Preliminary Report of the Elohim on the Most Dramatic Event in the History of Mankind on May 30, 16.00 PM Pacific Time

We’ve made it!

Georgi Stankov, June 3, 2016

Finally the Elohim came to us early this morning and began to give a message to Carla with visuals and words that were so complex from a scientific and gnostic point of view and defied human language that Carla called me and asked me for help. We began to discuss the information she had already received, while the Elohim actively participated in our discussion and enriched the message with new insights and visuals. Carla is now writing the message after we assessed and grasped the core information and I will give you in advance my version of it.

Indeed, when I was urged by my HS under the experience of the unique intensity of the sudden barrage of source energies on May 30 to publish this urgent dramatic announcement

“Something dramatic is happening or will happen very soon. It started at 16.00 pm Pacific Time. I have no idea what it is but am sure to get more information. This is an urgent announcement to the PAT to attune to this event and each one of you to see if you can get more information. That’s it for the moment.”

I knew that I was participating actively in a unique event of gargantuan cosmic proportions never experienced by mankind before. As we now know it was the utmost divine intervention – “the Hand of God” – as the Elohim told us that took over the destiny of earth and humanity on that day and ever after.

Let me explain with my words what the Elohim conveyed to us as it involves quantum physics beyond human comprehension and daily language and also the history of this planet since eons of time. I shall begin with physics. The dense holographic model of this earth is the product of the condensation of energy flow from the source since eons of time. As energy is another word for structured information (light codes of the source), we can say that the flow of energy to earth and its human population has been severed from the source and All-That-Is for so long time that there was practically no exchange of source energy and light codes between us and the rest of the universe. This flow of energetic information has been actively manipulated and suppressed by all dark entities such as archons and extraterrestrials since the beginning of time. But essentially this condensation and separation of the earth’s holographic model was created and reinforced by the collective thoughts and polarized emotions of the incarnated human beings, which are in the centre of this incarnation experiment and were under the massive thought control of these dark entities. The end effect was the creation of impermeable layers of very dark, goo-like energy layers that surrounded this planet and kept it under information quarantine from the rest of the universe.

In this context the Elohim refrained from using the usual dimensions from 3rd to 12th but simply said that earth and humanity were separated almost completely from the infinity of All-That-Is due to cutting the information flow of the quantum source field particles as light codes to this planet and holographic model. Since the introduction of Christed consciousness on earth 2000 years ago at the time of Apollonius of Tyana and his followers, most of which were previous incarnations of the current PAT members, the source has begun to blast this dense impermeable holographic earth model with divine source field particles and light codes as to loosen its dense structure and open it step by step. Some of the changes manifested as new thought patterns as well as tangible source waves that engulfed the entire planet and its population.

Human belief systems are light code systems” Carla told me as she just came into my room and quoted the Elohim. If a human does not believe in the creationary potential of the light as an epitome of soul energy coming from the Source, then his mind system is shut down for these light codes that are responsible for the free flow of information within All-That-Is and the mind becomes a closed, dark system. Extrapolate this at the collective level and you have an energetic structure that is so dense and impenetrable that it cannot interact with any other sentient system throughout All-That-Is.

This extreme level of condensation of the energetic structure of this holographic model was deliberately established by the dark entities that were themselves already fully separated from the source when they came to this planet and needed the still incoming soul energy of the incarnated human beings for their own destructive purposes. Destruction of the divine creation is the only kind of perverted creation the dark ones know and value. This is an aspect of their separation from the source. I am aware that this is well-known to you but I have to mention it at this place for the sake of clarity because it shows you where the problem with this earth lies from the perspective of the higher realms. It is a cul de sac that precludes a further organic evolution of mankind from within.

This holographic model of human incarnation can be only saved through divine intervention when massive blasts of source energies are directed towards it. They loosen and break up its dense goo-like structure piece by piece until it is fractured and can become permeable for the informational flow of light codes from the source. This is what the Elohim define as divine intervention or the “intervention of God’s hand” in the destiny of this planet and humanity, which is what ascension is all about. This leads to the evolution of the human species but it cannot happen from within alone and definitely not by efforts on the part of the vast majority of incarnated human souls. That is why All-That-Is needed us, the PAT, as harbingers of source light and ascended masters in physical gestalt to transmit this flow of light codes through our personal expanded fields onto this planet. This also explains why I was able to recognize immediately the magnitude of this, as the Elohim defined it, “magnificent event” that is the pinnacle of human evolution since eons of time.

