The Role of the Three New World Spiritual Centres in the Final ID Shift – the Ultimate Template of the Ascension Scenario

Ternua: Temple of the Rising Sun

A Conversation with my Highest Truthful Self

Shinzhi Rumi, September 3, 2016

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The Three Spiritual World Centres of the New Earth After Ascension

1. New Raetia in Central Europe will be the new spiritual, technological and informational hub of the entire new world.

2. New Lemuria in Vancouver, Canada will be the new centre of illumination for North America.

3. A Third Centre of Light (Ternua) is now being created in Bolivia and Peru to complete the Triad of Ascension for the Western civilisation.


This message refers to the key statement of the Elohim in their message of 11 August 2016 to Carla and George regarding the impending manifestation of the three spiritual world centers during the final ID shift on this uppermost mother planet:

“…there is a connection of these two portals to a third continent, that of South America.  The truth of this facet of the diamond has yet to be revealed.  Just know that South America plays an important role in the overall awakening of humanity, or rather, has a population that in time shall fully recognize its grand divinity and connection to the Creation. 

The triad of Europe, North America and South America is the completion.


Foreword by Shinzhi Rumi

Further details concerning the Ascension process have been forwarded to me.

The Awakening of New Germania (New Raetia): Chronology of Events

1. Place the truth about the Third Reich into the collective consciousness of humanity.

2. Delete the “Holocaust”-programme, including all connected fear-energy-forms from the collective consciousness of humanity.

3. Place the truth about the “Holocaust” into the collective consciousness of humanity.

4. Increasing awareness of the own, true history and nature of the soul collective of the German people currently incarnated in Central Europe.

5. Awakening and enlightenment of the soul collective of the German people.

6. The soul collective of the German people and, basically, all high-vibrating human beings currently living in Germany take power over the newly emerging New Germania (New Raetia); the former ruling caste disappears into the unknown. (Whereabouts known to us, unknown to everybody else. Note, Rumi.)

7. New Germania (New Raetia) arrives in Ternua.

Kásskara: the End of the Migrations

On August 17, 2016 I relived inside myself the migrations from Kásskara to Táotoóma.

A solemn mood of departure and recommencement in an untouched world. One of the elders of the migrating people. A huge mountain, split in two; many human beings moving through a light portal from one world to another.

On tribal territory of today’s Hopi. Two guardians, putting medicine blankets on my shoulders, letting me inside a kiva. Some elders, already gathered in a circle. Sitting down in their midst on earthen ground, sensing the ancient power of the collective spirit of these people, feeling it inside me, awakening, remembering.

Tears flowing down my cheeks. No need for words. Everything is already said and done. The cycle of the migrations has been concluded.

Ternua: the Enlightened South America

Between Tiwanaku/Tiahuanaco and Cuzco: a gigantic light protuberance anchored on the spot. The new seat of the heart consciousness of the ascended Earth and humanity. A pure Source well. The new spiritual center of the New Earth, Ternua.

(This is where it all began.)

The collective spirit of South American indigenous peoples will influence the collective consciousness of the ascended humanity in a leading/relevant/decisive and lasting manner, just like the Himalaya used to send out far-reaching spiritual impulses in former times. Many old souls have already incarnated, “ensouled” themselves in South America; more will follow after the final transition.

The depth of the ancient knowledge of indigenous philosophical cultures will, for the first time, be realized and appreciated by humanity. One can say that the Universal Law is the basis for the mental/intellectual/philosophical and spiritual reorientation of the entire humanity in general, and tailor-made for the re-education of the mentally oriented Western world in particular.

Earth-connected, heart-oriented indigenous peoples and mental/intellectual/philosophical cultures do not need to be lectured about sustainability and all-connectedness. “We” must rethink, not “they”.

Tiwanaku/Tiahuanaco near Lake Titicaca is considered to be the cradle of humanity in South America, the place of origin of life creation in many historiographies of South American indigenous peoples. In that place, Táotoóma is said to have been present, the first city in the New World after the sinking of Kásskara.

Cuzco, as the former capital of the Inka Empire, is a central hub of a carefully constructed power place and power line network built by the predecessors of and further enlarged by the Inka.

