The Great Wave

A Conversation with my Highest Self on the US Election and What Follows

Shinzhi Rumi, November 14, 2016


These days, I am perceiving very clearly a dimension which I can describe in only very approximate terms with given verbal skills.

It feels like a marriage between Heaven and Earth; like a clear-blue celestial ocean on which white cloudships drift by; like a crystalline, blue-white luminous canvas on which pure spirit can manifest and display itself. The primary substance of this dimension is pure, high-vibrating, balanced consciousness.

The time periods in which my consciousness swings in tune and unison with this proverbial ocean are getting more permanent, at times interrupted by violently whirling up transmutation and transmission swells.

The 3D space of experience in which I am daily visible and effective in human form feels remarkably void, not to say – voided. I clearly perceive some human self-expression forms as hollowgrams (hollow holograms). Others emit such dense vibrations as if I were looking into a black hole.

Such a black hole was sitting in my morning class. My every effort to convey the German language to the course participants was doomed to failure; the flow between all participants got sucked into this hole, every creative initiative got blocked energetically.

In the end, I passed the course on to another teacher. The ID-split happens on all levels.

The afternoon course is the complete opposite. There, a living stream of learning, mutual appreciation, common joy steadily flows. Almost all participants are from Syria and have been in Germany for a short time. The heartiness and open-heartedness of these human beings is extraordinary in view of their lifepaths; the speed of learning and open-mindedness, too.

When I tune into the past decades and epochs of human history, I perceive distinct vibrations of expression characteristic of and unmistakable for a particular decade and epoch.

Some relevant energetic event must have occurred in the 1990s. Because as from the year 2000, I perceive a continuous flatline, like on a ECG/EEG. This existing world control order is a clinically dead coma patient being artificially kept alive.

I also see and feel very clearly the new society and the new life on the New Earth. I fully confirm these statements:

“the worlds have begun to separate and we live in different realities that only very incompletely overlap for the sake of keeping still the illusion of the linear time and history. I am invisible for most people most of the time since more than two years and when we are with Carla, they only talk to her as if I am not present.

For instance, for those of us who have ascended the election of Trump is irrelevant as in our new worlds there will be no governments and no political structure. All societal and economic problems will be resolved locally by the individual and small communities which will follow universal spiritual principles that will be valid for all communities on the new earth and that is how the global communication and coordination of human life will occur. This includes the introduction of the new astral currency in the transition period until the ascended humans realize that there will be no need for money to organize their social life. It will be replaced by immediate creation in service-for-all.”


I perceive, as far as I am able to perceive with my limited physical senses and expanding subtle senses, that my physical bodies and subtle bodies and energy centers have merged into one energy body, one portal.

Yesterday night, the White Flame and the Golden Flame manifested inside my consciousness, in my heart. I remembered how to use them. I internalized and integrated them. A white-golden corona filled with the Violet Flame surrounds me.

The clear message has been conveyed to me that the activation of the Sacred Flames is essential for the culmination of this Ascension stage and the initiation and completion of the next Ascension stage.

May the Sacred Flames illuminate and enlighten and clarify and clear the consciousness of all those beings ready for Ascension and the final transition to the high-vibrating and higher-vibrating plains of being.

With this, I am closing this introduction and leading over to the announcements.

The Message

Question: Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message of relevance to the Ascension process?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share this message with me now.

Answer: In view of Donald Trump’s victory in the US-presidential election, asurprising turn – from the viewpoint of some self-expression forms in human form – has been initiated in the Ascension process of this Earth and all self-expression forms incarnated on and inside her as a consequence of the countless, relentless, light, constructive activities in the proverbial and (f)actual background of humanity’s collective perception.

Against this background, the occurring developments appear in a new light, that is, the abolition of the existing world control order and its transformation into a transgalactic society and collective self-expression form in the context of the galactic self-disclosure and self-revelation of this humanity on this Earth.

Thanks to those self-expression forms, who are aware of their true timeless soul nature and who, on the basis of this awareness have been putting to use the creative power bestowed upon them for the good of all life on this Earth (and beyond) in the interest of the Source of All-That-Is, this Ascension process has reached such a stage by now that all affected self-expression forms are moving in such collective and individual self-experience spaces – and are, partly, already inside such self-experience spaces – that a return to the status quo of the world control order, declared abolished and already abolished, is out of the question.

Explanation: Yesterday, the following vision unfolded in my consciousness. I saw Trump standing on a light, rectangular platform. This platform floated high above North America. All of North America consisted of a bright, crystalline foundation (the new protuberance field, note George). Trump oversaw America, but could only watch. Someone else did the light work of the dream-time design of the New Earth.

Answer: He was raised upon this platform to bear witness which (partially painful) path the North American new soul population still has to go, and that this part of the young soul population of North America (the USA and Canada) is not willing to let itself be given the runaround by the ruling control system any longer than necessary.

It remains to be seen how far the consciously and deliberately induced split between the North American young soul population and new soul population (of the USA) will be realized as such, and how far its dynamic force and significance will be realized as such. And which self-reflections and self-realizations will be derived from this.

