The Creation of the Three Spiritual World Centres of Ascension – Part I

Chronicle of the Energetic Events, July 15 – August 14, 2016

Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, September 15, 2016


The last two months have been full of surprising and miraculous events. When I wrote in my announcement of July 12th “Sailing to New Shores” that I am stopping publishing on the website as to dedicate my whole time and energy to the creation and manifestation of the spiritual and healing world centre in Central Europe that will also be the new technological and information hub of the ascended New Earth, little did I know what further huge surprises the HR were already holding for us. Instead of creating one world centre as initially planned and envisioned by ourselves, we ended up creating three world centres of Ascension and Illumination.

The third one in South America is still in its initial phase but, since we first heard of it, we have acquired, thanks to Rumi, some incredibly deep insights about its energetic, cultural and historic background. Rumi, whom I have regularly informed on all major energetic events has received a comprehensive and most remarkable message from his HS which I will publish separately. It elucidates the soul dynamics behind the creation of these three centres. Together with this chronicle, it gives you a full and detailed presentation as to how advanced these three higher dimensional projects already are and how close we are to detonating the PAT Supernova of Ascension, about which I have been writing since the opening of this website and the idea of which is now more valid than ever.

This chronicle reflects our personal experience of transdimensional energetic events that encompass the entire planet. It goes without saying that all the PAT members, as well as all ascension candidates, have been involved individually and collectively in these creationary steps. I am sure that many of you will find in this report striking correlations with and confirmation of your personal experiences throughout this most intense and auspicious period of ascension.

For the sake of clarity here is an overview of the three spiritual world centres of Ascension. I called them so because with their manifestation Ascension will happen and vice versa – with the final ID shift and Ascension these cities of light will fully manifest on this uppermost mother planet.


The Three Spiritual World Centres of the New Earth After Ascension

1. New Raetia in Central Europe will be the new spiritual, technological and informational hub of the entire new world.

2. New Lemuria in Vancouver, Canada will be the new centre of illumination for North America.

3. A Third Centre of Light (Ternua) is now being created in Bolivia and Peru to complete the Triad of Ascension for the Western civilisation.


Chronicle of the Energetic Events

July 15, 2016

As they say, the watched pot never boils. Stop watching it and it boils over. This is what is now happening in Turkey. I expected it for a long time and when Putin cancelled all his meetings last week for this week and Kerry came surprisingly to Moscow and had an unannounced three-hour meeting tete a tete with Putin today, I knew that the shit is hitting the fan. Turkey came to my mind. Both the US and the Russian secret services knew that there would be a military coup d’etat this week as the Turks cannot make a fart without this being known in Langley and Kremlin.

Today the Elohim urged us to do a cleansing for Turkey through our third infinity portal in Istanbul. We inserted four powerful pillars of source light in Haghia Sophia. The Elohim told us that the dark side is now weakened and with this invocation we have tilted the balance in favour of the light. This will have huge repercussions for Europe. First, all the EU agreements with Erdogan are invalid and Merkel stays naked. Second, the French revolution is about to explode any moment and it will spread throughout Europe. For Turkey I pledged a defeat for both Erdogan and the military and the establishment of a new democratic secular government that will emerge from this already civil war as the only strong and reliable third force. If this happens in the coming days, then it is entirely the success of our light work with Carla who is engaged decisively in the third Infinity portal in Istanbul.

UK post Brexit is in turmoil. The Italian banking system is broke and there is no help in sight. Spain is also in turmoil. Germany is in identity crisis. The perfect recipe for a total collapse of the EU, very much like in 1989 when the communist empire collapsed within days.

July 16, 2016

Both Carla and I were taken away at the same time for two hours in the afternoon where we did some very important energy work related to Turkey, Europe and other parts of the world that are crumbling now. We do not know the details though.

July 17, 2016

This night I dreamt that Carla and I are performing very important ascension test runs on behalf of Gaia and humanity by sending huge amounts of energy and assessing the effects of these efforts. We performed more than 5 test runs and concluded that we have reached the necessary threshold for the final shift.

Since early morning I have a massive cc-wave with an excruciating headache and am in a state of fever. I also suffer from sudden and acute stomach pains due to rapid bilocations. In the afternoon I was taken away for two hours between 14.00 and 16.00 pm. Carla stayed awake and was urged by the Elohim to smudge the house as to clear the energies. She was outside in the backyard and experienced an unusual peacefulness and calmness between 14.30 and 15.30 pm. At that time I suffered in the dream state from excruciating headache and pain in my right eye socket. I dreamt that I am sending huge and very powerful streams of energy through my left brain portal and body to Gaia which I saw as a globe. With this energy stream I moved Gaia towards a huge ring with a kind of soap membrane inside similar to how one makes soap bubbles. The earth moved slowly through this soap-like membrane which was elastic and at first built a bubble around the earth before the planet began to emerge on the other side of the membrane. On the other side, Carla had stretched widely her arms and was balancing very carefully the earth globe so that it can move through this energetic membrane without causing any major instability.

At the same time I heard my HS telling me several times that this is the most important and critical ID shift we have accomplished so far and that is why I am having such terrible headache and that the HR cannot prevent it as we must be successful with this most critical operation. My HS apologized for this inconvenience. The energies that were flowing through my body built a unique peak and I thought I would not survive them. Even now around 20.00 pm, while writing these lines, I still have an acute headache and split head and feel very weak and vulnerable.

When I woke up and told Carla about my dream, she confirmed that she also had the feeling that something very significant had happened and that is why she was urged by the Elohim, who are now around us all the time, to ignite an incense stick, which I smelt very strongly in the house when I woke up and opened the door of the bedroom.

I hope we can get more information from the Elohim on this massive energetic event when it has fully subsided. My current interpretation is that this uppermost mother planet, or even Gaia, has moved through the energetic membrane that encompasses the current holographic model and separates this 4D from 5D. This is the most significant barrier in All-That-Is between the worlds of form and the higher dimensions of immediate creation. It must be overcome first before the final ID shift of humanity can follow. As I said, this is my interpretation of what we experienced today and we have to learn more from the Elohim to be sure what really happened.

Later on we learnt from the Elohim that this was indeed one of the most crucial ID shifts Gaia has made so far in her ascension process but they did not provide us with any further details.

July 27, 2016

Today the Elohim came to us and we had an interesting conversation with them while driving to Vancouver. Essentially they told us that within three months everything will be done, which means end of October, beginning of November. First the political system will collapse and then the financial one as politics also keeps the financial system alive. They confirmed that the USA is the problem and it must start there first. This has begun at the DNC where the Bernies’ supporters are pissed off with him (his betrayal of the electorate) and with Hillary with respect to the Wikileaks revelations about rigged democratic primary elections by DNC and stage the rebellion against the establishment. The whole cabal structure is falling apart.

France will very soon erupt in a revolution as predicted by myself long time ago and this will spread quickly to Germany and the rest of Europe. This cycle of change fits perfectly into the itinerary pattern I have described for the year 1989 when the Iron curtain and the Berlin wall fell. We shall ascend within this period of three months and will move to Europe, where the new movement will begin from Germany (New Raetia).

What is interesting is that Carla got this time the information that we shall also have a domicile in Vancouver where we shall retreat from time to time. She had previous visions that she will come here from time to time from Europe to look after her boys but that I would stay in Europe. Now she also sees me coming here, obviously bilocating from the 5th dimension. The tidal wave of change will come from Germany and I received a few days ago a report from Rumi who confirms how rapidly the people awaken there. This is a very reassuring new trend.

July 30, 2016

Analysis of the world situation by Brad and myself

Dear George,

Everything I do aligns with all you said here perfectly. After all these discussions and watching the machinations it all comes down to the US Dollar with the financial markets as it should. It is the combination of politics and finance and it just gave the “Sturmer Top” signal over the last two days that a full-blown bear market is commencing as it should. The representatives of the bankrupt dollar are obviously on display. Besides a couple of people, I can’t find anyone that can even remotely explain what’s happening as they continue to try to apply some fundamentals. That’s what makes this Dollar plunge so perfect right now. Everything, including oil at this current bottom, are about to surge huge to the upside and blow people away.  Gold will surge to near $1500 in August as the initial signal of Dollar failure shows. That will now be the only metric of a 3-D nature needed to be understood to explain anything. So, as you said, “they confirmed that the USA is the problem and it must start there first.”  It appears that start was yesterday and should show itself well over the next few weeks.

