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Georgi Stankov and Patrick Amoroso, April 13, 2017



I just checked the website. It appears Youtube killed the video on the missile intercepts by Syria. It doesn’t surprise me. Google, owner of youtube is “Deep State.”



I just made a note on the article to watch the video on the Iranian Press site in French as I noticed this too. What better proof that this is true.




Also, www.veteranstoday.com, source of the original article is down this morning. Senior Editor, Gordon Duff mentioned yesterday while still operational that McMaster and Trump had given the green light for deep state hacks to attack his website and they had been fighting a good fight. If you link there, a 404 error is presented which in IT talk means that the web server of the client is no longer serving the site. Two considerations: Either the feds took it down with a denial of service attack or Gordon and his IT staff took it down and are moving it to a proxy server which might give them a temporary reprieve. In either case, so much for our 1st Amendment freedom of speech farcical rights.

As one born into this most insidious of nation-states, I am having increasing amounts of consummate contempt for what Americans are facing and their denial of attention to what they have allowed to be undertaken in their name. Couple that with a most heinous dream of last night where I engaged in an action of such despicable result and was one that is directly in contrast to my deep respect for all life…. that when  I awoke suddenly from its grip…. Well,  Georgi, sometimes, all we can do is grieve with tears and the hope of the PAT.



Dear Patrick,

I could just open VeteransToday website and the said article but the server is very slow indeed. I hope they will not shut down my website as it is the only other one that has reported so far on the interception of the US missiles by the Syrian Air Defense. As my server is in Poland, I hope they cannot reach it there but when the server was in Germany they tried to block it regularly and even colluded with the owner of the server company to destroy my website. It was a miracle that we got away by threatening him with criminal charges. As you may know the biggest CIA centre outside the USA is near Frankfurt from where I was harassed daily by paid trolls who were CIA operatives as we traced them down to this facility.

I had an amazing experience. In the last days I was engaged in powerful inter-counselling of Dr. Steve Pieczenik, whom I value for his clear ideas but who very much disappointed me with his utilitarian endeavour to save the US republic. I even wrote on his website why is he trying to save the republic when it was infested from its inception as he has said it himself on many occasions and participates in a soft coup d’etat as he claims. Why does not he develop broader ideas and fights for the peace of the entire humanity by abolishing the national state which is the chief source of all evil? He did not publish my comment but I know that he read it.

Then he hailed Trump’s attack on Syria as a kabuki war:


After that I was very disappointed with him but my HS involved me in a massive and very powerful inter-counselling at the soul level. I was told years ago by the Elohim that this is my specialty from where I change the personality structure of the incarnated individuals in a very powerful way. I have achieved modest results in the past, modest in terms of past standards of behaviour but the energetic situation was different on earth in the past. Now within several days I had numerous fictitious discussions with Pieczenik in my mind and explained to him why he was wrong.

And today I listened to this interview with Alex Jones where he is so mad about Trump and his military advisers that push him into war that he threatened them and even Trump with trials and jail, which is a “strong tobacco” to quote a German saying. I could say that but he is a secret service apparatchiks and thinks within the box. Anyway, here is the article in ZeroHedge about this interview and video:


I was very impressed what quick results I could achieve telepathically with this man and this gives me hope that we can turn the situation for the better very soon.

I was deeply immersed in the battles in the WH and was somewhat confused as to why, as I decided to stay detached. But when I have this urging then it is always from my HS and has a higher purpose. I did not know exactly why I have to do it but the clarification came today.

We now witness the final battle between the service-to-self and the service-to-others factions as reported in the Magenta Pixie’s message to my question. The dark side has to commit a crime and they actually performed a palace coup in the WH and tried to hijack the administration and Trump before they can be fully ousted. He must have been also massively threatened as Carla and I get it because I felt the aggression on that day when the bombing took place. His son-in-law is de facto bankrupt with his 666 building (the sign of the beast) and this is on purpose because the banksters want to have a leverage on the Trump family. Pieczenik also comments on this issue in the said interview.

