Ascension Wanderings

Robert Shepard, May 6, 2016

Dear Carla,

Apologize for the lengthy delay in my reporting back to you, but as you know things have been pretty crazy since we last communicated.

So here goes.

Layla and I both left Mt. Shasta on November 29th as I was told by Source and the mountain that my work there was done and my mission was complete. Since Layla’s visa was up and she needed to be out of the U.S. by December 1st we went to Belize for 11 days. As you may recall, we were also directed to do ceremony there and open a portal on top the tallest Mayan pyramid there and that we would be ascending together to 5D.

We arrived in Belize on November 30th. Spent half our time at the Caribbean beach side and the other half in the jungle, as Layla wanted to conquer some fears she had of jungle “critters”. So I found a non-venomous snake for her to hold and work with and also a beautiful red rump tarantula. She did wonderful.

Then on December 8th we drove into the jungle near the Guatemala border to the ruins of Caracol to climb the Caana pyramid, which names means “temple in the sky”. A few days previous we met a young Australian woman who mentioned she was going to Caracol, but didn’t know how she would get there, as it is a 2 1/2 hour 4 wheel drive into the jungle. We told her we were going and would be glad to take her and a new male friend she had met.

We were told by our HS that she was not to be part of the ceremony, but for some reason she was to witness whatever was to happen.

On the way driving we let the conversation unfold naturally and decided to share what we were called to do. They both were very receptive but also thought we were a bit crazy when we got to the ruins and gave them our rental vehicle keys and told them if we are not back at the vehicle by 4:30pm to leave without us.

We parted company once within the ruins and when Layla and I approached the pyramid I asked her “so is this the one you saw in your dream?” and she said yes.

So we climbed the pyramid, did ceremony, opened the portal and indeed ascended to 5D Belize. It was wonderful, peaceful, and we just sat and embraced each other for hours.

After almost 6 hours, we decided to climb back down the pyramid and head back to the vehicle. On our way we noticed there was no one else around, as earlier we had seen several small tourist groups with local guides. As we approached our vehicle we noticed not even the caretaker was anywhere to be found and the couple we had brought with us were also gone. We called out to anyone who might hear us and looked everywhere, but there was no one there but us, and we had no keys to the vehicle.

So we just sat near the vehicle, drinking water and eating what little munchies we had left over from the day.

After awhile, and very suddenly, the caretaker “magically appeared” right next to the vehicle with a very confused look on his face. He asked how long had we been there at the vehicle as he had looked everywhere for us. Still a bit puzzled he told us the couple that we had arrived with had departed with another group and had given him our car keys. At this point we realized we were no longer in 5D and had returned.

We drove back into San Ignacio but instead of it taking 2 1/2 hours it only took an hour and part of the road had actually disappeared, shortening our drive back to San Ignacio.

Once back, we showered and decided to go to dinner in town. While at dinner sitting in the outside patio area, we noticed the couple we had taken into the ruins with us walking by, so we called out to them.

They were so happy to see us and told us how bad they felt leaving the ruins with another group and felt weird about leaving the vehicle keys with the caretaker. We told them it was fine and everything worked out because there we were.

That night as we were preparing for bed, Layla and I found ourselves a bit frustrated that we were back in 4D but knew that Source must have more work for us to do.

So on December 11th, Layla flew from Belize to Cancun, Mexico and then back to France, which she had been away from for the past 1 1/2 years. We both knew Source had work for her to do there, as all her friends and family were now beginning to awaken.

I flew back to the States, spent a few days back in Shasta, then moved back to Eugene, Oregon on December 23rd.

Part 2 of story.

So after 5 months of being physically apart but keeping in daily contact via the internet, plus several bi-location visits, plus meeting regularly in dream state to do energetic work together, Source called me to France for Layla and I to open an ascension portal on Mt. Bugarach in Southern France and energetically connect it to the ascension portal we opened on Mt. Shasta on November 11th, 2015.

So on May 15th I flew to Paris, took a train to Bordeaux, where Layla’s family lives and off to Southern France we went, again for 11 days :)

The day prior to my arrival, Layla was given a list of powerful energetic places for us to visit by someone she had met only 4 days earlier.

So we visited some sacred sites including the very well hidden Mary Magdalene cave where Layla connected with Mary and some very powerful Divine Feminine energies, while I was in a larger cave next door connecting with some powerful Divine Masculine energies as we did some wonderful re-balancing of the two Divine energies.

Then on May 21st, the Full Moon, we climbed Mt. Bugarach, did ceremony and opened an ascension portal connecting the Mt.Shasta portal with this new portal on Mt. Bugarach. We were told by Source that by doing this we were completing some type of “torrid field”.

Not enough time to share ALL of the awesome and wonderful experiences we had during those 11 days, but Layla felt it was important for me to share with you and Georgi what we did on May 21st considering what took place, unknown to us, during our time together, as we turned off our phones and did not access the internet for the entire visit.

I will say that our relationship has deepened so much over all this time and it is obvious to us both that her and I are creating and changing the whole Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine relationship paradigm in preparation for ALL Divine Feminines and Divine Masculines for the jump to 5D Gaia.

Layla is now scheduled to return to the States July 1st, where she will join me on a beautiful farm Source has provided for me rent free for her and I to retreat and prepare for the shift to 5D.

Have some wonderful and powerful photos to share when I can find the time.

Thank you and Georgi for all the wonderful work you have been doing.

Blessings and much love and light to both of you.

Divine Masculine God and Co-Creator Robert

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