The only real reason I write this is because technically it aligns well with a “waterfall event” in the Dollar in September or October which would be perfectly in tune with your itinerary pattern.  I have been nearly perfect in my projections since last August except for them not allowing the initial plunge in the markets that should have taken place before the true debauching of the Dollar was admitted to. There should have been a low in the S&P before this concept of complete “value bankruptcy” played out, but oh well.  I do expect non-linear adjustments obviously, but this is as it is for now is it is.

It is really quite interestingly stupid that I am basically having the same conversations as five years ago except that I can make everyone a ton of money based on ascensionary concepts.  Says all you need to know about mankind.

I really kind of despise the word “safe” at this point, and as you know, I like to write about Momma keeping you safe. Safe sucks.

I hope you two have the best of days.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

I see gold easily reaching 1500 and even more next month. The dollar must definitely go down but this was the case several times since the fall of last year and they managed to prop it up. This time they may not have the possibility or desire to do so as the Yen and Yuan are undermining the dollar, squeezing it from both sides. However, I do not expect the major trigger for collapse to come from the currency markets. Instead I am still waiting for the beginning of the bank crash alla Lehman Brothers in Europe and then to spread rapidly in the rest of the western world.

Let us see what the EU crash test will show next week. We know it is rigged but still all the banks must pass it somehow and most of the Italian banks and DB will surely fail. DB is again in a free fall. The bail-ins must come now as DWN wrote yesterday and the politicians are trembling as to how the masses will respond to this bank robbery as this is happening now in Slovenia as a study case for the central banksters as they cannot help the banks with state subsidies anymore.

This is catch 22 and an ideal recipe for a revolution – first in France where the banks are also in dire conditions and the economy in a recession. I just read that 75% of the French say that they would rather vote for The Plague than for Hollande, Sarkozy or Le Pen. Who is left then? – We as ascended masters. The situation in Germany is the same. They are clamping down on the civil rights and this will not go well with the Germans who are very sensitive in this respect. Bulgaria has also voted for new draconian emergency laws without any apparent reason and this tells me that the cabal have given a signal to all subservient EU governments to clamp down on the masses in preparation for the turmoil that is planned to happen in August or September. Politicians and banksters stick together like shit, to quote a Bulgarian saying.

Trump is now definitely leading and even BBC published the other day an article about the three reasons why Killary will lose the elections. There are of course more than three reasons. Trump set a trap on her and she immediately fell in as this video shows:

The cabal are now losing their minds and this is the surest sign that they are at the end of the rope and must act in a desperate way.

The people are beginning to awaken from their deep slumber only to find themselves in a real quagmire. I read a very sober pivotal article in the German press that Germany, i.e. Merkel has managed to alienate all vital countries in the last two years. After Brexit, Germany has lost the UK as a natural ally in free market trade. France is also drifting away from Germany and contests its supremacy in the EU which the Germans built with great effort in the last 20 years. The relation to Russia is frosty after the Ukraine fiasco and the sanctions. The Italians, the Spaniards and the Portuguese all hate the Germans for their austerity policy which they imposed on them, not to speak of Greece.

Poland has just questioned the role of Germany in a big interview of the leader of the Polish ruling party in a major German newspaper. He said that he prefers a direct relationship with the USA compared to EU as to contain Germany and that the relation between the two countries is very bad and problematic for historic and actual reasons. Of course the USA wants to establish a cordon sanitaire in Eastern Europe as to contain Germany and hinder it to join forces with Russia as its natural ally and the Germans are aware of that.

After the failed coup d’etat in Turkey, the emigration policy of the EU under Merkel’s dictate of open doors has totally failed and Germany has lost the Middle East as a transit region for oil and gas after it already lost Ukraine as a transit land for Russian gas. North Stream 2 is opposed by both the USA and Poland which feels encircled by the Germans and betrayed by the Russians (Molotov-Ribbentrop pact greets, see above).

The Germans now realise for the first time in a very poignant manner that being docile stooges of the Empire of Evil has only harmed them and the political, economic and diplomatic revenues they hoped to collect in Ukraine and the Middle East have vanished like Nirvana. This is the classical archetypal karmic lesson of being a servant to a bad master and experience the consequences personally for this false loyalty.

This all is now beginning to become cogent to the Germans and the first victim will be Merkel who bears the full responsibility for this dire political and diplomatic situation in which she has brought her country. Germany (essentially Prussia) has always been very vulnerable as in the past it was squeezed between the French empire, the Austrian empire and the Russian empire and had to keep a very precarious balance of power as to survive. And Britannia was ruling the waves and had to be also considered. This was the famous diplomacy of Bismark known as “Realpolitik” which the Reptilian Kissinger adopted for the USA in the 70s exploiting the weakness of Nixon and his subsequent resignation. This legacy has been sold out by the clone Merkel and another third national disaster is looming on the horizon for Germany in less than 100 years.

The only escape route for a new German government is an U-turn away from the Empire of Evil and NATO and a new Easteuropean policy – a new Russian deal – as Willi Brand started it in the 70s. It must come very soon for Germany in order to survive and the chances are very bleak when one considers what cowards all German politicians are. Hence it comes up to us as ascended masters to implement this change on a much higher level. But the foundation for this change is already laid down by the current events.

Last but not least, Czechia and Hungary (the Vishigrad nations), and even Austria, are also very hostile to Germany because of Merkel’s reckless refugee policy, so that it has never been so isolated and surrounded by so many hostile nations since the end of WW1. Germany needs urgently a new effective Rapallo treaty with Russia to survive, but I doubt if they will have the time to do it. I assume that before that we shall appear on the stage and change the course of human history for ever.

I hope you are also well and enjoy the summer.

With love and light


July 31, 2016

Lieber Georg,

den folgenden zwei neuen Durchsagen hinsichtlich einer unmittelbar bevorstehenden weltweiten Hochschwingungsentladung gehen folgende Ereignisse vor Ort voraus:

Vergangene Woche war es Kunden der Deutschen Bank unmöglich, Einkäufe per Kreditkarte an Kassen in verschiedenen Supermärkten hier in der Gegend zu tätigen. Aus unbekannten Gründen waren die Karten allesamt funktionsunfähig. Kunden anderer Banken waren davon nicht betroffen.

Im Internet wurde ich auf ein Video aufmerksam (gemacht), das vor einem angeblich konkreten IS-Anschlag hier in Lübeck warnt und ausführlich darlegt, wie dieser durchgeführt werden soll.

Der Wahrheitsgehalt ist für mich objektiv nicht nachprüfbar; die logische Vorgehensweise und logistische Umsetzung dieses angeblichen Planes allerdings ist für mich zweifelsfrei und realistisch nachvollziehbar.

Mein Höchstes Selbst habe ich diesbezüglich befragt.

Schließlich bestätige ich brutale Transformationsaktivitäten seit dem 28. Juli,deren Intensität momentan etwas abgeschwächt ist.

Alles Gute,

— Rumi —


English Translation

Dear George,

the following two new announcements (from my HS) regarding an imminent global high vibration unloading were prepared by these events on the ground:

Last week it was made impossible for Deutsche Bank clients to make purchases by credit card in various supermarkets around here. For unknown reasons, the cards were all inoperable. Customers of other banks were not affected.

On the Internet I became aware of a video, which warns of a supposedly concrete IS-attack here in Lübeck and provides a detailed description of how this is to be performed.

The veracity is not objectively verifiable for me; However, the logical approach and logistical implementation of this alleged plan is unequivocally realistic for me to understand.

I questioned my Highest Self in this regard.

Finally, I confirm brutal transformation activities since July 28th, the intensity of which is currently somewhat weakened.

All the best,


Durchsage: 29. Juli 2016

Frage an mein Höchstes Wahres Selbst: Besteht die hohe Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Terroranschlages hier in Lübeck in diesem Raumzeitgefüge auf dieser Zeitlinie, auf der ich mich gegenwärtig in menschlicher Gestalt befinde?

Antwort: Ja.

Frage: Gibt es einen konkreten Plan, wie dieser Anschlag stattfinden soll?

Antwort: Ja.

Frage: Ist es notwendig, dass ich Einzelheiten dieses Planes erfahre?

Antwort: Die Wahrscheinlichkeit besteht, dass es in absehbarer Zeit zu einem schwingungsanhebenden Gesamtereignis (einem kollektiv erlebbaren Ereignis) kommen wird bzw. bereits gekommen ist, das jegliche Versuche zielgerichteter Schwingungssenkungen menschlicher Selbstausdrucksformen hier in Lübeck sowie in allen anderen Teilen der Welt bereits in der Vorbereitungsphase zunichte machen wird bzw. bereits gemacht hat.

