The “Big Bang” Is Yet to Come in the Empty Brain Cavities of the Cosmologists – Two PAT Opinions

The Truth about Inflation Theory

Daniel Akkerman, May 14, 2017

The inflation theory is one of the best examples of (scientific) Stockholm syndrome. Instead of recognizing the wrong basis of many of the theories of modern cosmology, an arbitrary, unnecessarily complex “escape card” is invented which does everything to keep the old paradigm of thinking alive, everything except employing logic that is. It is kind of like the infinite QE of the (not too big) to-fail banks. Instead of admitting defeat, they double down on stupidity.

But as not to waste the efforts of so many scientists, I have tried to somewhat preserve the theories of cosmology, although in a slightly different manner. Forgive me if I have copy pasted some of George’s article as a baseline.

1. The scientist’s (or human) brain is homogeneous and isotropic on average, at any place, at any time. This is called the “inner-cosmological principle“.

2. The brain expands according to Potato’s law with the escape velocity v of the neurons, which is proportional to the distance dl of good ideas to the thinker.

3. Now to define correct and wrong ideas. A correct idea is simply called an “idea“, and a wrong idea, which is when one introduces N-sets (thinking away from the source), will be called an “idio” (For further information on the ethymology of this word check the famous novel of Dostoevsky titled with the same word by adding (t) at the end.).

The Potato constant is estimated from the quantity (and quality) of wrong ideas produced by selected brains per timeframe (idio/t). Its value varies roughly from brain to brain from 0 idio/s to 2012 idio/s per Mbc (megabeckow). Latest estimations tend towards the higher value.

Now, the inflation theory proves the following: the scientist, or human brain expands over time, increasing the distance between neurons slightly, which causes weakened signals. This means signals are able to reach less far through the neural networks, leading to progressively more stupid ideas. This process continues until eventually the individual will have been fully converted to a kind of cosmic radiation, a thermal death one might say.

The resulting cosmic radiation will then travel back in time because of quantum tunnelling, to be measured by scientists in the past, leading them to eventually invent the inflation theory slightly earlier than originally. The resulting cycle will lead to an infinite stupidity.

At this point you may think, that I have never given any conclusive proof for the inflation theory. However the answer is perfectly obvious: as the color of blood is red, and the brain is full of blood, we have the ultimate proof for the theory. The red color irrevocably proves it. Although some experimental measurements suggest purple-shifts in the brains of a small part of the population (the ascending ones), these numbers are sufficiently small that they can be regarded as the exception that proves the rule.

One good thing about the inflation theory, is that it may actually make humanity a lot smarter. Let’s say the average human has a Potato constant of 1000 idio/t. As the electrical signals in the brain weaken, due to increased distance, there may be a point where the brain can create less than 1000 signals per timeframe. In this case, the Potato constant of such individuals must logically decrease.

It is a common misconception that idios (wrong ideas) do not have gravity. However this fact is irrevocably proven when one examines the bookshelves of random humans, many of whom have copies of such books such as “The Origin of Species” (Darwin), or “A Brief History of Time” (Hawking). In fact some of these ideas have reached critical mass and are collapsing into themselves, attracting all kinds of adjacent masses (followers).

In the past many complicated measurements have been made, with infinitely expensive machines to determine the exact gravity of such idios. But modern technology gives us an easy solution. Take for example the book “A Brief History of Time”. If one wishes to determine the gravity of this situation, it is very simple. There is a secret website, unknown to most people, which provides us with very accurate data, called Here, one simply finds the price in dollars, amount of copies sold, and mass of the book in question. Then multiply those 3 values with each other.

But this is not everything. Where scientists previously thought such books are the smallest units of idios in the universe, new experiments have proven the opposite. It all started from an argument between two famous writers of modern scientific papers. As they both threw a book at the other in rage, the two copies of “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins, and “Relativity: The Special and the General Theory” by Albert Einstein collided in mid-air.

The speed of collision of these two books was incredible, and at the point of collision, the books disappeared, and in their place appeared a number of smaller bundles of paper. Amongst the stack, were a few editions of the famous scientific magazine “Nature”, and some, until that day undiscovered essays of Sir Isaac Newton, mixed with long-lost notes of Charles Darwin.

Scientists all over the world immediately jumped on this opportunity and started using all kinds of machinery to collide books together at high velocity. Initial experiments with mediaeval catapults have produced some new findings, such as prehistoric cave paintings showing vehicles with square wheels, and printed collections of internet comments written by laymen. Some examples of the content of the comments has users considering Columbus an explorer who discovered America, and denying that many present and past scientists such as Newton and Darwin consider themselves Religious.

Construction has started on a special new project, hoping to collide books at an ever greater velocity by printing them in metal pages and accelerating them through a giant, kilometres long torus filled with magnets. It is scheduled to start operation in 2019. Scientists also hope to experiment with various religious, economical and political works in the new Book-Collider.


