The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Rock Climber

by Ram, May 1, 2017

Dear Georgi,

Since few months I read your website regularly and I can confirm everything what you are sharing based on my wisdom which comes from my life experience…

I am so much thankful to you and Carla for this incredible job, passion and unconditional love… Especially in times of widespread confusion and manipulation in which to find clear and pure source of information is almost impossible. To stand courageously with our truth is tantamount to facing attacks and become a laughingstock.

Yes, daily crucifixion is a great comparison which I know perfectly well from my life too. Especially when our all chakras become open and our light work is performed on a cosmic scale. Thanks again for these words from Lord Lanto exactly on Good Friday!

I am originally from Poland , so I remember well the communist time with all the manipulations… At that time, we fought actively for freedom and democracy. In retrospect it sounds like a good (or bad) old joke. That red demon was just one small tentacle of a much bigger monster which I discovered later…

I need to leave Europe for the same reason as you… The energy there almost killed me – especially in Germany and France. This was still a few years earlier, before the emigrants came in the countries, which even while passing through with my car I had to listen and chanting Gayatri Mantra to reduce my suffering …

The last two years of our life we (me and my Balinese wife -Laksmi) spent on one of the little Greek Islands near Turkey which was much more pure… but finally in last November, 2016 (since Trump won the elections) even this place kicked us out us and guided by our HS led us to our next destination  – Bali..  Now we can see clearer why we needed to leave this beautiful island so near to Syria since Trump won the elections.

We closed our well-running business and came to Bali with money enough to survive for one maximal two months. Laksmi was pregnant in the 5th month… but with courage and trust from our HS we have made it so far. We also experience so much pain and paralysis of our physical bodies.

So many messages come to us and through us… deeper and deeper cleansing our past causing deeper and deeper separation, even no more mail contact or phone with the past 3rd dimension – this is our ID shift which I can confirm 100% to be real.

Since 1 month our baby boy is already with us – Satya (Truth), Preem (Love) come to this Earth on March 21, Equinox Day at 17 pm…(1 is my number and 7 is Laksmi number); he came in a natural way at home, lotus birth… without vaccines and other “support” from western medicine. We know that this Avatar has changed everything. God always has a solution.

So many months have passed since November last year but we still live in “luxury” in a nice villa with swimming pool between rice fields … still with money enough for no longer then a months.

Our HS are guiding us to build an Ashram here even though there is still no land or money for this project. But again we trust and follow this guidance as always – expecting miracles to happen. Bali is our bilocation in real, this is our 7D… This is an example that shows that the Ascension process is not only a mental job or waiting for the incredible event to happen! We need to go forward first to create this reality through miracles! This is a totally different way than the one I followed before throughout my human life!

And all we need to learn from that is that no one would give us Ascension. Only we can bring about our Ascension. This is the message we would like to share… even though we know very well that we are still on our way…!

In my previous life  – I mean still in this physical body but before my death and resurrection – I was a professional rock climber and enjoyed many “human successes” and a great and easy life… Since I recognized the deeper truth and began to be guided by my HS many years ago, I decided to leave everything, including my career, passion, business and family  – my comfort zone and my prison matrix at the same time.

Within a few days from a hero (they even put me even on the billboard and in many advertising presenting my success in rock climbing) I became a beggar and nobody according to current human understanding of reality. I lost my position, friends, house and business, wife and family, etc… The enlightenment process is always a painful pathway  to go, always balancing on the edge of a precipice with immense courage and faith… Always ready to overcome the impossible… and more and more…

But there is NO OTHER WAY, we all have to die first in order to resurrect again!! We need to lose everything in order to get everything in purity… This reminds me of Christ’s words: “Do you see all these great buildings? … Not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” (Mark 13:2)

For me these words are not a metaphor – this is 100% physically true, this is what I experienced together with my new wife in this life: we both needed to die totally with respect to the past! If we would not die this time and during this life as in ALL our previous lives, we still need to die with respect to this physical reality like most of the people will do soon in order to resurrect! This is my understanding of ID shift. Understanding that comes from my HS and is based on my own experience.

This is why I decided to share (in a short form) my experience with all the PAT members after your last energy report from April 23, because most of them report that they were hit and suffered from a wave coming from the increased activity of our Sun. As we know, the wave from the coronal hole is a wave of light. Hence it is logical that waves of light will always come to us to heal, cleanse and finally guide us in any issue in our life.

Depending of our level of consciousness (I prefer to speak and understand this as a level of purity), this wave will always come to our body with special messages and hunches. A message, that if understood properly, will unblock the energy flow in our physical body, release the pain and advances our LBP process immediately!

Normally, as we know the wave of light goes through our physical body into this Earth and then is being distributed to other people. In the physical reality, during our interaction with other humans, we create numerous situations for them where they need to make a conscious choice: left or right..  What blocks this light and causes pain in our physical body is our dogmas, beliefs, mental limitations, etc..

This all we, the PAT members, know all too well …

But not much people understand till now that this light wave forges us to stride forward and change our physical life completely… without looking back! Literally: die and resurrect! We need to let go of our past, our Ego, our fantasies and desires … even our thinking about the future. To be pure here and now, ready for service for the others! Not in our dream, not in our imagination, but in our real life!

While balancing on the edge of the abyss, we must be ready to jump at any moment without any protection, only with COURAGE and TRUST in our hearts and this will always lead us to the next greater reality.. Reality which we are now creating as true PAT(h) members… We are the PAT(h)ways (you can also read “portals”) for the others to follow our footsteps in an easier way. This is for me the highest form of service for others.!

I get so much from you George, now it’s time for me to give a little bit back. Hope our experience will be also of help for PAT(h) members.

Peace and Love from Bali!
With all our Light and Love for both of You and all PAT(h) members!

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