Why the Pythagorean Theorem Is in the Core of the Current Geometric Presentation of Most Physical Laws

Georgi Stankov, March 7, 2017


The geometric meaning of the Pythagorean theorem is that the square of the hypotenuse measured as surface  c² = [2d-space] is equal to the squares of the two sides of the right triangle a² + b² which are also surface:

c² = a² + b²  = [2d-space]c = [2d-space]a + [2d-space]b

Below I have published several graphic illustrations of this intrinsic meaning of the Pythagorean theorem:

Image result for pythagorean theorem, images

Image result for pythagorean theorem, images

I have shown in the new Physical and Mathematical Theory of the Universal Law that most separate laws in physics are described within geometry as area = [2d-space]. This has been done by all the physicists throughout the centuries since Galileo Galilei first measured gravitation as a free fall and along inclined planes by employing the Pythagorean theorem and introducing the new physical quantity velocity:

v = s/t = sf = [1d-space-time]

In many cases these particular physical laws, such as the various laws of gravitation or the laws of electricity and magnetism, were then presented in a static way as scalars in classical mechanics (statics), electromagnetism and thermodynamics (Scalars are mathematical numbers that are used for vectors which are geometric presentations. I will discuss the vector rule below.). This was achieved by employing a very simple mathematical trick that the scientists did not process methodologically and have not realized to the full extent until the present day. This omission is one of the chief sources of their cognitive blindness and most of the systemic blunders they committed in physics.

The most auspicious one is to define the area as charge in electricity and to believe up to the present day that the SI unit one Coulomb is a measure of charge that really exists in the particles of matter, while it is in fact a synonym, or rather a pleonasm, for one square meter. I have thoroughly investigated this colossal blunder that has confounded the entire theory of electromagnetism, and from there the theory of quantum mechanics as presented in the standard model which erroneously postulates that all elementary particles must have a charge, in this pivotal article:

The Greatest Blunder of Science: „Electric Charge“ is a Synonym for „Geometric Area“.

In other words, scientists have not grasped yet the epistemological foundation of all physical terms and quantities they have introduced from Geometry and/or Mathematics into Physics throughout the ages as to describe quantitatively Nature in its plurality of distinct energetic phenomena. They believe erroneously to the present day that the mathematical and geometric abstractions (as abstract definitions of physical quantities) they have introduced in physics really exist in nature, e.g. as properties of matter, while they are in fact mere Platonic shadows of their unprocessed minds as also Galilei argues during his experiment on gravitation in my essay.

These unreflecting physicists have simply decided in an a priori manner to set the conventional time t=1 and exclude it from all further presentation of space-time by simply eliminating it from their original presentation of space-time as velocity v or square velocity v², which is actually the physical quantity “gradient” (e.g. electric or mechanical gradient):

v = s/t = sf = [1d-space-time] = [1d-space] = line/vector, or

= s²/t² = s²f² = [2d-space-time] = [2d-space] = area, when t =1/f = 1

This is the mathematical operation with which the scientists artificially eliminate motion from their secondary geometric presentation of energy = space-time = All-That-Is in physics and operate mostly with static geometric magnitudes such as surface/area or straight lines (distance or vectors).

This is the only and sufficient reason and explanation as to why the scientists failed to grasp the nature of energy = All-That-Is and missed the existence of the Universal law which assesses energy exchange dynamically.

Instead of discovering the simplicity of the physical world, all the physicists derailed their view of the world  by inventing a plethora of geometric presentations of the energetic phenomena they observed and defined as gravitation, electromagnetism, quantum effects, etc. which are various forms of energy exchange. To this day all scientists erroneously believe that the four fundamental forces have a distinct real existence only because they have introduced so many particular laws and equations to describe them. This is the insanity of modern-day physics which I have revealed for the first time in the new Physical and Mathematical Theory after I discovered the Universal Law of Nature. Or as Galilei says, the truth is always very easy – and very painful for most people and scientists – but one must discover it first.