I was switched into this battle as to help the service-to-others win over the dark ones and change the institutions for the better. We still need them in the interim phase before we can abolish all old structures. This is what I have been doing in the last days and I assume that this is also true for the entire PAT. Very soon we shall see the results of this energetic cleansing action.



Dear Georgi,

I just listened to the youtube interview with Steve Pieczenik in its entirety. What is obviously manifest in his self-adulation as being the consummate apparatchik having served in many instrumental roles for the deep state that he so obviously elevates;  is one who is without a moral sense. He sees the world in plots and sub-plots where powerful nations play out their hegemonic, “Game of Thrones”. He extols the manipulations of the intelligence agencies who serve the cabal of corporate-driven profit played out against nations who dare exert their refusal to be vassals of the Illusionary American empire with absolutely no regard for the effects of such subterfuge on the innocent citizens that he cares not to mention.

He is a flim-flam man, unable to see that what you and I know and have written about and that is the fact that the very embodiment of the nation-state invites aggression, mafia-like shenanigans, and operates in a total moral vacuum where players like Mr. Pieczenik decide in their blindness what actions constitute good and what is bad. He makes a fool of himself claiming that he is one of the good intelligence operatives while the others that he contests with, i.e. Neocons, etc. are the black hats without even a smidgen of understanding that both serve the nation-state and he, Mr.Steve Pieczenik, is entitled to define who is more noble in their pursuit of skullduggery and illicit actions who are in essence serving the same masters with a different face.

Case in point, he talks out of the side of his mouth when he claims that under Reagan, he was quite instrumental in regime change against the former Soviet Union. My argument here is not that the communist state should have remained but what ensued in its aftermath due to the likes of Pieczenik and his ilk. This is what Putin meant when he said that the worst event to have befallen the world was the rapid dissolution of Soviet Russia where the NeoCon school of predatory capitalists operating under Milton Friedman’s Univ-Chicago school of economics remodeled the state industries for plunder, extortion and heist. Soviet-era pensions were confiscated, jobs non-existent and young Russian adolescent girls took to prostitution in order to survive while AIDS reached epidemic levels. It has been posited that perhaps a million Russian citizens perished while the western banks plundered an entire nation and mafia-like Russian kingpins, many of them former KGB became the lackeys of Western exploitation. The end result was ruble insolvency and default, with Russia emerging as a mafia-state with nuclear weapons. Pieczenik would chafe at such a denunciation and that is due to his ego-based mentality.

Furthermore, he now espouses that Trump’s actions in unleashing missiles against Syria was a stroke of genius all the while embellishing this action as an aspect of ‘The Art of the Deal’. Tell that to the Syrian women and her 6 children reduced to body parts by one of the errant  missiles. If in fact diplomacy invites a cordial respect for the invitation of a visiting head of state, then President Xi JinPing and his entourage must have been overwhelmed with a sense of gross insult. The only understanding that the Chinese must have come away with is that they are dealing with a madman and a nation who acts like a “drunk with big guns.”

Pieczenik stated it plainly when he advocated that the US must reposition their military and concern for Asia. The Obama “Pivot to Asia” plays out again except this time it is Republicans creating the stranglehold on a nation emerging into greatness.

Georgi, from one light warrior to another, Do not waste your valuable time and many transcendental gifts on the likes of people like him. If I have one strength that I may entertain for its acuity, it is to see through the facade of people claiming to be something other than their actions and self-adulation convey.

In retrospect and after proper reflection, my troubled dream of last night symbolized a greater meaning as I was obviously cleaning negative energies in other timelines although the visceral manifestation in my subconscious mind proved to be quite emotional.

Let’s you and I find a way to counsel with Xi JinPing.  He is by far a more moral man. As it stands now, China and a rogue USA cannot exist on the same planet so the HR should take notice and expedite our ascension.



