Open Letter to the President of China Xi Jinping

Embrace the New Theory of Science of the Universal Law and Save China From the Imminent Collapse of the World Economic and Financial System

Georgi Stankov, December 15, 2017

Dear Mr. President Xi Jinping,

The world is at a crossroads and does not know anything about it. China, as the biggest nation and economy in the world, is also at a crossroads and you and your government know it very well. What you may not know is that this year of 2018 is the year of ultimate decision.

Please allow me to summon the role of China in the world that is, no doubt, better known to you than anybody else, but, since this is an open letter that will be also read by the Chinese people, some of them may not fully realize this fact.

Officially, China is considered to be the second biggest economy in the world behind the USA and it is generally assumed that it will surpass the US GDP in 10 to 20 years according to the experts. This is definitely not true. China is already the biggest economy in the world by far and large and this brings about a great responsibility for you and your country.

The US real GNP is $17.2 tn, while China GNP is given as roughly $11 tn in 2017. However, these numbers are based on the actual prices of the goods produced in these countries and the prices in the USA are hugely inflated. Therefore this kind of comparison is misleading, because things cost different amounts in these countries. Gross domestic product (GDP), respectively real gross national product (GNP) is supposed to measure the amount of real commodities – cars, machines, phones, financial and healthcare services, and so on – that a country produces and offers. If the same phone costs $400 in the U.S. but only $200 in China, China’s GDP is getting under-counted by 50% when we measure at market exchange rates.

When a proper adjustment, called purchasing power parity (PPP), is made for the relative prices in the two countries we acquire a more accurate picture of the power of the two biggest economies. And here, China has already surpassed the USA by far and large according to the World bank estimation. For 2016 the real economic power of China was calculated to be almost $22 tn compared to $18 tn for the USA.

It is a well known fact that the US GDP is a product of “creative accounting”, which is another word for statistical fraud and does not reflect the true economic power of this country. The keepers of US economic data at the Bureau of Economic Analysis have introduced a number of items in their calculation, such as potential Hollywood royalties, student loans, fiscal and other debt, and so on, which not only have no practical value, but in most cases are heavy debt and liabilities to the US economy. Only the student loans in the USA account for $1.2 tn, which is almost twice the GDP of Australia and it is officially known that 80% of these loans cannot be repaid as the Americans are broke and the real unemployment is 30%, while much higher among young graduates, with no qualified, well-paying jobs in sight.

Most of this fraudulent accounting practice was introduced after the big financial crisis in 2008 which is still ongoing in the USA and has led, in my opinion, to the Greatest and Longest Depression in the USA in order to cover up this bitter truth. When GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) is applied to the US GDP, it can be shown that more than 1/3 of it consists of debt and liabilities that not only have no practical economic value, but hugely hamper the economic growth. For instance, while the industrial sector where true value is created accounts for less than 10% of US GNP, and the agricultural sector barely 2%, the unproductive, tertiary financial sector which, to the general acknowledgement of all serious financial experts, is one giant Ponzi scheme and comprises 40% of the GDP.  The US fiscal (government) debt increases currently by more than $1.5 tn (9% of the GNP) each year and totals more than $20 tn. Every 60 cents of one dollar of tax revenues go to repay the interest of the fiscal debt of the USA. This debt is created by printing money out of thin air by the FED and sold to the rest of the world as US bonds. China alone possesses $1.2 tn US bonds that have actually no value.

Indeed, China needs this investment for strategic reasons as much of its unprecedented economic growth has been generated in trade with the USA. The US trade deficit hit an all-time high in 2017 with $566 billion and the USA-China trade deficit jumped 8.1% to a record $375.2 billion. This fact alone shows that the USA is a much weaker economy than China as it produces and exports very little. China on the contrary has become the manufacturer of the world.

Why do I discuss so painstakingly this economic data? Because I want to make clear that China is not only the country with the biggest population in the world, but already the biggest economy and thus your government bears a huge responsibility not only for its citizens, but also for the rest of the world.