In reality, all the physical quantities and their corresponding laws one finds in present-day textbooks on physics are mere inventions of the scientists’ mind by employing for the most part Geometry and later on Mathematics as its commutative system (transitive system). As we all know, both systems are hermeneutic disciplines of abstract human thinking and subsequently have no external object of existence. This is the famous proof of existence of mathematics theoreticians are still looking for in vain after they discovered that mathematics is in a foundation crisis at the beginning of the 20th century by acknowledging its inability to prove the validity of its own existence with its own hermeneutic means. This is also known as Hilbert’s formalism or Hilbert’s program for the axiomatization of mathematics and geometry which he first announced in 1900 at the mathematical conference in Paris.

This crisis lasted till 1995 when I resolved it in the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics by proving that all mathematical presentations of physical laws in form of mathematical equations are derivations of one single law which I then defined as the Universal Law. As this law assesses energetic interactions (energy exchange), because there is nothing else in All-That-Is, the Universal Law is a Law of Energy.

Humans can only perceive energy with their limited senses as space-time and that is why the Universal Equation is given as square space-time:

E = v² = s²/t² = s²f² = [2d-space-time]

As any energy exchange can be measured only with respect to a reference system, such as the anthropocentric SI system, energy is always measured as a quotient. This means that all values given for any particular amount of energy are dimensionless numbers that belong to the continuum set of all numbers in mathematics. This is very important to know. In order to consider this basic fact, which all physicists have not realized yet to the full extent, I have introduced the universal abstract symbol SP(A) which stands for the “statistical probability of the event A“.

This symbol has been introduced only for practical purposes as to make the recalcitrant physicists aware of the fact that the partial mathematical discipline “statistics” which they have lately introduced in their discipline, since Boltzmann used it first in thermodynamics, is nothing else but simple mathematics. In this case the continuum set of all numbers (0,∞), which Frege and Cantor introduced for mathematics at the end of the 19th century and thus paved the way for the foundation crisis of mathematics, is identical to the probability set (0,1) of modern statistics (probability theory). That is why I present the Universal equation in the following manner:

 E = SP(A) = SP(A)s²/t² = SP(A)s²f² = SP(A)[2d-space-time]

This equation has the advantage that it is valid for all current natural laws in physics of which there are more than 100 currently, if one believes the standard textbooks on physics. That is to say, the way they are presented nowadays in textbooks of physics these partial laws can be easily expressed, through a simple mathematical transformation, with the above universal equation. This proves that these particular physical laws are mere applications of the Universal Law. This is the utmost simplification of physics ever achieved in the rather short history of this discipline of less than four centuries since Galileo Galilei performed his famous experiment on gravitation around 1634.

This same Universal Equation can be presented in many ways within mathematical formalism. I have chosen a second universal presentation which accounts for the fact that energy is of discrete character, which means that it is quantized and is exchanged in energy packages (quants) of constant amounts of energy that are specific for each particular energy exchange. For this purpose I have introduced the term “action potential” Ewhich includes all possible quants (packages) of energy exchange in All-That-Is. This introduces another great simplification in physics.

When the action potential is used in the Universal Equation, then it can be written in the following way both as a normal mathematical equation and in the new space-time symbolism, which I first created and introduced in physics in 1995:

E = EfSP(A)[1d-space-time][1d-space] f, where


This is the basics of the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law and if you have grasped these presentations, you have grasped the Universal Law and how Nature operates under this Law of One.

For instance, the famous Einstein equation regarding energy E = mc² is an application of the Universal equation for photon space-time which is characterized by the speed of light c. In the new theory of the Universal Law I prove beyond any doubt that the physical quantity mass does exist but is in fact an energy relationship when the current method of measurement and method of definition of this physical quantity is properly analysed, that is to say, when it is axiomatically assessed. I will discuss the method of definition and the method of measurement of basic physical quantities and their corresponding units within the SI system in my next popular-scientific article on the Universal Law.

