Intimate Experiences With Revolution Make a World of Difference in Thought

Charlotte Smith, May 7, 2016

Today I have the pleasure to publish the messages of two rebellious and and courageous women and PAT members – Charlotte Smith and Therese – who have successfully defied this dying inhuman Orion order and have won together with us. – George 

Dear Georgi,

You so hit the nail on the head with that one statement.

We lived directly across the street from the Black Panther Party’s not-well-known headquarters housed within the Better Boys Foundation, formerly known as the Archie Moore Club. It was there that Bobby Rush, Mr. Perkins, Alonzo and Bruce would nurture the children in the neighborhood. Boys and men were required to respect the girls and women. We had free breakfast each morning so we never had to start school on an empty stomach. After school we could go there for games, arts and crafts. And on Fridays the gym was turned into a roller skating rink. Sometimes they’d even let us skate early afternoons whenever school let out early. They took us on field trips to African museums and the Chicago Defender so that we could see how a newspaper was run. They took us swimming and we had picnics.

We had a wonderful life!

I didn’t even know we were poor or black until a mean old man called us  a “bunch of poor niggers.” I just loved my life.

I was 9 years old with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated. One minute the whole family was gathered around the TV sobbing and the next bullets were flying through our living room window.

Riots broke out on the West side of Chicago and Mayor Daley called in the National Guard. Soldiers were placed in front of our homes and were kicking in doors and all sorts of horrors occurred. My mother chose to get us out by herself. She made all four of us grab our toothbrushes and an extra pair of under wear and she grabbed the pot of greens on the stove. She then made us hold hands single-file with our backs against the walls of the garages in the alley while we scurried down block after block avoiding exploding cars and the helicopters that were dropping tear gas. And we continued block by block until we crossed the Congress Expressway and made it to my Aunt’s house.

I’m sure agent provocateurs were sent in to start things. A lot of people from the neighborhood said Madison avenue was full of thugs and “strange looking” people right before everything went up in flames.

But after the riots the neighborhood was trashed terribly and the leaders of the Black Panther Party were brutally murdered by Chicago PD a little over a year later. That’s when the rapes and murders started to increase again.

So I do think differently than most. There is nothing in the world that will erase the memory of seeing a man’s hand hanging out of car a with flames burning through his skin to the bone while the blood is boiling and turning burnt black.

David is like a large percentage of people here in America. They just don’t know the history of their bible. The corruption of the bible is one of the greatest crimes in the world and it has gone on for 1,691 years. Most Americans don’t study these things because the education offered to them is structured to make sure they are good workers for the corporations that are part of the Orion system installed here on earth. You’d be lucky to find an American that even knows that Orion is a star!

It’s because I think differently, that when I read this question you posed to Brad:

“Something is in the making, but I doubt that it is that much advanced as to be introduced before the system collapses and then it does not matter.”

I immediately understood the plan of the cabal on how they intended to reduce the population from 7 billion to 500,000.

It was the “then it does not matter” part that did it for me.

It is painful, even for us as Logos Gods, to even contemplate the absolute heinousness of their plan, but we must.

They intend to use the leaking nuclear power plants to radiate us. They are allowing it to progress slowly while avoiding all mention of the catastrophe in the media.

The people who are still under the deception of the bible will do nothing as they are “waiting” for the return of Jesus and have been convinced by this false teaching that they need only wait. They don’t believe in meditation because its “messing with demonic spirits” and they wouldn’t want cannabis for radiation sickness because cannabis is “the devil’s drug”. I know this because I have several people like this in my family.

Only calm, blissful truth will bring about unity consciousness.

But the truth can hurt and we must now detach ourselves from this emotion.

Although facts mean nothing to those still under the deception, providing them with detailed background gives them something to hang on to as they progress in their own Ascension. They need facts that can be googled and confirmed. Americans are not going to go the library and look up anything.

Sometimes I think they need something like “How the Bible was created” with a few short paragraphs.  David’s polite ridicule of multi-dimensionality and your very patient and kind response was a very loving exchange. I hope he remains interested and keeps digging.

Peace & Light,


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