Declaration of Independence

Therese (UV Indigo Auracle), May 7, 2016

Today I have the pleasure to publish the messages of two rebellious and and courageous women and PAT members – Therese and Charlotte Smith – who have successfully defied this dying inhuman Orion order and have won together with us. – George 

Hello Georgi!

I read your articles as often as I can. I am having a hard time with the many ID shifts but your energy updates along with the PAT help me get through the hardest days.

I have another poem I wish to share with you and the PAT. It was written several years into my Ascension process. Before I fully knew what was happening, and long before I discovered your work and the rest of the PAT out there all over the world and beyond.

I wrote this poem almost ten years ago and just found it. Just in time. It is my personal declaration of Independence.

Thank you for everything always. Sending much love and light to you, Carly and the PAT.

–UV Indigo Auracle


Declaration of Independence

I’m going to tear down the walls of Jericho
I’m renouncing the system
I’m going to dismantle the lies
I’ve been watching their strategies
And their game plays
Like a football coach, a general of an army
A fearless commander of truth and love
I’ve been studying their every waking move
Just like they do to you.

They are terrorists who hide themselves in plain sight
Their hearts are as black as the blackest hole in the universe
I’m tired of watching you believe in any word they say
I’m tired of you believing you don’t have an option
Eventually you will be forced into making the long-awaited decision
Of what you can do to change your world.
The answer actually sleeps within you.

They have done unthinkable things to hide their lies from you and one day, you will be forced to recognize all the unthinkable tortures they have put humans through behind the scenes and right in front of you.

How can you continue to watch people die in your arms as you keep voting for the people who are doing it? It saddens me deeply. I guess that’s what sociology refers to as the “group think” effect – works wonders even to the point where you would consider killing your own friend without realizing it – it’s just an experiment. No harm will come, right?

They have manipulated all the major organizations which rule the world and this manipulation of power trickles down to the smaller organizations, communities, families and individuals. They have built underground bunkers to try and protect themselves from their own demise.
In the end, they will have nothing, not even themselves.
In the end, they will have gained all the power in the world, but will have lost everything in the world.

It’s time to let go of the power struggle. They are getting weak and tired
I can see it in their eyes when they go up on stage and put on a playful debate.
Their army has been built to withstand a wide variety of military machinery…

BUT, it cannot withstand a pure heart, with pure intentions, and the force of the universe pushing and pulling and prodding so hard at my soul every waking moment of my life that I cannot sleep. I can hardly eat. I can hardly paint or create because this truth screams inside of me day and night…

I want to tell you my truth… and I want to hear your truth… Take off your mask for society and show me who you really, truly are. I want to know who you are almost as much the air I’m breathing.

I’m standing at the crossroads of my destiny. I can choose to do nothing and walk away… keep silent as I watch humanity drift further and further from the truth– embracing the fierce power inscribed in the path we choose — eternally imprinted in our DNA… The world is unknowingly waiting for you to say the right words to put together an appropriate plan.. to trigger a global response and take immediate action.

One day you will wake up and the truth will be staring you in the face and you won’t be able to ignore it any longer. You might hate it, try to avoid it, but it is inside your waking and subconscious now — something you can’t block out like the billions of subliminal messages transmitted to your psyche by a specific set of frequencies on a daily basis — distracting you from your long-awaited truth. I want to show you how to part the red sea, not literally, but you’ll see what I mean.

It is over all over as of now
Even though I started this a long time ago
Watch the empire fall into a billion microscopic pieces of space dust
Right in front of your eyes
Watch it happen like a movie
Pinch yourself when you think you are dreaming
Open your eyes a little wider to see it come crashing down
You wanted an apocalypse, well this is it.

I am releasing the mammoth inside of me
Once I do this, there will be no stopping it
You either join or die.
Not because I will end you,
But because the planet cannot go on
Without your voice — your ACTUAL
Living, breathing, molecule digesting being.

Why do we wait for others to tell us what to do?
The answer is burning inside of us all
But you may think the answer is too silly
Or farfetched to believe in
You’re stuck in a delusion of false reality
And so you go on being miserable at heart
Tricking yourselves into being happy
With passing, momentary, delusional pleasures
I want to have fun too
And that’s what this is all about really
Having real fun… opening our hearts to true joy
The system is molding epic tyranny… We are going to mold some epic fun
This is it
It is over
I am tired of watching and waiting for someone to stand up and lay everything on the line
I am doing it and I’m doing it full force.

And all I have to do is keep breathing
I am just getting started
My determination is relentless.

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