Dear Patrick,

your description is perfect and absolutely correct. To answer your question – I am here to cleanse darkness and cannot choose which shade of it I prefer. I cleanse what comes down the road and a real master does not hesitate to confront any form of darkness. This can only happen through contact, direct or indirect, mental and telepathic, and I have had so many episodes in the past with individuals and groups, even nations, with which I actually had nothing to do, but they crossed my mental field for a while and I had to deal with them in a very intensive manner. Two years ago I cleansed very intensively the entire monad of the Chinese ruling elite and the Elohim then confirmed this energetic event that was triggered by a personal experience with the Chinese.

In this particular case we have to deal with fence straddlers whose souls are on the verge of fully awakening and for these souls we are here.  Of course they are mired in their earthly illusion, but eventually they will open some day and this will be the day of our ascension and transfiguration as our job is done here. What I like in Pieczenik is that he has no illusions about the USA and does not even concede them to have won WW2. This is very much in line with the former communist propaganda and that is why he is a clinical case of apparent contradictions which make his political engagement so ridiculous. And I agree with you that there is a great portion of aggrandizement in his statements and this was a major point in my telepathic discussions with him.

But this point is even more valid for Trump and his team. Now the fake MSM propagate the myth that his daughter Ivanka had influenced him to bomb Syria after she saw the dead babies. Since when is the USA a family monarchy and decisions of this caliber are taken by unelected family members while the congress is not even informed and has not debated the issue of war as it stands in the constitution. This is worse than a banana republic. It reminds me of Marie Antoinette who recommended the hungry masses to eat cakes if they had no bread. And we know how she and her family ended.

At the end it does not matter what will happen with Pieczenik and the like, but what counts is which way the old institutions will turn in the coming days. If the service-to-other people take control over them and prevent further mad dog actions then we are on the safe side and ascension is near. If the service-to-self win temporarily over the more enlightened men in power positions, then we will have another delay until humanity amasses higher light quotient and this is not good for us.

From this perspective I think it is important that the ideas of Pieczenik and the like win over the ones of mad dogs and the neocons around Trump. This is the next station on their long way to the light but an important one for humanity and us. Trump was the slightly better alternative to Killery and he already achieved a lot as a catalyst – for instance he killed the MSM and the cabal narrative and this is a lot. Now is the turn of Pieczenik and the like to push this process a notch further. Both are catalysts that per definition do not participate in the actual (al)chemical reaction and will remain unchanged at the end. But they have facilitated the process of ascension and that is what matters most. I see it very pragmatically.



Dear Georgi,

I understand that in order for ascension to commence that a certain awareness and energetic threshold must be reached by the masses. In purely scientific and metaphysical considerations, perhaps the universe through source via the HR cannot proceed to initiate ascension strictly along the abject violation of moral principles by humanity as that would introduce too many nuances into this very unique undertaking by the PAT. However, in the absence of any immediate and existentially significant event that would literally remove the veil of indifference and sense of complacency existing among the citizens of the world and more specifically the population of the United States, then I envision a situation whereby the fate of the planet is put in play by a head-on confrontation by a US-Russia-China nuclear impasse.

Obviously, such a worldwide and overwhelming threat, if acted upon would be seen by everyone as an extinction level event which by definition could only be initiated by the service-to-self cretins of the cabal. Then and then only, if the service-to-others crowd can rally, overcome and ultimately overwhelm in an alchemical reaction to prevent such a probability, then we might have a more expeditious and timely advent of the PAT’s ascension and our immediate transfiguration and appearance as ascended masters and spiritual stewards of the new earth.

Depending upon the evolving awareness of the mass of humanity to finally reach an energetic threshold in incremental steps without fear, the great motivator being introduced into the equation, than it seems to me to be a time sequence of long duration and metaphorically equivalent to the admonition, “Death by a Thousand Cuts.” You, yourself Georgi have often stated that human species is a most stupid one. This is how I see happening based on my understanding of history, human psychology and the state of the human mindset at this very unique time. Humanity will be forced to walk the crucible of fire in order for the human soul to arise and prompt their awakening from their ego-entered slumber.

I still perceive 4/15/2017 as critical.



Dear Patrick,

we were on the cusp of WW3 in 2013 when the Syrian crisis was at its height and it did happen on numerous lower timelines. The PAT did a tremendous light work at that time to avert this disaster and one can go back and read the articles from that time on our website.