Zu diesem bevorstehenden und bereits stattgefundenen Ereignis ist zu sagen, dass jegliche Bemühungen seitens niedrigschwingender Selbstausdrucksformen, deren einziges Ziel darin besteht, allen sogenannten aufsteigenden Selbstausdrucksformen sprichwörtliche Stolpersteine in den Weg zu legen, erfolglos sein werden bzw. sind.

(“Stolpersteine” ist ein unmittelbarer Bezug zu Lübeck. Das ist die Bezeichnung von besonderen im Boden eingelassenen Steinen, die an Opfer der NS-Zeit hier in Lübeck erinnern. Bemerkung, Rumi.)

Desweiteren ist zu ergänzen, dass die sogenannten schwingungsanhebenden Umstände ein derartig überlappendes Schwingungsfeld erzeugen, das sich derartig verdichten bzw. zusammenziehen werden wird, so dass es zu einer zielgerichteten Hochschwingungsentladung bzw. -ausdehnung kommen wird bzw. bereits gekommen ist, die, nach linearen zeitlichen Maßstäben betrachtet, unmittelbar eintreten könnte bzw. kann bzw. wird.

Dies ist alles für den Moment.


English Translation

Announcement: July 29, 2016

Question for my Highest True Self: Is there a high probability of a terrorist attack here in Lübeck in this space-time fabric on this timeline, where I currently am in human form?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is there a concrete plan how this attack will take place?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it necessary that I find out details of this plan?

Answer: There is a high probability that in the foreseeable future a vibration lifting overall event (a collective tangible event) will occur or has already occurred, that will nullify, or has already nullified, any attempts of targeted vibration reductions of human self-expression forms here in Lübeck and in all other parts of the world during their preparatory phase.

For this upcoming and already accomplished event is to be said that any efforts by low-vibrating self expression forms, whose sole aim is to put for all ascending self-expression forms the so called proverbial stumbling blocks in their way, will be unsuccessful, respectively are unsuccessful.

( “Stumbling blocks” is a direct reference to Lübeck. This is the name of special sunken stones, reminiscent of victims of the Nazi era here in Lübeck. Remark Rumi.)

Furthermore, it should be added that the so-called vibration-lifting circumstances will produce such an overlapping vibrational field that will condense or will be contracted so much that there will be, or has already happened, a targeted high vibration discharge or expansion that, by linear temporal scales considered, could immediate occur respectively can or will (occur).

This is all for the moment.


Durchsage: 31. Juli 2016

Frage: Gibt es wichtige Neuigkeiten hinsichtlich des Aufstiegsvorganges dieser Erde und dieser Menschheit in diesem Raumzeitgefüge auf dieser Zeitlinie, auf der ich mich gegenwärtig in menschlicher Gestalt befinde?

Antwort: Es ist festzustellen, dass es zu einer sogenannten  Schwingungsanhebungsexplosion und kaskadenartigen Ausdehung kommen wird bzw. bereits gekommen ist, die weitreichende Auswirkungen für alle davon betroffenen Selbstausdrucksformen in diesem Raumzeitgefüge auf dieser Erde auf dieser Zeitlinie, auf der du dich gegenwärtig in menschlicher Gestalt befindest, haben werden bzw. gehabt haben.

Zu dieser Schwingungsausdehnung ist zu sagen, dass es sich hierbei um eine Überlagerung hochschwingender Schwingungsfelder handelt, deren kaskadenartige Überlagerungen einen sogenannten Schwellenereignishorizont (“threshold event horizon”) zur Folge haben wird bzw. gehabt hat. Dadurch ist die sogenannte Aufstiegsschwingungsanhebungs-Sequenz abgeschlossen und befindet sich in ihrem letzten sprichwörtlichen Kurvenabschnitt vor der Zielgerade zum letztmöglichen Änderungstermin der kosmischen Begleitumstände und Hintergrundbedingungen.

Frage: Was genau ist gemeint mit “zum letztmöglichen Änderungstermin der kosmischen Begleitumstände und Hintergrundbedingungen”?

Antwort: Damit ist gemeint, dass sich hiermit das letztmögliche Zeit-Fenster, Zeit-Tor, Zeit-Raum-Fenster eröffnet und geöffnet hat, um es allen Selbstausdrucksformen in menschlicher Gestalt zu ermöglichen, sich für den Übergangs- und Aufstiegsvorgang zu entscheiden mit ganzem Herzen, und nicht solche niedrigschwingenden Szenarien zu generieren und an solchen zu partizipieren, die für sie bereits geschaffen worden sind und immer noch geschaffen werden von menschlichen und nicht-menschlichen Selbstausdrucksformen, deren einziges und wesentliches Ziel darin besteht, so viele menschliche und nicht-menschliche Selbstausdrucksformen auch weiterhin in einer von ihnen erschaffenen und geschaffenen neuen Weltordnung in einem neuen Raumzeitgefüge zu beherrschen, zu lenken, zu formen, zu gestalten.

Es steht jeder menschlichen mit freiem Willen versehenen Selbstausdrucksform offen, sich für eine solche Selbsterfahrungsrichtung zu entscheiden.

Dies ist das Ende dieser Durchsage.


English Translation

Announcement: July 31, 2016

Question: Are there important news regarding the ascension process of this earth and this humanity in this space-time structure on this timeline, where I currently am in human form?

Answer: It should be noted that there will be an explosion caused by the increase in vibrations and a cascading expansion, respectively has already occurred, that will have, or has already had, far-reaching consequences for all affected self-expression forms in this space-time fabric on this earth at this timeline on which you currently find yourself in human form.

To this vibrational expansion is to be said that this is, in fact, a superposition of highly oscillatory vibrational fields whose cascading overlays will result in a so-called “threshold event horizon” or have already resulted in such. In this way the so-called frequency increase sequence of ascension is completed and is in its last proverbial curve section before the finish line regarding the last possible date of change of the cosmic circumstances and background conditions.

Question: What exactly is meant by “the last possible date of change of the cosmic circumstances and background conditions”?

Answer: This means that hereby the last possible time window, time gate, time-space window is opened, respectively has been opened, that allows all self expressions in human form to decide on the transition and ascension process with all their heart, and not to generate such low-vibrating scenarios and to participate in those that have already been created for them and are still being created by human and non-human self-expression forms, whose sole and essential objective is to continue dominating, directing, shaping, and gestalting as many as possible human and non-human self expressions in one of the created and established by themselves new world orders in a new space-time structure.

It is open to every human, with freewill provided self-expression to opt for such self-experience direction.

This is the end of this announcement.


Dear Rumi,

thank you very much for these two messages which I confirm in a twofold manner.

1) Indeed the intensity of the waves has peaked one more time in the last 48 hours which is in line with the opening of the Lion’s gate on 8.8. and the preparation for it begins end of July since I remember it. It is very well possible that this is the final window of opportunity, your HS is talking about before the cascade of frequency raising events starts.

2) Several days ago the Elohim gave us an oral message as a discussion and visuals about the schedule of the final ascension events. As I write loosely a diary of the major events, I enclose below the last two entries, which also include Brad’s analysis of the economic situation (see above). I am now more attuned to Germany which is being squeezed to make a radical U-turn as to survive after years of brainless subservience to the Empire of evil that was allowed by the political insouciance and moral deprivation of the German population. This analysis is important as the tide of change will start from Germany, but France will trigger it with a new revolution.

I have a terrible headache today since yesterday afternoon when we were hit again by another brickwall-wave and taken away for an hour. After that the cc-wave began which is the beginning of the final ascension shift on the eve of the Lion’s gate. After that anything is possible.

With love and light



August 1, 2016

The last 48 hours (July 30 – 31) were among the worst I remember. I was hit by the most powerful, intense and debilitating cc-wave for almost two days, day and night, with an excruciating headache and joint pain, stomach pain as this is always associated with a major ID split and shift of Gaia. This morning I feel much better all of a sudden and at breakfast we asked the Elohim who are constantly around us to comment on this latest massive energetic event. We have now resorted to oral conversations with them mostly backed by visuals as we no longer need to write down their messages for the purpose of publication. Thus we get spontaneously actual updates at any time of the day that complement our direct personal experiences with these incoming energies of ascension that currently flood Gaia and humanity.

Today the Elohim told us that we have made a major ascension leap in the last 48 hours that was foundational for the final ascension of Gaia. The ascending Gaia was virtually pulled away from the energetic structure of the current holographic model of the earth and has made a huge and sudden leap towards the new Golden Galaxy. Initially Carla was given the vision of a jail window with metal bars that suddenly collapsed and disappeared. This vision symbolized the complete obliteration of the entire energetic structure of the current holographic model that contains all the fear patterns and archetypal modes of human behaviour that nourished the past enslavement of humanity and its separation from the Source.

