My Final Decree

Denise Godber, May 12, 2016


Dearest Georgi,

I’ve wanted to comment on the last few days of posts but the other PAT members said all that needs saying.

I too have been feeling levitation coming on for many weeks now. Sometimes as if I am ready to float away.

I believe this will be the first visible sign of ascension before transfiguration but in my visions our light bodies do not remain visible to the unenlightened, only to the enlightened ones.

I wanted to write to you about invocations.

My HS tells me that they are more important now than ever.

The Dark side believes in invocation like you wouldn’t believe. I know first hand as my father trained 33rd degree initiates for his lodge.  They live with a different set of beliefs than the average person yet they are selfish and elitist and do not believe in sharing their knowledge for a whole host of reasons. Yet they benefit greatly from the care and maintenance they give to their thoughts and mind more than anything. Between the education I received from my father, public school (which he influenced with just 1 visit to my kindergarten teacher where they spoke in German for over an hour), and across the street, I had a truly wonderful childhood in terms of education because of my father…

Would you be opposed to asking the PAT if they’d like to have 1 or 2 times each day when we are all meditating together throughout all time zones?

Would you be open to creating or providing powerful invocations each week or asking members of the PAT to take turns in doing so?

Our greatest strength is in our ability to direct the energy of our thoughts.

What do you think? I am reading the universal law information slowly. Once I finish, and it will be a while, I will send a list of questions to those things that are still unclear to me.

Peace and Light,



Dear Charlotte,

I will publish tomorrow a set of invocations created by Denise Godber which she has sent me synchronistically today and can very well serve our visions and creationary ends. I will publish your proposal as an introduction to them. I think that with this toolkit of invocations each PAT member can effectively contribute to the acceleration of the ascension process. As linear time is an illusion we do not need to coordinate the time of these invocations. It will suffice, if everybody makes these invocations twice a day from now on.

I do agree that we can achieve with focused invocations a greater power of creation than normally and I know that the dark ones are very adamant in using this tool for their heinous goals. Let us give it a try on our part. The energies are now very conducive to such invocations for the highest good of all.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

As always your ideas are great for sparking our creative, active input. I have put together highlights and a summary to best include all the important factors for this decree.

I happily share it with you.

With love and light



My Final Decree

In alignment to the Crystalline fire grid with the help of the Sacred Flames, I actively envision my personal mission and role of the End Time scenario of Ascension that includes firstly the financial and economic collapse of the dysfunctional Orion Order systems and then our appearance as ascended masters and saviours of humanity to open the doors to heaven for them and create the Big Change.

I decree the collapse of the current Orion Matrix and the immediate implementation of The Universal Law of All-That-Is, and the restoration of the people’s natural remembrance of who they really are, restoring their natural, empirical nature. Further I decree that with the collapse of the current Orion monetary system a complete and swift reset of the old worthless fiat currencies of dollar, euro and yen will be performed by us as Ascended masters with the introduction of the new Astral currency. This will bring abundance and prosperity to the entire humanity.

Herewith, I (full name), Light Warrior of the first and the last hour, Ascended Master, Logos God of Gaia, and Guardian of the new Golden Galaxy, invoke from the fulcrum of my I AM PRESENCE  the constructive energies of the Sacred Flames into my multi-dimensional fields and this upper-most mother planet.  With the active presence of these rays, I hold light, move light and create with light.  I imagine the colour with my Mind, and Feel Colour with my heart: 

THE GOLD RAY – Represents the Gold Christed Light; Also known as THE FLAME OF RESURRECTION; Energy Centre is the Solar Plexus;

THE WHITE RAY – Represents the Pure, Whole Christ Consciousness; Also known as THE ASCENSION FLAME OF PURIFICATION; Energy Centre is the Root Chakra;

THE YELLOW RAY – Represents the illumination of the mind, wisdom through balanced discernment and the application of love; Also known as THE FLAME OF ILLUMINATION; Energy Centre is the Crown Chakra;

THE VIOLET RAY – Represents the true science of transmutation through Alchemy and leads to true Freedom, on ALL levels; Also known as THE VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSMUTATION; Energy Centre is the Soul Chakra where the I AM PRESENCE resides, about 30 feet above our heads;

THE BLUE RAY – Represents protection and faith in the Will of God/ Source/ All-That-Is; Also known as THE FLAME OF THE WILL OF GOD AND  THE FLAME OF DIVINE OMNIPOTENCE AND UNFAILING FAITH;  Energy Centre is the Throat Chakra;

THE PINK RAY – Represents compassion and true unconditional love; Also known as THE FLAME OF COSMIC LOVE; Energy Centre is the Heart Chakra;

