Latest Confirmation of an Electric Blackout Coming in July or August

Adelina Ruczka and Georgi Stankov, July 5, 2016

Adelina from Bulgaria sent yesterday a letter to me in my native language. Then something remarkable happened. While writing the letter to me, she was channelled by her HS simultaneously and she included this message in her letter. This has never happened to me before. I have translated it and decided to publish it as a further brand-new confirmation that the events are now unfolding according to our expectations.

I know how much sufferings these latest energetic transformations have caused to you as I am in the same boat with cc-waves and interminable headaches almost everyday. It is not even worth talking about that as it is the same ole cleansing job we are doing all the time. Know that these are really the last throes before the matrix can fully collapse. Some of you receive very powerful ascension dreams and visions as reported to me and this shows how close we are now to our final ID shift.

I also had a very positive and refreshing dream this night that goes in the same direction – final preparations for the collapse of the system and our ascension.

I dreamt that I was dreaming that I must meet Kevin Costner as he is now my soul buddy as a new walk-in. Don’t ask me why him. It was a very vivid, lucid dream, more real than this dreamy reality. The background was that yesterday we found out all of a sudden that Carla’s mother has a new walk-in soul since two days and this is the most beautiful and radiating soul we have ever seen. She is one of us and the presence of this new transliminal soul has wiped out the last remnants of her previous personality. It was a joy to be with her and even her amnesia has improved a little bit. Then we were given information that there is now another massive influx of transliminal souls in the human population in preparation for the final shift.

We knew since end of last year when St. Germain came to us at Christmas time and told us that the incarnation of transliminal souls on this uppermost mother planet will follow a steep sine curve. They will come in huge numbers and leave this holographic model with each MPR. We had one very powerful MPR again yesterday on July 4th and much dross was released on this national holiday of US incarceration (The US prison system is the biggest Gulag in the world and only recently US politicians demanded for more incarcerations).

Anyway, immediately after having this dream urging me to meet Kevin Costner as an akin soul I met him all of a sudden at a lobby in a big hotel somewhere in the USA but in the new 4D worlds. I was in this hotel together with Carla and many other PAT members and ascension candidates to organize a congress of ascension where this event would be officially inaugurated. I approached Kevin Costner and told him: “You do not know me and probably you would not believe me, but I had just a dream that I must meet you as you are my soul mate and here you are.” Kevin Costner was very much surprised and deeply moved as he recognized me all of a sudden as his soul mate. Then I invited him to our congress that opened the next day: “Come to our congress and you will also meet my dual soul Carla, whom you also know from previous incarnations”, I told him. “I will definitely be there”, Kevin replied: “And I will bring my girlfriend.” I was not sure about his girlfriend but had the feeling that I knew her. Now I read that Costner married his girlfriend of four years, German-American model Christine Baumgartner in 2004.

My interpretation of this dream is that Kevin Costner represents the celebrities in the USA that will learn very soon about our ascension and will propagate this idea through their popularity. In their artificial world of huge publicity egos the idea of a human being as an ascended master and a creator god will have such a mesmerizing effect that these petty spirits will blindly begin to warship us in the vain hope that they may also achieve this level of evolution, until they realize how futile this expectation is given their low level of spiritual evolution.

The dream also indicates that now many of these artists and celebrities are receiving transliminal souls. While they were useful helpers of the cabal without directly being involved in their machinations and power struggles – they only served as a kind of a glistening facade behind which the cabal could commit all kinds of crimes without any punishment – now these incarnated personalities are receiving transliminal souls and will leave the sinking ship while joining us. The impact of their decision “to change the horses” on the masses should not be underestimated in the initial phase of the transition period.

Then the scene of my dreams changed again and I found myself in Moscow, in Kremlin. I entered the office of my old soul mate Putin without announcement and found him reading a long document. I told him as a matter of fact: “It has begun. The collapse of the matrix is happening now in the West. We are opening our congress of ascension in the USA tomorrow. Take care that Russia stays stable and protected in the 3D before we can move to 5D”. Putin nodded with his head and was visibly relieved and happy to hear this news. “Don’t worry” he responded: ” Everything is being taken care of”.  I left his office and went to another mission I do not remember now.

And here is the message which Adelina sent to me yesterday:

Each has his own Rubicon, you all crossed it long time ago and each of you knows exactly when this event occurred. There are many points of no return  – for various events and worlds. You will not find a point for everything, it is smooth and fuzzy in your time, but then you will see it as a point in the Now. The events you are waiting for develop in a spiral, so normally you think that nothing important is happening, while they are simply gaining momentum and energy. Around the spirals of all events there are many other events that confuse, distract and prevent the unfolding of the major spirals, but that does not mean they have disappeared or have stopped. 

Yes, George is right that you should expect shattering events of late July and August. The electrical system will collapse, but not on the whole Earth, it will hit major financial and control centers,  do not forget that several billion people live without electricity today and this event will not affect them much.

Q: Could it not happen?

Answer: Yes, the possibility of it is growing.

Q: What would that other event be?

Answer: Haven’t you noticed that when you (the PAT) are discussing an event at length, it does not happen? Well, that’s my answer.

And here is my response to this important observation that key events which we illuminate with our light as ascended masters are prevented on this uppermost mother planet and are only experienced on lower or parallel timelines. This trend can be observed very well on our website since we prevented a new world war beginning with the Syrian conflict in 2013 as this was the plan of the archons and their human minions, the western cabal, on the ground. It is a well-know fact that the Middle East is a portal of dark energies and any big conflict can be only triggered by the dark cabal from this part of the world. Now with the full engagement of Russia in this conflict, the chances of a war have dwindled to zero.

“Indeed, the more we highlight a probable alternative pathway, the less necessary it is to manifest physically on this timeline as it is already experienced on a parallel timeline. I am aware of that and that is why I focus at certain key events. This also holds true with respect to Trump. By discussing the possibility of being assassinated by the cabal I actually build a shield of protection around him.

I am not so sure if so many people live without electricity but I remember the time when many people in Bulgaria lived without electricity and they coped quite well and even rejected electrification. Hence while the Orion matrix will collapse and dissolve with an electric blackout the people will survive somehow but they have to learn to adjust very quickly to this new situation.”

And this is how it will happen on this timeline while we and a substantial portion of humanity will move to the new 4D worlds and much higher dimensions.  As Rumi’s HS told us this moment is indeed very close now:

“It can be asserted that, by reason of certain space-time-events in the space-time-continuum on the timeline on which you are currently present in human shape, a general frequency increase/lifting of all self-expression forms affected by these events is being completed now, and that these completion processes have reached such a saturation degree that the imminent, predicted/prophesied dimensional shift to higher self-expression realms and space-time-continuums of All-That-Is is close to completion and is being completed now.

It has to be added that these uplifting and adjustment processes are currently taking place everywhere on this Earth to such a concentrated degree that the affected frequency fields are overlapping cascade-like and expanding and reaching a collective threshold saturation degree.

Only little is left until all affected and prepared self-expression forms will be able to, and will, cross this threshold and enter via self-chosen timelines entirely new self-expression spaces.”

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