China has performed the most miraculous economic growth in the entire history of humanity that has allowed more than 700 million Chinese to escape poverty and enjoy modest prosperity or real wealth after a devastating civil war and no less devastating purges and suppression during the Cultural Revolution, under which your family and you personally have suffered a lot. This was achieved within one quarter of a century, while the much appraised Industrial Revolution in Europe and later on in the USA in the 20th century brought only welfare to about 200 – 300 million people within a prolonged period of one century. China has developed its unique economic model based on the economic reforms of your far-sighted leader Deng Xiaoping, while preserving the unity of the nation and with respect to the long standing Chinese tradition of family stability, care and true human values, which have been eroded in the west for political (neo-liberal) reasons.

It is remarkable that China has no Nobel Prize winner in economics, while being the most successful and dynamic economy in the world, with the highest growth rates for decades, while the USA has several dozens Nobel Prize winners who have established all kinds of economic teachings, such as Keynesianism, monetarism, neoliberalism and numerous other “-isms” that have profoundly destroyed the economy of the USA with their reckless experiments. This shows that modern western economics is just as fake as is the mainstream media news.

All accusations of the West that China is not a liberal and open society are likewise false and prejudiced and only conceal the fact that currently censorship in Europe and the USA is thriving to new heights. As I do not speak Chinese, I cannot comment on the political discourse in your country, but I speak Russian and some other Slavonic languages and follow the discussions in Russia which has a similar post-communist history as China and can confirm that they are more diverse, open and free than anything in the “lies press” (Luegenpresse, word of the year in Germany) in the west. There are many and serious reasons for this new reversal in human rights and liberties in the west, which I will not discuss here, but they are inherent to my ideas I would like to share with you in this open letter.

China has already become economically the No. 1 world power and has shown remarkable restraint and respect for international law in its peaceful foreign policy towards other nations. This is in sharp and positive contrast to the reckless hegemonic foreign policy of the USA conducted from the position of self-proclaimed exceptionalism that has led to aggressive invasions and destruction of numerous countries the world over. It is a continuation of the imperialistic policy of the old European powers that destroyed China with their opium wars and were also responsible for the civil war in China that caused so much suffering to the Chinese people. Their aim was to suppress China and prevent its inevitable growth to a world power which your country managed to achieve against all odds.

Now is the time for this proud nation to recognize its leading role in the world and confidently stride new pathways of evolution. There is no need to follow the example and practices of the “advanced” West in science, economics, politics and finance as they have lost their power and meaning a long time ago.

In fact, neither western science nor its economic ideas and policies have been based on universal truths and sound principles and therefore cannot be used by other emerging countries to promote real progress. China has copied much of these ideas to foster its economic growth and, while they have worked in the past, it can no longer rely on them in the near future. History of mankind teaches us that pure economic growth is very fragile and the occurrence of sudden crises can destroy decades, even centuries of economic growth and progress.

China is a glaring example in this respect. For many centuries it was the most civilised and developed country in the world – the centre of the world – only to fall prey to western imperialism in the last two centuries and be humiliated by powers of inferior civilisation. This fact should be clearly stated at this place, so that there is no misunderstanding on this issue: The aim of this reckless hegemonic policy, be they the old European imperialistic powers, Japan or now the USA, which meddles in the South China Sea and creates havoc in the Korean peninsula, is to suppress the development of China to a world power and to reclaim its natural place as the leader of the world.

However, no nation can preserve its wealth and prosperity if it is based on naked materialism and neglects the spiritual principles and ethical values that are in the core of human life and represent the sanctity of any sentient existence. While China may look back to a long glorious philosophical and spiritual tradition, it is now urged to enter new uncharted territories which no nation has explored so far.

You as an insightful leader has understood this necessity better than many other politicians and your daring project “the new silk road” is already a huge step in this direction that will not only unite in a peaceful way Eurasia but will also bring prosperity to all nations when accomplished. That is why the USA wants to prevent this project with all means by stoking wars and conflicts in Central Asia, in the Middle East and in South East Asia. These are the mortal throes of a dying former hegemon that is now in a state of total disarray and is most dangerous. If China wants to preserve its success and prosper in a peaceful world, it must show incentive, intellectual courage and go in completely new innovative pathways.