Big Bang Cosmology; Subterfuge for the Creationist Bible-based Genesis Model

Patrick Amoroso, May 14, 2017

“ Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simplistic. “  Albert Einstein

 In order to understand the debate concerning any challenge to the universally accepted doctrine of the “ Big Bag Theory”, prudence demands that we investigate its early origin and what underlying motivations would contribute to such a farcical notion that from one primordial singularity all the energy and mass of our currently perceived universe arose in a quantum nano-second of explosive creation and here we are. The advent of Einsteinian physics in the early twentieth century had posed some mathematical irregularities and in order for the General Theory of Relativity to make sense in any measure of rational deduction, a predetermined acceptance of an expanding universe had to be part and parcel to this theory.

Einstein readily acknowledged this dilemma by introducing his cosmological constant that in essence was a fudge factor to apply to his General Field Equations which was an attempt to reconcile with a static, non-expanding universe or as British Cosmologist Fred Hoyle would later postulate as the “ State Steady Theory’.  More on him later.  An expanding Universe concept would have to be introduced and it here where the story gets interesting.

Enter Monseigneur George Lemaitre, a Belgian Catholic priest, astronomer, mathematician a and holder of degrees from the University of Cambridge and enrolled briefly at MIT and the Harvard Observatory. While Einstein‘s General Theory had it relatively right at the very beginning proposing a static, non-expanding universe, Lemaitre would amend that to now suggest the concept of a primordial atom . Instant Presto ! A man of God would now satisfy two opposing conceptual ideations into one composite theory of false science; an expanding universe and now proposing a theosophical argument tainted in pseudo-science to augment the Genesis myth of “ In the beginning , God created…….   Einstein was so taken in by this new development that he would later commit the hari-kari measure of falling on his own sword by stating that the introduction of the cosmological constant was his “ greatest blunder.” He further derided himself by stating the following quotation in the 1930’s after Lemaitre positing his primordial-atom theory: “This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened.”

Incidentally, it was never referred to as the  “Big Bang Theory” at this time although interestingly enough some twenty years later in the 1950’s, Pope Pius 12th not only declared that the big bang and the Catholic concept of creation were compatible but also embraced Lemaitre’s idea as scientific validation for the existence of God and of Catholicism.

It was famed British Astrophysicist and Cosmologist, Fred Hoyle who actually termed the title of The Big Bang in a radio interview when questioned about the origin of the universe and deridingly stated , “ Oh, the Big Bang.” He was later to be denied a Nobel Prize. Basically, the Steady State Theory opined that the universe is expanding but that new matter and new galaxies are continuously created in order to maintain the perfect cosmological principle or the idea that on the large-scale the universe is essentially both homogeneous and isotropic in both space and time and therefore has no beginning and has no end. Interesting to note that it is a modified version of what Dr. Stankov posits in the Universal Law and his treatise in Volume 2 : The Universal Law. The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology.

As an active astronomer, that is when the weather in the northeastern United States allows me to be, I will now speak to the issue of how the study of Cosmology is fraught with irrational and unproven epithets from hyper-ego educated and narcissistic charlatans who take great delight in their grand equations and unproven testaments, Case in point. The concept of dark matter and dark energy.

From Wikipedia, we get : Dark matter is a hypothetical type of matter distinct from dark energybaryonic matter (ordinary matter such as protons and neutrons), and neutrinos. The existence of dark matter would explain a number of otherwise puzzling astronomical observations.[1] The name refers to the fact that it does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation, such as light, and is thus invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum.[2] Although dark matter has not been directly observed, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects such as the motions of visible matter,[3] gravitational lensing, its influence on the universe’s large-scale structure, on galaxies, and its effects in the cosmic microwave background.

And then; from the same source; In physical cosmology and astronomydark energy is an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe.[1][2] Dark energy is the most accepted hypothesis to explain the observations since the 1990s indicating that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

How absurd and naive can the scientific community be? The acceptance of two entirely theoretical yet diametrically opposing and non-proven entities and not even understood what they consist of and all the while cloaked in a feigned approach to offset both a super-expanding universe on the one hand and a contracting universe on the other. It is accepted as truth without any proof  and  if we did not have these fictitious forces in a tug and pull balancing act of universal chess, we would be headed for the Big Crunch or a reversal of the Big Bang expanding theory to one of its exact opposite.

Prior to finding Dr. Georgi Stankov’s site, I was engaged for years in an arduous and exhaustive study of the works of Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Richard Feynman and others. It wasn’t until I immersed myself into the transcendental and abstract reasoning by understanding axiomatic logic did I begin to see the brilliance in his approach. Remember Einstein’s admonition at the beginning of this essay.

Let’s have some fun.  Today scientists look for a God particle at CERN, posit the fabrication of gravitons and would have us all believe that Dark Matter/ Energy are really determinants in understanding Cosmology. Hmmm….. The god particle has always been front and center , folks. It is the Photon, particle or wave, it really doesn’t matter since they have mass and operate in a continuous gradient potential interchange with 3-D mass and it is this interaction in an energy relationship that allows for gravity and eliminates dark energy and dark matter from consideration and tosses those fabrications to the realm of absurdity.

Another consideration for the Photon as the god particle. No matter what religious or theosophical consideration you may analyze across regions and cultures of the world, the one distinguishing feature that is prominently considered when entertaining concepts of a divine nature is LIGHT, “ Let there be light, You are the light of the world, I am the light, “ As I mentioned previously, The divine is always referred to as light. That is why we, the PAT are Light warriors of the first and last hour engaged in a divine mission.

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