The Limits of Human Cognition Determine the Priorities of the Ascension Scenario

Georgi Stankov, May 10, 2016

The very insightful message from Rumi’s HS triggered yesterday and today a discussion between Carla and me as to what is necessary to happen before the leap of consciousness in humanity is achieved so that the new Theory of the Universal Law can be implemented on a global scale. While Carla read my latest article explaining why all scientific books should be rewritten in the light of the Universal Law, she realized one more time to the full extent the lifelong sentence under which I was forced to live for more than 20 years in the full acknowledgement that the introduction of the new theory is not just an important singular event on the way to ascension but that it is the foundation for the very existence of humanity as a multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation. Without the full comprehension and application of this scientific and philosophical knowledge in every aspect of human life and society, there will be no opening for humanity to the higher dimensions and multidimensional existence. The reason for that is given by Rumi’s HS:

It is not about reforming a dysfunctional system. It is not about reforming the world system. It is not about reforming the USA. It is not about reforming any existing man-made system. It is exclusively about reforming human thinking and human consciousness. From such a reformed thinking and consciousness arise new approaches and proposals to finding solutions how to establish a self-determined life on this Earth, a life unknown to humanity for too long a time.

As soon as human thinking and human consciousness is reformed according to the only possible method of connecting to the Source – the Axiomatics of the Universal Law – the ID shift to higher dimensions can occur. The new Axiomatics  is an instruction in logical, abstract thinking that transcends old habitual thought patterns from which this holographic reality has emerged in a second step. This conditio sine qua non has not been fully understood so far by most people, including many who have heard about the existence of the Universal law and the new theory of science but have not studied it in detail. Unfortunately.

These are the ample facts we have to deal with in the End Time and this entails some critical considerations. The new theory of the Universal Law, although man-made, is of divine origin and it can become part of human life only through divine intervention. This would say that there is absolutely no chance for us to propagate this theory while still in physical vessels. Even if there are some scientists at some places on this globe who, guided divinely, will discover the new theory of science and understand it to the full extent – which would be a great miracle by all measure – there will still be no practical possibility under the current circumstances to make it available and popular to the entire humanity as it is meant to be in order for humankind to be ready to ascend. This would presuppose that I have to travel the world over and to give numerous lectures with an even more frantic tempo than the candidates in the US presidential race give speeches in big rallies.

And even then it is still unlikely that I would be able to relay the message to the masses and they would be able to internalize it. Not to speak of the physical stress to which I would be exposed while still in the LBP and fully processing human dross 24/7. As Jerry wrote in an article some time ago, he could not wrap his mind around the fact how all these New Age gurus have the energy and the stamina to travel all the time from one place to another to give seminaries about ascension and LBP unless they themselves were not in the light body process and in perfect health condition. Pecuniary motives may be a great motor for personal endurance but I cannot see how such a human vice as greed can be a driving force of ascension. And as we are taught by the bible, rather a camel would go through the eye of a needle that a greedy man would ascend to heaven.

And this is the Catch 22 with which not only I, but also the entire humanity, has to deal with. While there is no possibility for any human being to ascend without changing profoundly his awareness and grasp the bigger picture, thus overcoming the limitations of this 3D holographic model, the very existence in a physical vessel and having a very limited linear human mind precludes this ascension. That is why I have always postulated that in order for humanity to make this evolutionary leap in consciousness and then in energetic  terms, there must be ascended masters that appear in this reality before it makes the ID shift and trigger this expansion of collective awareness which is the driving energetic force behind the planetary ascension. There is no other way how to resolve this problem.

The more I think on this issue, while closely following the latest political events and psychological shifts behind the veil that make these events manifest, the more I come to the conclusion how inevitable the initial occurrence of an individual ascension is that will then trigger the planetary ascension process. In this case the only precondition that has to be met is for a sufficient large portion of incarnated, mostly transliminal souls to reach this inner degree of ripeness as to open for the first appearance of ascended masters in their full glory in this reality. Then in a second step they will be ready to embrace the new Theory of the Universal Law as a mental prerequisite for mass ascension to the new 4D worlds.

In my case, I must be able to appear as an ascended master simultaneously in many places at the same time and not only teach the people the Universal Law, but also perform stunning miracles so that the weak minds of the people will be flabbergasted by such miracles. This may even include the creation of whole cities of light while having a lecture in front of mass rallies, so that the audience can experience the glory of the higher realms in its full impact. While such miracles have nothing to do with the new theory of the Universal Law, its understanding explains why they are possible and the normal way of life in the multiverse.

Hence the combination of performing stunning miracles and teaching the new theory of the Universal Law must go hand in hand as to achieve the necessary overwhelming effect on all humans and urge them to study the new theory on their own and to the extent they could understand it.