There is an architectonic connection to a second sunk world at the time of Kásskara. In the Hopi tradition, it is called Taláwaitíchqua. In the Western tradition, it is called Atlantis. The circular structural element of the Saqsaywaman-complex in Cuzco is said to be a downsized replica of Atlantis.

By reason of the subtle power line network spanning various countries, a logical energy/energetic series connection exists between Tiwanaku/Tiahuanaco and Cuzco (and other cities in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador). Relevant cities of the Inka Empire were planned and established under energy/energetic considerations. It can be assumed that the entire former Inka Empire (and its predecessors) represents a complex energy circuit and energy distribution system preserved to this day.

Specialists were in charge of maintaining this network. During the long time of European rule, the intelligence of the Inka Empire and other highly developed South American mental/ intellectual/ philosophical cultures went underground, passed on its knowledge, continued ceremonies in secret and under Christian cloak.

To this day!

The indigenous savants and priests, shamans and seers are alive. When inner and outer circumstances align, meetings with remarkable men and women can happen.

Cuzco is a light hub where awakened and awakening human beings, in particular from the Western world, find each other, connect and exchange with each other, settle down, come to self-realization, again scatter to all directions with a new, clear understanding of themselves and life in order to spread the light seeds of the New World in the Old World.

Last but not least: the old name of Cuzco is Q’osqo, meaning “navel of the world”. In the spiritual understanding of the Inka, Q’osqo is a center that absorbs, processes, transmutes, transforms, distributes energy.

Q’osqo sounds like Kásskara.

Announcements: August 12 – September 3, 2016

Question to my Highest Self: Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message of relevance to the current Ascension process of this Earth and this humanity in this time-space-continuum on this timeline on which I am currently present in human shape?

Answer: The herewith pre-warned listeners and showmen/showoffs be confirmed that the pearl necklace string is strung like a one-man-phalanx, and that no earthly power can resist this highly concentrated blow-shock-and-awe-power of the Source of All-That-Is.

The so-called Western world order of being-formation/molding/shaping has collectively agreed to the launch and completion and, once and for all, to face the rite of passage of the crucial test and the baptism of fire, because through this gate they all will have to pass at some stage.

We are light-headed by experience and by choice; traveling with light baggage is easier.

The fuse/match/fire blasting cord is stretched, fixed, wired, coiled to such a degree that, by reason of the ready final blow the existing world firewall protection system will melt away like a fallout egoself-preservation shelter on the other side of the soul ocean hit by a Chilean tsunami.

(Also read: and Note, Rumi.)

How futile your all too human efforts! How failed all your intentions! How misguided your entire collective! Were it not for those requested soul entities of highest collective expression of All-That-Is who voluntarily provided their services, then this almost done world order would be in an even worse situation; it is already down on its knees coughing, and can no longer muster up the strength in order to evade the final coup de grâce in the last second.

In light of the lined-up series connection, for the purpose of protection and on behalf of the burned-out expression forms on the proverbial frontline/cutting edge, it should be added that the necessary change of shift has, once and for all, been completed; after this deal, the whole matter is done.

We always play with covert cards and always keep the upper hand with an ace up our sleeve, an ace that does not gamble itself away by remaining concealed behind a poker’s smile penetrating all-and-everyone.

Because all your farces (sic) are well-known to us. We see through compound eyes. We are here in order to dispel your deceptions, to tear down your false fronts, to blow your smoke cover and to smash your blind all-seeing-eye mirrors, to direct the spotlight of truth right onto your illusions and delusions, to pull down your crumbling masks and mascara-walls, to pluck the cobwebs covered with fine dust off your opening eyes, to dab the unvarnished truth into your brightening faces.

We started with ourselves. More or less by choice. Lotta stuff can cum up, tell ya that. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. Digest and justify. Accept and reflect all over again. Shrugging shoulders, notice taken. Bring it to a close. Been there. Done that. What next? If that’s all, what else goes? Where do we go from here when we get this thing rolling?

It’s about these kinda people.

Those who love themselves the most behind their veils.

Those whose greatest, most glorious (and, perhaps toughest/roughest) of all possible soul paths still lies ahead of them.