This vision fully coalesces with Rumi’s HS message from above that Gaia is about to close the last window of opportunity for the awakening of humanity and enter the final stretch prior to the finish line. This window of opportunity was closed on July 30-31 during this significant ID shift and leap of Gaia that left the old holographic model for ever with all those humans that have not made up their mind in favour of the light and have decided to continue experiencing the dramas of human enslavement and oppression that are inherent to lower timelines.

This ID shift happened in preparation for the Lion’s Gate which has always been a protracted event and begins end of July. After that there is a realistic opportunity that we may have the final global frequency shift as early as August when all humans will move to their individual timelines and experience different levels of destruction according to their degree of awakening. It is to be expected that from now on the collapse of the old matrix will accelerate significantly and this will manifest first at the political stage before the financial system will collapse.

Listen also to this video from Michael Love which I came upon only three days later and which confirms essentially what I experienced and have reported above:


August 2, 2016

Sitrep (Situation Report) on Finances

This article clearly shows that the banksters have rigged the equity markets to this high level and have no intention to let them fall in the foreseeable future:

Which to me indicates that they plan something different, for instance a total crash of the financial system elsewhere, while keeping their equity assets high in the hope that they will introduce a new digital currency that will value these assets one to one when it is introduced as a new reset of the financial markets. This will make the banksters even richer when all the other bubble assets in the financial sector have been wiped out. After all the stocks markets are the only ones that reflect a real value of physical producing companies. After the crash the few very rich banksters will own the entire economy as all the other broader physical investors have already left the stock markets since 2008. Makes sense from their perverted point of view.

The fact that they have risen all stock indices, including the ailing FTSE at historical high (6660 points) amidst official recession in GB, and intend to freeze them at this high level as a plateau, tells me that they are planning a controlled demolition elsewhere in the financial markets, e.g. in the currency markets by killing the dollar.

As this method would take some time, and the cabal do not have that much time to keep the stock markets so high, while their actual value is constantly diminishing and nothing makes any sense to the experts anymore who have given up on all statistics:

it is quite likely that they will have to push the detonation button very soon.

I am inclined to expect the demolition to begin with the broke EU banks as a new bigger Lehman Brothers case. For this assumption speaks the fact that the two biggest and most vulnerable banks, DB and Credit Suisse, were just removed from the European STOXX 50. This reminds me of the new market in Germany after the bursting of the bubble in 2001 when this one-euro stocks index was abolished and vanished from the surface. Sudden death by physical abolition. The two banks are now substituted with two other entities and the STOXX 50 Index will jump on August 8, when this substitution will become legal. In this case the two biggest EU banks are given free for sacrifice (the sacrifice lambs) and it is a matter of days when they will have to default.

The cabal had to make this step after the obviously rigged EU banks stress test caused a real carnage in the financial sector:

This shows that the banksters cabal are desperately trying to keep the equity markets high and stable with any possible and obvious gimmicks for a few more days, while crashing everything else such as individual banks and the oil price:

There is now definitely a clandestine controlled demolition of all markets in this final stage before the ultimate crash can happen overnight.

Therefore it is not at all surprising that Trump has just urged all his supporters to sell their stocks as he needs a crash before the election day in order to win and start clean with the post-crisis economy. At the same time he knows that with this advise he will recommend himself as the ultimate financial expert to the masses when all the other experts, especially the notorious optimists in the Hitllary camp, fail with respect to the economy. At least this is his intention and ambition from a 3D point of view.

He is obviously taking this new trend very seriously based on his insider information, otherwise he would not go in the offense and attack Warren Buffet as the most renowned protagonist of infinite growth in stock markets, even at the expense of a gargantuan bubble through massive bail-outs.

Trumps knows for sure that the cabal will crash the markets in this election year as I referred to in my last pivotal article on the central banksters’ fraud:

and has jumped on the bandwagon as to profit from this trend. Who would blame him for that? We are doing the same with our ascension forecast.

Altogether the signs today are very clear where the dark cabal are heading to and this happens only two days after the latest massive ID shift end of July. This confirms my forecast that we must reckon with an acceleration in the manifestation of major collapse events in August until the final threshold is reached. The gold price may be the pace maker or an important indicator for its arrival. If the cabal are really intending to crash the financial system this summer and make a new reset, then they will flock to gold in the days before the collapse and gold will quickly reach the 1500 level and above. It is now gaining momentum.

Read also:

August 3, 2016

This night I dreamt the whole time very vividly that I and Carla have founded a world healing centre in the new 4D worlds. This healing institution consisted of three levels – the first level where the physical body is healed from the most severe diseases and imbalances. The second level is where psyche, emotions, and mental body / ego-mind, are healed and relieved from all old, low-frequency thought and emotional patterns. The third level is where the healing of the incarnated soul fragments takes place, unnoticed at first by the patient. In an advanced stage of the healing process when the personality opens to the higher dimensions, he/she will also be able to register the healing effects at the soul level.

This dream was preceded by a discussion between Carla and myself about the energetic and spiritual principles of future healing in the higher 4D and lower 5D worlds which will be completely different from what we currently observe in the health care system. I made Carla aware of the fact that I have discussed these principle in depth in my last gnostic books “Thoughts” (Gedanken) written in German language.

August 4, 2016

Here’s an excerpt of my latest article:

This graph says it all — US 2016 Recession Already Here!

The GDP graph that say it all

This graph by 720Global shows how spot on my earlier pronouncement of a US 2016 recession has become. In spite of the lack of any official declaration by the US government or its economic priesthood, I’ve stated more than once in 2016 that the US is already in recession. Several interesting observations can be made from this graph:

  • The red line marks current US GDP (1.2%) as estimated by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). At virtually every point in the last seventy years when US GDP hit 1.2%, the US has been solidly in recession (blue areas). In other words, the US was not ABOUT to go in recession at that level of growth, but was IN recession each time … There are two recent “exceptions that prove the rule” (i.e., the very reason these exceptions happened prove how significant the underlying rule or belief is):
  • Twice during the years since the Great Recession, GDP touched this low, and we did not go officially into recession, but look at why: In both of those instances the US only averted recession because the Federal Reserve immediately kicked in massivedoses of quantitative easing….

Every recession the US has had in the last seventy years started at or before the point where it dropped to its present level of GDPEvery single one…!

Please feel free to publish the article with a byline and a followable link back to the original article.

David Haggith


“There has, I believe, in the history of the world never been such a large group of intelligent people who look so consistently dumb in the area of their own expertise and who get so consistently rewarded for looking dumb … as modern economists.”

Dear David,

congratulations! I am saying absolutely the same thing for twenty years and not only with respect to economists, but with respect to all scientists, such as physicists, physicians and bio-scientists. Just consider for a moment, the physicists preach since 300 or more years that matter (particles) has charge, while their definition of charge shows clearly that it is a pleonasm of geometric area, hence one Coulomb is one square meter:

Likewise  they have no clue what mass is and consider photons massless particles, while mass, as these idiots define it since Newton and even before that, is energy relationship between a reference system (1 kg in SI) and any other system. Check this table where I derive the mass of all particles from the mass of the basic photon and unify physics for the first time in the history of science:

That is why the scientists are unable to introduce free photon energy and resolve all the problems of humanity.

However, humans are so stupid by design, their minds have been mired by the dark archons from the astral plane for eons of time as not to grasp the nature of Energy = All-That-Is and be easily enslaved. When a human being understands the true nature of Energy then he also understands that he is an infinitely powerful immortal Creator-God. Now the dark ones have been eliminated from this timeline, thanks to individuals, light warriors like me (my website is a seamless chronicle of this battle since 11.11.11), and the people begin to open their eyes for the true reality.

Now this is important for you – money in circulation is a mirror image of the properties of energy = space-time. When this is understood

then it is very simple to find out that there is a gargantuan world inflation which was already 100 to 1 with respect to real economic production (industrial GDP) in the mid-90s as I have discussed this in my prophetic article from 1999:

Today, this inflation has more than quadrupled. And as you know, excessive inflation always leads to recession. Hence the world economy is in recession at least since the Asian-Russian crisis in 1997 and definitely since the bubble burst in 2001. Since then it has only deepened notwithstanding all the rigged statistics. Since 2008 the world economy has entered the Greatest Depression of all time as I define it because when properly evaluated, including the real inflation, we have negative growth that is two-digit per year.