On this timeline we have crossed long time ago the danger zone and that is why we now observe a shadow boxing as a substitute for a hot war. The USA is unable of carrying out any kind of war and they do not want to be destroyed by a nuclear war, that is why they only bluff. The Americans cannot lead a war as they do not have the recruits and their military is in terrible shape as already discussed (and even admitted by Pieczenik), and this is an old story I have referred to. That is why they hate the Russians as they challenge them in this respect and the Americans cannot do anything against them. The Russians cannot be blackmailed.

The US cabal know at the same time that they are broke and that the financial system has to collapse as they have created this condition which has led to the impoverishment of the US population and ultimately to the election of Trump. Their problem is though that it won’t happen under their circumstances. Initially their plan was to use this crash to install the NWO. Now they no longer control the situation, that is why they go crazy these days out of total impotence.

They cannot attack Russia or China military in any way and the continued existence of these two core countries that control Asia and comprise almost half of the world is the mortal verdict for the existence of the USA in the context of the NWO.

The alternative would be a peaceful and prosperous USA which is what Bannon, Alex Jones and the true patriots want when they oppose the globalists. The problem is that they cannot articulate their vision clearly enough, although it was this agenda with which Trump won the election. Its realisation though demands in the first place a total reform of the dollar system and the abolition of the Fed as I wrote in an open letter to Trump. He instead surrounded himself with Wall Street banksters as advisers that push him in the wrong direction, which is a flight from reality.

This is where this administration stands today. Bannon had to be ousted from power as he knows who is the culprit. See this video with him from 2011:


What Trump is now executing is the last futile, desperate and very erratic attempt to impose military supremacy on the rest of the world, beginning with China and then Russia before the Fed can crash the dollar fiat currency. Somebody, surely the neocons around him, must have convinced him that this is the only way to save the country. Their wet dream is to eliminate North Korea and move with their military bases to the Chinese border from where they can blackmail and control China. This is essentially what the old hitman Pieczenik also advocates but without a war, because he has no clue how powerful economically China and Russia have become and how fragile the USA is nowadays – it is a colossus on clay feet.

Pieczenik is not an economist and he thinks in the old scheme of the 70s and the 80s when the USA was still an undisputed economic power and he could blackmail from this advantageous position any country to do whatever the USA wanted. This is no longer the case and even a medium size country such as Iran poses insurmountable challenge to the hegemonic policy of the USA in Asia. That is why all the military advisers of Trump, and he himself, are so belligerent towards Iran which does not make any sense to any rationally thinking person.

Neither Russia nor China would let Iran fall as they know that after that it is their turn and they will stick together till the USA has collapsed first. Until now China has hidden behind the back of Russia that has carried out the entire military and other confrontation with the west. Now is the time for China to show more courage. Given the fact that it is now directly attacked by the USA with a big fleet heading towards the South China Sea and Trump menacing North Korea with a preventive strike, it has no other choice.

China has already deployed this week 150 000 troops on the North Korea border in case the system collapses there and they will have to march in before the South Korean troops do it and threaten China on its border. This is the chess game that is played now and it is as old as the dark cabal plan to conquer the world through the USA and install the NWO. It can only happen through controlling Asia. The Middle East was considered to be the gate for this neocolonisation and that is why the neocons wanted to conquer seven countries there as Wesley Clarke revealed but this heinous plan is now in shambles. It is not only about the USA and what happens there, although the ultimate decision will take place there.

Trump is in a great dilemma – he needed the populist Bannon and the true patriots to win the election and he needed the military against the old liberal establishment and the Obama regime. Now that he has won, he has decided that he can get rid of Bannon and the populists and put all his bets on the military card. This decision is part of the fact that he had realized in the meantime that the US economy is a total mess, the health care system cannot be reformed and the financial crash can come any time soon. The fiscal debt is gargantuan and the government can be shut down any moment if the congress does not decide to raise the debt ceiling ad libidum as they did during the Obama regime.