Such candidates are well-advised to pull the rug away from under their own well-placed, well-off feet in order to sink in one fell swoop through the bottom of official history (one’s own, on top of it), to face truths and truisms (true-isms) and realizations and confessions and resistance which such candidates can no longer avoid.

‘cos, how long ya glorious bastards still wanna dwell in hell?

Because this is the end of each and every incarnation, of each and every interconnection between unbalanced soul expression forms which still keep on nurturing narcissistic bloomers behind the cloak of collective shame and disgrace, for that very reason, for that inconvenient reason shoving reason and clarity aside: to transfer the holocaust idea of eternal guilt atonement onto/into all humans not belonging to the self-chosen people.

This original sin of all original sins is the source of all evil seeds and deeds in this world order structure. This biggest of all lies and truths has the explosive force of a supernova as soon as the fuse is on fire. It is already on fire.

The scared-stiff part of humanity, which has never proclaimed and will never proclaim any desire to be part of the self-chosen people, might perceive, inside and outside itself, a desire to set up an inner counterpole and to get anchored inside this counterpole in order to keep the necessary orientation and steadfastness in light of to-be-expected shocks/commotions/tremors/upheavals/uprisings/revolts on the all-too-eel-slippery (sic) world stage.

And therefore, and by reason of that, this Ascension stage has virtually been completed. It will be followed by the final self-revelation act of this collectively written, worked out, worn out, merkeled out (sic) end time epic.

(Angela Merkel is the de facto head of state of Germany. In German language, “ausmerkeln” can be translated as “Merkel’s time is up” or “Merkel out!” There are growing indications that she will be ousted from power, in one way or another, largely due to her controversial, deeply unpopular immigration policy, among other things. Not that it would make any great difference; the German political establishment is completely rigged and closed-off. The German people will have to take political power and action themselves. Note, Rumi.)

Question: Does South America play a role of relevance in the Ascension process?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Tell me now what this role of relevance is.

Answer: As already informed, this is about the final fixation/assessment and conclusion/determination of an interlocking, world-and-earth-spanning series connection, the purpose of which is to pull the proverbial plug on the existing world control system and to render it powerless, leaderless, incapable of action.

In light of the imminent measures set into motion for the purpose of abolishing and deactivating the current world control system, human beings have, on the whole, so far refrained from showing any interest in and enthusiasm for the traps and bootstrings laid and spread out for them, delivered and presented to them, handed out and offered to them with greatest care. All of which is still going on, partially.

“Partially”, because the proverbial light is dawning on these human beings – one by one, in growing numbers – that there is more ahead of them than they can imagine.

Concerning South America’s essential relevance for the general Ascension process, it has to be stated at this stage that South America is a “retreat zone”, a “survival Ark” for the former native inhabitants of a lost world, a former world age which, by reason of its inner imbalance, sealed its own fate and pushed itself into the abyss of official historiography.

As the legends, myths, stories, chronicles of many indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America have already recounted, the current, so-called Native Americans (of North, Central and South America) are descendants of immigrants from another world, a sunk world order which destroyed itself because the self-expression forms inhabiting that world found it impossible, in their respective self-expression polarities, to appreciate their essential differences, to respect, to understand, to integrate, to balance, to recognize the polar principles inherent in all lifeforms as equivalent and equal.

The basis for each and every conflict in the third and fourth dimension inhabited by incarnated, “ensouled” self-expression forms is this polar duality, which is a great game of balance and balancing, of synchronizing and understanding, of reflecting and integrating, etc. To evade this game and to balance oneself within oneself for the purpose of acting and creating from within this consolidated, unshakable, adaptable inner center – that is, essentially, aim and purpose of the self-expression game of this self-expression plain, of which there are many, if not to say uncountable and uncounted ones, as generally known.

Statement, Question: According to the historiography of the Hopi, the last world, Kásskara, ended with the sinking of the landmass Kásskara into the Pacific Ocean, out of which a new landmass gradually arose over a long time span, Táotoóma, today’s South America (and later Central and North America). The new world, which we currently inhabit, is Tóowákachi.

The survivors of Kásskara migrated with the help of the Kachina into the area of today’s Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, where they founded the first city, named Táotoóma, in the New World. Which, after a long time, would be destroyed by the Creator because human beings had once again left his path. The human beings who had followed the path of the Creator were instructed to go on the next migration leading them through Central and later North America. Is that correct?

