within the human energetic systems.  We experienced several incidents where we had complete confirmation that loose, dark, soul-less energies as “entities”, were released from the human Body-Mind-Spirit (BMS) systems of those incarnates here within the immediate vicinity of this place and working outwards in a spiral through the rest of Italy;  Large clusters of black sludge-like gooey energy flowed through the three fields (Georgi’s, mine and Daniela’s – Denise is in Savona);  This whole experience was exhausting, as our bodies ached, were weak, and we often had difficulty breathing (coughing spells).

Following this local cleansing, the soul-less entities from further afar then back-filled this open space and flowed through our fields for further incorporation into the Tao.  Europe has been cleansed now of these entities.  I am shown that other Lightbearers the world over whose job it is to “cleanse” these energies, have also been hit the past several days with symptoms of exhaustion, hunger, aching all over the body, and headaches.  A lot of these Lightbearers are not aware of what they are doing in terms of “Lightwork”.

With the transmutation of the dark entity energies from the BMS systems of the human population, the sacred hearts which still have a quantum of God’s Spark/Source Light within, are now ready for the re-kindling.  We three, Georgi, Daniela and I are holders of the Yellow, Blue and Pink Flames, and we are able to work as a trinity to rekindle the sacred hearts of humanity where the soul-less entities have left.  The rekindling of the Sacred Flames of Creation into the Sacred Hearts began yesterday, May 15th, late in the afternoon, and have carried on since  (It is now late evening May 16th, and we are still disseminating these light codes to humanity). We began with the Italian population and now we have moved on to the population of central Europe, as it has been explained to me by the Elohim.  Georgi holds the second ray, the Yellow Ray, of wisdom and illumination;  Daniela is a holder of the Blue Flame of God’s Divine Will,  and I am the holder of the third ray, the Pink Ray of Cosmic Love.  Together we worked as a trinity to re-kindle the Sacred Hearts of mankind here in Italy first, then we will finish tonight and tomorrow with the sacred hearts of all others in central Europe.

The Three Sacred Flames are the Foundation of the Luminos Christus [the fully activated Light Body of Homos Christos – Christus being the anointed one – Personal Message from December 16, 2017]

We have experienced extreme fatigue and aching throughout our entire bodies following the transmission of these Three Sacred Flames;  I am shown though that we are almost complete (we will be complete by tomorrow at noon hour) in our lightwork with regard to the re-kindling of the Sacred Hearts.

Tomorrow we will go to Savona and meet up with Denise and together we four will bring in the Magenta Ray to then annoint the realities arising around us with this new creation energy, now that the soul-less entities are gone forever. The Magenta Ray was downloaded to our reality in early February when we went for a walk at Deas Island, Vancouver;  Everything was coloured with a deep Magenta pink overlay; We were told this ray is the foundation of creation in the new fifth dimensional worlds;

It has been a difficult 5 days!

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