In this sense the introduction of the Universal Law will be the greatest revelation of the End Time, in comparison to which all the other revelations about the heinous deeds of the dark ruling cabal will pale. Revelations about negative past events and facts would never achieve the necessary explosive psychological power as to expand sufficiently the minds of the people even when they take place on the background of a total financial and economic collapse that will obliterate life as it used to be and will pull away the rug from under the feet of humanity.

You can eliminate human illusion in a brutal way when the bearer of this illusion resists awakening, but you cannot force a single sentient being to expand his awareness in a constructive and benevolent manner through employing brutal force. We must dangle a carrot in front of humanity in order to motivate the people to make the evolutionary leap that is necessary for them to ascend and live a much better life in the new 4D worlds, which now exist only in our visions. Therefore it will be vital for us to demonstrate to them that our visions of the new higher 4D worlds are the only true reality when this one collapses and that they are invited to participate in this miracle.

This is the actual revelation in the End Time about which the religious scriptures and many esoteric and gnostic texts speak in conjunction with the Second Coming of Christ. It is the revelation about the immortal, multidimensional nature of each and every human being as Creator God. In the current End Time of enlightened, ready to ascend humanity the scientific theory of the Universal Law is the only viable intellectual pathway to grasp this basic truth with respect to any sentient being and to implement it in daily life. Because this theory is confirmed by all the scientific and experimental facts collected by humanity so far and therefore cannot be rejected. While at the same time all the other esoteric and religious teachings are incapable of presenting any evidence of human immortality and afterlife, although this is the only reason why they exist in the first place.

In other words the only true revelation in the End Time can be the full acknowledgement, beyond any doubt, that all humans are immortal and that death does not exist. Since time immemorial this has been the invariant argument of all preachers and teachers of humanity. For instance, St. Paul, alias Apollonius of Tyana, wrote in his first epistle to the Corinthians, who doubted his gnostic teaching of immortality (15:55): ”

“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?

At that time this kind of argument had a mighty impact on the believers to accept the notion of afterlife and the existence of the soul, and the Higher Realms which all the Neoplatonists in early Christian time defined as “Nous”. Today we live in the most agnostic period in the history of mankind, when the separation of the incarnated personalities from the soul and the source has reached its pinnacle. Therefore we need more powerful and convincing arguments and evidence than in the past to entice the people away from their agnostic hell and guide them cautiously into the paradise they deserve and have never left at the soul level. Let us not forget that all the evil we experience in this now crumbling 3D overlay of the old Orion matrix stems from the rejection of the existence of the soul and our inextricable connection to the Source. The concept of having only one life that ends up irrevocably with death belongs to the human illusion of present-day bio-science and its faulty evolutionary doctrine that we are separated biological organisms and thus hapless victims of hostile nature where only the fittest survive.

Therefore, there can be no real revelation other than that humans are immortal beings and unlimited creator gods.

And this revelation can only reach the masses when it is demonstrated by some human beings who have spent their life as “mortal” beings on this earth, have taught the people in written form and with deeds about this truth and have ascended in front of the entire world community after they have announced this upcoming event as all true prophets have done in the past.

Humanity has always dealt with the same restricted set of symbols and symbolic events which are the foundation of all religions teaching a true understanding of the divine, immortal nature of humans. Now is the time  for this restricted set of events, prophecies and God’s proofs (Gottesbeweis) to be connected to the new scientific theory of the Universal Law which will substitute all past obsolete religious, gnostic and esoteric teachings once and for all. For this purpose, there is no other way for me as the author of the new theory of the Universal Law and already ascended master in physical vessel but to transfigure immediately when the current dysfunctional system collapses and before the dark ruling cabal uses this occasion to install the NWO on this timeline and descend humanity to hell, while exploiting the existential fears of the masses based on the notion of human mortality. Humanity needs a harbinger of the other blissful alternative which is ascension and redemption from all suffering and karma, and this uppermost mother planet on which we now dwell has been divinely chosen to experience this blissful outcome. This is the purpose of the End Time as heralded in all prophetic texts given to humanity by the HR.

And here I come to the key psychological aspect of the ascension process. It can only happen when humanity overcomes its existential fears of survival and death. The incarnated personalities on this uppermost mother planet must first realize their immortal nature to the full extent and the fact that a human being is much more than his physical vessel in which it incarnates as an omnipotent soul for a short period of time in order to explore the extreme condition of total cognitive separation and creative impotence away from the omniscience of this same soul as God’s spark before they can overcome this energetic trap and return to the unity of the Source.