This will not happen now, first because the democrats want to destroy Trump and because many GOP representatives and senators, including those from the freedom causus who he already attacked as enemies when they voted against the repeal of Obamacare for good reasons are against bigger debt. There is no chance that he will push a new health care reform, a new tax reform, a new economic revival program for the ailing US economy, and he will not even be able to prevent the shutdown of the government when the budget reaches the debt ceiling in the coming days.

His days are numbered and the only escape route is a quick military victory somewhere – hence “wag the dog”, which I first introduced as a metaphor after the Syrian attack and then was adopted telepathically by many other commentators in a remarkable synchronicity of thinking. But of course this metaphor is self-evident, at least since the movie was shown and Clinton invaded Serbia to avert attention from his Lewinsky affair.

When one detaches from the US hysteria in the MSM and the alternative media due to the fact that your people have never experienced a real crisis or collapse and do not know how to deal with it, the simple truth is that the US cabal cannot do anything to save their asses and have to crash the financial system first without having achieved any of its hegemonic goals abroad. This will automatically shrink the USA to a failed country with a middle size economy, about less than half of that of the EU which is economically still more effective and powerful than the USA, notwithstanding the collapse of the EU and the euro. China has already surpassed the USA in GDP even when it is measured with accounting gimmicks. China is the manufacturer of the world, together with Germany and a few other EU countries, while the USA and Canada have been degraded to consumer debt economies which cannot compete with the rest of the world. This is known also to Trump and this was a leitmotif in his rallies.

Essentially, Trump is powerless and he knows that and he is in a terrible crisis. In addition he must have been threatened with his life and that of his family if he does not do what the deep state and the dark cabal want from him. If he defies them they will kill him and you have a civil war and the collapse of the USA is inevitable. If he follows their orders America will fail nonetheless as it can do nothing against China, Russia, Iran and many other countries in South America and Africa who are very unhappy with the USA but do not dare to directly challenge it now.

As Trump cannot count any longer on the Europeans because he already angered them, it is getting very lonely around the empire of evil.

The service-to-other revolution happens now on a global scale and not only within the USA and its administration. The driving force since spring equinox is that the new energetic conditions forbid the service-to-self people to manipulate the rest of humanity. Everything they plan and set in motion will create immediate karma and will hit them back. Trump for instance has already lost his followers and he has not won a single one among his enemies. He is now sitting between all chairs and it is a matter of days when somebody decides to impeach him. One only needs to show that he acted unconstitutionally when he ordered the missile strike on Syria as a sovereign country which is an act of war and did not ask the congress for permission. They will find a thousand reasons to impeach him.

In the meantime the Greatest Depression of all time is ravaging the USA – the pension funds are broke and the retired people cannot survive. The health care system is unaffordable and broke, the consumption slumps, the inflation grows and there are still no jobs in sight. I wonder why all experts, commentators and thinkers in the USA do not see the full picture and understand without distractions that this country is on the verge of total economic and financial collapse because all factors, variables and parameters point south. It is only because this collapse has been announced for so long time since 2008 and it did not really happen until now that they have stopped believing that it would come one day. And it will come exactly on the day when nobody talks about it anymore, “like a thief in the  night” –  and this day is today.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

You have once again perfectly summarized the many factors, both hidden and observed that are now surging and will eventually synergize together into one final and consummate catalyzing event that will begin the domino cascade to our ascension. It is the day.



Read also the following articles which appeared or I read after this discussion that confirm our assessment

Disloyal: Ivanka Trump Partied with Trump-Haters Prior to Inauguration

This article confirms that there was a violent coup d’etat within the WH as I sensed it telepathically on the day Trump ordered the bombing of Syria. This is also confirmed by a channeling from Montague Keen, whom I read with some reservations as this source is not very much advanced and is too much linked to earthly affairs:


China has obviously stepped up to the plate and is now taking actively its destiny in its hands in a serious effort to curtail any attempt of the USA to control the Asian Pacific space. This article appeared after our discussion:


Putin has made the same assessment as to the real motives of Trump to bomb Syria as I did in my letter to the Saker and this is the most convincing proof as he has access to the most secretive information:


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