The Inevitability of the Impending Financial Crash

Georgi Stankov, November 16, 2016

I told you unequivocally that after the landslide victory of Trump in the US election the dark financial cabal would have no other choice but to crash the markets as to prevent him from taking over the political power and putting the blame on him. This will be the time of our ascension and departure from this reality as we are not supposed to experience these catastrophic conditions. Ideally the banksters would trigger a controlled demolition of the markets when Trump is inaugurated as any crash before that would fall back on Obama and his administration.

As we are living on the uppermost mother planet where the optimal scenario of the light will happen, it is unlikely that the higher realms and we as the creators of this reality on the ground will allow the banksters to preserve the rigged financial system until January next year and crash it then as to prevent Trump’s inauguration and his hostile for the ruling elite take-over of the political power. This will completely neutralize his electoral victory which is a victory of the light and our personal achievement and this will not be allowed to happen.

Based on these considerations I decree herewith – and I ask you, the entire PAT, to make your own personal decree – that the financial crash will happen before Christmas in an uncontrolled manner and against the heinous plans of the dark financial cabal so that the blame will be entirely with Obama and his corrupt administration. This is the optimal ascension scenario and this is the imperative logic of our divine’s will as incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia.

For further information listen to this very informative interview with the gold-expert Rob Kirby who supports entirely my ascension scenario in terms of the inevitable crash of the entirely rigged financial system in the USA and the West that is actually in default since 2008.

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