And even this Depression and inflation is by design as the central banksters have only one goal – to crash the economy in the End Time,  impoverish the people, make them to slaves and introduce the NWO. The heinous method they use has been recently explained by myself beyond any doubt for the first time in the history of modern economics and it is indeed a conundrum why no experts have figured it out. I recommend you warmly to read this article as to fully grasp what is happening currently with the economy and the financial system.

Hence you are absolutely right to rant against the specialists. I am so happy to have closed my website and no longer need to deal with this lunacy. I am now attuning to my future mission after the final interdimensional shift, which Christians define as “Rapture” in full ignorance as to what is actually happening on this planet, will take place later this year:

In this sense articles as yours contribute essentially to the awakening of the masses as an indispensable prerequisite for the Rapture to happen.

With best regards


August 6th and 7th, 2016

The Creation of the Protuberance Field for the Two Spiritual World Centres in Vancouver, North America and Munich, Central Europe Within Which the New Theory of the Universal Law Will be Introduced After Ascension

On August 6th I experienced a massive ID shift due to a powerful descent of huge, higher frequency energies from the Source through my left brain portal that caused excruciating headache, multiple joint pains and stomach ache throughout the entire day until midnight. After the initiation of the Lion’s gate portal on July 30-31 (see above), I expected this new energy bout to happen two-three days before the actual date of the Lion’s Gate on August 8th (8.8), so this was not a surprise for me. This portal lasts till August 12th.

On August 7th, after I recovered surprisingly well and quickly from my post-commotio syndrome we visited the same Japanese restaurant where the Elohim came to us on July 10th and urged me to close the website and prepare for our transfiguration into ascended masters and the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law. On that day I made my decision to close the website without any remorse and on July 12th I published this decision. Since then I have only published on August 8th the full and final version of the PAT journey compiled by Erik Westhovens in ten volumes that include all the articles published on this website.

As I expected, the Elohim came again to us when we sat in the Japanese restaurant in White Rock and gave us the following new information. They confirmed that there was another massive ID shift the previous day and that this is the demarcation line ending our long journey in this lower world and heralding a new glorious beginning. During this shift, and throughout the Lion’s Gate portal, the new codes and energetic structure for the implementation of the new theory of the Universal law have been installed on this uppermost mother planet; this would lead very soon to some major breakthroughs. They did not elaborate what kind of breakthroughs but announced some huge surprises down the road and that we should stay open like children and expect miracles.

They also told us that with this portal we as Elohim in human gestalt together with the Source have introduced a “protrusion“, they also called it “protuberance”, of powerful Source energy field into this reality which will embed not only us as ascended masters but also the entire country of Germany and some adjacent regions in Central Europe. It is interesting to note that I have been channeled by my HS since I started with the LBP in 1999 that my personal energetic field is a protuberance, in German “Ausstuelpung”, of the Source in this holographic reality and I got used to seeing my energetic function in this sense. Later on I defined my role as a nexus to the Source and this fact has been confirmed on many occasions by the Elohim when they explained to us the role I was playing in major ID shifts and other energetic events related to the Ascension process of Gaia and humanity. For instance, all major ID shifts reported on this website were always triggered by a massive descent of Source energy through my body and field as regularly reported in our Energy Reports.

This final descent of Source energy has already started with this portal and the residents of Germany and Central Europe will very soon open to the new theory of the Universal Law. For this end they need to overcome the compartmentalisation of their human minds and establish a new holistic world view. This is what the new light codes and the protrusion of Source field will insert into the space-time continuum of this reality beginning August 7th. Rumi has already given us evidence for this quick and spontaneous opening of the Germans (see above). This is the place where the new theory will be first victorious before it can spread throughout the entire world.

This protrusion of source energy field and new creationary structures from the higher realms in Germany also encompasses the Infinity portal in Munich/Freising, which will be the new technological hub in the new 4D worlds and the city of light New Raetia, which we are building since many years (since 2007 consciously). Hence there will not only be one spiritual and healing centre as reported in my last publication, but actually many centres of enlightenment within these new higher dimensional Source fields of Christed Consciousness on this planet, where all kinds of higher dimensional activities, including immediate creation, bilocation, etc., will be performed by ourselves and numerous other evolved human beings that will flock to this part of the world.

The Elohim confirmed what both Carla and I sensed already very strongly as a huge opening in our inner emotional and mental space – our new mission has already commenced on August 7th punctually with the full opening of the Lion’s gate and will peak within the next 2-3 months, while the pathway to it will be full of grandiose surprises as the Elohim formulated it. We will be guided to our new mission and when certain major energetic breakthroughs will arrive, we shall know it beyond any doubt. They recommended us to preserve this feeling of triumph and satisfaction of a well-done job we experienced on that day, as this is the emotional hovercraft that will carry us effortlessly to our ultimate success over the cliffs of this crumbling reality.

August 8, 2016

Message from the Elohim by Carla Thompson

” We are the Elohim and we greet you with unbounded love and wish to share in the achievement of the completion of a foundational phase of creation where there now exists an expanded support for the introduction of the new science, and the science of spirituality.

There shall first come a protuberance of an integrated energetic field so complex and so very vast, that is to say, it shall be composed of many geometric areas within larger geometric areas, where there exists an openness, an up shift in the level of consciousness, so that new ideas are embraced willingly and easily.

The population (I see Central Europe, Germany to be precise, note Carla) is currently being prepared to interface with this protrusion of newly integrated energies and, when complete, there shall be great openness to new information in the way of ideas.

This new energetic field that surrounds you now as you reside together in the physical third dimensional expression, stems from an enhanced sixth dimensional interface from where your creations originate.  It is a powerful field of procreation that interfaces in the third dimension and, with its presence/ protuberance into the third dimension, creates a field of expanded awareness for those individuals that are now awakening to their full mastery.

Your re-location comes soon and with it an expansion of conscious awareness as your protuberant field effects change in the reception and understanding of the new theory of the science of spirituality that shall act as a unification of humanity across not only all conceptual expressions but also across operational understandings.

It is a great moment, a long-awaited moment where it is key that patience, understanding and compassion for your fellow man is engaged from a departure point of humility and unpretentious presentation.  This point of reference is your strength, and your power, at the same time.

We are with you every step of the way.

We are the Elohim.”

August 10, 2016

The Juxtaposition of the Infinity Portals in White Rock and in Munich/ Freising With the Protuberance Field of the Universal Law as Nexus to the Source

After the massive descent of source energy and the ID shift on August 6th (see above) I was expecting another similarly intensive event between August 8th and 12th when the Lion’s gate portal closes. And indeed on August 10th we had such an event. It happened that we drove around midday with the car and we witnessed the very depressing and dark landscape of Vancouver stretching to the near-by mountains. The sky was very low, the leaden, ominous clouds were compressing the otherwise very wide landscape and there was an indefinite danger in the air. We commented in the car that we must have descended again to a very low timeline as we had sunny weather the previous day and the forecast was for 10 days sun in a row.

When we came back home we felt very tired and we both laid down for a nap – I in the bedroom and Carla on the couch in the living room. I was immediately taken away by my HS and could not awake for another 2.5 hours. Carla slept for half an hour and then her HS urged her for no apparent reasons to take the car and drive to White Rock although she felt very tired, but also very insecure staying in the house. Initially she wanted to do some shopping but realized that she could not visit any stores and instead went to the hockey rink in White Rock where her boys were having training at that time. The highway was unusually empty and so was the parking lot and the hockey rink. It is in the centre of our Infinity portal and there she was hit by a most powerful wave from the Source which made the rink shake and waiver like a rough sea.

At the same time I had the most impressive energetic experience in a lucid dream state. I created the most powerful vortex I have ever experienced. The rotational kinetics of this vortex was so high that it hit my third chakra and made me very nauseated as if I were on a roller coaster at Octoberfest in Germany. I did it only once thirty years ago and it almost killed me and since then I never step on anything that rotates more than 6 km an hour and these are only the merry-go-rounds at funfairs, which I regularly attended when my daughters were small and loved merry-go-rounds.

I tried in vain to awaken as to escape the effect of this vortex on my third chakra, but I was paralysed and could not move. Then I started to shuttle rapidly between my HS and my physical body. When I was within my HS I did not feel any nausea, but when I entered the body and was aware of that the nausea peaked. This continued for a very long time, about two hours and the vortex continued to increase its intensity. At the same time my HS was telling me repeatedly that I should inform Carla about this fact so that she be prepared for this same experience. Somehow I knew that she had left the house although she did not plan to do so. In my dream state I was fully aware that this was another massive ID shift that is closely linked to our previous experience on August 6th and the expansion and anchoring of the source protuberance on this planet through our fields.