Answer: That is correct.

Question: Today’s Hopi claim to be the descendants of those human beings who had been loyal to the path of the Creator. Is that correct?

Answer: On the whole, that is a correct statement in need of revision in view of some renegade groups which in past times decided, and also still today decide, to walk paths running counter to the path of the Creator and Creation.

These self-expression forms be herewith reminded to pay heed to their conscience, and that their self-destructive decisions will always affect them personally to a proportionately adequate degree.

Frage: Why are Kásskara and the migrations into the New World so strongly present in my consciousness today?

Answer: Due to the existence of inner connections/pathways into a parallel self-expression plain, one of these connections/pathways, optimized to enable such transmissions of mass transitions, is being strongly frequented right now.

In addition, the prevailing opinion is that, in light of the imminent recruitment/uplifting process (recruiting and activating Ascension candidates) out of the third and fourth dimension into the fifth and higher self-expression plains a so-called overlapping chain reaction phenomenon will happen, and is happening in this moment, within an unimaginably short time period. This will cause a so-called Big Bang which, in turn, will produce such a loud and strong and deafening echo which will do more than just question the continued existence/survival of the existing, interdependent world order and self-preservation community.

(With respect to the PAT Supernova as the cosmic power behind the manifestation of the city of light New Germania / New Raetia read also this article from 2013:, Note, George)

Statement, Question: According to one Hopi-prophecy, this world will end in a world war. According to another Hopi-prophecy, this world will end through a particular technological invention. Is that true?

Answer: That is true, in particular the fact and circumstance that current humanity, technologically highly advanced and technically versed/oriented, has brought itself on the whole into such self-created dependence, and has been coerced into dependence by inner and outer powers for the purpose of control, surveillance, subjection, demoralization, dehumanization by separation from the sources of life, that is, from the real life fields surrounding human beings in contrast to artificial radiation/emission and synthetic distraction fields and simulated virtual self-experience realities.

These human beings will find adjusting to and preparing for the imminent, overwhelming events and conditions ahead of them very hard. Because only those resting within themselves, having found eternal peace and balance within their own hearts and the inner connection to/with their timeless true selves, are already safe in the bosom of life, safer than in man-made fallout shelters five miles below the earth or below the ocean floor.

Question: Is the Pahana-prophecy of relevance for the Ascension process?

Answer: So it is, and beyond that, it is to be understood that the Hopi are the keepers and guardians of the history, knowledge and origin of modern humanity. This is the destiny and the task of the Hopi, given to them by their creator and the Source of All-That-Is.

Question: Who or what is the creator of the Hopi?

Answer: The creator of the Hopi is a high-vibrating form-of-being without any physically visible, manifested shape. At certain points in time in the respective time-space-structure, this frequency-of-being-form made itself visible in order to ease the burden of those self-expression forms in human shape having lost their kind in numerous migrations, those who deviated from the original path predetermined, so to say, “from high office” by the creator of today’s Hopi.

In fact, this creator is such a high-vibrating form-of-being that a mere look at this expression-of-being-form would result in immediate blinding and blindness because its essence-of-being is so high, so fine/refined, so original/primordial, that this form-of-being is required to condense itself to such a degree so as not to negatively affect self-expression forms in human shape.

Question: The Hopi talk about the relevance of Pahana, the lost white brother who will return to the Hopi at the end of the current world. Who or what exactly is Pahana?

Answer: Pahana is the name of a high-vibrating self-expression form which will appear at the right point in time and drop its mortal mask in order to unveil its star dance costume.

Question: Is Pahana currently incarnated in a human body on this Earth?

Answer: Pahana is such a self-expression form preferring to act in the shadow of public perception. Its silent, awake, watching, vigilant presence is the reason behind some harmonizations and deescalations in this space-time-continuum, no matter in what place such disharmony and escalation might potentially occur.

Question: The Hopi talk about the two helpers of Pahana. Who or what are these helpers, and what is their task?

Answer: The task given to and taken on by the two helpers of Pahana is, not more and not less, the transmutation and transformation of this maltreated Earth into a healthy, blooming, enlightened, luminous, star-bright self-expression form.