Let me explain the importance of the energetic event on May 30th, 2016 based on what the Elohim told us. Since the introduction of Christed consciousness 2000 years ago, the aim has always been to loosen and break up the dense goo-like energetic structure of matter which was created by collective human thoughts of separation from the source. Within this energetic structure the quantum edifice of matter was at the atomic and subatomic level completely isolated from the free flow of energy information in form of light codes coming from All-That-Is, which includes infinite levels, dimensions and worlds. Now you can visualize for the sake of didactic presentation the quantum light field of the Source as a steady laminar stream of light that penetrates and imbues all forms of creation in an unrestricted manner. This free flow is an indispensable prerequisite for immediate creation.

In the past ( please observe that I do not use the word ‘current’ anymore) holographic model matter on earth and its accompanying energetic fields in the electromagnetic spectrum became so dense that the atomic structure consisting of the numerous elementary particles as electrons, neutrons, protons, quarks etc. was completely severed from the free informational flow of the source. One can imagine all elementary particles of matter at the quantum level as turbulences along the steady stream of source energy that begin to form space-time forms as solitons or quantum standing waves along this laminar flow. Please observe that in modern quantum physics all elementary particles are described as rotational waves that build distinct energetic spherical fields with constant energy (see Volume II on physics). These forms are still fed by the constant flow of source energies at the subatomic level as everything is interconnected in All-That-Is and exists as U-sets, i.e. they cannot exist on their own. But the more these quantum solitons solidified as elementary particles of earth’s matter, the more they became impermeable for the free flow of source information in form of light codes and turned into almost closed systems.

Hence in order to change this holographic model and to fill it with more light before it reconnects and becomes part of All-That-Is, the dense quantum structure of matter had to be loosened and broken up in the first place. Only then could the superimposed mental and emotional structure of all humans be also loosened and en-lightened as this collective system contributes decisively to the condensation of the quantum structure of matter in this holographic model. As we all know, first comes the thought and then the physical form.

Therefore the source has begun with its intervention to bring more light into the dense, closed holographic model since eons of time and in a more significant manner since our first crucial appearance as messengers of God around Apollonius of Tyana who later became the prototype of Christ and gave birth to a new religion – Christianity. One major information component of this religion in the field of painting (iconoclastic) was the introduction of the notion that every human beings represents a condensed energetic field of source light codes that build a distinct aura around the head and the human body and is the actual medium of communication with other incarnated beings and with the higher realms. “Aura” is a sum-up term for the numerous levels of energetic fields that build the physical human body as solidified organic matter, which, as I have proved beyond any doubt, operates as a complex electromagnetic system where each cells constitutes a spherical condenser and is regulated by the modulation of the electromagnetic gradient across its cell membrane in a uniform manner. This holds true for all the elements of the cell, including the DNA  which is dynamically regulated by supramolecular solitons. The latter are specific quantum fields along the molecular structure of the DNA-helix.

This explains why any evolution of humanity and this holographic model must happen simultaneously at the quantum level as well as at all superimposed complex levels such as human belief and emotional structures (U-sets), which, as one can read in the literature, have changed throughout the ages and various cultures. For example hysteria was a very common psychiatric disorder in the 19th century in Europe as depicted in fiction and this led to the introduction of Freudian psychoanalysis that tried to explain this disorder with suppressed emotional energies at the subconscious level. Nowadays the predominant psychiatric disorder is depression which is another form of suppression of the free flow of light codes from the soul to the emotional body of the incarnated personality. This happens through restrictive mental thought patterns that reject in the first place the existence of such energy flow from the Source.  This time the healing of depressions is not done by unlocking these energetic blockages, but by the use of chemical drugs that are cell-inhibiting and decrease the flow of energy in the cells and neurons at the quantum level as I have proved in volume III. This explains why most of humanity was turned into veritable zombies in the current End Time as part of the strategy of the dark cabal to dumb down humanity and prevent ascension. As I said, the only form of creation these dark entities know is destruction through further separation from the soul and obstruction of the free flow of information and light codes.

Vice versa, the only strategy of the Source to counterbalance this downward spiral was the constant beaming or better blasting of this dense holographic model with higher frequency source light waves as to change in a forceful manner its dense quantum structure and the superimposed emotional and mental structures of the incarnated human beings. As I mentioned already, the first Christians who were much more spiritual and medial than the present-day believers could see with their third eyes the golden-pale yellow light of source codes that emanated as aura around the human bodies and depicted it as a halo around the heads of their saints, who were in fact us, the PAT, as previous incarnations. The most remarkable pictures can be seen in the first churches on the European continent such in the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, in Ravenna from the early 6th century:

Ravenna, Italy -- Beautiful Byzantine mosaics. Portrait of Empress Theodora by San Vitale.

