End Time Rambling Makes You Free

Brad Barber, May 11, 2016


Dear Brad,

this could be an interesting trigger for a collapse:


Everything is psychology.

With love and light



Dear George,

Of course you picked the perfect article and perfect topic in relation to everything else you have said.  That is the only article I read all of yesterday that actually gave me a little pause in my thinking.  The short-term markets that still present complete paper control worked out almost exactly like I said when you asked my projection.  The one day that showed something different was when gold surged past $1265, but has since been paper strangled back into submission with near historical short positions by the biggest banks.

The dollar gave a quick, fake breakdown to suck hedge funds in who are now being fleeced the opposite direction.  The markets rolled over for two weeks and technology got smashed leading the charge after all hedge funds and pension funds turned bullish like clockwork.  Since I still engage this stuff to make a living, I closed all short-term short positions on market and China yesterday and am watching this bounce closely.  I am looking for any good dip in gold and silver and related miners that are in a correction to redeploy into, but also holding major long-term gold and silver and miners for any overnight revaluation that will someday take place.  I don’t think the Comex will default, but the initial delivery failure will come out of London.

I like your mention of psychology and I could probably write forever right now on that subject (as always seems to happen when you ask the right question of subject highlight).  I would say the psychology is operating exactly in line with everything else that we could say about the evolution of the last years.  Any inflationary paper process already is a crime and is always underlying this.  The past processes of psychology in markets and speed of capital have everything to do with each other.  Interesting to see John Kerry talk about a borderless world after what I wrote last week:


Front running humanity and information is always the key.  Different aspects of contrarianism, or herd behavior, or other type investment concepts can be engaged and most successfully in relation to understanding liquidity.

I would say now that we have watched two years at least of forced psychology as the most prevalent feature of the markets with that having been a major underlying aspect of what has been beneath since Greenspan took over in 1987.  Crime has always been there.  All this in relation to creating generations of humans that are jihadi debt warriors and know nothing else.  “Pick up the gun” as Bill Hicks would call it as the dark energies try to get you to fight and take on karma for them to feed off of.

The debt bull market since 1982 is almost all any of us know and have been taught.  Very interesting to see the gold miner chart form the exact same volcano eruption beginning now that the stock market formed then.  I call it the Bull Market of Heading Home.

Nice to see Elon Musk blowing up everywhere as our false idols get picked off one by one isn’t it?


The markets are trying to function like the NWO and Carl Icahns bet is a bet that all of this forced psychology will now fail.  Ultimately that means he may never get paid as the casino windows get shut down.  Any fiduciary better have those bets in physical gold and silver and not in the Western system as either cattle guards will prevent a major removal of assets or they just will vanish all together in the biggest lawsuit ever seen.  Trump mentioning debt into the world’s consciousness is all you need to know.  It’s go time.

The options markets are now keeping everything operating in the moment of theft of Now, so in an actually very healthy metaphysical state of operation, but there’s nothing getting built anywhere.  A 3-D environment cannot continue with these paradoxes being applied.  This is the main source of the epic inequality as the printed funds are laundered through these and other asset classes.  You can’t build anything as the focus is on hyper-leveraging minute by minute options guesses where wagers can be leveraged into the stratosphere.  If you do this all day based on the obvious liquidity flows that can be seen where there is obvious insider trading going on with news that is about to be announced, you only have to be correct in 1 out of 5 wagers to make a decent amount of dough.  There is zero rule of law.  Now that NWO efforts are at the state of obviousness they are at, the current state of a successful investors is mostly supporting your own enslavement.  Forced psychology.  The charts are used against people who turned off all emotions with their thinking as most have to do to function.

Here is Cramer talking about Steve Wynn calling everything rigged.  A casino owner calling the markets rigged…


Now ultimately this is so perfect based on that nice article that Charlotte sent you and you commented on.  With all of this front running and now forced front running and scripting taking place (which is John Kerry’s borderless wet dream), it helps to have the best information.  As the NWO is trying to replace Source completely and have the markets function in their sweet spot at all times to arbitrage the world with terrorists and sham politics, it just so happens that cell biology tells you that you are the ultimate source of information.  Like I say to people, you are the Ark of the Covenant.

The article you wrote on the Limits of Human Cognition was exactly the conversation I had in four lesser degrees all day yesterday and I can fully relate.  I actually used Rumi’s paragraph you highlighted, along with the next couple paragraphs on personality and the science is wrong article to have some incredible conversations.  But ultimately, it all gets to the same spot.  I just have to visibly be able to show it.

I said exactly that to someone who had a lifelong issue with the Mormon church and reforming it.  The people there don’t want it reformed.  They don’t care the doctrine sucks and doesn’t make sense.  They like being lied to but having a safe community to operate in.  Safe.  Safe.  Safe.  Safe.  and safe.  Talking to me isn’t safe but it’s starting to be very profitable.  The fraud can’t afford me being successful.  I said to him, you don’t reform the church, you have to give a picture or an image of someone they would want to be.  Be it.  Be it.  Be it.  It’s not safe.

I mention what I’m doing in markets in relation to this forced psychological mess, but if someone asks me what to invest in, I say exactly what Universal Law and the failure of science dictates in the current moment.  The single best investment you can make right now is to fix the words coming out of your mouth.  Watch what happens.  Attune to your higher self.  Sit and listen to it.  I have physical evidence that they don’t know shit about physics and biology and how the cell communicates.  How all these systems communicate.  Electromagnetic systems.  Look at the magnetic field in operation on the planet.  The magnetic field around your heart.  The aurora borealis (AU = gold by the way) showing some of the movement and power.

How do systems in the human body continue to function when the supposed linear communicatory nerves get cut off in an accident?

The body has been divided and conquered just like the human race.  Watch what happens when you care enough to read about the rest of the world.  In the US, we’ve been targeted with too much anxiety to even care.  It hurts too much.  You’ll find now, as you engage your multidimensional state, it’s the only thing that makes you fell better.  You might just have to care.  Uh oh!

Maybe staying local and understanding leaking nuclear power makes you feel better?  Didn’t think so.

Your cells communicate with it all and and if you would take one single second out of your day and shut the hell up and listen, you just may find the answer to why you feel so terrible.  Being in LBP is a little different of course.

If you’d cork your piehole, you just may understand the “revelation about the immortal, multidimensional nature of each and every human being as Creator God.”

You know the problem with great communication and understanding cell biology?  You can’t be better than anyone else.  If I’m communicating with Source, so can my Polish basket weaver friend.  So can everyone she’s afraid of.  Every horrific word being spoken after being filtered through some insane thought process and ego structure is through this same process.  The visible ascension of multiple beings from multiple races ends anyone being better than anyone else and the basis for the beginning of Peace.  The main problem people have is that they always thought Peace was the end of the story.  It’s just step one.  It would a shame to run out of boxes for people to put things in.

Mother’s Day was created by a woman who didn’t want to send any more kids to war.  Lost that one too did we?

We also have the mathematical end of the gold market.  I love the title on the first page of his report.


So we have no functioning systems of reason and logic left and it’s all rigged.  I wonder why you are stressed as you let such garbage flow out that wonderful mouth of yours.

Please just sit and listen to yourself.  They can’t take that from you and they’ve reached the end of the road.  Otherwise, I’m just going to have to show everyone just what it is I’m talking about.

With love and light,


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