Question: Are these helpers the magnetic poles of the Earth?

Answer: The poles have played an authorized task, role, function, mechanism, mode of action, given to and taken on by them, in this space-time-continuum on this Earth for very long a time, non-adjustable to the official worldview of humanity and unimaginable by human beings.

The poles are not equivalent and not to be equated with the helpers of Pahana, even though these helpers understand it well to consciously/purposely lift these poles in order to accomplish their task and, in so doing, to dissolve the space-time-continuum in which this Earth is currently present.

Question: Are these helpers currently incarnated in human shape on this Earth?

Answer: It has to be stated that these helpers are currently on such a way, and have been set into motion, and have set themselves into motion, that they won’t have any other option but to trigger and to herald the imminent, proverbial and actual Big Bang, and to ring the bells for those who have already plugged their ears with earplugs.

This won’t do those affected any good. The pressure will blow them away, each and everyone wherever the solar wind might blow them, into the eternal purifying fire of self-clearing/cleansing, into the sevenfold heaven of self-dissolution, into the possibilities and boundless expression variables of the cosmic, mathematical code/set of rules, into the abysmal, (double) bottomless, high into the sky, over-the-moon ocean of the All-Worlds-Soul.

Question: Is there any people in today’s South America following the path of the Creator, like the Hopi?

Answer: Yes.

Question: In which South American countries does this people live today?

Answer: The people mentioned here lives in different parts of South America. After the arrival of the conquistadors it was, so to say, spread in all wind directions and seeded its genetic heritage in various regions of which it could be assumed, and had to be assumed, that these regions would be spared for a long time from the conquest and subjection and exploitation by the conquistadors and later European self-expression forms.

Some of these self-expression forms, the keepers of ancient genetic lineages, live to this day in such regions where they can unfold, express themselves, maintain their heritage and traditions undisturbed by the so-called modern life of the existing world control order, because these regions are insignificant for so-called development measures, or so isolated and hard to access, that the trouble just ain’t worth it.

Question: Have I already come in contact with such a people, or a member of such a people?

Answer: The Q’ero belong to them, also the Kogi.

Question: The Elohim say that “South America plays an important role in the overall awakening of humanity, or rather, has a population that in time shall fully recognize its grand divinity and connection to the Creation“. Which population are we talking about?

Answer: We are talking about a population group not yet and not fully conscious of its true genetic and/or spiritual heritage. That said, this population group is on the proverbial path of self-realization and will, on the basis of this self-realization, decide to live in harmony with the principles of Creation.

Currently, these populations are most strongly present in the total population composition in countries such as Bolivia and Peru, to a certain extent also in Ecuador, whereby the pure African and Afro-European mixed population is to be neglected; the soulself-expression paths of these ethnically and spiritually mixed forms are different from those paths of the so-called pure indigenous populations.

One cause for the violent history and present of so-called Latin America is exactly this ethnical and spiritual mixture of opposing, conflicting soul and personality structures, coupled with collective legacies from the European and African continent.

Preserving a so-called pure ethnic and spiritual group of people is in no way racist, even though such a mindset can certainly be interpreted as racist and abused by power-oriented self-expression forms.

Preserving the so-called German and Germanic spiritual and genetic heritage was, in fact, such an effort to counter the advanced mixing and, so to say, “dilution” of an indigenous population for the purpose of preserving the inner cohesion/national spirit, the inner firmness/consistency, the strength, independence and irrepressibility of this people’s soul collective. Soul collectives of various peoples have done this over the course of history known to human beings.

The so-called Jews are another example.

And it is of paramount importance to understand this dynamics which has been, and is being, played out on spiritual and mental levels, and subconsciously and deep-politically (“deep state”) between the so-called German and the so-called Jewish people.

Because the German people is a driving, creating/shaping force for the transmutation and transformation of the current world control order, notwithstanding the fact that this important people and soul collective expression form has never been able to fully realize its destiny, and to grip its true power, and to fulfil its purpose in this world order on this Earth by reason of decades, even centuries of systematic splitting, subjugation, subversion and infiltration. Too many a time have foreign and non-human forces succeeded in preventing this “entering-in-power” and “setting-power-into-action” for producing lasting, positive changes in this world control order.

