Living the Dream Amidst Energy-Induced Encephalomalacia of the Service-to-Self Entities

Synchronicities Abound!

Fiona Fairchild and Georgi Stankov, March 12, 2017

Living the Dream

Hi George!

I just read your message and my jaw dropped… I experienced the exact same “dream” last night!  I could have written this statement word for word!

“This night I had a lengthy conference with Trump with his administration and advised them what to do next. I learnt that Trump is no longer listening to his war mongering generals and has taken a more independent course. This was not a dream but a very realistic meeting at the soul level as I was in lucid consciousness”

Wow!  I was at this same meeting all night, and was lucid…. I kept thinking, “I can’t believe I’m really at the White House with Trump”. I was wearing these beautiful clothes, irridescent, which he noticed and admired. The interesting thing was that he was listening, no responses were made except for nods in agreement. Unfortunately my dream recall is not as clear as yours, but the experience and feeling were identical. I knew there were other people in attendance, but I didn’t recognize anyone, or you!

The past few weeks I have had dreams of being at the White House, also conferring with Melania and Ivanka.  Again, I don’t recall the content of our conversations, but the feeling was very clear and real that we (the PAT) are working closely with them to bring about sweeping changes.  I also came across the very same article you did about Trump clearing out the government, which was another confirmation of the reality we are creating.

Yes, the Wesak and Full Moon energies continue to be very powerful today… the same high vibrations and ringing in the ears. I am also noticing many glitches in the matrix when I am out in 3D… things are missing, the houses I walk by everyday are different colors, different cars parked in front… and I am feeling like I am floating, not in my body.  My vision also expands to 180 degrees… I have a very definite sense that I am finally on my way out of 3D.  Thankfully!  I am intending to recognize you the next time I’m in the higher dimensions…. tonight! Look for me and say hi!

Love and Light,



Dear Fiona,

this is incredible confirmation of what we are doing in the dream state. My dream lasted the whole night with numerous repetitions and various discussions with other members of the Trump’s administration but essentially the common understanding was that Trump has now taken off the gloves and will no longer appease the Washington swamp dwellers but has declared a total war on the dark deep state as any attempts to work with it have failed so far. Trump has realized that these insidious ones are like snakes that will continue biting him until he is totally poisoned and dead. Bannon who recently defined the fake MSM as the opposition party was right and he will surely gain new strength in the WH, but the real opposition are the dark ruling cabal and the deep state moles in the WH.

Now they are experiencing a full psychomental meltdown which I decided to define as

Energy-induced Encephalomalacia (Brain (cerebral) Softening)

This medical condition first became famous with the endemic distribution of syphilis in the late tertiary stage in the 19th and early 20th century before salvarsan was discovered in 1910.

The latest example is the hysteria of the US media that only Russian journalists made photos of Lavrov-Trump meeting yesterday in the WH and that this was a real conspiracy (watch also Alex Jones on this topic):

“A number of US news outlets became outraged by the fact that the photos taken during the White House meeting between Lavrov and Trump had been distributed by Russia.

The photos were taken by TASS photographer Alexandr Scherbak who attended the meeting as the official photographer for the Russian delegation.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova earlier described the hysteria in the US media as an “intellectual agony.”

She pointed out that US photographers had also been present at the meeting while the photos were available for free on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website so that both Russian and foreign media could have access to them.”

I do not remember anything so ridiculous and absurd as the current political hysteria in the USA that has taken full grip of the minds of the US opposition in cahoots with the deep US state members that have decompensated to insane asylum inmates and I am observing the political events now for more than half a century first hand. Not even under McCarthy’s times of communist witch hunt.

Therefore I believe that we have reached with the today’s massive ID shift another pivotal threshold in the ascension process where the service-to-self individuals begin to throw the towel in the ring and to hang in the ropes. What will happen next will be a unique drama and I do not want to envision too much as not to limit the depth of their tragedy which will be unprecedented in the history of mankind.

We have been expecting this to happen since spring equinox when I reported that the service-to-self people will be deprived of any possibility to manipulate or harm the lives of service-to-other people and even of those who are fence straddlers and have not decided yet which way to go.

The Wave (Critical Mass for Positive Polarised Charge) March Equinox 2017

But we could reach the current threshold of total mental and emotional collapse of the dark ones only after we abolished the old matrix and substituted it with the new crystalline matrix on April 26th:

The Elohim: A New Matrix!