Your predecessor Deng Xiaoping, who like you and your family suffered much under the persecutions during the Cultural Revolution, knew very well that only bold ideas can change such a big country as China and rescue it from its deliberate impoverishment. At that time nobody believed that he would be successful and I very well remember the ironic and condescending comments in the West on his endeavour to reform China. He, actually the Chinese people, proved all the critics to be wrong and this should be a great motivation for your nation to dare even more in this crucial year of 2018 when the destiny of the entire humanity will be at stake.

Mr President, you, like me belong to the post-war generation ( I am two years older than you) and we both have grown up under communism and have experienced personally the hardships of its brutal dictatorship. When you were 15 years old, your father was jailed during the Cultural Revolution and you were arrested and sent to do hard labour in the countryside. Likewise, the communists executed some of my family members as class enemies after they usurped the political power in Bulgaria in 1944, sent other relatives in concentration camps and persecuted my family as bourgeois class enemy. While you were in a work camp, I was a political dissident in Bulgaria and organized the first flying universities as I knew already at that time beyond any doubt that only human ideas based on truth, freedom of the individual, and an intimate knowing of who we really are can bring progress to the human race. Hence, we both know how easily mankind can fall into the abyss of human darkness and what responsibility lies on our shoulders to save it from its perennial wars and destruction.

While you have dedicated your life to ensuring the prosperity and progress of your great and rightfully proud nation, I have dedicated my life to saving humanity and transforming it to an advanced civilisation. For this purpose I have chosen the pathway of science, intellectuality and truth and have made the greatest achievement in the history of mankind – the discovery of the Universal Law of Nature and the development of the new theory of Science. It will bring infinite prosperity to the entire mankind and the introduction of new advanced technologies of dazzling possibilities that will transform this planet to a paradise. This is not a distant utopia but will become reality this year and that is why it is urgent to address this issue and make you aware of it.

Please, bear with me that I cannot discuss in this letter all the ramifications and consequences that arise from this epochal discovery for science, technology, economics and society, as I have discussed it in 15 books and more than 3,000 articles. But I can assure you that the nation, which first implements the new theory of the Universal Law in its national education programs, will lead the world and will profit immeasurably from this bold act.

I have the impression that the Chinese people are very intelligent and proficient people who almost always excel when competing with other nations under equal conditions. They have an excellent education in science, physics and mathematics, and are eager to learn new content. At the same time their minds are not so distracted by weird modern theories that have been developed in the west in the last several decades and are not only wrong, but completely obfuscate the truth about human existence.

For instance, it is generally acknowledged that physics is the most exact natural science and that everything it says and postulates is true. I have proved beyond any doubt that all fundamental concepts in present-day physics are profound blunders, so that this entire science is fake. It prohibits the understanding of the nature of energy, while at the same time it is a discipline that deals exclusively with energy interactions. My latest book on the new physics of the Universal Law, which I published in English on June 1, 2017, is now being translated into Chinese and will be published very soon. There I discuss some of the major blunders of present-day physics and explain why scientists have failed to develop new technologies based on anti-gravity and superconductivity that will transform human life for the better, for ever.

China has reached the limits of its extensive economic growth. The final and irreversible financial crash has commenced last week (Feb 2018) in the USA and in the west. It will soon lead to the total collapse of the postwar transatlantic economic and financial order and will also affect profoundly China, whose economy is closely intertwined with the EU and North America. Since current stability of social order in China is only guaranteed by constant economic growth, an impending world crisis may deeply affect the political situation in China and jeopardize its past successes. The only way to avoid this negative scenario is to make a leap in confidence and accept my proposal.

Let your best scientists prove the validity of the new theory of the Universal Law. I can assure you that they will come to the only possible conclusion – that it is true, while past science should be thrown into the dustbin of history. I have made this offer numerous times to Western universities, scientists, and politicians, but to no avail. There is so much hubris and arrogance today that it is impossible to lead an open and professional discussion in the west. Let us hope that this is possible in China, all the more as this is the only chance your country has to prevent a massive crisis when the western financial and economic structures crumble and the world consumption enters a deep and prolonged slump as is the case here in Canada since several years.