Because, apart from that it is high time to maneuver this existing world control system, seated in the USA and in other key positions of this world control order, into such a state of inability to act, and to let it maneuver itself into a dead-end of absolute helplessness, inability, powerlessness in order to confront it with all its inner imbalances projected outside.

The only way out of this proverbial and (f)actual dead-end is the gate through which every incarnated soul, willing to leave human existence forever behind and to return to the higher-vibration plains of being in tune and unison with the Source of All-That-Is, has to pass.

Such an incarnated personality in human form has no other choice but to step through this gate and to tread this path of self-realization for so long a time until such a personality is again in tune and unison with the Source of All-That-Is, again back home in that proverbial country wherein milk and honey flow.

Question: There is a young soul population in North America (above all in the USA) and a new soul population in North America (above all in the USA). What is the vibratory and consciousness quality of this new soul population?

The high-vibrating quality of this soul population in human form is en route to self-revelation and self-disclosure in order to change the existing collective cognitive consensus field of the perception and interpretation, experience and shaping of the reality of the North American population from inside out.

This high-vibrating new soul population has taken it upon itself to initiate and to bring about the unavoidable transmutation and transformation of the North American population in human form in such a way so that the ascending part of this population has been given the possibility, opportunity, probability and unavoidability to go, and to have to go, this path of self-liberation by means of self-realization. Because inside their true timeless soulselves, they all have consented to this path.

In this regard, a (partially painful) path of self-realization lies ahead of this population. A proverbial path, or rather, a process of inner self-explanation, self-clarification, self-disclosure of all imbalances contradicting the principles of the Source of All-That-Is.

These imbalances are being balanced from inside out. The path leads inside. The destination is inside. Path and destination are identical. Nothing needs to be added in this regard at this point.

Question: Last night the activation of the “Loovime portal”, as I describe it, here in Lübeck revealed itself in my consciousness. Does the Source have anything to share in this regard?

Answer: The Loovime portal is an excellent description of this Ascension portal which has been called into proverbial and (f)actual life by you and your kind in this time-space in a state of deep mental and emotional detachment from the 3D-demands and challenges of life in your current area of residence in and around Lübeck.

This light city is, so to say, ready to move into and ready-for-use, awaiting the move-in of the first rent-free tenants and the arrival of the first residents and inhabitants. Their only deposit is to follow their inner soul impulses, and to bring themselves in tune and unison with their true timeless soulselves, and to unbind and to release themselves from the 3D-reality simulation/construct in a conscious, lasting manner.

Question: Is the Loovime portal active?

Answer: Last night, the activation sequence was initiated by mutual agreement between you as human personality and your soulself. After all, you are both, and you are aware of that. After all, you are talking to your soulself right now, and you are aware of that. After all, I am you, and you are I. We are two images in the same mirror. We are mirror and image, fire and flame, water and spouter, wing and beat, wind and chime, bell and sound, bang and echo, smoke and fire, ash and glow, coal and earth.

Question: What is the significance of the Loovime portal activation for this area in which I am present in human form, and for Germany, Europe and the rest of this world?

Answer: This activation leads, and will lead, to the detachment from and release and final resolution of all unresolved and unresolvable, unclarified and unclarifiable, unexplained and unexplainable 3D-circumstances, challenges, problems, difficulties, bonds, obstacles, snares and pitfalls, debts, burdens, complications, annoyances and nuisances, worries and grievances, injustices and wrongs.

Because, all these mentioned circumstances have their place and origin in 3D, are expressions of man-made and not-man-made circumstances which make life on Earth in 3D so unnecessarily difficult.

This 3D reality plain cannot be reformed, or even transmuted or transformed, the usual way and by usual means in view of the still existing 3D control systems being kept artificially alive. Indeed, the proverbial plug was pulled on them already decades ago.

The only purpose of this hologram is to enable all self-expression forms in human form inside this hologram, who have been living in seeming separation from the Source of All-That-Is, to awaken inside this simulation, to emancipate themselves from it, and, metaphorically speaking, to levitate away from it on uplifted vibration wings in elevated manner.

Because, no existing 3D self-experience system and 3D control system in this existing 3D world control system can exist alone by itself without consent and support by the Source of All-That-Is. For this reason, these systems only receive enough energy in order to show them the consequences of their own imbalanced deeds and actions, thoughts and feelings. For so long a time until their reflect on their behaviour, question it, and change it once and for all in a constructive manner for the good of all life in respect for all expression forms of the Source of All-That-Is.

Because, they, themselves, are self-expression forms of the Source of All-That-Is. Even though they, themselves, pose as something unique, chosen. That is because they are born self-promoters, self-posers, self-representatives. Even though they, ironically, have very little understanding of what it truly and truthfully means to be their soulselves and to be themselves.

Nothing needs be added in this regard at this point.

This is the end of this announcement.

Received: November 12-13, 2016

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