When I finally woke up, the weather had changed suddenly as if touched by a magic wand. The sky was blue and the radiant sun was shining happily through the windows. While it was rather cold in the morning, the air was very warm now. The feeling of menace in the atmosphere had vanished all of a sudden.

I remembered that we have had a few such experiences in the past when we descended to a very low timeline and then rapidly ascended with the planet by creating a huge vortex which made us nauseated and very weak. Once this happened during a walk in the national park Burns Bog which I have reported on the website. At that time we learnt from the Elohim that we heaved a whole set of timelines to higher frequency levels as to save them from a WW3 and a MPR on a very low catastrophic timeline that had to be split in an ID shift.

I searched for Carla and could not find her at home. Then I called her on the phone and she had just arrived back home. I told her about my experience and she of her weird impulse to leave the house and that she had no idea why she drove with the car to White Rock, while being very tired herself. She only felt insecure staying at home and felt much more comfortable when she was in the car. Obviously her soul had driven her to leave the house as she was not meant to be in my proximity during my dramatic energetic action.

We discussed this event for a while when all of a sudden the room was filled with very high vibrating beings. Carla recognized them as members of her Elohim monad which she can see with her third eye as thousands of loving hands stretching out to her.

We were speculating whether her driving to the Infinity portal in White Rock had something to do with me anchoring our protuberance in this reality as I interpreted my activity in the dream state while creating this massive source vortex. Carla attuned to these beings and she received all of a sudden the word “juxtaposition“, which means putting two things together, side by side as to compare them or show their opposite nature. We realized that Carla had to go to White Rock to connect our protuberance to the Infinity portal while I was anchoring it in this holographic model.

After we received the message from the Elohim about the existence and role of this protuberance in the transformation of this reality and the introduction of the new theory of the Universal law, we both had a further vision as to the complexity of its energetic and geometric structure that connects it with the rest of the multiverse and establishes the optimal environment for immediate creation and expansion. This vision is very similar to the message I received from the Source in 1997 about my role as a bridge between the source and this 3D reality, which also started my LBP and enhanced a deeper understanding of my transcendental mission beyond the discovery of the Universal Law.

Then after a while Carla received, without myself telling her of my vision of just having escaped WW3, that the beings from her monad have confirmed that we have saved this timeline, and numerous adjacent parallel timelines from a WW3 which had just devastated the lower timeline which we visited this morning and that this explained the very bad and ominous weather we had this morning and the sudden improvement after my afternoon nap.

Our interpretation of this event is that we have now firmly anchored the protuberance in the Infinity portal in White Rock and from there to the entire North American continent. Carla also saw its expansion to South America at a later date but I do not resonate much with this idea as I have no connection to South America (see third world centre of light in South America below). What we both considered was that we must eventually go to Europe to anchor our protuberance field there in a similar manner as we did here in the Vancouver area on the West coast.


Elohim Message with Carla’s personal report on the event

Here is the review of the August 10th event:

At 1:30 pm the weather suddenly turns very grey with heavy, oppressive weather.

At 2:00 pm we are suddenly very tired and need to lie down, me lying down on the living room sofa and Georgi upstairs on the big bed. I am urged to take my purse from the bedroom, I will need my driver’s licence.  We both instantly fall deeply asleep.

Suddenly I awake at 2:30 pm and am urged to get into the car and start driving. I am wondering where I am going and I get that I am to just drive, and since I am comforted by the motion for some reason, I follow the easiest path with the least amount of traffic – the road to the Infinity Portal in White Rock.

I drive while in a state of dreaminess and it feels as though my car is floating above the road, not touching the ground.  There is no traffic at all, in fact I feel as though I am the only person on the road for miles around.  As I float into the infinity portal, I am met with a car-free park and parking lots, where I get out and enter the arena.  It is here that my sons are practicing with a local hockey team.  The world seems a deserted place and there are even only a couple of dozen players on the ice, and no spectators.  My sons are both present and while I do not know their jersey colours, nor their numbers, I instantly recognize them by their energy signatures that flow out into the ethereal field around them.

After 30 – 40 minutes the entire arena begins to spin and tilt. A splitting headache suddenly hits me and I have sudden severe nausea. Then energies started to fall down around me like heavy rain – golden energy, and rainbow energy – with such force, such power, and after half an hour I had to leave the building.  Outside there were many people, a lot of cars, and a hot summer day greeted me, a completely different reality from the one that I had left when I entered the arena.  I drove home feeling very disoriented, and feeling in a state of shock, knowing that something HUGE had taken place, and that it wasn’t over yet. I headed for home because I just wanted to lie down and pass out!

I laid down as soon as I got home as I could barely muster the strength to stay vertical. Georgi discussed his experience with me and stressed the fact that his HS urged him to warn me that I would also be shuttling between my HS and the physical body when I go through the same energetic procedure and that this was normal. As I was sleeping, I was aware that I was “flying in and out of my body”, or perhaps it can be explained as moving my light body back and forth, back and forth, over and over again at a dizzying pace. After an hour of this intense experience, of being aware that I was going up into the portals and then back down into my body, I woke up finally to a fully conscious awareness of this third dimensional plane.  What an incredible ride this was.  Today I am still feeling weak and a bit nauseated, but the spinning has subsided.

The Elohim came with this message this morning to give us some understanding of what  happened yesterday….

Elohim Message on the Juxtaposition Event on August 11, 2016 by Carla Thompson

” We are the Elohim and we invite you to now breathe in deeply to assist in the expansion of the integration process from yesterday’s event.

You and your dual soul enjoined in your common energetic field in a state of deep meditation where your physical vessels were placed in a kind of “hibernation” mode, and where together you then moved up into the expanding realities of your new protuberant field.  The physical bodies remained in the third dimensional place of existence and the aspects you know as soul energies brought you together with your own monads, for their support was required to enhance the expansion and stabilization of this supporting “Wall of Clarity” for humanity.

You each represent the polarities of divine masculine and divine feminine and together you muster formidable creations.

The protuberance was anchored by you both together into the third dimensional plane at your current physical point of habitation and the necessity of moving one physical body to the Infinity portal then created the condition to anchor and blend the protuberant field to that of the Infinity field.  

The energy of the divine masculine needed to blend with your sacred feminine was accomplished by mingling your field with your sons’ fields. This was an alchemical process of great power and the creation of this event was planned by the higher selves of all four of you at the soul level.

The outcome is that the protuberant field was first anchored to the third density plane, then anchored/blended into the Infinity portal where ongoing support from God-Source shall be procured through these two interacting points of creation. 

These energy centers are juxtaposed, the infinity portal to the protuberant field in deliberate fashion to allow for a constant two way cross-flow of light energy in the form of information.  Information flows from Source via the infinity portal through to the field of the protuberance where light coding and information shall flood into humanity within a wide proximity [ I am shown the United States and Canada ], according to the souls level of awareness and awakened state

Information flows/returns to the source as a means of recording and informing Creation of the level of humanity’s enlightened living and knowing of Self.

As you move to your new physical location, the protuberant field moves with you and shall be inserted into the infinity portal of your new location whereby a second location on planet Gaia is created for the evolution of the “western” world – the area known as Central Europe. 

You are correct in sensing that the land masses known as Africa and Asia are not included in this current evolutionary leap, for their paths to enlightenment are approached differently as their descendants are from other root races.  Their paths are not “slower” or “inferior” to that of the “western world”, simply different.

It is true that there is a connection of these two portals to a third continent, that of South America.  The truth of this facet of the diamond has yet to be revealed.  Just know that South America plays an important role in the overall awakening of humanity, or rather, has a population that in time shall fully recognize its grand divinity and connection to the Creation. 

The triad of Europe, North America and South America is the completion.

We are the Elohim, we bow to you for your deep devotion to the ascension of both humanity and beloved Gaia.

We fill your fields with our love.”

August 11, 2016

Dear Georgi,

I have read your latest information concerning the current status of the Ascension process.

For years I have had the positive feeling that, considering its (past) world-influencing intellectual tradition Germany would be the ideal “mental soil” for planting the seed and reaping the fruits of the Universal Law.

How this might practically come about in view of its current debased general condition in particular, and the fucked-up state of this world control order on the whole, one  truly has to expect miracles.