The current belief all physicists share that mass is an intrinsic property of matter as this is presented in Newton’s law of gravitation is probably the greatest blunder in physics, together with the wrong idea to define the area of particles as charge (see above). In this case m = E/Er , where Eis the reference system which in SI system is 1 kg. From this anybody can conclude that mass is a quotient of two energies and as such it is a dimensionless number as the unit kg is cancelled in the quotient. A dimensionless number belongs to the continuum set or to its equivalent probability set which is presented in the new Axiomatics as SP(A): m = SP(A). In this case we can write Einstein’s equation of energy in the following way in the new space-time symbolism of the Universal Law, where the index p stands for photon space-time:

E = mc²SP(A)[2d-space-time]p

It is very simple indeed when one realizes all the blunders that scientists have introduced in physics. The great popularity of Einstein’s energy equation lies in the fact that it is a concrete application of the Universal equation and this explains its universal validity. It is generally accepted by all physicists that this equation assesses the energy of all matter although they have failed to explain why and have resorted to the notion that this equation is a stroke of a genius. Nothing is further from the truth as Einstein personally is responsible for the greatest blunders in physics, through his theory of relativity, that has pushed this science backwards for almost a century until I came and corrected them in the new theory of the Universal Law. I have discussed all the mistakes of Einstein in physics in detail in volume II and in particular in the section on the theory of relativity.

Einstein equation of energy is of universal character because photons are the building particles of matter. When the latter is assessed in terms of mass, the mass (energy relationship) of all particles can be derived (measured) from the mass of the elementary photon mp, which is a new fundamental natural constant I first discovered in 1995 (see Table 1 on the homepage). By the way here is another colossal blunder of physicists – up to the present day they believe that photons do not have mass as they are not capable of grasping their own definition of mass, which is simply energy relationship and not an intrinsic property of matter. The same holds true also for neutrinos notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence against this assumption in the standard model as I wrote last year to the Nobel Prize committee.

Because of this blunder scientists cannot account for more than 90% of the mass that should be in the universe according to their theoretical models. In order to repair this blunder they have introduced another gargantuan blunder – the existence of dark mass in cosmology which cannot be found. For more information I recommend to read the section “Cosmology” in volume II. Until now science as embodied in physics was essentially a joke, but with the development of modern cosmology after WW2 it has become “fake science”. After people have finally realized that all MSM are fake news, as I am preaching on this website since its inception, now is the time to begin to realize that present-day science is also fake science and fake knowledge, just as economics and the corresponding financial system is one giant Ponzi scheme.

All these blunders in physics go back to Einstein who rejected the existence of photon space-time as a distinct energetic level of All-That-Is in his relativity theory and postulated instead the existence of vacuum where gravitation and electromagnetism are propagated as an “action at a distance” also defined as “long-range correlation”. This was probably the greatest blunder of Einstein, among many others in his physical thinking, and it explains why he himself was unable to grasp the true meaning of his famous equation.

I was the first physicist to show that the mass of all elementary particles and the macromass of all material objects can be easily calculated from the elementary photon and that is why this application of the Universal equation is valid both for matter and photon space-time (see Table 1). The mass of the elementary photon is part of the Planck constant h which is the smallest action potential (quant, energy package) material instruments can discriminate and measure. It is the cognitive limit of any physical and human knowledge when the personality is separated from the Source and has no contact to her soul at the ego-mind level.

The Planck constant, itself, is in the core of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle that plays a central pseudo-ideological role in quantum mechanics. Before I explained the true meaning of this concept in the 90s, scientists had tried to interpret it in a rather clumsy and unsophisticated manner, sometimes by employing a huge mathematical apparatus only to hide their ignorance. What this principle actually tells us, is that both humans with their limited senses and their material instruments cannot assess the underlying higher frequency, higher dimensional energies of the 7F-creation levels which are also the levels of the soul and other higher entities as Elohim. Heisenberg defined this fact as “Undeterminiertheit” (Undefinedness) of quantum physics, which is indeed a very awkward term as it is not about quantum physics but about the limitations of human perception.