It has to be added that a personal and collective dealing with/study of the so-called Holocaust, considered and taught in history books as an enormous, unparalleled, world historical disaster and injustice against the so-called Jewish people, is unavoidable.

This myth is an ancient legend and justification for the purpose of putting oneself from the role of an occupier and victor and conqueror into the role of a loser and defeated one left at the mercy of others, and for the purpose of presenting oneself as the eternal victim, and for the purpose of motivating, cementing, juristificating (sic) respective mechanisms, principles, laws, opinions, mindsets, attitudes, modes of behaviour in order to, thus, defame the self-chosen people (in this case the Germans) as the guilty people in the history of the world and humanity.

Which, by implication, is the truth, which this excessively influential group gives humanity to understand.

Plausible deniability. Hide the truth in plain sight. Make the truth so impossible so that any strict logical line of argumentation/reasoning/evidence is refuted and vehemently rejected from the outset, and demonized and frustrated by any legal/lawful means and media coverage possible, as if triggered by default inner programming.

You Germans are such a highly moral people. This is your burden and your fate, and your challenge to liberate yourselves from this imposed guilt complex, to throw off this yoke and, once again, to stand up and upright for yourselves.

Thus New Raetia’s relevance.

Question: New Raetia is the central Ascension and Source energy and information distribution hub for at least Central Europe. Is that correct?

Answer: That is correct. It has to be added that every novel information processing and information application technology will emerge from the future capital of the enlightened, Old European continent which is just its true destiny in the overall spiritual context.

Question: For that reason, it is relevant that the Ascension portals in New Raetia and Vancouver will be connected with each other and activated. Is that correct?

Answer: That is correct.

Question: Does this connection and activation have to take place before Ascension?

Answer: Before Ascension is after Ascension.

Question: Will in South America a third Ascension portal of same relevance like the New Raetia and Vancouver portals be established?

Answer: So it is.

Question: Will this portal have to be established in a particular location in South America?

Answer: It is already being erected and established.

Question: In which location exactly?

Answer: Bolivia.

Question: Perhaps in the border region to Peru?

Answer: So it is.

Question: Is this about establishing a series connection with so-called power spots in the vicinity of today’s Cuzco?

Answer: Cuzco will be the new nexus of the New World.

Question: Why will Cuzco be the new nexus of the New World?

Answer: As you have already been shown, today’s Cuzco is the future spiritual and worldly capital of the coming New World (Ternua). The coming New World will begin in today’s South America and has already begun there.

The general, current awakening of the autochthonous indigenous population is a living, lively, powerful and spirited expression of this great soul upswing wave encompassing the indigenous peoples in South and Central America, or Latin America, in particular. The indigenous population in North America will follow, inasmuch they will still be capable of following by reason of their systematic, far advanced inner and outer decomposition.

Question: Which role does the Táotoóma portal play?

Answer: The Táotoóma portal, as you call it, plays a decisive role in the transmutation and transformation of traditional, conservative mindsets and thereof derived behaviour patterns in South America in particular, and in Latin America in general.

Machismo is on the way out. The female self-expression polarity is strong in that part of South America which is currently birthing the Táotoóma portal of the New Earth in this very moment. The combined female self-expression polarity in direct connection with the Earth, and as a direct self-expression polarity pressure of the Earth herself, is the decisive driving and directing force behind this natural evolution process which will end the existing macho-centric world and society and role model of Latin American societies.

(Read also: Note, Rumi.)

Question: How will this final Ascension sequence be initiated?

Answer: All self-expression forms of purest soul essence in line and connection with each other with high-vibrating energetic charge will be ignited in such a way that triggering this series connection will unfold a detonation of such expansion pressure in all space-time-directions which no worldly force will be able, and is unable, to handle.

(Read also: Note, George.)

Question: Will the portal in Vancouver play a role in this?

Answer: The portal in Vancouver plays a decisive role in this final Ascension stage because it is a necessary, direct, local, in situ anchoring interface between the Source of All-That-Is and the self-expression realm in which this Earth is currently present together with humanity, both the ascending and descending parts of it.

Because among the latter, there are still a few specimens who, at any rate, refuse to accept and to take the fact that they themselves are ringing the bells for the final hour of their game due to their own ill-sounding machinations.

