A Huge Electromagnetic Storm-Event Hit Gaia on June 14, 2016

Georgi Stankov, June 15, 2016


Yesterday both Carla and I felt that something unusual was happening. We felt with our bodies and fields how the atmosphere was charged with powerful electromagnetic energy. I personally know this feeling as where I used to live in Bulgaria and later on in Bavaria we had quite often such discharges when a storm was about to break loose. But as Carla confirmed here in the Vancouver area such storms are very rare and she had never experienced a similar one in the last two decades.

Carla then received an information from the Elohim that there is a significant massive energetic event that is connected to the total opening of Gaia to the light codes of the source and the introduction of the conditions of superconductivity on May 30th. We could feel this electromagnetic shift and see it with our third eye in the rapidly changing sky with sunshine and clouds.

Then late in the evening Carla’s son sent us two photos from a massive electromagnetic storm with tornado that hit his college in central Canada. Normally this part of Canada does not experience such storms and tornadoes. He was able to take these two pictures from the school yard before the students had to go into the dormitories and hide from the storm and the world became pitch dark. Then the hell broke loose. I must admit that I have never seen anything so dramatic as these pictures:

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Then this morning Betty from Chile sent me a video with a similar cloud formation:

“Hello Georgi,

look at this video about an EMP ring. Just saw it and thought about your last articles on Rumi’s HS and your comments about an EMP event that would trigger the financial collapse.


Also wanted to mention that since the end of May events the sky is definitively different here in the ninth region of Chile where I live; the light changed, the patterns of the clouds (saw some small lenticular clouds too, which is strange because there is no mountains close), the colors, and total absence of chemtrails… it just called my attention.

With Love,


From this I conclude that definitely something very significant happened yesterday from an energetic point of view and it may indeed be in preparation for the final crash of the electronic networks with which the cabal now sustains their defaulted corrupt financial system as announced by Rumi’s HS. Essentially this will be the anticipated electric apoptosis of the old Orion system about which I have written a lot in the past but somehow forgot in my considerations until Brad made me aware of it:

“Dear George,

If you want some instant validation for that wonderful work you just posted, my nickname is “The Bird”.  I used to be called Bird Barber for a while in school.  Bird on the Button.  

Over the pain.  Let’s roll…

That really is a great post between you and Rumi.  I do think that there is an underlying belief and understanding that includes a failure of the electronic system in everything you have written (and myself in my limited additions), but not focused on particularly recently.  As we discussed superconductivity in the past, that is also the main reason, besides being too complex for the common man, why I disparaged bitcoin and Bitgold and eventually led us to our discussions ultimately on the Astral currency as this economic nightmare kept prolonging itself.  

I do agree that it is humanity that has to be ready for the change and that goes hand in hand with apoptosis which you have written about so much and I had the fun opportunity to comment on.  After the apoptosis discussions, I pretty much assumed that an instantaneous short-circuit of some kind is our most likely scenario.  That is one of the reasons I asked you if you felt that apoptosis ultimately was seen as a soul technology to apply a spontaneous remission healing to an individual at a time when the individual was ready at a soul level to receive the healing.  I would apply that both individually and systemically at this time it is for the first time in known history, but I am unable to explain things as adeptly as yourself.  

My brother sang at a show the other day and the main collective comment he said to me was that everyone was mentioning feeling that they were slaves.  Realizing that the Dollar is a currency of slaves was one of my investment themes from years back. Between this concept and being able to point out insanity of engaging the fraud is the ultimate cocktail for this situation in the US.  I’ve still been waiting to see that concept spoken on the large-scale arena somewhere as this Dollar has its last mini surge right now before collapse.  Watching gold rally as the Dollar takes its last breath is confirmation but it will really be interesting to see how exactly the Fed handles this in the next week.  I do hope they do exactly what you already discussed to show their true malevolent intents. 

I can see humanity is ready for the change now, where in 2011 and 2012, humanity should have been ready for the change.  Although one of the biggest reasons (besides an unresponsive humanity) for delay is the Cabal hasn’t been able to blow up their own system after failure against Russia, another one is this:


This finally hit the mainstream last week.  Most of the bankers that got murdered in 2013 and 2014 were the ones responsible for the design and implementation of financial technology that keeps this thing afloat.  Basically they were replaced with evil architects.  Everything we are dealing with, and I talk about all the time, is the ability to take advantage of the arbitrage available because of the false “electric” environment and front run the information.  There’s a new $300 million cable just run across the Atlantic, but now they are trying to use neutrinos to move information through the center of the Earth and continue the HFT (high frequency trade) madness.  

Anyways, we know the story, but here is exactly the difference that we have finally seen in one article yesterday to help represent the fracture that should have already taken place years ago with the facts in place:


This is the exact same as our musician friends and what every industry should apply if they understood the currency and technology scams taking place.  Stop giving any energy to it.  This is the first miner with the balls to state this and it is what should have been done years ago.  Obviously why I target so many CEO’s and orcs and trolls in the mining industry.

Too many humans were allowed to keep giving this thing energy no matter how hard I tried.  That’s no longer the case as I can hear it everywhere.  I even heard my wife take a macro issue into consideration when discussing her personal experience during the day and put them together. In the past everyone felt you didn’t care for them if you didn’t just concentrate on their personal drama.  I was stuck in macro land after experiencing personal ascension and could barely even go there without near trauma.   Brutal.  

Anyways, I appreciate everything else you have said and I wish I could even explain all the events that took place in the last 10 days. I have seen one intense healing with my brother and many other situations on the edge of complete violence and divorce and other such nasty scenarios which all exploded last week.  I ducked for cover and didn’t say a word as I watched this around me and how I saw the “frapture” so clearly.  The lower chakra healing was spot on and took the lid off of the cookie jar.  

I think you have spoken about it all quite perfectly and in a very healthy manner, but it just reaffirms one more time that there is really nothing to get out of this reality as it currently operates.  I think the Elohim comment is on the mark, “relax and enjoy the last days as everything is done.”   The urge to do anything besides do what we do best on your site and in living simple day to day pleasures is just met with brick walls.   

Everything we see is one final attempt to get anyone and everyone to fight over something.  Reminds me of some John Lennon quote about the only thing they can’t handle is “nonviolence and humor.”  Never been more appropriate.  The karmic familial structure is designed and no different than the military.    

I thank every day that you are here to go through this with me and be the leader you are.  I have changed the whole world with your assistance and it’s only just begun.

With love and light


And as Nature shows it begins “not with a whimper but with a bang” to paraphrase the poet.


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