Currently scientists can only assess these two entities, matter and photon space-time, with their material instruments and thus have no clue that both levels of energy are secondary creations of higher dimensional, higher frequency energies, to which also all human souls belong. This fact is currently rejected by all agnostic scientists as “esoteric crap”. That is why they will be shocked when we ascend and demonstrate the true nature of humans as multidimensional beings. This will also mark the end of current narrow-minded, empiric physics and the beginning of the new transcendental biophysics of the Universal Law which will truly flourish in the 5D and higher dimensions where part of humanity will ascend in the course of this year.

At this place it is important to stress one more time that humans can only perceive energy as space-time with their limited senses, which is how this 3D-holographic matrix is created as a very realistic illusion. In reality, there is no space in the higher realms but only frequencies. I have further shown that the physical quantity space s is identical with the physical quantity “conventional time t“. The lack of understanding of this simple fact has led to the most grievous cognitive dissonance in the petty human psychology of scientists and esotericists alike. If one analyses all the channelled messages according to this criterion, one can very easily expose them as fraudulent and not coming from the higher realms, where this fact is a well known truth and reality.

This is indeed the most difficult notion for any enlightened being to perceive as our very understanding of human existence is linked to space and time. As long as humans are aware of the fact that

energy= All-That-Is = the primary term of our consciousness = space-time

can only be perceived as space-time and follow this knowledge in the mathematical presentation of all applications of the Universal Law, as I have done in the new theory, all is well. The moment scientists begin to eliminate time as frequency from the equations by assigning it the number 1 and operate only with static geometric quantities such as area, then the cognitive malaise begins.

Why? Because in this way scientists eliminate the motion (movement) of energy, which is its inherent universal property, in their surrogate mathematical presentations of space-time = energy = All-That-Is, and from physics, that was meant to be an exact human science that truthfully describes energy = All-That-Is. This is the primary source of all blunders and all illusions in science and daily life.

Why are scientists doing that? Space-time assesses the dynamic aspect of energy as constant energy exchange. However, as scientists have great difficulties to measure energy exchange, they have to arrest time in their minds (not in reality) and present it as a static immobile quantity. In most cases they present space-time as area, for instance, as the square of the hypotenuse and the sides of the right angle in the Pythagorean theorem:

E = SP(A)v² = SP(A)s²/t² = SP(A)s²f² = SP(A)[2d-space-time] =

SP(A)[2d-space], when t = 1

This unprocessed mathematical (geometric) presentation of space-time = energy as space in physics has contributed more to the current illusion of this 3D-holographic reality than any other false scientific idea, of which there are plenty, because it carries the nimbus of scientific exactness and experimental reliability. In fact, it is a perpetuation of the cognitive insanity of all humans including the small elitist faction of humanity that define themselves as scientists.

The broader use of [2d-space] as physical quantity can be related to another common geometric method of presenting forces – the vector rule, of which there are numerous applications and presentations that only complicate physics and its understanding by also introducing the sine and cosine function:

Image result for vectors assessing forces in physics, images

If you look closely, they all depart from the Pythagorean theorem and its practical application as the Parallelogram method.

I assume that all my readers have studied these methods in school so that I will not dwell on them here.

As physicists had to acknowledge that space-time is energy in motion and has most of the time a direction, they had to modify their geometric method of presentation as to account for this universal intrinsic property of energy = space-time. For this, and only for this reason, they have introduced the concept of vectors which is simply a straight line with a direction as an arrow. Vectors are used in physics to describe forces (energy interactions) as motions with direction.  That’s all. From there, the physicists have developed the vector rule which everyone of my readers must know from geometry and physics at school. Here are a few practical applications of the vector rule in classical mechanics:

Image result for vector rule, images

Image result for vector rule, images

And even as a hand rule in electromagnetism in the acknowledgement that electric and magnetic forces as field forces also have a direction:

Ultimately, all these practical rules can be reduced to the Pythagorean theorem as the universal geometric presentation of space-time. That is why the Pythagorean school has played such an eminent role in the history of human science, philosophy and Gnosis. Its mystery has been finally unraveled with the development of the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law.


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