Since the opening of this ongoing portal on (as I perceived it) July 27th, I have been unable to establish meaningful contact with my HS due to the inhuman, merciless brutality of whatever transmutations, transformations, transmissions.

If these days I have been making inflationary use of the word “Drecksleben”, then surely for more than just one good reason. The negativity I have been (and am being) flooded with (right now) is indescribable and intolerable.

On a positive note:

The observed trend of expanding awareness/mind, recognition of interlocking fields of knowledge, acceptance (even experience) of interconnected levels of reality, realization of all human beings as unique self-expression forms of an interconnected web of life, outspoken interest in metaphysical aspects of life etc. among my colleagues in this current Weiterbildung (further qualification course) is going on.

Once, in the middle of class activity a female colleague declared out of the blue:

“Das ist doch alles sinnlos hier. Das ist doch alles Scheiße, was wir hier machen. So kann das nicht weitergehen. Deutschland, Hartz IV, das ist alles Scheiße. Der ganze Kapitalismus. Der Mensch zählt doch gar nicht mehr. Da hab ich jahrelang als Sekretärin gearbeitet und bin jetzt im Loch angekommen, tiefer kann man gar nicht mehr sinken. Guck dir mal die Merkel an. Die hat nichts Menschliches. Die ist ne Maschine ohne eigene Meinung, die man programmiert hat. Ich brauch die Alte nicht. Kein Mensch braucht die. Wenn man mich fragt, ein Profil von Merkel zu erstellen, dann würd ich sagen: Putzfrau und Hartz-IV-Empfängerin. Ich kann auch Kanzlerin sein. Ich würd das besser machen als sie. Wenn die Leute den Durchblick hätten, den ich habe, dann würden die Dinge hier ganz anders laufen. Ich halt das nicht länger aus. Ich fühl mich, als würd bald die große Bombe platzen. Ich hoffe, der Trump macht ernst mit dem Atomschlag. Endlich die ganz große Explosion. So kann das nicht mehr weitergehen…”

My colleagues agreed unanimously.

In the night from August 8-9 I entered the following visionary-emotional state: Out of my heart chakra, a sort of organic “tube-tunnel-tower” structure emerged and moved through my throat, third eye, crown chakra. Along the way, the structure morphed into twin serpents rotating around a central column.

Passing through the crown chakra, the serpents merged into a sphere of golden light which turned into a tunnel of indescribable colorful, complex morphing patterns.

Eventually, the tunnel morphed again into twin serpents coiling around a very long arm pointing upwards, reaching up to a pitch black night sky, to infinity. The heads of the serpents melted into a hand holding a burning torch. A vision of the Statue of Liberty flared up.

Simplified interpretation: The chakras “beyond”, “above” my crown chakra have been opened and ignited.

Because when I moved my awareness inside the “torch chakra”, it immediately turned into a “construction sphere”, a circular multidimensional engineering device outside of time and space transmitting information through all successive subordinate chakras.

So much for the time being.

The simple activity of writing this constructive message to you has thankfully alleviated the intensity of the shit burning through my field of awareness. I will keep you updated once meaningful contact with my HS has been reestablished.

Let’s call it a night, with love and (de)light.

Good morning, Vancouver.


August 12, 2016

Kurze Zusammenfassung der letzten energetischen Ereignisse

Lion’s Gate Portal

Wie ich angekündigt habe, entwickelt sich Alles in die vorgegebene Richtung und kündigt große sensationelle Umwälzungen im Zentraleuropa und in der Schweiz an, wo sich das Neue Raetia ausbreitet.

Am 6/7. August kam es erneut zu einem massiven Abstieg von Quellenenergie auf Erde und, nachdem wir beide niedergeschmettert wurden, erhielten wir Auskunft von den Elohim worum es sich handelte. Ich muss dazu sagen, dass, seitdem ich nicht unter Druck stehe, alle Information, die wir von den Elohim erhalten, sofort zu publizieren und der Öffentlichkeit bekannt zu machen – und dazu zähle ich eine ganze Abteilung der US-Geheimdienste, die nur durch uns wichtige Information zum Aufstiegprozess erhalten haben, nachdem ihre remote viewers seit 2012 völlig versagt haben – erhalten wir sehr detaillierte Auskunft zu persönlichen Fragen des Aufstiegs.

Wie oben zu lesen ist, haben sie uns bereits eine vollständige energetische Blaupause geliefert, wie sich der Wandel auf dieser obersten Zeitlinie abspielt, die auch für uns atemberaubend ist, und weit über unser bisheriges Wissen hinausgeht, auch wenn wir das Meiste korrekt vorausgesehen haben. Daher war es unbedingt notwendig, dass ich die Seite schließen musste, damit wir zügig voranschreiten. Und das tun wir insbesondere in den letzten vier Tagen mit großer Wucht. Gestern haben ich und Carla den ganzen Tag verbracht aufzuarbeiten, was wir am 10. August geleistet haben, und wir sind mit der Wahrheitsfindung erst am Anfang.

Am 10. August wurde die Protuberanz, Ausstülpung des Energiefeldes der Quelle, fest in unseren persönlichen Feldern verankert. Diese Protuberanz enthält alle notwendigen Codes, welche den Verstand der Menschen in Zentraleuropa, vorwiegend im deutschsprachigen Raum signifikant erweitern und sie für die holistische Sichtweite der neuen Theorie des Universalgesetzes öffnen werden. Das ist, was wir wollen und danach streben, und diese Entwicklung wird ja auch den eigentlichen Wandel und Aufstieg ermöglichen.

Man kann sich dieses Protuberanzfeld so vorstellen, dass es die gesamte energetische Struktur und Verflechtung mit der Quelle und dem Rest des Multiversum beinhaltet und sowohl unmittelbare Schöpfung ermöglicht, als auch die Einführung von neuen Technologien. Man kann sich diese Protuberanz als eine wandernde 5D und 6D Plattform vorstellen, die in diese 3D Realität eingepflanzt wurde. Alle Menschen, die mit dieser Protuberanz in Kontakt kommen, werden sofort von ihren höherfrequenten Energien umgewandelt und öffnen sich für die neue Sichtweite. Diese Protuberanz wird sich sehr rasch ausweiten und ganz Europa einschließen, ausgenommen England. Alte Seelen, die dort wohnen, werden dann nach Zentraleuropa übersiedeln. Die Protuberanz wird auch Russland und den Balkan, einschließlich Türkei als die Erbin von Byzanz, einschließen. Afrika und Asien bleiben außen vor, wie die Elohim in ihrer letzten Botschaft erläutern. Das ist enorm wichtig.

Offensichtlich benötigt diese Protuberanz die direkte Anbindung (juxtaposition) zum Infinity Portal, von denen es zwei ausgebildete Portale auf Erden gibt – in München, Freising, wo ich wohnte und ihn aufgebaut habe und hier in White Rock, Vancouver, Kanada. Das geschah am 10. August und es war das dramatischste Ereignis, das wir seit langem erlebt haben. Wir haben es versucht, so gut es geht oben zu beschreiben, aber Worte sind der Wucht des tatsachlichen Ereignisses nicht angemessen.

Wie es scheint, wird es zwei spirituelle Zentren auf der Erde geben, von wo aus sich der neue Paradigmenwechsel ausbreiten wird – in Vancouver und der Westküste von Nordamerika und in Zentraleuropa ausgehend von Freising. Das zweite Zentrum ist größer und bedeutender, weil er eine Bevölkerung von ca. 80 -100 Millionen alten Seelen in Zentraleuropa umfasst, die der Motor der Veränderung sein werden. Hier in NA haben wir vorwiegend junge Seelen, die jetzt in den Zyklus der reifen Seelen eintreten und sie werden die Impulse, die von Europa her kommen, in praktische Formen des neuen Lebens umsetzen, weil auch die Größe und Weite des Kontinents dies erlaubt.

Ich werde das mit einem Beispiel unterstreichen. Im Mai kam Brad aus Denver, USA zu uns zu Besuch. Als er zurück flog, erlebte er eine heftige Krise im Flugzeug und er dachte, dass er an einem Schlaganfall sterben würde. In Wirklichkeit wurde er an unser Protuberanzfeld hier in Vancouver angebunden und brachte es nach Denver, der heimlichen Hauptstadt der US-Kabalen, die eine riesige unterirdische Stadt dort aufgebaut haben, wo sie sich zu verstecken planen, wenn die große Katastrophe kommt. Denver liegt hoch in den Bergen und soll davon verschont werden. Kranke Hirne! Was ich damit aufzeigen will, ist, dass von Vancouver aus eine große spirituelle Ausstrahlung kommen wird, die sehr bald den NA Kontinent erfassen wird. Deswegen erhalten wir Information von den Elohim, dass wir uns sowohl in Zentraleuropa als auch hier in Vancouver aufhalten werden, wenn es los geht.