Therefore, the global collapse of the old dysfunctional Orion order that is rooted in the ubiquitous agnostic idea adopted by most humans nowadays that they have only one life and have to make the best of it in terms of material wealth can only be crafted by the masses in a sovereign manner when they realize that they need not fear death, and even less so poverty and scarcity when all the financial and economic systems collapse and all the money is gone.

The End Time scenario of Ascension that will include first the financial and economic collapse and then immediately our appearance as ascended masters and saviors of humanity must, and will, follow the ingenious plot of the famous movie comedy “Scrooged” (1988) with Bill Murray:

Watch here:

“Frank Cross (Bill Murray) is a ruthless and cynical executive in the IBC television network headquarters. He is preparing an extravagant live production of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, forcing the network’s staff, including his assistant Grace Cooley (Alfre Woodard), to work on the holiday. Frank fires timid Eliot Loudermilk (Bobcat Goldthwait) for disagreeing with him. Frank’s boss Preston Rhinelander (Robert Mitchum) has hired Brice Cummings (John Glover), who is transparently after Frank’s job.

Hours before the show starts, Frank is visited by the ghost of his mentor Lew Hayward (John Forsythe), who announces that three ghosts will appear over the course of the night. Lew also causes Frank’s phone to call Claire Phillips (Karen Allen), Frank’s true love from years ago. Claire comes to visit Frank, but he is too busy to talk to her. She leaves him the address of the homeless shelter where she works. 

The Ghost of Christmas Past (David Johansen) appears as a taxi driver, who takes Frank back to his childhood, beginning in 1955. His father Earl (Brian Doyle Murray) is a self-centered and driven meatpacking foreman. The Ghost then takes Frank forward to 1968-71 to see himself as a young man meeting Claire, and showing how Frank’s rise to power ruined his emotional life. Returned to the present, Frank goes to the homeless shelter to apologize to Claire, but turns bitter when other workers pester Claire for help.

Back at IBC, Frank watches final preparations before the live show. The Ghost of Christmas Present (Carol Kane), appears as a sweet, yet violent pixie who says, “Sometimes you have to slap people in the face to get their attention”. She shows Frank how Grace struggles with the long hours he puts her through, without being able to care for her family. Her son Calvin, has been mute since the death of his father five years prior. The Ghost also shows him how his brother James (John Murray) is enjoying Christmas with his wife and friends; James still invites Frank every year, although he never comes. Frank is moved.

The Ghost leaves Frank in a utility space under a sidewalk, where he finds the frozen body of Herman, a homeless man he had met earlier at Claire’s shelter; Frank had refused to buy him a cup of coffee. Frank struggles to escape through a boarded-up door, but when he forces through the door he crashes through the IBC set during the final rehearsal.

Preston has put Brice in charge, fearing that Frank is losing it. Frank returns to his office where he is repeatedly shot at by a disgruntled Eliot, whose life he has ruined. Frank dives into an elevator, and finds the Ghost of Christmas Future waiting for him. This Ghost shows him that if Frank continues on this path, Claire will become selfish (especially to children), Calvin will be committed to a mental institution, and that Frank’ s funeral will be attended only by James and his wife, Wendie (Wendie Malick). Frank is appalled, horrified, and desperate.

When the Ghost returns him to Christmas Eve, Frank is a changed man: he is ecstatic and loving. He rehires Eliot on the spot, and they take over the live show by holding Brice at gunpoint. Frank goes on-camera, improvising a speech that denounces his own decision to run a live show on Christmas Eve instead of taping it, and explains what he has learned over the last few hours. He apologizes on-air to James and to Claire.

As Frank encourages the cast and crew to sing, Calvin speaks for the first time in five years, reminding Frank of the final lines of the show “God bless us, everyone.” As Claire and Grace join him, Frank tells everyone (including the film’s audience during the credits) to join him in singing “Put a Little Love in Your Heart“, while Lew and the other Ghosts, including Herman, look on, happily.”

Please observe how many times the unbeliever Bill Murray had to be shot before he opened his heart to true love and understanding of the bigger picture. Transpose this to the numerous incarnations of the people in the End Time, many of whom have ended their past incarnations through a brutal killing, then you will know what a relief for all humans it would be to realize that they are immortal and that “death has no sting” for them anymore. After this ecstatic experience, they will begin studying the new theory of the Universal Law with the greatest possible desire as they will know that this is their stairway to heaven.

For that reason I will ascend simultaneously with the collapse of this dysfunctional system and appear as the true savior in the very last minute to guide humanity away from their current pathway to perdition and to open the doors to heaven. There is no other plan than this divine one and herewith I have decreed it one more time to be so. Here I am speaking solely of my personal destiny, the sovereign and conscious creator of which I am and I urge each and everyone of you to actively envision your personal mission and role when the big Change comes and to decree it now. The time has come to make this final decision.

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