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Why We Must Ascend and Appear as Logos Gods of Humanity before Trump’s Inauguration as US President

Georgi Stankov, November 10, 2016

George …

I am very confused and upset on why a persona like Trump was necessary to lead us out of Cabal rule.  Many Americans feel “dirty” and ashamed to even look at him.

Couldn’t another Being have been supported and put in his role – one more intelligent and evolved – so that we don’t have fears of a huge setback of sanctioned bigotry and mean-spirited greed ruling our land.  Not easy to look at friends who are Trump voters.

Is this a case of setting up the stupid kid to walk in the fire???

Margaret Kerns…ever vigilant for ascension


Dear Margi,

Many Americans feel “dirty” and ashamed to even look at him.

If you are pure yourself you cannot feel dirty looking at other dirty people. Otherwise I would be the dirtiest person in the world discussing the behaviour of the dark cabal. This is an invalid argument.

Truth is that most Americans are “dirty” in terms that they harbour a lot of darkness which then they project onto their government and ruling cabal. They choose the people to rule them with which they resonate. The Americans did not care about all the wars and destruction their criminal governments caused the world over and killed millions of people and most of them even approved this behaviour in the name of their illusory safety.

In this case where is this “more evolved and intelligent person” in the USA? – I myself could not find him anywhere, not even among the critical experts. And if there were such a person, the American people do not know yet what true intelligence and spiritual evolution is and would not recognize and honour the person who carries these virtues.

If you go to a Chinese restaurant you do not order a French meal. If you are in a pigsty you do not expect to find a beautiful stallion.  You get what you are – given the moral and ethical debasement of the American people, Trump is the best president you can get.

I hope I answered your questions.

With love and light


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