Deswegen sind wir zur Zeit sehr eifrig, die energetischen Strukturen hier aufzubauen, bevor wir nach Europa übersiedeln können. Carla sah vor einigen Tagen die Konturen der Lichtstadt als wir den hiesigen Strand besucht haben. Und heute Nacht (12. August) träumte ich sehr luzide, dass ich diese neue Lichtstadt in Vancouver besuchte und mich mit unzähligen Menschen dort traf und viele Projekte und Tätigkeiten besprach.

Und nun stellt sich die einzige für uns relevante Frage – wie wird unsere Übersiedlung nach Europa geschehen, wenn wir hier mit dem Aufbau des Lichtzentrums fertig sind. Offensichtlich müssen wir unsere Protuberanz aus der Quelle an das Infinity Portal in München anbinden, wie wir dies am 10. August hier getan und oben beschrieben haben. Das kann auf zweierlei Weise geschehen. Wir müssen physisch dort reisen oder wir werden hier aufsteigen und dann uns in Zentraleuropa in kristallinen Licht-Körpern aufhalten und diese Anbindung bewerkstelligen und mit dem eigentlichen Wandel beginnen.

Nach meiner Auffassung und innerer Eingebung, werden wir hier aufsteigen, denn wir haben ja bereits die energetische Struktur voll aufgebaut und die Anbindung des Protuberanzfeldes an das Infinity Portal gemacht. Daraus entsteht eine Zwei-Wege Verbindung zur Quelle und unserer Elohim-Monade, von wo aus wir dann jeden Ort der Erde aufsuchen können. Außerdem weiss ich, dass wir in der Traumphase sehr intensiv an die energetische Struktur in Zentraleuropa arbeiten, denn ich bilokalisiere mich nach Deutschland die ganze Zeit.

Erst vor wenigen Minuten, als wir diese Frage mit Carla diskutiert haben, haben wir die Information erhalten, dass wir diese Anbindung nach dem Aufstieg bewerkstelligen werden, denn dadurch werden wir eine Art Supernova, eine gewaltige explosionsartige Expansion auslösen, welche der Aufstieg von Zentraleuropa und ihrer Bevölkerung bedeuten wird. Danach kann es richtig los gehen.

Also lassen wir uns überraschen, was kommen wird, aber ich kann bereits jetzt sagen, dass das die aufregendste Zeit ist, die ich jemals erlebt habe, seitdem ich mit dieser spirituellen Reise im Jahre 1992 begonnen habe. Nach unserem besten Ermessen wird sich dies alles noch in diesem Jahr, im Herbst ereignen und wie es mir dünkt, muss es noch vor dem 8. November, dem Tag der US-Wahlen, geschehen.


English Translation

Brief Summary of the Latest Energetic Events

Lion’s Gate Portal

As already announced, everything is unfolding in the predetermined direction and foreshadows big sensational upheavals in Central Europe and in Switzerland, where New Raetia spreads.

On  August 6th/7th there was again a massive descent of source energy on earth and, after both of us were knocked down, we received information from the Elohim what it was. I must say that since I am not under pressure to publish immediately all the information that we receive from the Elohim and to make it known to the public in real time – and I am also including an entire section of the US intelligence services that can only gather important information about the ascension process through our website after their remote viewers have completely failed since 2012 – we are receiving very detailed information about our personal questions regarding ascension.

As one can read above, they have already given us a complete energetic blueprint how the changes are taking place on this uppermost mother planet and these events are breathtaking even for us as they go far beyond our current knowledge, although we foresaw most of it correctly. Therefore, it was imperative that I had to close the website, so that we stride swiftly ahead. And we did that especially in the last four days with great force. Yesterday Carla and I had to spend the whole day elaborating on what we have done on August 10th, and we are just beginning with the revelation of the entire truth.

On August 1oth, the protuberance of the energy field of the source was firmly anchored in our personal fields. This protuberance includes all the necessary codes that enhance significantly the understanding of the people in Central Europe, mainly in German-speaking countries, so that they are open for the holistic world view of the new theory of the Universal Law. That is what we want and strive for, and this evolution will indeed allow the actual change and ascension of humanity.

One can imagine this protuberance field as being capable of including the entire energy structure and interconnectedness with the Source and the rest of the multiverse and allows both immediate creation as well as the introduction of new advanced technologies. One can imagine this protuberance as a movable 5D and 6D platform that is implanted in this 3D reality. All the people who come in contact with this protuberance field are converted immediately by its higher-frequency energy and open for new insights. This protuberance field will spread very rapidly and will include all of Central Europe, except England as the majority of souls there are not old souls and are not part of the ascension as laid out for central Europe.  Old souls who live there will then move to Central Europe. The protuberance will also include Russia and the Balkans, including Turkey as the heir of Byzantium. Africa and Asia are left out, as the Elohim explain in their last message. This is extremely important to keep in mind.

Obviously, this protuberance requires the direct connection (juxtaposition) to the Infinity Portal, of which there are two established portals on earth – in Munich, Freising, where I lived and have built it for many years and here in White Rock, Vancouver, Canada. This happened on August 10th and it was the most dramatic event that we have experienced for a very long time. We have tried to describe it as precisely as possible above, but words cannot match the force of the actual event.

Obviously there will be two spiritual centers on the earth, from where the new paradigm shift will spread – from Vancouver on the west coast of North America and from Freising in Central Europe. The second center is larger and more important, because it represents a population of approximately 80 -100 million old souls in Central Europe, which will be the engine of change. Here in NA we have mainly young souls that are now entering the cycle of ripe souls and they will implement the spiritual and technological impulses coming from Europe in practical forms of new life, because the size and breadth of the continent permits that.

I will illustrate this with an example. In May Brad from Denver, USA came to visit us. When he flew back, he experienced a severe crisis in the airplane and he thought that he would die of a stroke. In reality, he was connected to our powerful energetic field here in Vancouver and brought it to Denver, the secret capital of the US cabal, who have built there a huge underground city where they plan to hide when the great catastrophe comes. Denver is located high in the mountains and is supposed to be a safe place. What sick minds! What I want to show is that a great spiritual emanation is already coming from Vancouver, which will soon encompass the entire NA continent. That is why we get information from the Elohim that we will dwell in Central Europe as well as here in Vancouver when it starts.

That is why we are currently very busy building the energetic structures here before we can move to Europe. Carla saw a few days ago, the contours of the City of Light New Lemuria in the air while visiting the local beach. And tonight (August 12th) I dreamt very lucidly that I visited this new City of Light in Vancouver and met with countless people there to discuss numerous projects and activities.

And now there is only one relevant question for us – how will our move to Europe occur when we are done with the configuration of the light centre here? Obviously we need to connect our protuberance field from the source to the Infinity Portal in Munich/Freising, as we have done so on August 10th here and described above. This can happen in two ways: We have to travel physically there or we shall ascend here and then appear in Central Europe in our crystalline light bodies and accomplish this connection in order to start with the actual transformation of humanity.

In my view, and inner inspiration, we shall ascend from here because we have already fully built the energy structure here and have made the connection (juxtaposition) of our protuberance field to the Infinity Portal in White Rock. The result is a two-way connection to Source and our Elohim monads, from where we can visit any place on Earth. Moreover, I know that we are working in the dream phase very intensively on the energetic structure in Central Europe, because I bilocate to Germany all the time.

Only a few minutes ago when we discussed this issue with Carla, we received the information that we will accomplish this connection after our ascension, then thereby we shall trigger a kind of Supernova that will cause a massive, explosive expansion of space-time, which will also mean the ascension of Central Europe and its population. After that, it can really go.

So let’s wait what will come next, but I can already say that this is the most exciting time I’ve ever had since I started this spiritual journey in 1992. According to my estimation this all will happen this year, in the fall, and as it seems to me, it needs to happen before November 8th, the day of the US elections.

August 13th and 14th, 2016

There was another massive descent of source energies during this weekend as marked by an almost 48-hour-cc-wave with excruciating headache without a pause, day and night which is rather unusual even for me. This last ID shift is associated with the powerful full moon on August 17th and always happens about three days before the actual full moon date. I dreamt that I disseminated huge amounts of light codes within the rapidly expanding protuberance field that looked like hieroglyphs running down like cascades with infinite columns and lines as in the movie “The Matrix”.


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