Since then the history of mankind has been shaped by the amount of source light that was able to penetrate the dense holographic model of earth and open the minds of the people. It has been a very slow process of progression and awakening of humanity. Several peaks were reached during the Renaissance and later on during the Age of Enlightenment, especially after 1800 when also the concept of modern science began to evolve and the idea of electromagnetic fields was firmly established. There were significant blasts of source light codes in the 30’s, then in the 60’s, which led to the beatniks and the flower power movements and the inception of the New Age. Then the Elohim listed the most important waves of light codes from the source that loosened the dense earth quantum structure in 1987 (first harmonic convergence), 2000, 2011 through 2014, and now 2015 – 2016.

And here I come to the core information of this Elohim message with respect to the most dramatic event in human history that happened on May 30th this year and was reported by myself in real time, so that the entire PAT had the privilege to give testimony to humanity first hand. This was only possible because I am the open human conduit to the Source and feel all these energies directly flowing through my body and fields. Based on my long experience with these waves, I can interpret their quality and information content in an impeccable manner. This most dramatic event in the history of mankind, which the Elohim defined as “magnificent”, was the ultimate phase shift of Gaia and humanity to a completely open system that is permanently and irrevocably connected to All-That-Is. This was the ultimate ascension of Gaia and humanity par excellence. What will now follow will be the consequences of this unique paramount phase shift.

As the Elohim told us, we have been working on this project since the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, later on in Egypt and Ancient Greece and in many other epochs and unknown past civilisations of humanity. Finally, on May 30th, 2016 at 16.00 PM Pacific Time we could reach this energetic threshold and trigger this flash point, this massive tsunami of light codes that engulfed first my body and fields and then that of the PAT and the entire planet and connected it since eons of time of information quarantine for ever with all dimensions, timelines and parallel worlds of All-That-Is. It was a total opening and superposition of all infinite energetic fields in the Omniverse with that of Gaia and humanity according to the principle of constructive interference.

This phase shift is the actual ascension of Gaia and humanity and it happened on May 3oth, 2016. Since then all levels – the quantum atomic structure of matter with all its elementary particles up to the most resilient energetic system, the human mind ego, including the emotional body – are fully opened to the source light codes and the information flow can stream without any resistance. It is the introduction of the ubiquitous condition of superconductivity in matter, the utmost level of permettivity, that is also the basis of immediate creation, which we began to create last year.

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You must bear in mind that until this moment matter on earth was highly polarised and fractured so that it was impossible to change it from within and only very slowly, incrementally from without. Now the laminar flow of source light codes of information have completely engulfed the fractured quantum fields of all elementary particles which until now existed as closed solitons, standing waves and fully connected to All-That-Is. The barrier that existed between them and the yellow-golden source light has been fully dissolved on May 30th and the entire energetic edifice of this earth has been engulfed in this pale yellow-golden source light as depicted in early Christian mosaics and frescos. And I am sure that you all have felt the blissful character of this energy after May 30th. When I first sensed this incredible phase shift on May 30th I immediately called Carla who was driving in her car to inform her about this event. Shortly before my call she had already seen with her third eye this beautiful pale yellow-golden light of source codes descending upon earth and knew about the uniqueness of this dramatic event.

This is actually the ultimate phase transition, or better “phase shift”, about which I have been speaking for years with respect to the actual planetary ascension of Gaia and humanity. From that moment onwards the earth holographic model is an open energetic system that can freely interact with all the dimensions and levels of All-That-Is and exchange light codes of creation with the Source. Actually, the old earth no longer exists and you all have felt this huge change in perception and some of you have reported this on our website. This phase shift has eliminated for ever the past interminable separation of this planet from the multiverse and is thus the beginning of its true evolution to a transgalactic civilisation. Each individual has now the possibility to move to whichever dimension he wants to and is ready for. We should no longer speak of 5th and 6th or higher dimensions as we exist in all these dimensions simultaneously as well as in the lower 3D and 4D, and all these dimensions and levels are superimposed on this uppermost mother planet and participate in the free flow of light codes.

