Follow-Up Energy Report of the PAT – June 19, 2016

First Disruptions of Electronic Devices and Electric Networks Worldwide after the Onset of the Megawave of “Awe and Shock” From the Source on June 17th, 2016


By the way the anticipated ultimate Megawave at summer solstice that has actually commenced yesterday, June 17th is continuing unabated today, June 18th and I guess we will have to endure it for the next few days to come. It will get very tense one more time before we can be redeemed for ever. But this effort is worth as this is the culmination of our light work since eons of time on behalf of this planet and its slumbering human population.




I have noticed lots of glitches in software, satellite and computer systems this week. I work for an educational system and we have had odd anomalies in the software we have never had before. Stops and starts  particularly with the use of credit cards. One minute a software program is running and a few minutes later it has disappeared.

My colleague’s daughter went to have a procedure done that is  implemented by a computerized software system. They had her daughter  completely anesthetized and then the system that performs the procedure completely shut down. According to the dermatologist, this has never happened.

My husband and  I are on a weekend holiday and we stopped to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant. All but one of their computers and software were non operational so we got part  our meal for free.

My cell phone lost all my contacts with the exception of ten people. There were at least fifty on my contact list previously. And then as quickly as they disappear they reappear. Some of my texts are sending and others are not.

And then there are the deaths we have had 13 family and friends pass over since February. This includes my mother and mother in law. They are dropping like flies.

My body has been clearing like crazy, I have violent nosebleeds and pain in my left eye socket and lower back. Weird  aches in the oddest places, like the arch of my foot or the knuckle of my pinkie finger. The pain is generally restricted to one side of the body.

My higher self tells me we are wrapping things up. I sure hope so.


Sheryl, USA


Hello Georgi and Carla,

Yesterday at around 3pm we experienced a small earthquake, afterwards I could not connect to the www for the rest of the evening. Just would not happen. It was not internet connection related.

With Love,

Jessica, USA


Dear Jessica,

Very interesting indeed. Yesterday evening (June 17th) Carla went for a visit in the neighbourhood, no more than 500 meters away from where we live and she experienced a stormy rain with dark clouds in the sky while I was outside in the garden and later one worked on my PC in front of the window and there was no rain at all. Carla tried to call me on the phone but I did not respond as she told me. I myself did not hear the phone ringing although it was beside me.

We were obviously on different timelines for a while.

With love and light

George, Canada


Dear George,

I read all the posts that you posted recently. Brilliant insights ! I have always known that everything is going to start with a total blackout of electrical devices.

I want to report that here in Sofia/Bulgaria we have 35 degrees Celsius and more since 16th of June. My body is burning even more than ever because of the high temperatures here.

This indeed is not normal for our climate. My phone is also causing me this problem that I mentioned once – overheating the battery. So indeed we are near.

I have been having constant pressure in the third eye area lately. And the usual physical pain, and I feel this upliftment from the emotional dross that we were constantly cleansing for the last 2 months or so. I can say for myself that the last 2-3 months have been the worst ever from the emotional point of view. I can only compare this state with when I first entered the LBP when I was totally disconnected from reality and I couldn’t get out of bed to participate in life. I am so very thankful that we get some days of “vacation” because I have no idea how would we be able to survive.

I just read the energy report of the PAT and I saw the comment of Boddhi from the Netherlands: “Last months [since Aug 2015] I feel these energy waves both stimulating & containing information. The biggest msg in it is to integrate this energy in life until the next wave.  [like riding a rollercoaster ]”

This week I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes from a favourite book – “I am on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friend.” Greatest synchronicity !!!

Before going to bed last night, I asked to get a dream about ascension. And I got it. I was in a hall, in a very tall building. A friend of mine came to me and told me that we have to take the elevator and go to the 56 of 65th floor. As I have been afraid of heights (not that much, but I have been getting scared) I thought to myself – lol, okay 56/65th floor, should be a hell of a ride. And we enter the elevator, but then it happens that we cannot go all the way there by the elevator, so I should attach myself to something that looked like a drone to me and a spacecraft at the same time. It looked like a toy and I had to grasp it with my legs and arms around it and travel with it to the 65th floor. And so I did, I travelled with it and for some reason there was someone with me with whom I was communicating all the time while flying. I was telling him that I might get very tired, I am not sure that I can do it, my muscles won’t be able to take the pressure. I got this feeling that my body was much smaller and lighter, like a childlike body. At some point we really decided to go again for the elevator. End of this dream. As always I don’t see anyone in my dream communicating via spoken language, the information comes telepathically.

Sending you and Carla love and light !




Dear Georgi,

I confirm the latest huge wave that hit us yesterday. My right knee is a perfect indicator that something big is happening and it was crushed. In fact it’s still ongoing today. It didn’t have such devastating effect on me, but my phone went nuts and began to restart itself all over again, including the display went blurry and I thought it’s gonna die. I had this phone for a few years now, it has a broken display and is somehow an electronic cripple-device. So yeah, it’s happening. Thank god, although I was saying the exact opposite yesterday when I could barely walk, lol. If this will go on like this then we might as well ascend earlier than in August, although we can only speculate. I’d like to write much more about the recent events, but it seems to me that it does not matter anymore as I just prefer to be completely in the NOW. Also, I can now see my auric field much better, especially in the dark. Everyday I doubt that we’ll be here the next day, and I’ll be right soon, ha.

I noticed that gold closed above 1300$, do you think that it will have a devastating impact on the financial collapse or is it dependent on the wave of the purest from the Source?

Pepe, Czechia


Failure of electronics…… hmmm I was leaving my building last Saturday morning about 6 am for a bike ride, when I came back I could not get back into my apartment building,all power was out!….. the owners in this new building are livid  as we have been without an elevator ever since I left that morning for my ride, and now I just received an email from the builder/ elevator operator and they are baffled as they still cannot figure out as to why this happened… here is part of their email!

As mentioned previous email from Penta, there are numerous elevators through-out the Lower Mainland that have experienced the same problems as the elevators at the Pier. I have reached out to my contacts at B.C. Hydro to try and get more information about the phase interruption in the London Landing area. They have not been able to provide me with any specific information about the London Landing area nor about why there were several similar outages across the region.

with love &light

 Colleen, Canada

PS: BTW….. forgot to mention as well, the builder can’t figure it out in this new building why nothing is working….. our go thermo-system brand new has not been working… it starts up and crashes, they have installed a new unit and same thing, now they have ordered new parts!! (CRAZY)

And I have never seen so many doves in my life….. they are every where, when I take my dog for her walks these two seem to be in the exact spot, waiting for me, then yesterday literally one came flying at me making the strangest noise as if it wanted to land on my shoulder, then coming from my bike ride a white one flew right down in front of me  and flew back up! all signs??


Greetings George,

So much incredible stuff has been coming through you and the PAT over the past few weeks, it has been almost overwhelming as I attempt to take it in. As so much coincides with my own new perspective, [ I seem to be in a sort of re-set, on a much easier path with less emotional stress and more sense of freedom], I’ve felt little impetus to correspond. But, young Travis has done it again!!! What an awesome assessment of the experience and resultant transformational effects brought about by the dedication of this group! It is a joy to read his words [ quite brilliant !!!] and revel in his eloquence. Especially insightful and profound is the last paragraph…”which comes first, the source pulse or our awareness of the source pulse ? Or is it that our awareness IS the source pulse?” And, I wonder, will we “unanimously and simultaneously re-member” ???!!!

The certainty that we are now truly in The End Times is physically palpable and the moment is nigh.

Love to all,


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