Energy Report of the PAT – April 28, 2017

Breaking News: The Earth Split Into Two Halves in a Massive and Dramatic ID Rift on April 26, 2017

Since then I have been waiting for this to happen any day and after the Wesak portal yesterday the decomposition of the human carriers of the old matrix has begun with full force. The coming days will be very exciting.

There is no doubt that the PAT is instrumental in all these changes and that we have taken full control over the political events in Washington D.C. and other western capitals of dark power.

I was made a few days ago aware of the third secret of Fatima. Here are two texts about the controversy around this event and the official statement of the Vatican as the two best sources I could find on this subject:


The full text of the third Fatima secret and Ratzinger’s interpretation:

I asked Carla to attune to it as I knew that there was some important information I had missed and when she read the Vatican expose she realised that the Antichrist about which the third Fatima secret is talking is not Russia as at that time it was officially announced and put in brackets in the text but America and that is why the Polish Pope Wojtyla (John Paul II) had to issue this powerful dispensation (consecration):

“John Paul II, for his part, asked for the envelope containing the third part of the “secret” following the assassination attempt on 13 May 1981. On 18 July 1981 Cardinal Franjo Šeper, Prefect of the Congregation, gave two envelopes to Archbishop Eduardo Martínez Somalo, Substitute of the Secretariat of State: one white envelope, containing Sister Lucia’s original text in Portuguese; the other orange, with the Italian translation of the “secret”. On the following 11 August, Archbishop Martínez returned the two envelopes to the Archives of the Holy Office.(2)

As is well known, Pope John Paul II immediately thought of consecrating the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and he himself composed a prayer for what he called an “Act of Entrustment”, which was to be celebrated in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major on 7 June 1981, the Solemnity of Pentecost, the day chosen to commemorate the 1600th anniversary of the First Council of Constantinople and the 1550th anniversary of the Council of Ephesus.” 

The dark cabal in the USA wanted to prevent this as with this solemn consecration demanded by the Sacred Mother the church was exempted from the dark cabal plans to install the NWO as this was shown explicitly in her vision where soldiers kill the white Christian bishop and his followers.

Besides, it was well known since some time from the channellings of Edgar Cayce that Russia will be the bastion of light in the End Time when the western cabal will try everything to install the NWO as we have experienced it first hand since I have opened this website in 2011 and extensively discussed on many occasions, so that this country cannot be the Antichrist. This role was adopted by the AAA-empire (triple AAA stands for the “Anglo-American Assholes”).

In fact the cabal had always intended to abolish the Church when they establish the NWO. For that reason they performed the assassination attempt on the Polish pope with the CIA asset Ali Agca from Turkey and then blamed the Bulgarian secret services for that. They arrested a Bulgarian diplomat from the embassy in Rome and blamed him for having arranged this assassination attempt in 1981 because allegedly Agca visited Sofia for a few days before that:

There was a CIA author, a woman called Claire Sterling as far as remember her name, who wrote a fake book on the Bulgarian connection and this was used as evidence to blame the Bulgarians and their infidel KGB masters in Moscow for trying to kill the pope, while in fact the CIA tried to kill him but he survived and ordered this dispensation. This was another big mass hysteria instigated by the CIA against Russia that lasted for years.

The Italian courts could not provide any evidence against the suspected Bulgarian diplomat Antonov and he was released from prison after waiting several years for his verdict, just as the dark secret services of the US deep state are unable to provide any evidence for collusion of the Trump’s team with the Russians, notwithstanding the peaking hysteria in the Capitol and in the fake MSM about the traitor Trump.

I was personally involved on the fringes of this hysterical assassination drama of the Polish pope that consisted of several acts and lasted throughout the 80s and had many dramatic turns and twists, but this is another adventurous story I have not reported yet as it was so weird as the reality we live in.

However as program editor in 1985 for Radio Free Europe I warned my colleagues not to adopt the CIA version and put the blame on our countrymen for the assassination attempt of the pope as there was no evidence, just as there is no evidence for the Russiagate today. They hated me for that and this caused a real éclat with the CIA that ran this anticommunist radio and shortly thereafter led to my dismissal as dissident. I have been consistently a dissident throughout my whole life – against communism and against American imperialism and now against the Orion empire.

Anyway, I am referring to the third Fatima secret here because my HS made me aware all of a sudden last week that it will play a key role in the coming ascension scenario because we have to consider not only the demise of the last empire of evil – the USA – for which we now work with Trump behind the veil, but also the demise of the Catholic church and all organized religions.

The Vatican has always been a key target of our light work and I have written in the past a few articles on this issue. I have no clue how this will unfold, but I am very confident that all pathways are now converging into one “grande finale furioso.”

With love and light


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