Hymn of Endtime Transcendence

May 7, 2017


Dear Georgi,

without further and any ado I’d like to present a grand set of poetry I was specifically inspired to channel from the higher realms concerning the newest and truly final phase of the Endtimes. It speaks for itself and it is bound to strike a chord in soul-aligned minds and heart-centered thinkers.

With love and light,


A Poem Written By Lux

For all the sparkLings and the uprisers
For all the indomitable astral fighters
Storm clouds gather beneath these skies
To flawlessly wipe out the wretched sties

Logos, the realm of gods surfaces again
Souls from the infinite stars fill the stem
This is your new life, this is your song
If you sing it, not a thing can go wrong

Visions stream through the mind’s eye
Void the need for secrets and painful lies
No more chains of separation, in unity we realize
That all we will ever need we can find inside

The new age of truth has finally arrived
Bridging the final gap, that great divide
Divine plan in line, The dark ones final demise
Without seed and water it can no longer thrive

Explore uncharted treasures of Sol
Encore into his gorgeous new core
Do you see the world through different eyes
Realize the dreams you harbored deep inside

Do you see the brighter sunshine
Can you feel the magnetizing vibe
Pouring out of the skies so divine
Will you tag along for the ride

We’ve been paralysed, now we’re dignified
As our minds are once again synchronized
We heard the call, we are passing over
The distant echoes sounding ever closer

Having been lost but not forgotten
Start to recollect what we are again
Shooting stars above citylights
Stardust encapsulates our minds

Can you make the pieces fit together entwined
Can you make your inner stars all fall in line
Can you reignite the flame in your light-torch
Can you raise your phoenix from the earth-scorch

Beneath the metallic steel skies
Trembling hearts, outworn eyes, lives torn apart
But fears dissolve, into a new start
Everything is resolved by gods true work of art

All darkness fades,
divine blueprint outlined
The one beats the many shades
That of our collective mind

The distant suns hidden, now revealed
Divine matrices upon the earth sealed
When the tides turn and the poles flip
The empirical darkness loses its grip

Enchantment vibe, wings of ecstasy
Heart of Eden, a spiritual fantasy
The one and only absolute remedy
For all the pain, sorrow, threnody

No more empty reveries
Telepathy with empathy
This is the energy,
so have the synergy
To breathe it in
To immerse in its sea

Real life is just about to truly begin
As we reignite the divine spark within
Arcane structures come rising from below
As Earth lets the universe go with its flow

For all the treasures unexplored
Streak of light, a divine force
Compelling beacon leaving no choice
But to join it, or from life divorce

Set sail to the unknown shores
Bathe in the celestial joy
Set free the cosmic galore
Dance with the stars, rejoice

As we set the horizon on fire
The script for the dark ones final demise
The cosmic waters cascade down
Ocean of eternity dripping from its gown

A single fell swoop of the primordial magic hand
Nature runs its course through the hourglass-sand
Hearken unto the symphony of the archangelic chant
Their guiding hands take you to the promised land

Forever bound, our hearts beat not alone
The shadows, sorrows now all gone
Our tears of joy melt in the rising sun
And our minds meld, we feel as one

We hone our wings, we are taking flight to cloud 9
Heavenly choir sings as we become pure light
Leave behind all belongings, we prepare to rise
Boarding new home, the celestial paradise

We launch and vanish without a trace
Into real cosmos where gods embrace
The final leap, most giant stride
Under the new sun, the united vibe

As individuals on a collective mind
Raving beneath the starlit sky
Unveil the brave-new world
In this evergleam universe

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