Multidimensionality and Bilocation – How to Perceive Them?

Polina Korneeva and Georgi Stankov, January 5, 2016

Yesterday I received the following set of questions from Polina from Russia that deal exactly with what we experience these days – the gradual and impulsive adaptation of our minds to higher awareness through constant raising of our frequencies to the natural multidimensional experience of all sentient beings in the higher realms:

“Dear Georgi,

All timelines exist simultaneously, correct? But how do they exist in this simultaneity? Do they overlap/lie on top of each other? Or are they like different frequencies/waves, and not like space at all – hence the word ‘overlap’ is inappropriate here? How can one’s mind visualise 2, 3 or more separate timelines and is it possible to visualise them in terms of spatial relationships?

And then, how do all these separate timelines exist within one single entity that births them? Or are they the entity themselves, hence there’s no real separation between them? But then, there must be ‘some’ kind of separation right? – since we’re able to differentiate between different systems/people/processes/give things names. How does this process of division manifest itself and how does this entire system maintain all its different parts (timelines or individual events)? How is it able to hold all of them together and navigate them in an orderly fashion, so that they don’t collide and wreak havoc? And I’m talking about the bigger scheme of things that already precludes the existence of destructions on Earth as a part of a bigger design. I think a part of my question might be also related to Schrödinger’s paradox (but I might be wrong).”

“These are very difficult questions indeed and in the core of any expanded awareness. I cannot give you precise answer and you should try to find your own explanation as well as you can.” – George

The reason why I am unable to give Polina the right answers lies in the limitations of human language. The way it is constructed, language is a medium of sequential communication of information. It cannot relate simultaneous events and experiences. This has to do with grammar, syntax and semantics of the words used. In fact language is the most profound trap that sustains the illusion of linear time in this 3D holographic reality. I have tackled this issue theoretically at the end of my gnostic book “Thoughts”.

Therefore it is a futile effort to try to explain multidimensionality verbally and how a higher dimensional sentient being perceives all these realities simultaneously and can participate for a while, through focused attention, in each one of them in real time and then retrieve its awareness from this limited point of view and see the bigger picture within the bliss of oneness. These are exactly the abilities that are now being reconstituted in our energetic fields of expanded awareness and the process has commenced full force last year with the opening of the two portals on 12.12 and 21.12.

It is wise not to capture this expanding experience in a verbal form that is not adequate and only creates prejudices and preconceived ideas as to how this multidimensional experience will really be. That is why I was reluctant to give any specific answers to Polina and advised her instead to use her imagination. This advise applies to all PAT members who are now subjected to a massive expansion of their awareness that is inevitably associated with confusion and disorientation in this limited 3D holographic reality in which we still dwell with diminishing attention. And not to mention the usual and persistent physical, emotional and mental pangs that accompany this massive transformation as was the case again yesterday.

The most important fact to remember is that, when we experience this leap in conscious expansion, we shall not leave this reality and ascend physically but we shall switch our focus from this reality to many realities. At the same time we have descended so many higher dimensional structures in this holographic model through our personal fields that we can not only shuttle with our awareness between the dimensions but also with our crystalline bodies. In the meantime we have built a complex network of Merkabas on all levels and dimensions that can enable our easy bilocation and appearance at many places and realities at the same time.

And this is happening now. Yesterday for instance I awoke up with a split head, i.e. my right head, brain hemisphere was completely anesthetized by the powerful download of source energy that was flooding through a huge funnel into my left head and smashed my body causing multiple joint pains and splitting headache. The emotional and mental body were also affected by this massive transformation and I have a lot of understanding for your complaints. This is actually the normal experience I have every day and night since the portal 21.12. I mentioned somewhere that I expected a peak in energy intensity after this portal and around New Year and this is precisely what is happening now when the proton stream from the huge coronal hole of the sun is hitting humanity and Gaia.