This night I had a key dream that illuminated this fact which I learnt only after I woke up and the Elohim came. I was dreaming that Carla, myself and a group of PAT members were in the mountains where there was a lift to the top. The whole place was full with crowds of excited people that built a big line waiting for the lift. At the entrance to the lift every person was given a ticket with a number and there was a big screen that announced the number of boarding, so that the people knew when their turn was as the line was very big and there was a lot of hustle and bustle. When the PAT group came to the entrance of the big lot in front of the lift, where the crowds were waiting to get on the lift, we were given special tickets with a different colour than the normal ones and without a number. We asked why and the employee told us that these are special tickets for privileged people who do not need to wait in the line but can go to the front and take the lift immediately whenever we want. Needless to say that the lift in my dream symbolized the ascension lift and that the many people waiting joyfully in front of the lift represented the first and second wave ascension candidates that are now waiting to be lifted. We, the PAT, have already ascended and that is why we need not wait in the line but are able to take the lift whenever we want without any further waiting.

Then this dream converged into a second dream where we were in big classes in which ascension was taught. The instructors told us that we can stretch the ascension process into numerous individual events in linear time but we can as well condense them to one single event and ascend all of a sudden. They added that this is possible especially for the PAT as we have actually ascended and already exist in many dimensions and timelines. This dream repeated many times till I woke up this morning and then the Elohim came immediately to us.

I promised you already on May 30th that we shall get more information on this most dramatic, most significant and magnificent event in the entire history of mankind when the episode is finished and today I am bringing you the good news. This is the ultimate culmination of the light work of all of us since eons of time and it is a moment in time to celebrate in the full consciousness what incredible miracle we have accomplished.

What comes next? Miracles abound. For me and Carla it began the next day, Tuesday. An old friend and a schoolmate of Carla visited us. She is a young soul and very limited and judgmental in her views but otherwise a very kind person. When she came in the morning I was struck immediately by her high frequency emanation – she was glowing and looking at least 10 years younger. I immediately felt very comfortable in her presence and had the feeling that I have known her all my life which surprised me very much. She was also very relaxed and thoughtful. There were no trivial comments or the usual complaints. She was a completely different person and made many unusual and thoughtful remarks which Carla has never heard from her before. I had the impression that she was in a kind of trance and at the end she only complained that she is very tired which is unusual for her as she is a figure skating coach and has always been in good physical shape.

After she left I shared my impressions with Carla and told her that I think that she is a walk-in of a new transliminal soul. Carla had a sudden knowing that it was even an Elohim soul who we must know from our soul monad and that is why we felt so comfortable with our guest. Today we got again the confirmation from the Elohim that this was a deliberate visitation by our Elohim family which borrowed the body of our friend for a while as to come to us and give us consolation after the energetic tortures of the last few days. Also to show what is possible now in the new ascended state, which humanity has entered after this earth was fully opened to the light codes of the source. From now on we must expect such encounters regularly as this is part of the new open energetic system of Gaia that can interact with all levels and where even Elohim can come to us in human gestalt. They told us that they could inhabit our friend’s body only for a short period of time as it was not accustomed to their high frequency energies and that is why she was so tired physically. We shall now meet with her next week and are eager to see if the Elohim soul will be in her body again or only her old soul.

I am telling you about this remarkable experience as to illustrate what is possible now so that you should be prepared for such miracles and experience them in a conscious manner.

In order to project what will happen in the coming days you must bear in mind that May 30th was the most auspicious date in the history of mankind and this planet since it began to descend to lower frequencies in the late epoch of Lemuria and Atlantis. It represents an irreversible phase shift from a closed and partially closed system to an entirely open energetic system at all levels – from the quantum level to the human ego-mind level. This opens infinite venues depending on the degree of individual spiritual evolution. It is the pinnacle of energetic transformation of Gaia and humanity.

For us I expect the manifestation of our ability to create immediately at the quantum level and to become once again the true alchemists we all are in the higher dimensions. For the masses I expect sudden bursts of awakening that will startle them at first until they get used to it. The old matrix must now crumble within days as it has no longer any energetic support from the crystalline grid that vibrates in full resonance with the light codes of information coming from the source. The old matrix was based on numerous blockages and resistances that were built in its energetic structure and kept it alive. Just as currently all elementary particles of matter have changed their subatomic structure and have become more expanded and fluid, so does the old Orion matrix. It is dissolving while opening to this new free information flow from the Source and thus hugely expanding into a new state of superconductivity.

We have entered the most decisive and exciting phase in the ascension process for which we have been waiting for so long, not only in this incarnation but in numerous past lives. This is the Good News which the Elohim herald to us and you all should fully embrace now and make it part of your life as to be able to participate actively in the coming stream of miracles.

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