THE EMERALD GREEN RAY – Represents Healing on all levels; Also known as THE FLAME OF HEALING AND MANIFESTATION and KNOWLEDGE OF GOD’S NATURAL SCIENCE; Energy Centre is the Third Eye;

THE GOLD-VIOLET RAY – A Foundational Ray as it represents active/ immediate cleansing, healing and manifestation of all events through the application of a fully conscious awareness within this flame, for the Highest Good of All Involved;  An Omniscient Energy; An Omnipresent Life Force; A gift from the Central Sun, ALCYONE;

THE AQUAMARINE AND VIOLET FLAME of Divine Connection and Healing of the Four lower bodies;  Eighth Chakra; (Physical, emotional, spiritual and with ethereal); 5 feet above the crown;

THE MAGENTA AND TURQUOISE FLAME of Connection of the Heart and Throat, Immortality;  Ninth Chakra; Connection to the Crystalline Grid of Gaia; 10 feet above the crown;

THE WHITE AND GOLD FLAME of Divine Connection to Creator; Activation of the Gold (flecks) Light body;  Tenth Chakra; 15 feet above the crown;

THE PINK AND GOLD (PEACH) FLAME of Divine Connection to your I AM presence;  Eleventh Chakra; 20 feet above the crown;

THE OPAL FLAME (ALL COLOURS) of Divine Unification of All Chakras;  Activation of the Light Body;  Twelfth Chakra; 30 feet above the crown;

THE PINK & VIOLET RAYS – A full clearing (Violet Flame), healing (Violet and Pink Flame) and re-set (Violet Flame) is a powerful combination of actions.

I enclose All in the GOLD-WHITE Christed light in form of adamantine particles of God’s Essence.

Use all of these Rays together, in a RAINBOW RAY, wrapping them up finally in a velvet coat of VIOLET-GOLD.

I decree to bring information to Humanity and their distorted belief in just one life, and show them why they need not fear death, and even less so poverty and scarcity when all the financial and economic systems collapse and all the money is gone. 

I decree that l will show Humanity that it can overcome its existential fears of survival and death and that they do have an immortal nature and are so much more than their physical vessel in which it incarnates as an omnipotent soul for a short period of time in order to explore the extreme condition of total cognitive separation and creative impotence away from the omniscience of this same soul as God’s spark  before they can overcome this energetic trap and return to the unity of the Source. 

I decree that to this purpose I will support and contribute to the introduction of the new Astral currency worldwide with which all injustice, poverty and exploitation will be eliminated and prosperity and abundance will be brought to humanity by establishing the sovereignty, liberty and dignity of the individual in all earthly, financial, social and economic affairs.

I decree that the study of The New Theory of the Universal Law will be available and taught to all to bring the full comprehension and application of this scientific and philosophical knowledge into every aspect of human life and society

I decree that reforming human thinking and human consciousness is of primary importance. 

The new Axiomatics  is an instruction in logical, abstract thinking that transcends old habitual thought patterns. It is the foundation for the very existence of humanity as a multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation.

The existence of the Theory of the Universal Law has become the foundational awareness for Humanity’s expansion into understanding their very essence as Souls and the multi-dimensionality of their Beings, as the great Truth that has until now evaded you!

There is no other plan than this divine one and this is my final decision and herewith l decree that it be so.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it!!!

From my heart and higher wisdom l call forth and activate the highest experience that is calling forth from within me and l wield my hard-won powers as a Creator God l know myself to be, l create the fulfilment of my decree. I ask my Higher Self and earthly and celestial orders to assist me by adding and blending their energy with mine. creating this alchemy of the highest form.

I AM that I AM, (full name), Light Warrior of the first and the last hour, Ascended Master, Logos God of Gaia and Guardian of the new Golden Galaxy, and herewith I make this decree in the name of the Source (repeat this statement also three times).


Ahnahmar of Telos: 

“The Sacred Flames are the keys to your success as Masters of Light!  With these flames you shall cleanse and purify your body, your mind and your spirit system, and once complete, your manifestation through the use of these flames shall leap one million fold into a most beautiful creation of perfectly ordered moments.There is one more thing:

Mastery of the seven sacred flames is the foundation to your ascension!  Each flame represents one area of purification not only at the Soul level but also and most importantly at the ego-mind level!  As each flame’s lesson is perfected and internalized, one moves quickly up the scale of mastery in preparation for the Ascension.

Whether we are focused on creation, ascension, or perhaps both, the time has come to make the leap in consciousness to acknowledge these beautiful living light energies, knowing they carry their own signature, and have their own realm of influence and purpose for being. We must know that they were created for the purpose of creation, just as we were.



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