Yesterday I decided to visit our Infinity portal in White Rock as I always get healing there when such episodes hit my body. This worked well and my condition improved significantly after a short sojourn on the ocean coast and exposed to a cold breeze. Back home I felt very tired and had to lie down. I was immediately taken away, my body was paralysed and I could not move while my awareness began to expand. At the same time the intensity of the wave vibrations reached its maximum and I felt how my body began to dissolve. In the past we would have described such experience as “ascension test run”, but there are no more test runs as we have ascended long time ago. These are massive downloads of source energies into our expanded fields while our minds undergo a massive multidimensional expansion and clarity of thought. Although I was paralysed and in an altered state, my thoughts were very lucid. I had immediate knowing that our ascension into multidimensionality is now running full force and the final opening is imminent. I had a feeling of satisfaction and completion, and an inner knowing of a major breakthrough. These feelings and ideas were reinforced by the exaltation and bliss of the incredibly powerful stream of source wave that engulfed my body and fields and eliminated any doubts. Indeed, yesterday was another major ID shift and this explains all your pain.

I was gone for about two hours while Carla was anchoring my field watching the tense hockey game at the junior world championship which the Russians lost unfortunately against the Americans, or rather the latter won it with a lot of luck. Anyway, what I want to relate to you is that our ascension into multidimensionality is happening now with full force amidst severest pain and that we can very soon reap the conscious results of it. Nothing comes from nothing – there is a blood price for everything on this planet.

Currently there is a plethora of messages that confirm this new development. Sue has published another very instructive message from the Arcturians on:

Possible Phases of Ascension

Today I came across another message which also deals with this same issue and is a very good description of the incoming new way of experiencing multidimensionality and bilocation which I am publishing below. You must now stay attuned to this new final stage in our individual ascension process, while fully detaching from the petty dramas on the ground and disregarding all the pangs of the transformation process by not interpreting them personally. Nothing is personal anymore. This can be done by shifting your focus of attention from this limited holographic model to the much bigger realities of the higher realms with the help of your exuberant imagination.


Yeshua and Mary Magdalene on Multidimensionality and Bilocation ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda


… Lifting into higher vibration swirls of exaltedness, while observing the many planes of existence and the many dimensions, each as all-inclusive yet distinct with each focus, you begin to glimpse the reality of Multidimensionality … Seeing all at once, and living all at once, yet with each focus you can play there on a chosen dimensionality for a while, knowing you can shift easily to the dimension of choice for that moment …

This is a small part of what you are and will be experiencing as your multidimensionality is supported by your Christ Consciousness/Source embodiment, union of all 12 aspects of Deity, and Masculine/ Feminine Balance and Harmony.

That, beloveds, is the crux and the destination of all you have been working towards, and this is the time, in the coming days and into the new year, where you will become masters at it. It has many surprises, but yet all of it will feel familiar and like coming home. You will stretch and get better and better at living in this state, and from here creativity will be enhanced. And at the bottom of it is this very deep Love that sustains and excites you in its exaltedness, yet it will begin to feel very normal.

So, practice staying in this vibrational state that you have lifted to … you all are achieving it at various levels and intensity, but it’s a new platform and level for you to experience, and is preparing you for the next step, and the next step, into higher and higher levels and dimensions of existence … where you will choose in which one(s) you live for the moment, with the potential and opportunity each moment to play in the other dimensions that might feel more familiar and comfortable, yet, soon the higher states will feel so normal you won’t even notice that you have achieved it except for the difference in vibration and frequency of the high-level experiences that are now attainable to you.

And the old ways of duality will soon just feel like a dream that you can watch at whim, but not really be a part of anymore. And Bilocation will become more normal.

You will so easily shift to and recognize the level you wish to stay at, and at times shift so easily into many at once, or at least observe them while playing in the timeline of choice.

Your days will seem like moments strung together in congruity and synchronicity, with richness and depth as you enter into each moment with your full attention. This is the new way of being, and it will not look like any other day-to-day-life you have ever experienced.

You can be everywhere at once, and where once you may have been in awe of the act and ability of Archangels and Ascended Masters who can appear to everyone at once, you will start to understand and experience the how and ability and possibility of it, and the ease of it.

So, dear ones, over the days you will be experiencing many mind-warping realities as you begin to play on the planes of different dimensions with ease, and all the while lifted by the buoyancy and consistency of Love and Joy and Bliss, while tending to matters that support your physical body.  Which will no longer need as much of the mundane existence for its survival.

Creation is now how you live, and Abundance is the mainstay of your life, and forever you will ride on the waves of higher existence and know what it is to be God (your God-self).

We shall bring you more of this wisdom and insight as you become acclimated to the incoming intense waves of transformative Light. Rest and recalibrate at intervals so you may stay strengthened and the changes be more permanent.

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