May they pull this last act of desperation out of the drawer of dirty tricks – another blank cheque of blindness and annihilation that will only speed up the end of their self-righteous, egomaniacal, self-glorifying rule. For that reason, they have lost. They cannot do anything else anymore. The stronger their destructive input, the stronger the energetic neutralizing reaction.

Question: How will the New Raetia Portal be activated?

Answer: By ignition out of seeming nothingness. From behind the stage. From inside the shadow of publicly traceable/comprehensible perception.

Question: How will the Táotoóma portal be activated?

Answer: Exactly like the New Raetia portal.

Question: Which role do South American traditional shamans acting on behalf of All-That-Is play in the Ascension process of humanity?

Answers: These shamans are, on the whole, aware of the relevant role of the balance of all parts of creation.

These shamans have been taught since early childhood to respect natural balance: of a human being with(in) himself, with other human beings, with nature, with all lifeforms, with all self-expression forms.

Due to these shamans, the current world control system has still not succeeded in breaking the combined influence and resistance of the awakening and awakened indigenous population of South America. Because it is a battle, an unequal, asymmetrical war purposely waged by the entire, so-called civilized, developed world against the last remaining/ standing guardians/ keepers of traditional/ primordial sacred knowledge for the purpose of destroying once and for all this last, living connection between the human species and creation.

That’s what they believe, at least.

This battle is already futile and lost for all those who put their bets too early and too self-content on the wrong cards. This roulette game is rigged; in the end, the bank always wins. Just that this bank is a divine one. The winner won’t be the one who, in good faith, deposited his many-digit bona fide credits on his Swiss Guard banking account. The winner will be the one who placed all his bets on the magical VIP-card granting exclusive access to all levels of the All-Worlds-Tower: SOUL.

Question: Does my connection to the network of Amazonian shamans play a role in the Ascension process?

Answer: That which you have received and been entrusted for safekeeping and application and passing-on from a source of ancient Amazonian shamanic knowledge, is a generation and culture-spanning heritage and gift that enables and empowers you to establish a connection between the New World and the Old World in order to balance the imbalance caused and injustice inflicted by Europeans on indigenous native peoples.

This connection is insofar of relevance for the Ascension process because the possibility and probability of stabilizing this entire shamanic network, of activating and of anchoring it proverbially into the New World, has come into effect.

This soul collective, powerful, spiritually oriented, Earth-connected, life-keeping, present in all space-time-realms, of past and present and future healers, seers, leaders, heralds, messengers, sages, keepers, intermediaries, world movers is responsible for the future healing, cleaning/cleansing and preservation of the biosphere collective called Amazon in particular, and the entire Earth in general.

Question: Is it necessary that, in line with the Ascension process, I travel to South America?

Answer: It seems necessary and reasonable to move to such a place providing you with grounding and clearing/cleansing, penetrating power.

Question: What do I need this grounding and power for?

Answer: In order to complete your innate destiny in this space-time-continuum.

Question: What is this destiny?

Answer: To conclude the circle of life and to be present in such a place conducive to and open for Ascension, amidst a local population of diverse self-expression forms representing a cross-section of current North American, South American, East Asian, European self-expression realms. A cross-section aware/conscious of its true nature, creating from within and acting out of this awareness/consciousness.

Question: Does it make sense if I remain in Germany?

Answer: That seems to make sense insofar if you agree to deal with the consequences of the imminently awakening mixed soul collective in Central Europe.

Question: Does this mean that a general system breakdown in Germany will happen, causing fear-based behaviour and actions by affected human self-expression forms?

Answer: All those self-expression forms of human appearance which have decided to descend have to expect this, that is, a condensed self-expression experience in a condensing self-expression realm under greatest possible separation from the Source of All-That-Is.

Such self-expression forms which have decided and prepared inside to ascend be reassured at this point that their paths have already been closed and their circles already been concluded. And that the closed circle represents the gate/portal that opens them for the New World created and chosen by themselves.

The decisive connection with the new Ascension reality will be established in that moment when the affected, determined, ready human self-expression form has decided for a certain Ascension form and a certain Ascension path.

This is the end of this announcement.

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