Herewith, I would strongly recommend you to summon a panel of top scientists in China to study the New Theory of the Universal Law as published on my website and make their final verdict. I am at their disposal at any time and I stand ready to answer their questions. When they make their final verdict, which can only be that it is the only true science of humanity, I am ready to come to your country and help establish the first universities and faculties that will teach this new revolutionary theory and help implement it in all schools throughout your country. Given the proficiency of your compatriots, it will be done within a very short period of time and then China can launch into orbit and become an advanced civilisation of cosmic proportions, as this is planned for a portion of humanity, for its best and most evolved representatives, in the course of this year.

I wish you and your country the success it deserves and peace for the entire humanity where China will play a decisive role.

With best regards

Dr. Georgi Stankov

Vancouver, Canada

Munich, Germany

Plovdiv, Bulgaria


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Letter to Putin,  Kremlin

Президенту России Владимиру Путину,

Уважаемый господин,

в июне 2017 года я отправил открытое письмо более чем 1000 известным российским физикам, объявившим о величайшем научном открытии в истории человечества – открытии Всеобщего закона и разработке новой физико-математической теории науки. Я сделал это как друг русских людей, являющихся нашими славянскими братьями, которых мы обязаны существованию нашего болгарского государства и нации. Я приложил это письмо в качестве документа к этому письму.

Реализация этого открытия вызовет величайшую революцию человечества, и те нации, которые полностью ее поймут, станут победителями в истории человечества. Вы недавно подчеркнули важность искусственного интеллекта (AI) в одном из своих выступлений и заявили, что победителями станут те страны, которые будут развивать ИИ. Истинный ИИ может быть разработан только учеными, которые понимают новую физико-математическую теорию Всеобщего закона, в этом не должно быть никаких сомнений.

К сожалению, российские физики не отреагировали на это щедрое предложение с моей стороны. Для этого есть много причин, но все они не имеют научного, теоретического характера, но основаны на их страхах, чтобы противостоять неприкрашенной научной истине. Поэтому я хотел бы предложить вам выступить перед учеными и экспертами, чтобы доказать новую теорию Всеобщего закона и сделать свой вердикт. Когда они подтвердят его обоснованность – и другого результата не будет – я готов приехать в Россию и работать с Российской академией наук для ее полного осуществления. Это приведет к величайшему возрождению русской и славянской культуры, и вы приобретете бессмертное место в истории человечества в качестве своего политического покровителя. Очевидно, нам нужен дальновидный и неукротимый человек, подобный вам, чтобы убедить научное сообщество принять научную истину, поскольку прямое общение с российскими учеными было затруднено их глубоко укоренившимися страхами, чтобы потерять свое профессиональное положение и, таким образом, оказать плохую услугу великой русской нации.

С наилучшими пожеланиями

Д-р Георгий Станков

Ванкувер, Канада

Мюнхен, Германия,

Пловдив, Болгария


To the President of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin,

Dear Sir,

in Juni 2017 I sent an open letter to more than 1000 renowned Russian physicists announcing the greatest scientific discovery in human history – the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the new physical and mathematical theory of science. I did this as a friend of the Russian people being our Slavonic brothers whom we owe the existence of our Bulgarian state and nation. I have attached this letter as a document to this email.

The implementation of this discovery will trigger the greatest revolution of humanity and those nations that will fully adopt it will be the winners in human history. You recently stressed the importance of AI (artificial intelligence) in one of your speeches and asserted that those countries that will develop AI will be the winners. True AI can only be developed by scientists who understand the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law, there should be no doubt about that.

Unfortunately the Russian physicists did not respond at all to this generous offer on my part. There are surely many reasons for that but they all are not of scientific, theoretical nature but are rather based on their fears to be confronted with the unvarnished scientific truth. Therefore I would like to suggest you to summon a panel to scientists and experts to prove the new theory of the Universal Law and let them make their verdict. When they confirm its validity – and there will be no other result – I am ready to come to Russia and work with the Russian Academy of Science for its full implementation. This will bring about the greatest renaissance of Russian and Slavonic culture and you will acquire an immortal place in the history of mankind as its facilitator. Obviously we need a far-sighted and indomitable person like you to convince the scientific community to face the scientific truth as a direct communication with the Russian scientists has been hindered by their deeply ingrained fears to lose their professional position.

With best regards

Dr. Georgi Stankov

Vancouver, Canada

München, Germany,

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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