How the Dark Ruling Cabal Will be Now Easily Neutralized

Georgi Stankov, June 5, 2016

With the full opening of this energetically closed holographic model to the light codes of the Source on May 30, 2016 the long epoch of lies and deceptions that have reigned on this planet has irrevocably come to an end. From now on there will be some spectacular blackouts of the ruling cabal and it will be a great pleasure to observe how the HR and newly incarnated transliminal souls as walk-ins will sabotage their personalities with a sublime cosmic humour as to help reveal the true character of the once powerful dark elite who have no darkness anymore in their fields but are only a hapless facade of their former insidious force.

With the most ironically perfect timing this week, immediately after the most auspicious event in the history of mankind took place on May 30th when the energetic quarantine of Gaia was lifted, President Obama’s speech of veiled denunciation of Donald Trump in favour of Hillary Clinton ended up in a stuttering mess of “umm’d”, “ahh’d”, and “if’d” when, horror of all horrors, his teleprompter froze… What was revealed is that Bombama without teleprompter is a scarecrow without clothes – the Emperor is finally naked. Enjoy what could be yet the first strangest public appearance of Bombama and Co. of many more to follow in the coming days …


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